Three Become One Ch. 06

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My father had had some renovations done to the master bath in his and my mother’s bedroom (which is now my bedroom). In his later years he and my mother had both developed debilitating aches and pains; the sort that came naturally with age, and as a result I had helped him in the task of modernizing the bathroom. For starters we’d gotten rid of the tub and added an entirely new one big enough to fit both himself and my mother, or, as I would later find out — myself and two big-breasted teenage girls. The tub was more of a hot tub, really. It was equipped with jet streams and all sorts of bells and whistles, but the best thing about it was that it came with an electronic door that opened and closed within itself; thereby eliminating the need for my parents to do any sort of climbing.

While we were at it we also replaced the shower. It had an electronic overhead nozzle which guaranteed neither of my parents would have to reach and physically adjust it, and glass doors that slid open along a railing on the floor. There were also two ledges about knee high which allowed them to sit if they tired of standing. There were a few other changes we had made, but I think you pretty much get the gist.

And as I stood there, in front of the shower remembering all the times I had helped my mother in and out (sometimes with the assistance of a caretaker), I began to see the shower in a whole new light. I was seeing the bathroom in a whole new light. In fact, the truth is, I was seeing the entire house in an entirely new way. It was as if the house had been shrouded by an intangible force, and now the veil had been lifted and I was seeing it for the first time; a stranger in the only home I’d ever known.

I was okay with that.

For as long as I could recall the house had been filled with age. The age of my parents. The age of their caretakers. The age of every friend or family member that ever came to pay us a visit. Even in my younger years I was outnumbered by them; save for the times I occasionally had a girl over. But now it was I who was outnumbered, and for the first time I truly felt like there was a new aura draping over my home; a new presence. The presence of youth.

The twins had…overtaken…my home. Not in a physical way, mind you, at least…not entirely. It was more of an atmosphere. I was constantly finding their girlish, teenage belongings thrown about. A pink iPad case here. Hello Kitty headphones there. Bras, t-shirts, toiletries, make-up. Even their cheer uniforms hung proudly in my bedroom closet. And with every item, every possession of theirs that I found…I was reminded not only of their youth but of who they were at their centers. I was reminded…of them.

And it made my cock hard every single time; without fail.

The truth is I loved seeing their things in my home. I often found myself wondering what someone who knew I didn’t have kids would think if they walked in and saw all of their girly accessories and such occupying space in my home. What if one of my colleagues was to pay me a visit? Would he think they belonged to a family member? A niece perhaps? Maybe this niece was staying with me. Why else would she have SO many of her teenage possessions in my home? What if he saw the twins? “Oh, hey there Jed! These are your twin nieces? Get out of town, there’s hardly any family resemblance at all!”

The truth is that each and every time I encountered one of the twins’ belongings in my home I was reminded of how taboo this whole thing came off. Here I was: a respected member of the medical community with a history of womanizing, and I was fucking the two busty twin daughters of two of my friends. Just as the twins had suggested, and because they knew me so well I wanted to do exactly what they had urged. I wanted to shout to the entire world.

“Yes…these are the Juggs Sisters. Yes, they are eighteen. Yes, they are twins. Yes, they cook for me. Yes, they clean for me. Yes, they do EVERYTHING for me. Yes, they obey my every word. Yes, they call me Daddy. Yes, they belong to ME. Yes, we have sex all the time. No, you can’t have them; you will NEVER have them. They are MINE.”

And as I stared into the shower, a shower that had not seen a female form in years, my eyes were drawn to the two beautiful blonde twins slowly turning in my direction. Their amazing breasts jiggled ever so slightly as they turned, and I watched droplets of water cascading over the slopes of their monumental melons to their areolae and hard nipples. They shook their heads and water spewed from their hair as they opened their eyes and caught my gaze. Each girl brought her hands to her hair and brushed it back behind their heads as they stood, naked and side-by-side; showering me with the glory of their naked and feminine forms.

I took notice as the girl on the left placed her hands on her hips and threw me an angry look.

“Daddy!” she said, sternly.

“What?” I asked.

“You don’t have to do that anymore. You don’t have to do it ever again!”

The other Keçiören Escort Bayan girl gestured to my crotch, and I realized that I had been stroking the length of my cock up and down for…well, I didn’t exactly know how long I’d been doing it for.

“Oh! I know!” I said as my wit caught up with me. “I wasn’t masturbating; I was just practicing for when I shower you two busty sluts in my cum.”

Both girls went wide eyed and their mouths hung agape as they gawked at me from the other side of the glass.

“That…” one girl said.

“…is…” the other girl said.

“…SO…” the first girl said.

“…FUCKING…” the second girl said.

[u] “HAWT!”

“Which part? The fact that I am most definitely going to cum on you? Or the fact that I just called you both sluts?”

I asked the question, but I did so in a snarky, assertive sort of way. My tone implied that I didn’t really care what the answer was. I was surprised with how much confidence I was exuding, but in retrospect I shouldn’t have been. The twins had been deliberately stroking my ego every chance they’d had for a while now, and I was simply buying into it.

“Both!” one twin said. “We are sluts, Daddy. We are sluts for you, and only you. We are your sluts. Your own personal pair of busty, teenage twin sluts.”

There was silence as the twins both stared into my eyes and I stared back into theirs. I let my hand off my cock, and as I did I realized that in doing so I was making a dramatic gesture; a statement. I could see it in the twins’ eyes. I could see that they understood; we were communicating using our bodies alone. By taking my hand off my cock I was informing them that I was no longer going to make myself cum ever again; from now on, that was their job.

We all stepped forward simultaneously, again and again. We did not break eye contact as the three of us approached the glass from either side. I stared into their eyes and they stared into mine, and when I finally broke their gaze I looked down to see both pairs of 34GGG jugs pressed up against the glass. My hands instinctively reached out and touched the glass where their breasts were. I began to bring my fingers together over the glass; gripping it as if I was gripping their huge tits.

All eyes were focused on the glass between us as I ran my fingers over it; trying to grip and squeeze their boobs though an easily overcome barrier. Any one of us could have opened the shower door at that point, but we didn’t. The three of us all understood that there was something erotic about having this…this…thing…keeping us from each other. It made my lust for them heighten, and theirs for me.

The twins began to moan as if I was actually caressing and squeezing their boobs. They closed their eyes in ecstasy, and when they did I lowered myself and pressed my lips up against the glass and began to kiss and lick at it where their huge breasts were. They still had their eyes closed, but they started to moan even louder. I was hungrily lapping away at the shower door as if their boobs were actually in my face, and as I licked away at their nipples they began to huff and shiver orgasmically.

With the water from the shower still running it was difficult to tell if the twins had just cum, but I knew that they had. The small and short sounds escaping their lips were one hundred percent reminiscent of those silent orgasms I had seen them experience, and as I pulled my face away from the glass I watched as they both tilted their heads back down (after having thrown them back in orgasmic bliss). Their eyes opened and they looked at me. Their chests were heaving as they panted; an aura of contentedness and a lust for more coming over them, but it was their faces I was looking into.

Simultaneously we all three furiously pressed our lips against the glass door and were immediately kissing and licking on either side of it. I pressed my hands up against the glass and the twins did the same as we made out like we were in a prison. I couldn’t see them, but I could feel their large breasts gently swaying beneath us from the force of their movements as we pressed our lips and tongues against the glass over and over.

“Mmm…mmmm…mmm…” they moaned.

I pulled away from the door and stepped back. The twins stopped Frenching the glass and stared at me. I stepped forward once more as I held my cock skyward and pressed the underside against the glass. The twins both observed my action and in seconds the twin to my right was taking to her knees in my shower. Once at face level with my cock she began to lick and kiss the glass where my cock was pressed against.

While she was busy on her knees the girl that was standing up began to jiggle her boobs against the glass as she pressed them against it. It was so alluring that I took to pressing my face into them from the other side once more. After several moments of “sucking” on her tits I brought my head back and looked down at the twin on her knees. Escort Eryaman She looked up at me as she slid her tongue up the length of my cock. She then pressed her rack against the glass and began sliding her tits up until it was level with my cock on the other side. She started to bounce her tits up and down; simulating a titfuck as she smiled up at me.

This is where I lost it. I rammed my dick up and down; sliding it against the glass as it was completely framed by her enormous tits. I was humping the glass so hard that I thought the door would come loose. It didn’t, and I was glad. My girls were both pressing their huge tits against the glass now, and I didn’t want it any other way.

I gripped the top of the glass with both hands and started to thrust my dick into it uncontrollably. The twins both moaned as one of them pressed her tits to the glass for my mouth and the other pressed her tits to the glass for my dick.

“Busty sluts! Busty whores!” I yelled as I pounded the glass door in front of me. “Daddy wants a blowjob. Suck me off, sluts!”

[u] “Yes, Daddy!”

The twin that was standing now took to her knees next to her sister. Together they began to lick and press their lips on the glass where my cock was pressed against. Their tongues slid up and down the glass, and I imagined them doing the same thing to my cock. It was an amazingly erotic feeling, and it was almost enough to make me cum.

They looked up at me for approval and validation as they worked their mouths on the glass. I looked down at them, and suddenly felt the urge to give them what they were asking.

“Such good sluts. Such beautiful, busty sluts…” I said as I pulled away again. I looked at the twins as they both looked back at me from down on their knees. “Stand up. Daddy needs to fuck you.”

When I said that even I didn’t know which “you” I was referring to. It honestly didn’t matter; the twins were identical in every possible way. I’d experienced enough of the pair to accurately make that assumption.

[u] “Yes, Daddy!” the girls said.

As they stood up an idea struck me.

“Wait. Wait right there.” I ordered as I backed out of the bathroom. I entered the bedroom and took my iPad from atop the nightstand. I opened up the camera app and hit record as I entered the bathroom once more. I held the lens up to the glass shower, and the two naked twin sisters standing side by side in it.

The twins did not even blush as I shamelessly recorded video of them; quite the contrary — they smiled.

“Are you recording us, Daddy?” one of them asked. “Are we about to make a porno?”

“Do you want to make us your own personal porn star sluts, Daddy?” the other asked.

“Yes I do.” I answered as I stepped closer. “Press your tits against the glass, girls.”

Both twins stepped forward slowly so as to increase the effect, and when they finally reached the shower door they pressed forward. Both sets of tits flattened out against the glass and enlarged against it; their nipples like eyes staring directly at me…and the camera.

I stepped closer and brought the focus entirely on their tits so that they filled the touch-screen in front of me. I then focused my attention entirely on one pair, and then moved to the other. From here I brought the camera up to the owner of that pair. She responded by smiling and then pressing her pouty lips against the glass the same way she had pressed her rack against it. The result was the same; her full lips became even fuller as she made out with the pane.

I moved the camera from her face to her identical twin sister next to her, and she immediately did the same.

I stepped back so I could get their full bodies into the frame. They took a step back as well.

“Remind me again…” I said, loud enough so that it would come across clear on the video. “What do you have your name saved as in my contacts?”

[u] “The Juggs Sisters.”

“And why is that?” I asked.

The twins both looked down and pointed at their tits.

“Because of these.” One of them said.

“And what are those?” I asked.

“These…are 34GGG juggs.” The other responded.

“Who do they belong to?” I asked.

[u] “They belong to you, Daddy!”

I was now harder than I had been earlier during our passionate prison-sex moment.

“Daddy’s going to wreck you so hard and cover your juggs in his cum, babygirl. Open the door sweetheart.”

[u] “Yes, Daddy!” the girls said.

The one closest to the handle slid the door open. I waited a moment as I let the camera catch the full glory of their naked bodies; my girls simply stood there as if awaiting instruction. I did not disappoint. I stepped forward and alternated the camera view back and forth between each of them. I finally stopped on one and held the camera up to her alone.

“Hold this for Daddy, sweetie.” I said.

“Okay, Daddy!” she responded Sincan Escort Bayan as she took hold of the iPad.

I gripped her by her tiny waist and gently pulled her out of the shower. She willingly stepped out and I leaned in to kiss her. As we kissed the camera lens was shoved between us, but I really didn’t care. A moment later our kiss was broken and I stepped into the shower. She held the iPad up properly, and then went up to the mirror and recorded herself. She gave a smile and a wave, and then she held the iPad above her at an angle and turned it to herself. She puckered her lips and made a kissing sound.

“Daddy, if you’re watching this…I can’t wait to be fucked by your hard, meaty cock. And if you are NOT Daddy and you are watching this…eat your heart out!”

She air-kissed the camera one more time before turning the pad around and pointing it at her sister and me. I was busily groping her twin from behind and kissing her neck as water poured down over us. My hands were fondling her big tits as my cock was trapped against one of her buns and threatening to spring skyward at any moment. She moaned and writhed under my sexual influence.

“Mmm…oh…oh Daddy! Your hands are so strong…” she breathed as I kissed her.

I lowered my hands down her fit body and reached between her legs. I inserted my fingers into her to find she was already dripping with feminine juices. That was one thing that’s never ceased to amaze me — the fact that they were always wet and therefore always ready for sex. It was like all they needed was the possibility that I might fuck them and they began to moisten. It’s truly an incredible feat on behalf of the twins.

I turned her slightly and maneuvered my cock against her opening as I got behind her. On the other side of the glass her twin sister was eagerly capturing us on camera as I slowly eased into the pussy below me. Once my cockhead had cleared her lips I thrusted into her and soon my shaft was sawing against them as my head penetrated her over and over.

“Mmph! Uh! Uh! Uhhhh!” she moaned as I held her by the hips and fucked her.

Her body was slapping against mine. That, added to the sounds of the shower, ensured that the video her sister was making was of a higher quality. I took hold of her blonde hair from atop her back and yanked on it; pulling her head back and forcing her to arch her back in the process. With her hair in hand and my penis in pussy I finally shoved my entire length into her and she screamed out ecstatically.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” she moaned out as my dick continued to ram into her.

Moments later I felt a very different wetness engulfing my cock than the water that was pouring down over us. I let go of her hair and reached around her to her giant breasts. I grabbed them and pulled her toward me as she gushed all over my cock and her juice dripped down my legs and on to the shower floor. I gave her no time to rest as I turned her to the shower door beside us; making sure to keep my cock in her pussy as I turned with her. She placed her hands on the glass in front of her and held her head down until I started to thrust again. As soon as I did she threw her blonde head back and moaned.

“Mmmm! Uh! Fuckkkk! Fuck yes yes yes yessss!” she moaned.

I looked over her head to see her sister holding the iPad up directly at us from the other side of the glass. I stared directly into the camera lens as she filmed me fucking her twin.

“Your cock is so fucking big, Daddy…” she said from behind the camera.

The girl below me moaned back in response as I slammed my cock into her.

“So FUCKING BIG!” she screamed.

Below her I could see her enormous tits swinging from the force of my pounding. I reached down and grabbed them; they felt amazing bouncing and jiggling in my palms. I squeezed at them as she arched her back instinctively, and a moment later I pushed forward and took a step. She responded by stepping forward as well. I took step after step; fucking her while I did and as I did so she stepped along with me. I hefted her upper body upward by her tits and then slid my hands down to her hips. I continued to step forward and forced her to press her tits up against the glass shower door.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Uhhhh!” she moaned as her tits were squished against the glass; both orbs repeatedly being pressed into it as I fucked her from behind.

In front of her I could see her sister capturing the entire thing on camera, and I could only imagine what it looked like. Thoughts of masturbating to this video at times when the twins weren’t here began to flood my mind, but I quickly diverted my mindset from them so as to focus on the very real sex I was experiencing at that moment.

“That looks so fucking hot…” the girl holding the iPad said. I continued to fuck her twin sister as I watched her reach out with her free hand and gently caress the glass where her sister’s tits were pressed against. The focus of the camera lens seemed to be on those big tits of hers at the moment, and I wanted to see what it looked like so badly. The thought of her big tits repeatedly being pounded against the door while I fucked her made my cock harden tremendously, and I used the newfound density almost instantly and ploughed her with it.

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