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My Pregnant wife Laura fucked by friends 3Paul smiled and told Geoff all was good in there and they had a little issue, but the bathroom would be free in another 5 minutes. He then told Geoff he should go to the family bathroom down the other end of the hallway.Geoff seemed OK with this and it all went quiet.Paul pulled his cock out of my mouth, causing my head to lean forward trying to keep such a wonderful cock in there for as long as it could. He then pulled his shorts and top on and walked out the bathroom.I was still sat on Janet’s face allowing her to clean my over filled stretched out pussy.Just as I was about to slide my large white breasts back into my skimpy little dress the door opened and in walked Jenny Tony’s wife.Jenny froze in her tracks and just stood there open mouthed looking at me with my tits hanging out of my dress whilst sat on the face of Janet, who still had her shorts off and small tits popping out the top of her bra.Jenny was dressed as a naughty French maid, so her stocking clad thighs and sexy high heel shoes did nothing for the situation.I tried to get up, but ended up pulling on Jenny’s outfit as if I was trying to bring her into the party. I managed to get to my feet and try to explain what was going on as I pushed my breasts back into my dress.Janet was now standing and putting her Laura Croft outfit back into place, god her tight little ass pocking out the bottom of those shorts made my pussy tingle again. What was happening to me, why was I becoming such a slut.Janet walked over to Jenny and said you just missed it, we just introduced Laura to Paul’s cock. Jenny smiled and walked over to me and lifted my dress and slid her fingers into my cunt lips, she was rough and didn’t feel as caring and delicate as Janet had been earlier. She removed her fingers and then pushed them into my mouth, as they slipped out from my lips she leaned in and kissed me, she was very hard and firm, unlike the tenderness I had received from Janet.Jenny then reached down gabbed a nipple in each hand then pulled and twisted them making me squeal with pain. Stop crying slut, you will be used and abused as and when we like from now on. I pushed her away and made my way out of the bathroom, who the hell did she think she was, using me and talking to me like that.I stormed through the house and down the stairs and right over to you. I interrupted you as you were talking to Paul, Mike, Tony and Bill. I held your arm and begged you to take me home as I didn’t feel too good, but you just told me to go sit down for a while sinop escort and it would pass, you told me we had only just got there and it would be wrong to leave so early.I begged and pleaded with you, but no you just laughed it off and turned your back on me and chatted with your friends.I walked back into the house trying to make my way towards the front door. I would walk home it was only a five minute walk if I walked fast.Before I could get to the door Helen and Jenny cornered me by the garage, Helen said I hear you have been fucked by Pauls mighty cock, and now feel you don’t want to be part of our little group. I tried to explain I was married and realised I shouldn’t have done that it was wrong, but the girls just grabbed my arms and said Geoff come and give us a hand.I looked over my shoulder hoping you would see them drag me off into the garage, but you just stood there laughing and joking with your friends, the only one who spotted what was going on was Paul, who was now whispering something into his wife’s ear as they both looked my way and smiled.I was now being forced into the garage by a sexy French maid (Jenny), Jason from Friday 13th who was Geoff in fancy dress, and Zena warrior princess who was Helen.My large milky breasts had already popped out of my Elvira costume for everyone to see, the split up the side of my dress did little to hide my stockings and suspender belt and little silky knickers. Why had you forced me into wearing this costume. I felt this costume was the cause of all of this, and why didn’t you come and save me. Laura moved around on my face forcing more of the cum to leak down into my mouth before she continued to tell me what happened next.Once they had me in the garage and the door shut, they held my arms while allowing Geoff to grope finger and squeeze my body in a very rough and painful manner. I begged him to stop but he just laughed and used my body for his fun and the delight of my two captors.My knickers were removed and Helen and Jenny both took a breast in their mouths and started to suck and grope me, biting and scratching by breasts and nipples as if trying to inflict pain onto me.Geoff is a big man, and he lifted my legs and placed them over his shoulders, he then pulled out his enormous cock, god is your cock so small, all of your friends make you look little and thin, again Laura wiggled her pussy over my face to get comfortable then continued with her story.Geoff placed his cock at the entrance to my well used pussy and tried to work the head in, it took a couple escort sinop of minutes with him rubbing it up and down my pussy and ass to get the juice coated over it so my tight little pussy would allow it in.When the head popped in my head felt like it would explode, god this man had one large fat cock head, it felt like my insides were being torn apart.The girls just told me to stop moaning and bit into my nipples and made me yell out in pain, why would your friends be so horrible to your wife. At this point Laura made me go and sit on the sofa, she then lowered herself onto my sloppy hard cock and fed her large tits into my hungry mouth, as she rocked slowly backwards and forwards on my little sloppy cock she continued her story.After around 3 minutes of pain Geoff had the whole of his enormous cock buried deep inside my once tight little pussy, the pain from the girls biting, twisting, pulling and sucking on my nipples and breasts was now becoming enjoyable and adding to the pleasure and pain of being fucked by such a large cock.Geoff held my legs over his shoulders and slammed his cock deep into my body with each thrust, the girls held my upper body and groped and sucked my bruised and battered once milky white breasts, driving my body into the first orgasm I had ever encountered from the pleasure and pain sensation. I felt my body twitching, jerking and convulsing in their arms as I lost control and allowed the energy from my orgasm to take over my body.I felt myself go limp in their arms as Geoff continued to pound his cock deeper and deeper into my once tight little pussy. I knew sex with your little dick would never satisfy me ever again. At this point Laura lifted up and slapped my face telling me this was all my fault for making her wear the outfit and taking her to the party.Laura then continued to explain how whilst Geoff was fucking her with powerful deep strokes she felt someone’s fingers trying to work their way into her tight little butt hole, she tried to move her ass out of the way, but this seemed to allow them to gain access easier, she felt a slim narrow finger slide into her ass, it felt like it was pressing against the wall of her cunt and anal canal to rub against the large cock that was pounding into her pussy.She then heard Helen whisper in her ear, do you like that you slut, before she had chance to answer she felt another finger, then another being forced deep into her ass, again the pleasure and pain took over, her nipples felt like they were on fire from the constant twisting, biting sinop escort bayan and sucking, her pussy was being stretched past any limits it had ever been before, and now her tight little anus was being violated and abused by three slender fingers of her friend Helen. She couldn’t hold back any longer, the climax was building deep down in her stomach, the pressure of the cock stretching her to max, and the applied pressure from inside her anus onto the walls of her pussy sent an explosion of electricity through her body even making her toes tingle and feel like they had pins and needles sticking in them.Laura is unsure if she passed out at this point, but she feels like she lost control and her mind seems a little fuzzy around what happened next, but when she came around and landed back down to earth, she was lay over the bonnet of a car, Geoff was fucking her for all he was worth, and the girls were fitting nipple clamps to her over sensitive nipples casing constant electric type shocks to be sent down her body to her clitoris from each nipple, so it was like being tag teamed.Laura begged them to stop and leave her alone, but the girls just flicked her clamps which sent pain soaring through her body, followed by pleasure, this was driving her crazy, just the Geoff unloaded a torrent of cum deeper in her body than anyone had ever been.This sent Laura into another mind blowing orgasm that left her blank and unsure what happened for a short period of time, she was now still on the car bonnet but Helen and Jenny were lapping away at her pussy sucking and licking the streams of cum that were oozing out of her, Geoff was stood to her side sliding his wet sticky cock into her mouth and trying to shove it down her throat.After 5 minutes they just all got up and walked away, calling her a slut and dirty whore.Laura explained how she walked out of the garage on shaky legs, cum still dribbling from her mouth and pussy, her breasts concealed in her dress but the nipple clamps visible if you paid attention, he knickers were gone, so as she walked you could see right up to her naked trimmed smooth pussy, that looked red and puffy after the pounding it had just received.Again Laura explained to me how she had begged me to take her home, but I was too waisted by this time as the lads had got me into drinking shots, but they had taken it in turns to talk to me and say cheers, so I didn’t realise for every 5 I had, they only had one each.I could remember seeing my wife looking tired and sad, at the party, but couldn’t understand why I had stopped. Laura explained how Kay and Kate had been flirting with me to distract me from the absence of my wife.If you would like to no more of the trials of Laura, you will have to let me know. Dan I hope this is what you wanted

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