Jake’s Magic Remote, Part I – The Accident

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Jake’s Magic Remote, Part I – The AccidentNOTE: This story is intended for adults only. It includes elements of time stop, non-consent/reluctance, and mind control. If you are offended or upset by this sort of thing, please do not read it. The story is fiction and any resemblance to real persons or events is either coincidental or the result of artistic liberty.This is the first chapter of what will become (hopefully) a long story. I’m open to feedback, suggestions, and requests!—ONE—Jacob Stevens was a pretty average guy. 6 feet tall, dark hair, Caucasian, athletic build. He had a wife, a daughter, a job, and a lot of bills. Granted, the marriage had cooled off a lot in the last few years, but he did alright overall. He was even looking at maybe buying a house soon, which was a difficult thing for most people in the city. He was pushing steadily toward 40, but thanks to a bit of an epiphany in his early 30s he’d started working out and was in really good shape. Every weekday, he got up early, kissed his still-sleeping wife, and headed downtown to earn another step toward independence and comfort.Jake was walking between the train station and his office, thinking about his budget for the month, when he heard a crash and the screech of metal. Debris hit the building next to him, and something smacked into his head, knocking him down and dazing him. There was a smell of smoke and burning meat, shocked gasps and the far-off sound of someone calling in an emergency call.Jake shook his head, blinking until he could see clearly. He was leaning up against a storefront. His shoulder-bag had fallen open, s**ttering some of his things. Groaning, he pushed himself up into a sit and began checking himself for injuries. His hands were sc****d from the fall and one knee felt bruised, but nothing was broken. the sound of sirens wafted in from the distance as a woman ran up to him.“My God,” she said, “Are you alright?”Jake swallowed. The dust and smoke were irritating his throat. “I think so,” he said. “Nothing broken.”“Good,” she said. He blinked a couple more times and couldn’t help but smile. The woman was quite pretty, and that’s always a nice thing. In fact, the “scenery” was one of his favorite things about working downtown. She had short blonde hair and was wearing a blue blouse and long gray skirt. The way she’d crouched to check on him, Jake could see a little cleavage and the frill of a white bra. She looked around. “It looks like that headlight smacked you in the head. You’re bleeding a little.”“Shit,” he said. “I’ve got a little first aid kit… “ he reached for his bag.“Let me help you,” the woman replied. She moved over next to him and started tossing Jake’s s**ttered possessions back into his bag. He liked to be prepared. Keys, a card with his name and address, a notebook, a pocketknife, some spare change… he kept all sorts of things in his bag. She held up a small red object. “Is this it?”“Yeah,” he said, taking it from her and opening the top. “It’s the sort you take camping. Waterproof and all that…”The woman nodded, pulling out an alcohol swag and checking Jake’s scalp. He could feel a little wetness there, so he probably was bleeding like she said. His eyes darted to the side, enjoying another look down her blouse. Sure, it wasn’t gentlemanly, but he was only human. She had nice legs, too.“I’m Carol,” she said. “Carol Dane. Can you tell me your name?”“Jake Stevens,” he replied. “Headed to work. 2015. Obama. Don’t worry, I think I’m intact. Ow!” Carol was swabbing at what was obviously an open wound on his scalp.Carol chuckled. “Just checking. This doesn’t look too bad, but you should really stick around so the EMTs can look at you.”Jake nodded. “Thanks. What the hell happened?”“I’m not sure, it looks like a car swerved into the wrong lane. It’s a mess over there, but there’s other people there and nobody was helping you, so I came over.”“Thanks,” Jake said, sitting up a little straighter. “I think I’ll be okay, but I’ll wait. I’m early today anyway.”Carol moved back in front of him and smiled. “Alright. Here, I’ve got a gauze pad on it, just hold pressure here. The ambulances are arriving, I’ll go make sure one of them knows you’re here.” She reached in her purse. “Listen, I’m putting my card in your bag. Call me later and let me know that you’re alright, okay?”Jake nodded. “No problem. Thanks, Carol.”True to her word, Carol sent an EMT over to help. He checked Jake over, pointed a light into his eyes, and gave him a clap on the shoulder. “Looks like you got lucky, man,” he said. “No concussion. It coulda gone a lot worse if that’d hit a few inches down and got your temple.”“Thanks,” Jake said. “Am I good to go?”“Sure,” he said. “But the cop over there wants to talk to you too, just to get a statement.”Jake spent the obligatory time telling the policeman what he’d seen – nothing – and giving his contact details. The officer wrote it all down and handed him a card. “If you remember anything else,” he said, “give me a call. This is… a really odd accident.”“Will do,” Jake said, brushing some dirt off himself. “Can I go now?”“Sure pinbahis thing.”Ten minutes later, Jake dropped into his office chair with a sigh. “What a morning,” he said. He set his bag up on his desk as he waited for his computer to start up. Reaching inside, he started checking over the contents. His lunch was a little crushed. There were the cards from the cop and Carol, best to set those aside… and there was something else in there. A black plastic rectangle. Jake pulled it out and turned it over. “Huh,” he thought, “That’s not mine. Carol must’ve put it in there.”It looked like one of those universal remotes that were sold in electronic stores. Fairly recognizable buttons, a little shiny place where the signal presumably went out, and an open compartment on the back for the batteries. Double-A’s, two of them… he had those.Jake hated leaving a device without batteries. It was just a little mental quirk. So he opened his desk drawer and pulled out a couple, then popped them in the remote. They fit really snugly, no chance of falling out again, but it still bugged him that the little cover was missing. He turned it over and saw that a little red light on the top corner was glowing. “Still works. Cool.”A couple hours later, Jake was well ahead of his workload for the day, but he kept glancing back at the remote on his desk. He was really curious for some reason. So he did what anyone would do. He picked it up and walked out of his office, over to the breakroom. Nobody was there, and the TV mounted in the corner was off. He pointed the remote at the TV. “Wonder if it needs to be programmed, or…”The TV flicked on as he pressed the power button. Jake grinned. “Cool,” he said softly, flipping through channels and then turning it off. “That’s pretty handy.” He got a glass of water, then walked back to his office and sat down to examine the remote more closely.It looked like there were controls for TV, VCR or DVR, and even cable boxes. The bottom part had no buttons, presumably so you could hold it more comfortably, but there was a little latch on there. He pressed it and the blank part flipped open, revealing what looked like another set of VCR/DVR controls. Next to the buttons was a little symbol for a clock.“Weird,” he said quietly. “Why would there be a second control? And there’s two pause buttons…” He looked more closely. There was a play/pause button like you’d expect, and then there was a larger round button with a pause symbol on it. So, Jake once again did what anyone would do. He pressed the button.The first thing he noticed was the silence. It was like when he’d worked nights and the A/C would turn off, except somehow deeper. His ears actually popped from the difference. “What the hell?”His voice echoed strangely, and he realized that it was the only sound he could hear. He got up slowly, listening to the rustle of his clothing, the creak of his chair, and a little pop from his bruised knee. He stepped out of his office and looked around the floor.“Holy shit,” he whispered.Everything had stopped. Other employees sat in cubicles, frozen in the act of typing or taking calls. A mailroom clerk was stopped mid-stride rushing toward some apparently urgent delivery. Jake walked closer to the clerk. Her hair was flying back a little… or rather, it had flown back and stopped. One foot was in the air, and the other… was also in the air! The girl was actually hovering an inch above the ground, frozen a moment before her step landed. He also couldn’t help but notice that her breasts were unnaturally high – she’d stopped in mid-bounce.Jake reached out to touch her, then stopped himself. “Shit,” he said quietly, “This isn’t possible. The inertia alone…”Jake stepped back carefully to his office door. Watching the office scene carefully, he once again pressed the large pause button on his remote.Everything started up again. The ambient office noise hit him in a rush, and his coworkers resumed their tasks. The mail clerk ran up and stopped at his door. “Mr. Stevens? Here,” she said, looking a little flustered. “Urgent notice.”“Thanks,” he said, taking the envelope without looking at it. The girl nodded and hurried off around a corner.“Holy shit,” Jake said again as he watched her go.Jake tossed the envelope in his inbox and sat down again. His mind was racing. There were tests to be done! He needed to understand the object that had been placed in his bag. Starting with safety, of course.Before doing anything, Jake put three sets of extra batteries into his pockets, and the rest of the package in his bag. He wasn’t taking any risks there. Satisfied that he wouldn’t run out of juice, he picked up the remote and stopped time again. What a strange thing to do, he thought, but there it was. He picked up a pen from his desk, held it out, and let go.The pen hung in the air, frozen just like everything else. He started time again, and it dropped straight to the floor. He mentally checked one thing off his list: placed objects would not retain inertia from being placed. That was good; he’d hate to bump into someone and break their spine as pinbahis giriş a result of instantaneously moving them two inches to the left.Next he tested throwing a pen while frozen. Again it stopped moving just after it left his touch, but once time started it flew through the air as it would have when thrown. So inertia applied to frozen objects could carry forward, but it seemed that it was only the moment he let go that mattered. So he could only hurt people or objects as much as he could in the normal world.For his next test, he threw the pen before stopping time. Reaching out, he gently nudged it to the left and restarted it. It continued moving in the same direction. Testing again, he found that turning the pen changed its direction. So somehow the direction of movement was relative to the object’s position, which meant that, for instance, he couldn’t catch a bullet… but he could push one into a wall, or turn it around.He checked his watch, and found it was still running, which was interesting. His cell phone worked too, although it had no signal. He shrugged and sat down again. The computer was frozen. He looked at the hidden controls on his remote. Next to the world-pause button, there was a play/pause button like you’d expect to see on any VCR. He pointed the remote at the monitor and pressed the button.The monitor went black.“What the hell?” Jake pressed the power button on the monitor. It turned off and on again, then gave a “no signal” warning. Jake pointed the remote at the computer, pressed the button, and it came to life.“Awesome.” He looked at his watch and wrote down his relative time. “I can get all my work done and still enjoy my whole day.”The computer had no network connection. That made sense; the servers were frozen. That was fine though; he usually did most of his work locally and backed it up to the network every few hours. He sat down and started working, taking his time and making sure to do all the little things that he never had time for. Custom fonts in documentation, triple-checking metrics… he didn’t mind doing it, but he didn’t usually bother.Eventually, Jake felt hungry and took a break. He glanced at his watch. Four hours had passed, but the clock on the wall hadn’t advanced a single second! He took out his sandwich and started eating his lunch, when a disturbing thought occurred to him. He wondered if he was aging at the same rate as normal.Well hell, he thought, a day from my life is worth a test of that. He reached up and felt his face. Still smooth from the morning save. Then he touched the bandage on his head. Still tender. Making note of this, he finished eating and went back to work. When he finished his work, he read a book. When he finished the book, he pulled a flash drive out of his bag and watched some TV shows he’d been meaning to catch up on.Checking his watch, Jake nodded to himself. “Alright, that’s long enough. Let’s see.” He reached up and felt his face. It was still smooth. Usually he’d expect to feel some stubble by now. Then he touched his head. Still sore, but not as tender. So, he was healing – and fast – but apparently not aging!Standing and stretching, Jake grinned to himself. This was awesome. And, he realized, it afforded him an opportunity to put to rest a question that had always plagued the IT department…He walked out into the frozen office, stepping around people in the hall. He stopped and grumbled as he came across a very fat man who was standing in the middle of the hall, looking at a cell phone. Hal, he thought the guy’s name was. He wasn’t sure. Oh well, it gave him a chance to test this…He put his hands on Hal’s hips, groaning at the squishy feeling of it, and lifted using his legs – no need to get a hernia shifting this fatass. He weighed probably about 350 pounds, by the look of him.To Jake’s surprise, Hal shifted easily. It seemed that inertia held him in place, but not gravity; it was like moving a large object underwater. He lifted the man, moved him to the side, then returned him to the same position. Then he stepped into an office door out of sight and started everything up.Hal jerked a little and looked around. He reached down and touched where Jake had had to hold him, then shrugged and went back to looking at his phone. Jake stopped time again before losing control of the urge to snicker. Hal had felt the touch. The pranking possibilities were endless, but he’d have to be careful about bumping into folks.Continuing into an aisle of cubicles, he found what he was looking for – or rather, who. Marta was one of the people on the project team. She wasn’t Jake’s type; she had that “I subtly use tanning salons” look that turned him off. She also hung around the IT guys a lot, even though she had nothing in common with them. Jake had known lots of girls like her over the years. “I’m pretty and I know it” types who hung around the awkward techie guys. He’d come to realize why, and it pissed him off.This type of girl liked fishing for compliments, but didn’t like getting hit on. She liked being stared at by people who would never try to touch pinbahis güvenilir mi her. And she loved getting free priority tech support so she never had to learn to use her damn computer herself. So she hung around the shy and awkward helpdesk guys, and used them. And what did they get in return? The chance to stare at a shorter girl’s impressive cleavage.Yep. Marta was about 5’5” and slender, but had those weirdly spherical breasts that drew the eye. So much so that it was a matter of some debate whether they were real. She liked to wear low-cut tops to show off, and for most people it distracted from the fact that she was a total bitch.Not Jake, though. he was way past the “helpdesk phase” of his career, but those were his people she was taking advantage of, and he decided it was only fair he at least put the matter to rest. The matter being the authenticity of her tits.Marta was frozen standing by her desk, talking to another girl, Danica. Danica was in the PR department and was more pleasant to be around. Down to earth, friendly, and without an agenda. Pretty cute, too. Jake reached toward the pair, then stopped.He took some pens from Marta’s desk and carefully laid them at the toes and heels of each woman. then he pulled his phone out of his pocket and took a picture of them. If he did this right, he could make sure they were in the exact same place when he was finished his inspection, none the wiser.Satisfied that he’d documented the scene, he lifted Marta an inch off the ground and turned her to face him. She was wearing a v-neck top and slacks. He carefully pressed his palm to the skin of her upper breast.She was warm. That was nice. The flesh was soft and firm, but science demanded conclusive tests. He lifted her shirt up and over her breasts, exposing the tanned skin crowned by dark nipples. No bra, huh? She must have figured the top was dark enough, and wanted to show off the “pokeys”. Jake chuckled. He cupped one of Marta’s breasts and gave it a firm squeeze, then pulled his hand away and laughed.There was a handprint where he’d squeezed! Her flesh was pressed into a perfect imprint of his fingers and palm. Apparently forces of compression and elasticity were subject to time also. He grinned and did the same to her other breast, making a print with his other hand. he had to admit that Marta’s tits felt nice, but they were definitely way firmer than they ought to be. However, a good experiment demands a control group…He looked over at Danica. He felt a little bad about messing with her; she was a nice girl, definitely not deserving of m*****ation. But he needed to know if that firmness was because of time or because of saline. Moving her carefully into the air beside Marta, he unbuttoned her blouse.Danica wore a plain white bar underneath. Jake reached around under her blouse and unclasped it, then carefully slid the cups out of the way.Danica’s breasts were milky-white and beautiful. Her nipples were pink and small, in a way that was almost cute. Jake reached out and cupped one, squeezing gently. He had no idea how much she’d feel afterward, and didn’t want to cause her any discomfort. As he suspected, her breasts – a healthy C-cup, he figured – were softer and more pliant than Marta’s. Feeling both at once, there was a definite difference.Jake blinked, realizing how stupid this was. there was an easy way to know if Marta had implants! He lifted her arm and laughed. There in her armpit was a tiny little scar from the surgery. There was one on the other side, too. He gave her nipples a hard pinch. “Manipulative bitch,” he said, chuckling. “I bet they paid for themselves.”There was one more thing he had to know before he put things back together. He turned Marta around and pulled the waistband of her slacks down a little. Yep… thong. He put them back up and then pulled her top down and returned her carefully to where she’d been standing, moving her arms back as close as he could to where they’d been. Then he turned to Danica. She really was pretty. Long black hair, milk-white skin and those nice pink nipples showing…He pressed at the bottom and sides of the breast he’d squeezed, pushing it gently like clay until it was sort of round again. Not perfect, but it’d do. Then he pulled out his phone and took a picture, for the memories. He moved her bra back into place and reconnected it behind her. It fit perfectly over one breast, but the other was still pushed in a little. It was probably going to bounce out into the cup. He moved Danica back where she’d been, then picked up the pens he’d used to mark their places and put them back.Lastly, he moved past them and hid in an empty cubicle. He just couldn’t resist watching what would happen next. Marta looked hilarious with her tits compressed under her top, and he peeked around a corner at them as he pressed the button to turn time – and physics – back to normal.Marta stumbled as her tits bounced hard against the fabric of her top. “Ow!” she exclaimed, moving her hands over her nipples. Interesting, seems she definitely felt that pinch. Danica, on the other hand, only flinched a little and blushed.“What just happened?” Danica said quiet;y. “Are you alright?”“Yeah,” Marta said. “Musta been… I dunno, a muscle spasm. I’ll be fine.”Jake paused the world again so nobody would hear him as he literally rolled on the floor, laughing his ass off.

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