Unicorn Ch. 03

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*****Author’s Note – Everyone in this story is over the age of 18.****


“I’m going to miss you so much,” Mrs. Preston whispered between soft, closed mouth kisses. The queen was off to visit her sister for the 4th of July. This meant that Lauren and Mr. Preston were to be on their own, in the city for the long weekend.

“The car is downstairs, my love,” Mr. Preston told her as he swept his hand gently down her back. He followed the line of her spine, down her back, cupped her bottom and sighed. “Your luggage is in the trunk and the driver has your carryon. We’ll both miss you terribly,” he assured her. Then he broke out a devilish grin and added, “If your sister wasn’t such an uptight bitch, we could all go to Martha’s Vineyard.”

“Mark,” Mrs. Preston said his name with a pretend scowl on her face as she tried to hold back her laughter. “She isn’t a bitch.”

“Honey, come on,” Mark made a face at his wife.

Apparently, they had a long history, Mr. Preston and the Johnsons. Mr. Preston had always been seen as bourgeoisie and he’d never been good enough for Mrs. Preston. Rather than try to impress the queen’s family, Mr. Preston hadn’t ever given a shit if they liked him or not. From then on, it had become Mrs. Preston’s job to keep them all apart.

Mrs. Preston admitted in a quiet voice, “Okay, she is sort of a bitch. But she can’t help it. She’s just under a lot of stress.”

Lauren had wanted to see her dark haired lover to the airport, or at least to the car but Mrs. Preston had explained with smiling eyes. “Everyone will wonder what Mark and I are doing, kissing this beautiful, young girl,” she had murmured with her soft hands on Lauren’s face. It was exactly the way Mrs. Preston held her face right before she came in Lauren’s mouth and the thought of that made Lauren twitch. For now, they had to say their goodbyes away from prying eyes.

Mr. Preston kissed his wife on the forehead and Lauren watched them stare into each other’s eyes. They were the only two people Lauren had ever known who were so obvious about being completely in love. They were obsessed with each other and their happiness. Her lovers shared a space that nothing else touched. Sheltered from the world, it was just their two hearts beating in time. Lauren smiled as she watched their hands on each other. She felt the love radiate between their bodies. They warmed the atmosphere, they were both a force of nature. “You don’t have time to talk about all the reasons why your family is so weird,” Mr. Preston said with a chuckle. “Go, have a good time. I’ll take care of our girl.”

Mrs. Preston had a worried look when she reached for Lauren’s hand. “Don’t just sit on the couch and smoke weed all week guys. It’s the 4th. Promise you’ll go out and do something, okay?”

“We promise,” Lauren and Mr. Preston mumbled in unison. One quick look at each other and they both doubled over with suppressed laughter.

“Honey, you know we can do edibles now, right?” Mr. Preston asked his wife as he nudged Lauren, his co conspirator, in the ribs. “We can be high outside and we don’t even have to smoke.”

“Totally,” Lauren said and tried to look very serious.

Mrs. Preston shook her head and smiled, like they were both bad kids. She blew them a kiss and rolled her luggage out the door. Both Lauren and Mr. Preston watched as she left and Lauren felt that they were both imagining her naked as the queen walked away. “She’s going to have a perfectly miserable time,” Mr. Preston said and sounded like he missed her already.

Once they closed the door, Lauren perceived the change, it was a palpable shift. Without her dark haired beauty, this would be the first time that she would be alone with Mr. Preston. It was just going to be the two of them for four days and Lauren wondered if she’d be able to keep him interested on her own. She’d always had Mrs. Preston and the queen was always so creative and kinky. Plus she knew what Mr. Preston liked. Lauren remembered what her lover had told her the day before. “Mark can be a little much but just tell him that you need a break,” Mrs. Preston had said as she hugged Lauren tight. Her sheath of black hair had made a veil around herself and Lauren and it had seemed like a secret hiding place to kiss.

Lauren watched him as he walked to the kitchen. Mr. Preston attracted almost as much attention as his wife. He was tall and broad and there was his amazing ass that Lauren had watched often but never really touched. His physical presence stirred her, there was something about him that made her ache inside. She wanted to smell his manly musk on her skin. She wanted to taste him in her mouth and feel his seed trickle down her inner thighs. She wanted to be his. The king’s. Marked.

“Hey, want to go to the art museum with me?” Mr. Preston asked as he reached into the cereal box with his hand. “I always have to go by myself because Sharon hates it.”

The art museum? The McCullums had no time güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri or money for cultural things. If it wasn’t a school field trip, Mr. McCullum would just put his newspaper up and pretend like he couldn’t hear the request. Lauren nodded, “yes, please. I’ve never been and I’ve always wanted to go.”

“Never? Okay, baby love, it’s you and me and the art museum today. And can I make a request?”

It was going to be something sexual, Lauren could see the light in his eye. It was the familiar look of desire that had just started to simmer.

They had just made love this morning, Lauren could still feel the sticky residue of the three of them on her chest. Mr. Preston had been deep inside the queen as Lauren had licked them both. She knew that he had cum a massive amount inside Mrs. Preston. There had been too much for Lauren to swallow and she had dripped his salty mess down her neck. She’d used the extra cum to masturbate and squirted all over her lovers. She remembered that Mr. Preston had glowed with satisfaction as he watched. There had been that look of utter release, emptied of anything but the ebb and flow of pleasure, but now he had the hungry look once more. “Sure, of course,” Lauren said quietly, suddenly parched. “Anything you want,” she added and realized that her hips were drawn to him. It felt like her body couldn’t say no to the king. She was magnetized.

After all, she was his concubine.

“Will you wear your hair in braids for me?” he asked, his voice was tender and soft. It was his bedroom voice. It was the voice that he used when he was on his knees. The voice he spoke to her in as he kissed her thighs and took down her panties. So braids were a turn on and something inside Lauren needed to keep him hard and wanting her.

“Yes,” she approached him and stood on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek. “I’ll braid my hair after I take a shower. Should I dress up?” Lauren wondered as she reached for a bowl. She never wanted to look out of place, she loved to make them proud.

Mr. Preston talked with his mouth full of cereal, “No, you don’t need to dress up.” His eyes were on her though and he was obvious about it. Lauren could feel his gaze and the roll of his eyes as he sought out her nipples in the front of the baggy tee shirt. The king was undressing her with his eyes and he was taking his time about it. Mr. Preston studied her bare legs, his eyes traced the shape of her bottom. “Unless you want to drive me crazy all day and then you could wear a sundress and your white sneakers.”

She wanted to drive him crazy all day.

Lauren ate her yogurt quickly and got in the shower. Even though it was hot outside, she liked to stand in the shower in the master bathroom and crank the water all the way to hot. She liked to watch the steam billow around her, she liked to stand in the ghostly embrace. The heat brought her back to the real world, almost painful and sharp. It was something which Lauren found that she needed more and more after spending so much time immersed in their fantasy world.

She turned the lever over to cold and washed herself until she had goosebumps that way. Her pussy lips were hot and swollen and the icy cold water on her sensitive places made her shiver. She liked to go back and forth, freeze and burn and then freeze again. Lauren wanted to feel everything on her body and the water was almost like a thousand strange fingers.

Lauren dried off carefully with one of the thick, Egyptian cotton towels. She wrapped her hair in the damp towel once her skin was dry. She slowly massaged the pink, rose scented lotion into her skin. Smelling it reminded her of Mrs. Preston and the lake house that she’d started to call home.

Here, in the penthouse, it definitely felt more like male territory. Mr. Preston was here alone most of the week and it had the atmosphere of a bachelor pad. When she and Mrs. Preston had first arrived, it smelled of stale cigar smoke. There had been empty pizza boxes strewn about on the coffee table. The toilet seats were both up and Mrs. Preston had joked about him becoming a caveman.

Lauren had to admit that she found it sexy. Not the mess or the smoke, just that he was wild and untamed. Mr. Preston sort of looked like a caveman, Lauren thought. Especially when he took off the expensive suit and the Italian loafers and he was just naked and free. Mr. Preston with his dark, possessed eyes, eyes that were fierce and full of love and passion. He kissed Lauren like a beast, like he was something untamable and savage. An animal like that couldn’t be bothered to clean up pizza boxes.

Once Lauren was finished with her lotion, she combed her crazy coil of thick, blonde hair. It was quite a chore and took the better part of fifteen minutes to get all the tangles out. Once she had tugged out all of the knots, Lauren parted her hair into two sections. Then each section had to be pinned and she started to braid two long coils. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri When she was finished, she stood back and smiled at her reflection. It was erotic and yet innocent all at the same time. It seemed obscene to be naked and in braids and Lauren thought that this was probably why Mr. Preston had asked for it.

She padded barefoot to the bedroom. Lauren looked over at the huge, king-sized mattress and it was a reminder. The bed that was usually meant for three was now down to two. Lauren felt the weight of it and worried. What if, try as she might, she wasn’t enough for the king?

Lauren needed to use all of her possible advantages. She pulled out one of the dresser drawers that Mrs. Preston had designated for Lauren’s things. Lauren had brought several small bras and panties. They were matching sets, the fancy underwear that Mrs. Preston always bought her and Lauren seldom wore. Lauren felt her mouth wind up into a little bow as she contemplated the possibilities.

Mr. Preston had never noticed her panties, except to get them off. They were just a hindrance to her pussy. There had only been one time that he had seemed to care. It had been the second time that they had made love and Lauren had worn high waisted pink polka dotted panties. Those, he’d kept his eyes on. As Mrs. Preston had kissed her down the center of her dots and then slipped Lauren’s panties off, she remembered that Mr. Preston had picked them up quickly. In fact, she remembered that Mr. Preston had rubbed his nose in the damp center as he had watched his wife part Lauren’s lips. He had licked Lauren’s pink panties while Mrs. Preston kissed Lauren and with tongue, right there.

The pink panties were the ones and Lauren slid them up, over her hips. She wiggled her cheeks and pulled the back material out of her crack. It wouldn’t last though. The center of the panties would creep right back in but she was used to it by now. Lauren’s bottom couldn’t be contained.

Lauren skipped the bra altogether. That was the second thing that she knew. Mr. Preston enjoyed watching her little breasts jiggle in tops and dresses and bathing suits. He seemed to know that his eyes on her made her nipples hard. It seemed that just staring at her chest was enough to give him the desired effect.

She slipped the short, pink sundress over her head and pulled the top down to show her bare shoulders. Lauren twirled in front of the mirror and watched her reflection. The dress was short and cut very full and the fabric rose to reveal the underneath side of her cheeks when she spun around. Once she put on the Keds, her outfit was complete.

She was quick with the rest of her routine. Lauren never put on much makeup and she wasn’t very good at it. Mrs. Preston would always do her mascara for her after she curled her eyelashes. Now, on her own, Lauren just swiped her lashes with the brush and hoped for the best. She wore her fruit flavored lip gloss that made her lips shine like she’d just licked them.

She presented herself in the living room with her hands behind her back. Lauren couldn’t believe how nervous she was, it was almost like the first time all over again. But she knew Mr. Preston, they’d been intimate in ways that she’d never been with any other man before. She ought to be relaxed. One look at him on the couch though and she knew that she was too aroused to be relaxed. He was wearing a white shirt and she saw a bit of black hair that gleamed at the top where the collar was open. “Is this okay?” Lauren asked before she twirled for him to see the front and the back.

He whispered, “Wow, my dream girl.”

Well fuck.

Mr. Preston sat back and requested in his husky voice, “Twirl around for me again?”

Lauren blushed as she made another circle for him. His dream girl? God, did he know how much she wanted to please him? Her king, her lover; he knew all of her. Lauren felt the warm gush in the center of her polka dotted panties and she hoped that he called her his dream girl when he pulled the dress off.

His arms were over the back of the sectional and his legs were open. His thick, powerful thighs were always something Lauren was drawn to. She couldn’t help but let her eyes move over him. Mr. Preston was hard, obviously hard and made no attempt to hide it or move it. He just let Lauren stare and he watched her with a knowing smile, as if to tell her that she’d get more of it than she knew what to do with later.

“Come on, we’ll take the Mercedes to the museum. I heard you drive all over Lake Geneva?” he cocked his head at her and gave her a secret smile. He must be referencing Virginia’s party. Maybe he wanted to ask about all of the intimate details but he was waiting for Lauren to spill.

“Yeah, I do,” she came in close and wrapped her hands around his left arm. Lauren leaned in and smelled Mr. Preston. His clean, masculine scent was something she was addicted to. Sometimes Lauren would smell güvenilir bahis şirketleri his shirt or even his discarded boxers when he wasn’t looking. She blushed as she thought of that and swallowed down the smell of him and held it inside.

“Think you can drive downtown?” Mr. Preston asked with raised eyebrows. He’d be impressed if she could and Lauren put her small hand out for the keys.

She giggled, “We’ll see,” once Mr. Preston had handed them over with a jingle. He gave her a terrified look and then laughed.

Mr. Preston looked almost as enthused about the museum as he did for Lauren’s dress and braids. As he paid for the tickets, he grinned. “I usually feel like I’m sneaking around when I come here,” he put his large hand out for Lauren to weave her fingers through. “It’s nice to have company, especially for the Monet exhibit.”

Lauren stood hand in hand with Mr. Preston and she was set adrift in a world of color. Layers and layers of colors that seemed more alive than the room in which the paintings were hung. They stood in front of a painting titled “Japanese Bridge” and Mr. Preston stood behind her. It felt as if they were swimming in the water rather than standing on their feet. He wrapped his arms around her chest and drew Lauren into his body. There was just the colors and the light and Lauren could feel his heartbeat against her back. His cock was half hard and stirred at their closeness. Lauren smelled him and snuggled her bottom up into her lover but all the while, it was the painting that she was immersed in.

“It’s almost too much,” she whispered.

“Almost like us,” Mr. Preston murmured and kissed Lauren’s neck right on her pulse. She was wet for him, soaked really. The pink polka dotted panties were too warm and slippery in the center and she thought if he reached under her frilly sundress that she might cum instantly in his hand.

They took their time and walked slowly from one exhibit to the next. It wasn’t until Lauren realized that they had been immersed in some black and white photos for what might have been hours that she heard her stomach rumble.

Mr. Preston grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close. He kissed her upper lip, just a sweet, lingering kiss that made Lauren want to open her mouth for his tongue. “Enough art for now. Miss McCullum,” he told her. “I need to feed you.”

“It’s okay, I can wait,” she said as she stood on her tiptoes and wrapped her hands behind his neck. She was his dream girl, pressed against his hard cock, her heart hammered in her chest as she felt his erection reach out to touch her.

“Nonsense,” he reached down and affectionately grabbed her bottom and hummed with pleasure. “Mrs. Preston is much too fond of you. She’d never forgive me if I let you starve. Besides, they have a lovely restaurant here with an incredible view.”

He twirled Lauren and she went up on her tiptoes again as her dress flared around her thighs. Then he dipped her low and pulled Lauren back into his solid arms. “We should go dancing,” Mr. Preston said as he wrapped one hand around a braid.

He pushed it over her shoulder and Lauren nodded, “That would be fun.” They had a warm, electric spark between them and everything was foreplay. The handholding was just like fucking. Looking in each other’s eyes was just as soul baring as undressing.

He led her to the third floor where Terzo Piano was located. Lauren gasped, Mr. Preston had downplayed what a breathtaking view it was. From this spot, the whole city of Chicago opened out like a magic carpet all the way to the horizon. Everything was afternoon sunlight and white marble and the space was art, just like the paintings. “Oh my god,” she whispered and felt Mr. Preston knead her fingers on the crook of his arm.

They were led to a table next to the wall of windows and Mr. Preston held Lauren’s chair for her and tucked her into place. He was such a gentleman. Lauren hadn’t realized until his regular ministrations for both she and Mrs. Preston, how gratifying it was to be taken care of by a man. It was yet another layer of intimacy, Lauren thought as he placed the napkin over her lap. It felt like Mr. Preston was always thinking of the ladies in his life in all of the best of ways.

The waitress was a small woman with a face full of freckles. She had brown hair that she wore tucked into a tight bun. She wore a black shirt and pants and she spoke in a quiet voice that you needed to lean in to hear. Mr. Preston wanted a dry martini and gave the specifics to the lady in black.

“And what would your daughter like?” the waitress asked.

Lauren felt the spontaneous blush. Her cheeks were on fire, she was sure that they were deeply red. The woman thought Mr. Preston was her father and that suddenly made this seem so wrong.

He looked very amused though and clasped Lauren’s hand, “I believe that my daughter wants a Coke.”

Once the waitress walked away, Lauren bit her bottom lip and looked down at her dress. Why was she suddenly flushed everywhere? It was as if the blush on her cheeks had coursed down her body.

The waitress continued to refer to Lauren throughout the meal as Mr. Preston’s daughter and every time, her lover went with it. He didn’t correct her, he just smiled to himself.

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