Three Makes a Party

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It’s starts with me and you in a room. He’s not there yet.

Nothing is happening between you and I though. That’s not why we’re there. You’re there to get fucked and I’m there to watch. At least that’s how it starts. You’re wearing a black pleated skirt, black sweater, black bra, thigh high stockings – nude of course because they look great with your red hair and milky white skin – and black Spiga stilettos, they’re my favorite. Of course no panties, you don’t need them with thigh highs do you?

He arrives. He doesn’t seem happy about me there. You tell him to ignore me, to pretend that it’s just you and him. He still seems pretty unsure. You don’t want him to leave so you resort to a sure fire method. You lick your fingers one by one and then stick your hand under your skirt. He can’t see what you’re doing but he knows your fingers are inside of you. You take a step forward and grab his hand. One by one you put his fingers in your mouth, suck slow, looking him in the eyes. You reach down to his crotch. He’s hard. You know it will be okay. You look over at me. I seem cool with it all.

You slide your hand into his pants. You’re working one hand inside of your pussy and one hand around him. He’s happy. He starts to tease your nipples. He knows this makes you insane. He gently circles them at first but he gets more aggressive. He starts to lightly pinch and tweak. You really start to moan, not because of your hand inside of you though. It’s because of what he’s doing to your tits. You take your hands out from under your skirt and out of his pants. You kiss him. He really starts to go hard at your breasts. He slides his hands inside your bra and rubs your nipples between his thumb and finger. You don’t do anything. You stop kissing him. You just stand there letting the sweet painful pulses roll through you. It takes your breath away.

He pulls your breasts out of your bra and brings his mouth down. As he does this his hands move beneath your skirt. He’s not gentle with you like you were with yourself. He’s rough. It’s good though. With his teeth he pulls at your nipples. The bites aren’t too hard, just nips at the ends of each nipple. His fingers have spread your lips and are deep inside of you. He brings his head up from your breasts. His fingers start to pull out of you and move around to your ass. It’s not what Ankara Escort you want but you know he likes that. You let him play around You look over at me. I still seem okay, maybe slightly happier than before. I can’t see his hands but you think I know what is going on. Finally you start to back him to the edge of the bed.

As you back him to the edge of the bed you feel down to his dick. It’s still hard and sweaty through his jeans. You sit him on the edge of the bed. You’re starting to kneel down in front of him and he stops you. You stand up as he lifts your skirt. You don’t expect this. He pulls you forward and buries his tongue inside of you. It’s forceful and strong. I can hear you gasp. He pulls your hips tighter into his face and really goes to work with his mouth and tongue His tongue is darting around inside of you while he starts to suck with his mouth. Your hands move up to your tits and start to tug at your nipples. His tongue gets deeper and deeper, stronger and stronger. Out of the corner of your eye you see something move across the room.

It’s me. You forgot I was there. You look over and my cock is outside my pants. I’m pretty swollen and large. My hand is stroking and rubbing. Not jerking off just feeling it’s way around while I watch you. You watch me for a bit. You pull his face in harder. You look up at me again and just as we see eye to eye you feel him tug at your clit with his mouth and teeth. I can see what that’s done to you and really like it. Your back arches up and your fingers run through his hair as he nips and tugs. It’s delightful.

You pull his face out from between your legs and lower your skirt. All you want is to get his dick in your mouth. You kneel in front of him undoing his jeans and slipping them off. You take him out and he pretty much rams himself in your mouth straight away. He’s not gentle about this either. He’s a big guy too. You feel him pushing all the way deep down the back of your throat. You open your mouth wider and relax your throat. You’re sucking pretty hard with your head tilted all the way back. He’s pushing deeper and deeper. You back off a bit to get a break and take his twins in your mouth. You hear him gasp. It’s not him though, it’s me. You guess I liked that. You keep his boys warm in your mouth for a bit sucking gently while you catch your Çankaya Escort breath.

You move your mouth back to his dick and really work him hard. Just then you feel his hand between your legs. His fingers feel cold inside you because you’re so hot and warm inside now. You feel his other hand on one of your nipples tugging and pulling. After a minute you realize it can’t be him. He’s in front of you. It’s me.

I’m kneeling behind you. You start to rock back on to my fingers while your mouth bobs up and down on him. You can feel my other hand moving back and forth between your nipples, rubbing, pulling, circling, it’s making you crazy. Finally you can’t concentrate on what you’re doing to him. You pull your mouth off him and start to grind on my fingers. As you do this you can feel me pulling at your top with my other hand. You help and pull off your top and bra. When you look down your nipples are so big they don’t look real. You keep rocking and grinding on my fingers. You reach back behind yourself with your hand. You can feel my cock is still out of my pants. It feels awesome in your hand. You stroke your hand along squeezing and rubbing. You never stop grinding against my fingers. You feel my fingers in your hair pulling your neck back to me. You feel me kissing your neck. You can’t take it anymore.

All you want to do is fuck me. You raise yourself off my hand and turn around. You pull off my shirt and pull at my jeans. You scoot me back a bit and pull off my jeans and underwear.

I’m laying naked on the floor. You lean over and start kissing my neck. Your tits are rubbing against my chest. You move slowly down my body, kissing my neck, my chest, my nipples, stopping at my nipples to suck and bite, your hand moves down to my cock, rubbing and squeezing, your mouth moves down my body, kissing my stomach, my lower belly, rubbing my cock, kissing my thighs, sucking on my inner thighs, rubbing my cock, licking and gently sucking the tip of my cock, opening your mouth wider and opening up to the top of my cock, finally you open your mouth all the way and take me in.

You can feel my hips raise as I slide down the back of your throat. Your head is moving up and down taking as much of me in as you can with each stroke. You feel my hands pull your head in closer. You need a break and pull back Etlik Escort a bit putting my balls on your tongue sucking gently. You only do that for a break and go back to my cock sucking harder and harder. You can hear him behind you and you feel his fingers slide up inside you. You can feel his hand on the cheeks of your ass. You keep sucking and using your tongue – I pull you off. I’m about to cum and have you back off. He moves his hands off you. As you sit back you turn away from me, facing him. He looks ready to cum too. You straddle me backward, raising yourself up and then lowering your pussy down on my cock.

You start to roll in circles with your hips, flexing the muscles of your cunt around my cock. They go tight and constrict around me then they release – you do this again and again. He steps forward and slams his dick in your mouth. Again, he doesn’t give you a break. It’s in deep and all the way back right away. You start sucking and sucking. You start rocking back and forth on me while he pulls your face into him again – you start to rock harder and harder while you’re sucking and sucking. Finally you just want him out of your mouth and you just want to fuck me. You really go down hard on him. He tries to back off but you won’t let him. You keep sucking and sucking. You feel him start to cum and you go nuts on him. You finally feel him jerking in your mouth cumming all the way while you’re rocking and rocking.

You feel him start to shrink in your mouth and you swallow. You know he’s okay and you let him out of your mouth. You put your weight on your arms in front of you and start to raise and lower yourself again and again on me, thrusting up and down, up and down. You try to raise a hand to your tits but you can’t. You thrust up and down. You warn me that you’re going to cum soon. I say it’s okay because I am going to as well.

You keep thrusting and thrusting. Your tits are bouncing everywhere and I’m moaning and gasping all at the same time while you thrust and thrust. Slowly an orgasm start so to roll through you. It moves up your body and you realize you’re super wet and warm. I’ve cum too and you’re all juicy inside. I reach down for the back of your thighs, over your calves and down to your ankles and feel the sweat pouring through your stockings – you slide off me and backward allowing me to kiss and lick your damp thighs, the bend in your knees, over your calves and down to your ankles then you stand up, face me and kneel down. I stand up and push into your face, you lick and suck all of your sweet juices and my cum until I’m polished off.

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