Unplanned Sex With My Aunt

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Unplanned Sex With My AuntThis incident happened last year. After completing my graduation I and my girlfriend went for a vacation to Nainital. Since I am from Uttarakhand many of my relatives live in Nainital. We reached there by 4.We went into the hotel changed our clothes and rested for a few hours. In the evening I went to a medical store to buy a pack of condom. As soon as I entered the medical shop I saw a woman in her 40s. She was as sexy as hell. I just ignored her and asked the shopkeeper for a pack of condom.She gave me a weird look. I realized in excitement I was too loud. And almost everyone standing in the shop heard what I ask for. I just paid for it quickly and then got back to the hotel with booze. Then we had 5 fucking sessions that night. After 2 days we went to our homes.Then after I reached home I met my mum and dad. I got to know that we will be going to Nainital to my distant aunt for a week whom I haven’t met before. I tried to resist as I was just back from Nainital. But my mum didn’t listen to me. I wasn’t left with a much of choice. So I agreed and left for Nainital after 3 days.After traveling for 8 to 9 hours we reached our destination. And once again I was in Nainital. Then we went to a home that was very big. It wasn’t actually a home it was a mansion. Then we went in and there were my aunt and uncle they greeted us.But when I looked at my aunt, I was shocked. She was the same women who gave me a weird look when I was buying a condom. My mom introduced her as Suman. When she saw me again she gave me a weird smile. I was just hoping that she didn’t say anything to my parents.To my luck, she didn’t say anything. She asked about me casually and what are my plans for the future. Then we had dinner and then headed to our rooms. I tried to sleep but couldn’t. I was scared if she tells anything to my mum I will be gone. I decided to go and watch TV in the hall.As I walked in the hall my aunt was sitting there. She was watching a comedy show. When she saw me she asked if I am not feeling sleepy. I replied no. Then I enquired about her. She said this is her favorite comedy show. So she was watching it. But I was scared about that incident when she started a conversation.Suman- So did your mum know you were buying condoms? (I was shocked at hearing gaziemir escort this)Me- No. Sorry please don’t tell her. If she finds out she will kill me.Suman- You didn’t think this at that time when you were buying that?Me- I am sorry I won’t do it again. Please don’t tell my mum about this.Suman- Fine but at least you should have some manners.Me- Sorry it won’t happen again.Then she said goodnight and walked back to her room. I went to my room and slept. Then the next morning I woke up and went to the hall for breakfast. My mum dad uncle aunt everyone was present there. My mum said she got a call from her cousin that her father passed away today morning.She and dad will be going there. So I asked them if I can come along. She said no then my aunt said he can stay at our place as he is having a vacation. He won’t get bored here. My mum agreed and ask me to stay here for 4 to 5 days. Then they will pick me up in the way back home. I agreed and they left.Then I suddenly looked at my aunt. She was wearing a light blue saree and she was looking damn beautiful. She asked me to have breakfast. When I was having my breakfast my uncle left for his office. So now the 2 of us were alone. So she sat opposite me and asked what would you like to have in the lunch.I said anything you like. And suddenly the bell rang. My aunt got up and started walking towards the door. Her boobs and butt were juggling and swinging. My estimate was 36 30 36. My uncle was at the door. He forgot his wallet. Aunt handed it over to him and he left.I was just in my room the whole day. In the night my aunt called me for dinner. I went to the hall then we had our dinner. Then she told me uncle called and he said he won’t be coming for 2 days. He has some important meeting in Delhi so he left from the office directly.I was so happy listening to it. To my surprise she asked me can I sleep in her room as she is scared of sleeping alone. I happily agreed to it. Then she asked me to change and come to her room. After I changed my clothes, I knocked on her door. She told me to come in.She changed saree to maxi as she was coming to the bed from the bathroom. Her boobs were juggling so I understood she wasn’t wearing any bra. She closed the light. A dim light was open in which I was able gaziemir escort bayan to see her but not clearly. I was feeling sleepy. So I slept.My eyes opened at 2 as I have a habit to go to pee in the midnight. So when I got back to lie on the bed I saw her. She was in a deep sleep. Her front 2 buttons were open. I could see her cleavage clearly but wasn’t able to see the boobs. My dick got hard as a rock so I thought of touching her.I tried to open her 3rd button and opened it successfully. Half of her boob came out. I was just staring at her boob. Suddenly she rolled over the other side. Only her back was visible to me now. So I got scared and closed my eyes. I didn’t realize when I fell asleep.Next morning I woke up and she wasn’t by my side. My dick was hard from the morning boner. I heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom. So I figured out that she must be taking a bath. So I tried to take a peak from a keyhole. I saw was my aunt naked.I just wanted to fuck her she was looking damn sexy. After her bath as she was coming out. I pretended that I was sleeping keeping my eyes closed and peeking from the partially open eyes. To my surprise, she was wearing a blue lace bra and panty. She was looking amazing.She started wearing her saree. When she was almost done at that time I pretended to wake up. As soon as I woke up again she asked me can you please help me with my blouse buttons (as her blouse buttons were in back). I said sure. I got up and went behind her and started closing the buttons.It was difficult for me it took 5 minutes. She asked how do you even close your girlfriend bra hook. I said I don’t. Then she was ready and left for making breakfast for me. My mind was filled with her blouse her naked body. I was in the other world. Then the whole day was as usual. Nothing special happened.In the evening she changed her clothes before making dinner. I was shocked but didn’t ask her anything as she might get angry. We had dinner and we headed to our room for sleeping. As soon as she laid on the bed I could figure out she wasn’t wearing any bra or panty.I was rock hard. I went to washroom shagged my dick, released a lot of cum and then came back and slept. In the morning I woke up at 5. My aunt was still sleeping and half escort gaziemir of her boob was out. I could see the starting of her nipple. I tried to push it from the down.Her full boob came out of her maxi. I touched it and it was erect in an instant. Then it was about time for her to wake up. So I pretended to be sleeping. She woke up and saw her boob was out. She just put it back and went out. Then I woke up and went out. She said you woke up early today.I said just like that. I am hungry. She said I will take bath then will make breakfast for you. I said okay. She said until then you can watch TV. I was in her room. She was in hurry. She went to take bath. I started watching her. When she was done she called me and said she forgot to take clothes.Can I just hand her over? It was lying on the bed. I said sure and I was shocked only bra and panty(black) was there. She didn’t have any clothes in the bathroom. I took them and went outside. She opened half of the door and was standing behind the door. I handed over her bra and panty.She wasn’t able to hold the door so the door opened. And she was all naked. She quickly closed the door and wore a bra and panty and came out. I was only imagining her. She came out only in her bra and panty. I was able to see her boobs and her vagina as those were lacy undergarments.She said I am not able to close my bra hook. Can you close this? I said sure. I was trying to close her hook and trying to feel her body from behind. She said what are you doing. I got afraid and stepped back. She said I asked you what were you doing I didn’t tell you to stop.Continue whatever you were doing. As soon as she completed her sentence I just held her from behind and started kissing her back. Then I removed her bra and threw her into bed. I jumped over her then we started kissing each other madly. I held her boobs and started pressing and sucking them wildly.She was moaning like hell. Then she went down and started sucking my cock like a pro. The way she was sucking it felt amazing. After 10 minutes I went down and started touching her pussy with my tongue over her panty. She was screaming in pleasure.Then I took off her panty and started sucking her pussy. She was moaning. I positioned my cock in her pussy entrance and in one to go it was in. She was screaming and moaning. Then after 10 minutes of fucking, we both cummed a lot. We got tired and slept like that for a while.In the evening she woke me up and said uncle will be coming any minute. So we had a quickie. Then uncle came back but whenever he goes to the office we used to fuck a lot.

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