Traci Poses for the Camera

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Traci still couldn’t believe that a fabulous guy like Tommy Harper would want to take her to the small beach by the isolated lake near campus. She was an eighteen-year-old freshman and he was a junior, almost twenty-one. They both ran on the cross-country team and had quickly become friends. Well, OK, they were more than that. And tonight Traci hoped to once again feel his thick cock deep inside her.

Tommy had told her about the old cabin, the woods and the lake few people seemed to know was even there. But, this was the first time they’d had a chance to get there together. Despite Traci’s anger over thinking about how many other girls Tommy may have had on the beach, she was glad to be there with him.

They parked next to a cabin that appeared to be deserted, walked a short distance through the woods and down to the lake. The thin stretch of beach allowed enough space for Tommy to build a small fire and lie out a beach towel. It had been hot during the day, but was getting cooler now that the sun was down. Plus, the beers from Tommy’s cooler were plenty cold. Traci was glad she had put on a sweatshirt to go with her shorts.

The young couple watched the fire grow larger and hotter as they drank and talked, losing all track of time. Tommy put his arm around Traci when she shivered and they kissed passionately. He slid one hand under her sweatshirt in the back and moved it up her back, feeling her soft, warm skin. As usual, Traci wasn’t wearing a bra and Tommy worked his hand around her side until it rested on one of her breasts. When he squeezed the hard nipple, Traci moaned and kissed him even harder.

They fell together on top of the towel, their legs tightly intertwined. Traci placed her hands on Tommy’s ass and clutched it as he rolled on top of her. He brushed her blonde hair off her face and kissed her again.

Suddenly, a bright light shown down on them from above.

“Shit,” Traci said loudly.

“What the…” Tommy began to say as he looked up.

They both put their hands in front of their eyes to protect against the brilliant light.

“Hi, kids,” a voice behind the light said.

Traci and Tommy could now see the outline of a man holding the large flashlight that was flooding the area with light. They couldn’t make out his features, yet. But, somehow neither of them felt threatened. Just startled.

“Come here often?” he asked them.

“No. Not really,” Tommy said hesitantly while moving beside Traci.

“My name’s Garrett. I own the cabin…and the land,” the man said.

“We can leave. We’re sorry,” Traci stammered. She was pulling her sweatshirt down and brushing her hair back with her hand.

“That’s OK. I just saw the car and wanted to make sure it wasn’t anybody messing with the cabin,” Garrett said. “The security system was on, but I’m a professional photographer and there’s some equipment in there I wouldn’t want to lose.”

“You’re a photographer? Really?” Traci said enthusiastically. She raised herself up and sat on her knees.

“Mainly nature and still life,” he said. “I have a studio in town and use the cabin occasionally.”

“Photography’s kind of a hobby of mine and I’m considering majoring in art. I’ve also modeled and I’m not sure whether I want to be the photographer or the model,” she said smiling.

Tommy settled back on the beach towel, not sure what to make of the scene. His heart was still racing and his cock was just now beginning to soften after getting ready for what he thought would be uninterrupted sex with Traci.

“I’m always looking for new subjects,” Garrett said. “And if you’re serious about photography, you can test my equipment. Stop by the cabin before you leave and I’ll give you my card so you can call me when you want to come over. Or come up now. I don’t care.”

“Can we?” Traci asked. She looked at Tommy. “Come on, let’s go.”

Tommy looked at her in disbelief. But, she was already standing, so he grabbed the cooler, picked up the towel and Escort Çankaya said, “Let’s go.”

Garrett led the way with the flashlight. They followed the narrow path through the woods until lights from the cabin became visible. Along the way, they introduced themselves and Garret told how he inherited the land from his family. He turned off the flashlight when they reached the back door and he led them in.

The cabin was simple and looked very lived-in. Tripods, camera cases, lights and backdrops were everywhere. When they got to the living room, there was more equipment than furniture.

“You guys want a beer?” Garrett asked.

“Sure,” Tommy said, suddenly more comfortable with the situation.

Traci was examining a large camera mounted on a tripod near the center of the room. The sound of bottles rattling and a refrigerator door closing came from the kitchen. Garrett returned with three beers and said, “Find a place to sit down. Move stuff if you have to.”

Traci and Tommy sat next to each other on a couch, while Garrett leaned against a tall stool by one of the cameras. He talked about his business and most interesting photo sessions. He said he enjoyed nature shots, but his favorite sessions involved people, which often included girls from the college. He said the girls often wanted to build portfolios they could use for modeling jobs.

“Most of those girls won’t get modeling jobs in a million years,” Garrett said, finishing his beer. “How’d you get into it, Traci?”

“A fashion store back home,” she said. “They wanted girls for ads in the local paper. I did school clothes and some swimsuits.”

“You have to start somewhere,” Garrett said. “Another beer?”

He retrieved refills and passed them around.

“You’re nice and tall,” Garrett said to Traci. “The perfect height, actually.”

“Thanks,” she said. “You would do a portfolio for me? How much?”

“Three hundred dollars. You get twenty color eight by tens in a case.”

“Wow. You pay that for ten pictures back home. I might take you up on that,” Traci said.

Garrett took a long drink and put his beer on the stool.

“How about a few shots of you two together?” he said casually, reaching for the large camera Traci looked at earlier.

“Now?” Tommy asked.

“Sure,” Garrett said, taking the camera off the tripod.

“Come on, Tommy. It’ll be fun,” Traci urged him.

Garrett was already standing in front of the couch, raising the camera to his eye. “Get a little closer,” he instructed them.

Tommy took Traci’s beer bottle and, along with his, placed them on a table next to the couch. Traci moved over until touching Tommy’s body with her’s.

“Put your arm around him, Traci,” Garrett said, focusing and moving for a better angle. “Look here and smile.”

The flash went off and the young couple blinked. Garrett moved a foot to his right and Tommy and Traci continued looking at him. Another flash.

“Do you mind kissing?” Garrett said smiling. “I know you can kiss from earlier.”

Traci was the first to move, putting her hand on the back of Tommy’s head and pulling him towards her. She kissed him enthusiastically, urged on by the alcohol and leftover horniness from their time on the beach. Two more flashes.

Garrett took several more shots of them together, ending up with Traci’s legs crossed over top of Tommy’s. Everyone was becoming more comfortable with each photo taken.

“Good. Now, Traci, would you take off your sweatshirt?” Garrett asked.

“I don’t…” Traci stumbled over the words. “I’m…uh.” She looked at Tommy, who said nothing, his hands on her bare legs below her shorts. Garrett stood motionless and waited.

Finally, Traci grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled it up. In one motion, it uncovered her naked breasts and was lifted over her head. Traci’s blonde hair fell back in place as she threw the sweatshirt on the floor. Tommy and Garrett gazed at the perfect pair of breasts Ankara Escort that were now exposed. They were firm, full and tan, pointing up at the nipples, which stuck out from light brown areolas.

Garrett also admired the girl’s thin waist and flat stomach with its small, shiny belly ring. He was already envisioning what their portfolio shoot might entail.

“Beautiful,” he said, taking another shot. “Tommy, put your hand on one.”

Tommy placed his hand on Traci’s right breast and squeezed.

“No. Don’t squeeze,” Garrett said. “Just rest the hand on it.”

Tommy did as instructed and Garrett took pictures from several angles. Tommy and Traci looked at each other with slight smiles, then kissed. Garrett moved and kept shooting.

“Take off his shirt,” Garrett told Traci while the couple was still kissing.

Traci pulled the shirt off and threw it next to her sweatshirt on the floor. Tommy was not a bodybuilder, by any means, but had a nice chest and well-defined abs. His arms were muscular, but not huge.

“OK. Lay down and just be natural,” Garrett said next in a soothing tone.

By now, the young couple hardly needed directions. They stretched out on the couch with Traci ending up on top. She moved over until she was directly over Tommy, her breasts a few inches above his bare chest.

Flashes lit up the room.

“Hang on a second,” they heard Garrett say. Within seconds, two lights and a reflecting screen were positioned near the couch. The heat from the lights felt good on her back, Traci thought.

“OK. Traci, rest on his chest. Do whatever feels comfortable,” the photographer said.

The girl’s breasts flattened as she lowered herself onto her boyfriend. They kissed again and Tommy put his hands on her ass. When Traci lifted her lips off Tommy’s, she inched forward and pushed herself up until her left breast was over his face. Slowly, she dropped it so the nipple fell into his open mouth. Soon, half of the breast disappeared behind his lips.

Garrett was taking pictures at a frantic pace now, having changed film one time and grabbing a second camera. His cock pressed against the inside of his jeans, attempting to find more room the larger it got.

“Traci, take off your shorts,” Garrett said without asking this time.

Traci got on her knees, unsnapped her shorts and pulled down the zipper. Both Tommy and Garrett watched intently as she pushed her shorts down her legs, revealing a pair of small white panties. She used one hand to pull the shorts off her legs, kicking off her sandals at the same time.

She looked at Garrett who was letting his eyes take in the entire length of her beautiful body.

“Take off Tommy’s shorts,” he told her.

Traci looked at Tommy, as if for permission. He just nodded. The girl removed the shorts and his shoes before looking back at the obvious hard-on under his boxers. Garrett was just watching now, waiting to see how far he could take this.

“Stand up, Traci,” he said.

Traci stood and faced the photographer.

“Brush your hair back with your hands.”

Lights flashed several times as Garrett moved around her body. Traci’s breasts were pulled tight as she lifted her arms higher. Without being told, she arched her back slightly.

“Take off your panties,” Garrett said softly. If she did this, he knew he’d get what he had in mind all along.

Traci began to slide the panties down, exposing her bare ass to Tommy and her pussy to Garrett. She held her legs together and wriggled out of the underwear. When she stood back up, her legs were still close together, her hands hanging by her thighs.

“Place your hands on your hips and spread your legs the width of your shoulders,” he instructed her.

Again, Traci obeyed, revealing a small patch of neatly cut hair around her pussy. Garrett took pictures from one side of her to the other.

“Turn around.”

Traci now faced Tommy and watched him smile Sincan Escort at her as the flashes went off. This time, however, she made the first move by leaning over the couch and pulling her boyfriend’s boxers off. Tommy’s cock sprung up, almost completely erect. Garrett put the camera down and watched.

Traci placed her hand around the thick cock pointing up at her and stroked it gently. She got back on the couch, placing her legs between Tommy’s and resting on her knees. She leaned over and, with her hand around the base of Tommy’s cock, put her tongue on the very tip.

Tommy closed his eyes in anticipation of what would come next. Before long, he felt his girlfriend’s lips around the top of his cock, which was now rock hard. Lower and lower the lips slid until the entire length of the cock was inside Traci’s mouth. Garrett watched as the girl’s breasts hung freely below her and her small ass stuck farther into the air at the end of the couch.

The photographer began to undress as Traci worked on Tommy’s cock. Her hand and mouth worked in unison, rising and falling as one. Neither Traci nor Tommy seemed aware or concerned that Garrett was now naked, his own erect cock in his hand. Quietly, he moved behind Traci, staring at her round ass as it bobbed up and down above the armrest, her feet hanging over the edge. Below her ass, Traci’s pink cunt opened wide for Garrett to view.

He put his hands on her ass and squeezed. The cheeks were barely large enough to fit in his hands, but they were soft and warm. Even warmer was the area surrounding her pussy, which he stroked with his hand until reaching her clit. Traci raised her ass higher at the feel of his hand stimulating her.

Garrett moved closer, placing his hands on Traci’s hips and the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He was delighted to feel the tightness of her young cunt wrap around his cock. Yet, she was very wet and he needed to apply only a small amount of pressure to push farther in. When his balls struck her ass, he heard a soft moan come from the girl.

Tommy had watched Garrett move behind Traci and now saw the man’s face contort in pleasure as he drove his cock into her from behind. This caused the girl to suck even harder on Tommy’s cock. Just as he put his hands on Traci’s breasts, Tommy felt the first rush of his orgasm flow up from his balls.

“Yes, babe,” he said. “That’s it. I’m gonna cum.”

Traci wrapped her hand tightly around the base of his cock and pumped her mouth over it furiously.

“Oh, God. Yes. Yes,” Tommy said.

Cum spurted out of his cock in warm, sweet bursts, hitting the back of Traci’s throat. Tommy moaned loudly, continuing to spray cum into her mouth until it dripped onto her chin, while his head swayed back and forth as the intensity of his orgasm peaked. At the end, he raised his ass off the couch, trying to coax the last of his cum to escape into Traci’s mouth.

Tommy was pinching Traci’s nipples, a habit he knew she got off on. Combined with Garrett’s hand working her clit and his cock pounding into her cunt, she was near her own orgasm.

“Fuck me,” she said. “Harder.”

Both men increased their efforts as Traci raised her head, her eyes squeezed tightly shut.

“C’mon, baby. Cum for us,” Tommy urged her.

The girl let out a soft cry, and her orgasm began. Her body shook in Garrett’s hands and her blonde hair whipped back and forth as she was pushed forward with the photographer’s thrusts, only to move back to meet the next one. She squeezed her cunt tightly around his cock, causing the final orgasm in the group to start.

“Aaahhhhhh, yes, yes,” Garrett said roughly.

The pair came together and the room was filled with the sound of Garrett’s thighs hitting Traci’s ass. Tommy squeezed the girl’s nipples harder, which made her squeal in delight. Garrett pulled her backwards and plunged into her time and again, spilling cum deep inside her each time.

Their moans faded away slowly and Garrett pulled out, allowing Traci to fall to the couch beside her boyfriend. As the photographer dressed, he looked at the young couple.

“You’ll come back for your portfolio, Traci?” he asked.

“You better fucking believe it,” she said with a smile.

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