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My life was becoming miserable as my fiancé was postponing the marriage date every now and then.

My fiancé, Ankit is a young and handsome boy aged 28 years. He belongs to a good family. He had returned from USA after completing his MBA. He had taken over their family business from his father which was established by his grand father. He has no siblings. My father is a businessman and my mother is a florist working in a 5-star hotel. I had just completed my graduation in commerce from Mumbai University. I am 5’5″ tall and having good, slim and sexy figure. My friends call my “hottie” as they find me hottest girl ever seen. Ankit and I are engaged for nearly a year but he is postponing the date of marriage every now and than for paltry reasons. I couldn’t concentrate in any thing. I was unable to take up any job fearing I would’ve to quit the moment I get married. Nor I couldn’t take up any post graduation course as I might’ve to drop out any time. My parents were telling me to take it easy. Life was becoming difficult for me as I was turning 21 next month and my panties were getting wet every time I saw a young boy. One fine day I decided to find out the real reason of delay. I went to meet him unannounced to catch him unprepared.

It was four o’clock in the evening when I rang the door bell of the home of my would-be in-laws. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was expecting all members of the family to be at home.

My would-be FIL opened the door.

‘Hello Daddyji!’ I said.

‘Hello Avantika! What a surprise? Come, come in!’ he said and stepped aside. I entered in 3 BHK flat situated in posh Juhu areas.

‘Please sit.’ He said. I sat in a sofa-chair. My skirt was pulled up and my knees were exposed. My fair milky thighs were also on display for him. I pretended to look embarrassed. In fact I had finalized this dress of knee-long tight black skirt and short sleeved tight white top after long thought. I had a plan C in my mind to seduce my fiancé in case my plan A & B both fails.

I tried to pull my skirt and cover my knees as eyes of my would-be FIL were roaming on my legs.

‘So, how are you Avantika?’ he asked.

‘I am fine Daddyji, how are you?’ His eyes were now roaming on my body as expected. I added, ‘Sorry, I’m not dressed properly!’

‘Avantika, you look wonderful in this dress!’ he said and I was happy to here it from the man from whom I am suppose to keep distance. He is a well built man of sixty or may be of sixty-five. ‘I would never have known that you have such beautiful legs!’ he said.

‘Oh thanks Daddyji!’. I was thrilled. It was ironical that my FIL has noticed beauty of my legs but my fiancé has failed to do so.

‘Where are others? I mean Mummyji and Ankit? Are they taking nap? I am sorry I came unannounced!’

‘Well Avantika, this is your home and you can come any time, any day announced or unannounced!’ He said, ‘your MIL has gone to Vaishnodevi for a pilgrimage and Ankit never inform us whenever he goes!’

‘Oh, I see!’ I didn’t know what to say. I got up and said, ‘Then its better I should go!’

‘Hell no! Avantika, you can’t go like that!’ My FIL got up to stop me. ‘Sit, I shall bring you some thing to drink.’

‘No formalities please Daddyji, its okay!’ I said.

‘No, it’s not okay!’ he said. ‘Sit, it’s my duty. Just relax; I will be back illegal bahis in few seconds.’

I couldn’t stop him. He went inside. I had good look all over living room. It was a beautifully furnished room. It had a French-window. It had a fantastic view of the Arabian Sea. This could be my home if every thing falls in its place!

I saw myself in mirror of a wall unit. I decided to have some fun. I unbuttoned two buttons of my top. I was happy with my sexy look.

He came back with a tray containing two glasses of cold drink. I picked up a glass and said, ‘Thanks, Daddyji!’

I took a sip from drink. He was stealing a look at my exposed breasts. I was sitting crossed legs. I tried to distract his eyes from breasts to my thighs by playing with my skirt. Now he was staring at my exposed thighs. A thought occurred in my mind.

Why not to play a little game with this old man? It should be fun. He also deserves some enjoyment after all!

But what if he gets a cardiac arrest?

I should be able to control things. I have always controlled it!

I cried with pain while keeping the empty glass back on centre table. I think I screamed. I grabbed my left thigh with both the hands and brought expression of extreme pain on my face.

‘Oh my God!’ I shouted at the top of my voice.

The old man was shocked. ‘What happened?’ he got up and came close.

‘It’s paining!’

‘How can I help you?’ he touched my shoulder. He was concerned.

‘I don’t know!’ I said and again cried with pain. I tried to force tears from my eyes. I began rubbing my thigh.

‘Let me see.’ He sat down on his knees and placed his hand on my knee.

I tried to widen my legs but it was uncomfortable for me because my skirt was narrow and tight. I unzipped my skirt and exposed my naked thighs for him. Thank god I was wearing a panty! ‘It’s paining here.’ I pointed my finger at the root of my right thigh.

He had a good look at my naked thighs. Or was he trying to see through my panty? He placed his hand at the spot I was indicating. ‘Is it here?’

‘No, it’s here.’ I guided his hand all through my naked thighs. ‘Daddyiji, will you please massage it little?’ I shifted close to him. I brushed my breasts with his left arm. My nipples got hard on immediately.

‘Sure.’ He began rubbing my thighs very gently. He was heavy built man with good built biceps. Must be doing gym regularly, I thought. How exciting it would be to see this man naked!

‘Little more pressure, please!’ I said. He rubbed it vigorously. Slowly I stretched my body on sofa. I closed my eyes and had a feel of male touch on my naked body for some moments.

I had a strong impulse to draw his hand on my pussy. I fought with myself to control the temptation. I took two to three long breaths.

I saw that now he was now staring at my breasts as I had expected. I took his hand and placed it on my naval. I said, ‘Daddyji, please don’t take away your hand. Your touch has a magic.’ I closed my eyes.

He pampered my naval area. How I wished him to feel my breasts! How I wished him to lower his hand and caress my pussy!

Instead he touched my head and asked, ‘Avantika, are you feeling better or shall I call a doctor?’

Honey, it’s time to call of the game.

‘I am fine Daddyji,’ I got up and said, ‘it was nice of you to illegal bahis siteleri take my care. Thank you so much.’

I adjusted my skirt and top properly. I brushed my hair a little. ‘I shall take your leave Daddyji.’

‘Are you okay?’ he asked.

‘Yes Daddyji. I am okay.’ I proceeded towards main door.

He came up to main door to see me off.

‘Thank you very much for the visit.’ He said and pressed my hand.

‘Daddyiji, please give me a hug.’ I said.

He gave me a real tight hug. ‘Avantika, I want to give you a surprise gift before you go. Just close your eyes.’

‘Gift? What is the need?’

‘Don’t argue.’ He said, ‘just shut your eyes.’

I obeyed. I heard his deep breaths. What was he up to? Anxiety was killing me.

Suddenly I felt some warm and lively object in my palms. ‘What is it, Daddyji?’ I asked.

‘Guess it?’

It was a cylindrical object and it was growing big every second!

‘Is it rabbit? Or is it a mouse?’ I tried to have a good feel of it.

‘Open your eyes and see for yourself!’ he said.

I opened my eyes and got a shock of my life! I think I forgot to take a breath! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was his long, thick, swollen and erect penis! I fainted!


I found myself lying on sofa when I regained my senses. My FIL was sprinkling water on my face. He gave me glass of water to drink.

‘I am sorry.’ He said, ‘Avantika, my dear child, I didn’t wanted to scare you. I am sorry again. I want you to forget everything and forgive me. I assure you, this will never happen again. Just forget whatever you saw.’

‘But Daddyiji, I can’t remember what I saw!’ I said.

He was puzzled. ‘Than why did you faint?’ he asked.

‘I faint because I was shocked! I explained, ‘I was shocked because it was unexpected!’

‘All right.’ He said, ‘forget it and go home.’

‘No. I want to have a proper look.’ I said firmly, ‘Daddyji, you were gifting me something and I just wasted an opportunity! Please show it to me once!’ I got up and sat on armrest of his sofa chair.

Now it was his turn to get shocked. ‘Are you sure you want to see it?’

‘Yes, please!’ I said and touched his hand.

‘Okay!’ he stood in front of me and unzipped his trouser. As his trouser was falling down his rod was rising up.

It was growing fast. How beautiful it was! His long, thick, hardened dark colored penis!

‘It’s lovely! It’s wonderful!’ I said, ‘can I touch it?’

‘It’s yours.’ My FIL said.

I touched it. What a warm and sensational feeling it was! Some thing was happening to me. Some strange feeling was over powering me. My whole body was responding. Blood began running fast in my veins. I cuddle his cock.

‘Daddyji, can I lick it?’

‘Go ahead! He said.

I fall on my knees in front of him. I planted kisses on his penis. I took out my tongue and touched it. I began licking it.

He pulled my head by holding my hair. ‘My girl, did you like it?’

‘Yes Daddyji! I liked it very much! It tastes wonderful! I replied.

‘Want to suck my cock?’ he asked.

‘Yes, of course!’ I said, ‘that would be my pleasure!’ I turned to place his cock in to my mouth but he stopped me. ‘Let’s go in to my room.’ He said.


He escorted me in to his bed room. I hugged him tightly canlı bahis siteleri thrusting my breasts in to his chest. He planted a kiss on my lips.

‘You are beautiful, cute and lovely little girl!’ he stroke my buttocks.

I inserted my hand in his shirt and touched his bare chest. I replied, ‘You are handsome, smart and sexy big boy!’

‘Let’s make this evening wonderful.’ He said and started unbuttoning my top.

In the next two hours that sixty-five years old young man converted me in to a woman from a girl. He gave me the pleasure of my life time. Even after two hours I was reluctant to part with him. He said Ankit was expected any moment. I was forced to leave that home.

Before saying good bye to my lover I took a promise from him that he will talk with his son and will hurry up the marriage proceedings.


‘Good news!’

At home my mother was exited. She told me that Ankit, my fiancé had given a visit and told her that marriage date will be fixed very soon and it will happen within a month!

Well, indeed it was good news. I also wanted to share the happiness I had gained that day. But I didn’t know how to tell her.

We went for a walk in the society garden after dinner.

‘Mummy, I want to tell you something.’ I began.

‘Yes, my child, what it is?’ she took my hand in her hand. We sat in a corner.

‘Mummy, I am very happy today. I met some one special today. He explained me the real meaning of life. He made me realize what it is to be a woman.’ I said.

‘That’s very good. He must be some wise man.’

‘Yes Mummy, he is matured and very smart man. Yes, he is a wise man. Also he said that I shall be very happy in my married life.’ I added.

‘Even I know that.’ My mother said. ‘Ankit, my SIL will make you very happy in life.’

‘How do you know that?’ I asked.

‘I know because I had a chance-meeting with him today. Whatever I saw in him and have felt about him today, I can assure you that he will make you very happy in bed.’ Mother said.

‘In bed?’ I was shocked. ‘Mummy, how the hell can you say that?’

‘I just know. Avantika, woman knows such things by intuition.’

‘Mummy, I have never heard about such intuitions!’

‘You will know it when you will grow up, my child!’ she pressed my hand warmly. She hugged me and said, ‘God bless you my dear!’


How could my mother know that Ankit will be good in bed?

Ankit had visited our home when my mother was alone! My father was on a business trip and my younger brother had been playing cricket match all day! I was away!

Is it possible that my mother had seduced him?

Why not? She is young, attractive, and stylish. She doesn’t look like my mother at all! She looks like my elder sister! My brother had confined in me recently that mummy had been voted by his friends as “sexiest woman they have ever seen!” Ankit could have easily fall for her beauty!

No one knows in my home but I know one thing about her: she is very fond of young boys!

Is it possible that my mother was fucking her SIL when I was being fucked by my FIL?

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction by this writer. If any similarity is found in some living or dead person or in any of the acts described in the story; it is unintentional. Please do not copy the acts described in the story. Writer doesn’t advocate free sex or incest. If any one is encouraged to copy the acts written in this story; please seek medical/legal help urgently. Please mail your feedback via the CONTACT tab on my profile.

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