Summer’s Night

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This is a story of adult fiction for 18 and up. All the characters within are from my mind and mine alone. It contains Teens, Incest, Oral, and M/F Intercourse. If this bothers you in any way please stop reading now. No one mentioned in this story is real. I have made them all up and would love input as this is my first attempt at writing sexual fiction. Enjoy…

It was late summer only a week to go before we went back to school. This was the last year of school for me and my sister both. Everyday it would rain like clockwork here in central Florida. Then each night it would rain some more that was the beauty of this season. Me and my family lived in a house by the airport. The noise was always present soon you just learned to not hear it.

My name is Sheldon and my sister’s name is Jaden. My mother worked nights at the hospital and dad well he drove a truck up the north route. We only saw dad about once or twice a month during the summer. We were older now so we stayed home allot without parental supervision. I was in my second senior year of school and my sister was coming into the twelfth grade as well. Mom had us only fifteen months apart so she was 18 while I had just turned 19.

Growing up we always shared everything. If mom bought one of us something the other would just play with it to. My sister was just one of the guys always with me and always ready to find trouble with me. Living where we did it seemed pretty normal way to grow up Jaden was not picked on to often by the other boys. The only real trouble came when she began to develop her womanly form. Our pool had become a kind of retreat for us in the neighborhood. But once my sister began to grow mom and dad decided we should have less of the guys over after seeing the way they looked at my sister.

So the week before school started me and the guys had a party while mom was pulling an extended shift training some new nurses. Well one of my buddies brought a bottle of rum he stole from his father’s cabinet. I thought my sister had no clue there was any rum in the house, by the time the party got in full swing most of us were loaded. One of the guys mentioned how Jaden was looking hot. I took one look at her then in my buzzed stupor looked over to him, in a fit of jealousy I hit him. We scraped I was angry, I felt betrayed by all of them and kicked them out ending the night of revelry.

After they were all gone I sat on the couch looking at my sister who was quietly watching TV now she had never seen me so angry. She looked beautiful, her hair was the same raven black as our mothers but was curly like our fathers. Long and loose hanging down her back it looked so perfect. Her form was nothing to shy from either, at 18 her breasts were a nice solid B cup her alabaster skin hid most of her small scars from being a tomboy when she was young. Her green eyes showed so many different emotions in them that a man could get lost there. She had a pert little nose with soft curving lips that always seemed to have a smirk on them. Her body had finally started to fill out as well her waist stayed narrow but he hips had filled out allot and so had her ass. Being a late bloomer had made me even more protective of her.

It was only then as I thought about her that I realized she had been staring at me in my drunken state. I also realized I was horny now but I knew I could not just leave her alone after ruining her night like that. I smiled sheepishly and moved next to her on the couch trying to snag the remote teasing her still buzzing. Finally we agreed to watch a show on hotrods. In my half drunk mind I was still enjoying the night and was so relaxed I just dozed off.

Jaden looked over at her brother to see him snoring her lips turned into a wicked smile. She had known all about the rum the idea was for the guys to get drunk so one of his friends would score with her. She had helped hatch the plan but after the fight it was only the two of them left. She knew that Sheldon was a deep sleeper with rum in his system she was sure he was not waking anytime soon. Now she was depressed about not having her first time. Having caught him staring at her she wondered why he had been looking so intently.

She looked him over once more noticing his shorts were tenting slightly as she sat there his package seemed to grow as if he were having a wet dream. He was almost six foot now with a nice lean body. He had done some track and field but seemed to prefer soccer now as he seemed to enjoy the physical ness of the sport. Her anger got the better of her the plan had been to get them drunk then choose one to take her virginity. Now Jaden decided he would have to do brother or no she was not going back to school 18 and a virgin.

As he next plane passed overhead Jaden stood illegal bahis up and stripped. Just to be safe she used the noise from the plane to cover her getting naked silly but afraid to wake him. Then Jaden moved between her brother’s knees and caught the bottom of his shorts. Lucky for her he had worn the elastic waistband pair tonight. With some struggle she managed to slip them from his hips and then down his legs. When she looked up she had to let out a small gasp his naked cock was staring her in the face still only half erect. Another plane thundered over the house almost shaking it strangely the shaking matched her hand as she reached for her first cock.

She could feel her core growing wet before she even touched his shaft. When she did he moaned softly as her hand closed over his stiffening cock. She didn’t want to wake him but as he grew hard his shaft was raising. Jaden had to raise up onto her knees now so she could look it over. She watched it harden till it swelled no more then smiled at her prize. Eight inches in length with a girth of two and a half inches it fit her hand almost perfectly. Her other hand reached down and weighted the balls that dangled there like neglected gems left to weather the night. Having seen porn at a girlfriends house Jaden knew what to do next not having skill she would have to explore his body.

She squeezed his shaft experimenting with it and watched it throb for her. Then she reached up with her free hand and gently caressed his gems feeling the different in the skin on his cock and his balls. After a few minutes of this experimentation she heard him moan again softly. Seeing a small drop of clear liquid on the head of his cock she released his balls and used a finger to slip it off his head. Sniffing her finger she then licked it feeling the precum cooling with it thick saltiness she smiled it wasn’t unpleasant like her girlfriend had told her. Her right hand began to stroke his shaft lightly from the base watching the foreskin move over his cut knob. Slowly she worked on stroking him till she felt his cock swell even more. Stopping she watched as more precum dribbled out onto his cocks head.

She grinned seeing the clear liquid oozing from his cock Jaden leaned in licking it almost like a lollipop. His cock twitched with life soon more of the same liquid oozed out. Slowly she lowered her lips over the head of his cock. Feeling her hair brushing his legs causing him to wiggle a small bit she smiled. Even as she tried to imitate the porn stars she had seen swallowing large cocks to the hilt.

Her tongue began to dance on the under side of his shaft as she swallowed once to see if there was a reaction. His cock jumped in her mouth and he moaned in his dream. Slowly she swallowed again trying to drag more of him into her mouth. When it hit her throat she gagged once having to back off. Her hand held the base of his cock as she swallowed about two-thirds of it. Trying as hard as she could without waking him she tried to swallow all of him but failed he was to big.

Slowly Jaden began to bob up and down on her brother’s cock then it hit her. She was sucking her brother’s cock! Instead of feeling dirty her pussy was soaking wet. The same way it felt after she had fingered herself. The feeling of dirtiness was there but even more was the excitement Jaden felt. She whimpered lost in the moment she almost missed her brothers cock swelling thicker in her mouth. Giving it a final deep suck with a long slow lick she released it marveling at the red knob and the gleam of saliva all over his shaft as her eyes looked over it.

Reaching between her kneeling legs Jaden felt herself finding her clit was protruding from between her lips. Her black silken fur was just a light sprinkling over her pale pink lips. Stroking a long finger between those lips making her hips buck causing her to whimper in pleasure. Her juices leaked out coating everything between her lips, she dare not slip a finger into herself less she cum. Her now free hand slid up over her slightly rounded tummy to find her breast. Catching an erect nipple she rolled it for a moment before pinching it between her fingers.

Poor Sheldon had no clue the show he was missing just now. Her pale pink nipples were like rocks swollen and thick with her desire. They just begged for someone to nibble on them. Slowly she stood her knees shaking with need that only a man could quench. Tonight her brother would change her status no longer would she be a girl. Tonight she would become a woman, now was the time. The itch between her legs took on a dull aching throb Jaden knew her brother would cure.

Moving carefully Jaden climbed up on the couch. The material felt strange on her skin a million times before she had felt it yet tonight illegal bahis siteleri it was almost alive. Moving slowly her thighs touched Sheldon’s, straddling him sending small electrical shocks through her body. Each one pulsing in time with her need. Moving till she could move no more she straddled his sleeping form ready for the first ride of her life. Jaden knelt down a bit feeling the heat of his cock head so close it brushed her lips a second later.

Feeling his head on her lips was to much for her to take. Jaden was so hot she had to have him inside her. With one last thought of all the things they had shared she impaled herself. At first only the head would slip inside then part of the shaft slid in, she could feel him against her hymen. For one short moment she almost stopped but then with a grunt she pressed herself down hard finishing impaling herself on his cock.

Unable to stop herself she let out a small scream of pleasure mixed with pain. She forced pussy to swallow him like her throat had been unable to do. Within seconds Jaden was squatting on her brother’s lap feeling his nuts against her smooth ass. She dare not move her orgasm was close with just one thrust she had almost cum. Her pussy throbbed in a painful yet delious way she had never felt before. She was so full it was as if she were about to rupture from the size of him. A small trickle of blood began to come out of her now stuffed full pussy.

She held still then feeling her brothers arms wrap about her in confusion. Bleary eyes opened as Sheldon began to wake up his mind still fogged. The wet dream he had been having seemed to have come alive in his lap. Jaden put her arms around his neck holding tight afraid now. In a husky voice Jaden told him to hold her please she begged him just wanting to be held. Her nipples brushed against his shirt as she snuggled him almost panting from the feeling of him inside her.

Sheldon’s brain was still fogged by the rum but when he woke he had thought he was still having a wet dream. He could feel his cock was hard, throbbing as if he had been stroking it. Somehow it felt different just now having never felt this good. Feeling his sister’s arms around him he wondered if she might have had a nightmare. He reached out to snuggle her closer wrapping his arms around her. It was then he came fully awake realizing she was in his lap nude. Then he realized he was naked as well.

He pulled back from her shoulder catching her eye just as the weight around his cock contracted. This caused an insane pulse of pleasure to course thru his cock. His voice seemed to grow panicky as he tried to push her back from him. He struggled a moment trying to get free after all this was his sister. He knew this was so wrong even as images from his memory came back to remind him not so long ago he had been sizing her up. “Jaden what are you doing…..are you insane mom and dad will kill us!”

Jaden groaned as he moved his cock flexed inside her, she began to try to rise up some. Sheldon felt her move and tried to pull back from her but had no leverage. She sank back down to his root with a groan of pleasure. Her pussy gripped him in a velvet vice squeezing his cock. Sheldon gasped when she moved as his cock tried to escape only to be recaptured his gasp changed to a groan. He had never dreamed it would feel like this, it was damn good. He remembered she was his sister then he had to stop this from happening.

Her voice was full of need and lust as she knelt impaled on him. “Look you ruined my night I was going to have one of your friends take my virginity. You sent them home then looked me over like I was some girl in school.” Her voice changed to one of despair as she held still once more. “Damn you I only had this last chance tonight. No way was I going back to school a virgin! You stole it from me!” “I hate you for that I……”

Jaden began to cry softly on his shoulder shaking her whole body wracked with emotions she had never felt before. Now he felt horrible but his cock betrayed him and would not soften trapped in its velvet prison. “Am I ugly is that it?” Her words came slowly as if she was about to break into tears once more. He shook his head coming back to earth arms wrapped about her still. “No but we are of the same blood sis. This isn’t right, I don’t want you to hate me for it.”

She lifted her face streaked with tears, kissing him before he can move. Her lips are hot and wet on his. This time when she feels another spark it happens on her lips. Before he can react she slips her tongue into his mouth, beginning to attack his. He can’t help himself his tongue responds it feels so good to be kissing a girl. Slowly he forces his tongue past her own into her mouth to explore. His mind is still fighting canlı bahis siteleri his body struggling to stop what is happening and failing.

His balls ached from her having stayed on his cock allowing him no rest or freedom. Instead of riding it for now she simply wiggles her hips doing all she can to provide friction. He couldn’t stand it with one last attempt he tried to lift her with his hands on her ribs. She wrapped her arms around his neck tight squeezing him with every muscle.

His hands felt a weight just above them sliding up with a whimper his body told him to get over it then took over. His rational mind was locked up as his animalistic mind took control. He bucked his hips up into her pussy breaking the kiss. “Fuck me sis” His voice was a whisper as he looked into her eyes with love and lust. Releasing his neck with a grin, she reached down catching the hem of his shirt. Tearing it over his head, he could now feel her naked tits pressing into his skin. They were maddeningly soft her hard nipples dragging over his flesh.

Lifting up Jaden almost let his cock escape from her velvet depths. Before it could she sank back onto it impaling herself once more. This time he surprised her by raising up to meet her. They both moaned in pleasure as his hands left her breasts reaching back he found her ass cheeks. Gripping one in each hand he began to lift her, then slam her back down on his cock. Building speed as he when, all she could do was grip his shoulders and moan.

Her head fell back as her eyes rolled into her head. “Oh god oh god oh god.” Jaden began to chant. He picked up the rhythm each stroke was like a molten spear driving home over and over. Jaden could feel a pressure building in her pussy that was bigger then anything she had ever caused herself. She was like a damn, soon a tidal wave of pleasure was going to wash her away.

As he built a rhythm he saw her go almost limp on his cock. As she rode him he could feel her belly tighten. He leaned into her as her head fell back, finding her nipple with his lips and tongue. This was the first time he had tasted a girl tits he would never forget this night. His sister tasted like heaven his shaft was growing in her soon he was going to cum.

Jaden was so close still chanting her mantra when his lips touched her nipple the wave crested and peaked. Her body went rigid on his cock, she screamed out in pleasure. “OH MY GOD….. SHELDON ….YES …YES.” Each word seemed to grow louder as the waves washed thru her. Her pussy couldn’t handle it her cum began to pour out pooling on his body as she shook in his grip. She was in another world now his cock having put her into an orbit of pleasure.

Holding her close she began to slowly shake in his arms her pussy was driving him insane. He held Jaden knowing his sister needed him at that moment. His cock was so close as she slowly came down her pussy seemed to relax around his shaft causing some of his pressure to vanish. When Jaden opened her eyes they had a dreamy look in them her voice was soft as she panted still coming down. “Cum for me brother let me feel you inside me.” She gasped as his cock twitched at her words. “Yeah bro come on now let little sis know you like what you feel.”

He couldn’t help himself even as he held her close his hips began to buck into her. The sound of his balls slapping her flesh was maddening. The smell of her cum was driving him towards the edge of insanity. When Jaden pressed her tits against his chest and reached down to tweak his nipple he about died. Her pussy clamped down as she began to buck her hips forcing his cock as deep into her as she could. She wanted his seed deep in her when he exploded.

With each thrust and touch she drove him closer when she reached between them beginning to frig her clit it was to much. “FUCK FU….. SIS……” his cum began the trip from his swollen balls up to his cock and her velvet pussy. She felt him swelling deep in her, then his first spurt burned the moment deep into their minds. Jaden arched back, slamming into him with a bone wrenching thrust wanting to gather all of his cum. His mouth went slack as he kept cumming in her, this was to much. He felt like he was dieing inside his sisters body.

As his cock pulses slowed, her pussy stopped spasming they leaned in kissing softly. Nuzzling one another they snuggled close his cock was still hard inside its new home. The blood and cum mixed on the cushion and all over their joined bodies. Her pussy throbbed from his cock in it but they were both drained. After several minutes of snuggling Jaden began to snore in that soft feminine way girls do. Sheldon still lost in the moment held her close, kissing her skin softly not wanting to move her. Pinned in this position he began to dose off after several minutes. Dreams of his sister dancing seductively thru his head met him in his sleep filled mind.

The End?

More to come? Let me know if you liked it and I will write more any constructive input is welcome.

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