Shifting Gears Ch. 06-07

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Chapter 6 — Dating

Sheri and Maryann both appeared on my doorstep about ten a.m. Sunday. Owen had left after we woke up and dressed. I felt he was afraid I’d ask him to have sex again. I’d gotten kind of insatiable the night before and then twice in the middle of the night. He’d then not want to turn me down but would have to wait until he’d recharged. I learned most of that from Sheri later. I was satisfied but wanted more, more, more.

My two friends and I squealed and laughed over the loss of my virginity as I participated in the previous evening’s group sex party. I loved it, and I loved flaunting convention and doing something unique. I’m pretty sure most girls don’t fuck three different men the night they lose their virginity.

The three of us went to a breakfast-lunch place called the Breakfast House and had eggs benedict to celebrate my new status as a full-fledged woman. We compared notes, and they got me talking about all the nice things that had happened at our get-together and then with Owen back at my apartment.

We each confessed to how much we liked each of the guys and then how fond we were of each other. Our new relationships were based on more than sex, although that had taken the front of the stage the past couple of weeks.

Sheri suggested that I ‘date’ each of the guys, allowing for some nice sex, but doing some other fun things with them. I already had a bike-riding date with Luke, so she liked that idea.

I mentioned going out with Kevin and some of the other people from my department a few days prior. Both of them applauded my initiative. “Do more of that,” Maryann said. “Grow the number of friendships you have. You can never have too many friends.”

Sheri told me I should strive for a Constellation of Friends. She explained, “You have men and women friends, and try to have at least nine of each. Three men and three women should be older, and share their wisdom with you of having aged and done much of what you’re facing. Three of each will be about your age, to enjoy and have fun with — like the two of us. Three of each will be younger for you to mentor and help in their path to adulthood and into your age bracket. They’ll also remind you of the fun things to be done in life.”

I liked that concept, and assured them they were in my constellation.

I raised the issue of exclusivity, although it seemed in a peculiar way. “Will either Owen, Jake, or Luke want to be exclusive with me or either of you? Also, what if I were to go on a date with somebody else? Will I make somebody upset or angry with me because I violated some implicit expectation.”

Sheri asked, “Do you want to date?” She was grinning.

I smiled, “Yes. I have this nice guy Kevin about my age on my team. He’s a graphics artist but he’s loaded with computer skills the company doesn’t take advantage of. There are a few others he introduced me to the other night.”

“Yes, yes. Go on dates. You need experience. The experience will build your confidence and that will give you poise and empower you more. What seems awkward now will smooth out over time.” Maryann was nodding in agreement.

Sheri said, “To your earlier question, I wouldn’t sign-up for an exclusive arrangement with anybody for at least the next year or two. You’re making up for lost time and need to go out with a lot of guys and get into many new social situations. Being with only one guy will take you off that path. You’ll always feel like you missed something.

“I pledged to take you along to the situations as I can, but if you can find others, by all means take that opportunity. Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

I looked at her funny. “Is there something you wouldn’t do?”

Sheri grinned, “Not that I’ve found so far.”

* * * * *

I asked Sheri at lunch about ten days after I’d turned in my ‘V Card’ whether she wanted to join me and few others I’d ask to meet at Epoch’s after work. She begged off. I got about five of others to head to the club with me. It was Wednesday night, so we couldn’t be too late.

Kevin, Marsha, Sarah, Blake, and Aaron all said they would join me again. We had a lively table by five-thirty, and lots of laughter. There’d been some kind of shake up in the corporate management that affected many of our projects, so that was the main topic of discussion. Being a project leader, I was surprised at how much I knew about what was going on.

We ate, and then I suggested dancing at a place I’d researched called the Lemon Tree Lounge. We all went and I got a ride with Kevin, who promised to drop me back at my car later in the evening.

The six of us — three couples — mixed it up all evening long. Everybody danced with everybody else. The number of slow songs that invited cuddling and kissing on the dance floor increased in number as the evening progressed. We weren’t alone. There were many other people at the club that were romantically inclined.

My first kiss of the evening was actually with Blake and not Kevin. We escort izmir made out while standing up and swaying to the music. Later, Aaron and I did the same thing, and then I was with Kevin. The other girls were behaving in a similar fashion, so I didn’t see anything wrong.

Around eleven o’clock, Marsha and Sarah both said they wanted to head home for their beauty rest. We all broke up and headed out. Kevin and I were parked furthest from the club door, and we held hands as we walked. At his car, I pulled him into another clinch for more kisses. We leaned against his car and made out some more.

Kevin got a little daring and started to feel one of my breasts. I pushed into his hand, and then took it and pushed it up under my loose blouse. I hadn’t worn a bra that day, so he got primary skin contact with my boobs. He smiled at me, and then we started to wag our tongues at each other again.

I told him, “Suck on my tits, please.”

He bent down as he pushed my top up and latched onto the nipple on my left breast. He was good, and gave me some nice jolts of pleasure. I started to purr, and whispered, “Great job, Kevin.”

After a few minutes some other people came out of the Lemon Tree and headed our way. We broke our short make out session and I got in the car. Kevin got in and we started to head back to the office so I could get my car. At work, my car was the last one in the parking lot.

I leaned across the console in his car and kissed Kevin, and then I reached into his lap and felt the erection in his pants. I guess our make out session had excited him. I fiddled with his zipper and belt and then finally extracted his cock. He had to help. I bent over and took him in my mouth.

Kevin groaned. I worked on him for a minute when he gasped, “I can’t hold out any longer, Brie. I’m cumming.”

I suctioned the end of his cock as he started to erupt. I got about eight large shots of semen that I held in my mouth. One of the movies that my role model had me watch showed this sequence of sexual things.

After Kevin had calmed, I extracted off his cock without losing a drop of his viscous white liquid. I opened my mouth and showed Kevin what I’d captured, and then quite obviously swallowed. I then showed him my empty mouth. There was enough light from the outside spotlights that he had a very accurate picture of what had just happened.

“God, Brie; you’re the sexiest woman that I’ve ever met.”

I kissed Kevin on the cheek. “Gotta head home and get my beauty sleep. Thanks for the late snack. See you in the morning.” I was out of the car and in mine in seconds. He followed me out of the lot and we turned in different directions.

* * * * *

I was up to my eyeballs in my new project. I was blocking out the web pages that would display the client’s products depending on what a user selected on their search engine. There were many tiers of ‘if-then’ logic involved, and I was trying to keep track of all of it as well as how it fit into the overall marketing plan we’d put together, especially as it went down ten or twenty layers of pages from the home web page.

About four o’clock I hit a logical stopping point. Instead of pushing on, I started to make a list of the things I still wanted to do, at least as best I could tell. Even though I put things on the list, I might reserve the right to not do them when the opportunity presented itself. My list was not comprehensive, but did include: anal sex, being DPed, having a gangbang, fucking more guys, doing more girl stuff with Sheri and Maryann or ‘?’, doing a porn video, exhibitionism such as stripping on stage, getting a tattoo in a sexy location, getting some sexy piercings, and being more outward in my approach with other people.

Later, I shared my list with Sheri. She loved the idea of the tattoo, and after dinner led Maryann and me to a local tattoo parlour to be ‘inked’. We all got buzzed with the ink gun that night.

I got a pretty two-inch heart about three inches to the left side of my mons. I really distracted the guy doing the tat because I hadn’t worn any undies that day, and I was aroused at having somebody doing something so close to my genitals, so I was both wet and odiferous. Tattoo Guy behaved himself, but he sure did look and sniff around. I got a page of instruction for how to care for the tat for the next week and a small jar of ointment.

Sheri got the words ‘Fuck me’ embossed on her body, right above her slit. Maryann had the branches of a tree put on the back of her left shoulder. In her tree, there was one green leaf. We were each given a small amount of salve to put on our tats for the coming week.

We all stopped for a drink and then went home. I stood naked in front of a mirror for a long time admiring my tattoo that I wanted to say ‘Love’ to everybody that got to see it.

The next morning, I was in my cubicle showing my layouts from the previous day to Kevin, and I happened to mention that I’d gotten a tattoo the previous evening.

Kevin said the logical thing, “Oh, izmir escort bayan can I see it?”

I said, “Sure.” I stood and pulled my skirt up to my waist. Of course, I hadn’t worn panties to work, so my pussy was bare, shaved but for my landing strip, and available for intimate viewing. There next to it, however, was my new little red heart.

“I chose a heart because I love everybody so much.” After a few seconds, I added in a tease, “You can touch it, if you want… even the surrounding area. It really didn’t hurt. I have some antibiotic cream on it; that’s why it’s so shiny.”

Kevin’s fingers moved at the speed of light to my little heart. He touched it and around the area. I directed him, “Touch me more to the left, please.”

Bingo! Kevin was smart. His fingers moved right over to my pussy, and then he stroked the top of my slit, and then he touched my clitoris. I moaned, “Oh, very good. Right there.” He kept stroking with two fingers.

Somehow our lips found each other and we were also kissing as his fingers moved more significantly into my sex, and then into my body. I liked being fingered and kissed at the same time.

There was noise in the hallway, and Kevin instantly stopped, yanked down my skirt, and sat where he’d been in a proper manner. I was thinking that I would have fucked him and not worried about getting caught. I guess I should develop some smarts about my exhibitionism. I added the word ‘Blatant’ to exhibitionism on my bucket list.

Kevin asked me whether we could go out for drinks and dinner after work. I agreed. I suspected strongly that he had an ulterior motive and hoped to have sex. I was all for that. I had a new hobby and sex was its name.

I drove home after work and Kevin followed. I just parked my car and got into his car, and then we drove a short distance to an Asian restaurant called Spice Station. We had some large glasses of wine and then a meal. As dinner ended, I said, “Why don’t we go back to my apartment?”

He nodded a little too eagerly, but I had his attention.

Twenty minutes later, I carefully undid the buttons of his dress shirt in my apartment. He started to do my blouse, but I batted his hands away, and told him, “You first.”

His shirt got draped over the back of a kitchen chair. I have a small apartment. A few minutes later his slacks joined the shirt. He’d kicked off his loafers and removed his socks. All he had on now was a pair of dark-blue men’s briefs.

I knelt and pulled his briefs down his legs. His cock (I must not call it a penis), flopped into view. It was already partially hard, and my hand and mouth on it just hastened the rigidity of his erection. I loved feeling a man swell in my hand or mouth.

I grinned up at him, and then engulfed the first three inches of his shaft with my mouth. I bobbed around on him, the way I had in the car. I swear he got longer and harder. I tried to work all of him in, but stopped at the gag reflex.

After a minute, Kevin pulled me off of his cock and onto my feet. He said, “Your turn.” He carefully undressed me, treating each piece of clothing like a rare masterpiece. I really wasn’t wearing much, and was naked in only a minute that included frequent kissing.

We had a really intense kiss and then many others. Kevin’s fingers found my slit and vagina again, and his mouth inhaled one and then the other of my breasts, bringing my nipples to a white-hot state of excitement.

Kevin and I lay down on my sofa, and made out as we fondled each other right to edge and then backed down. I sucked on him some more, and then he ate me out for a long time and through several orgasms. He had oral talents that weren’t on his resume.

I mounted him in the woman-on-top position. Sheri had told me that she liked this position because she was in control, but the guy could play with her boobs or her clit as they fucked.

Kevin didn’t last long, especially after I tried out my limited repertoire of dirty talk on him. “Oh, Kevin, your cock feels so good in my pussy. I hope you plan to pump a lot of semen inside me, because I thrive on errr, cummy jizz. Do you like fucking me, because I like fucking you?”

Kevin moaned and started cumming. I felt five hard bursts and then knew he had a few more before his body ceased injecting semen into me. We made out some more and then repeated what we’d just done, only with us more in the missionary position.

As Kevin stood after our second time, I took his cock and cleaned it. I then said, “OK, now you clean me.” I spread my legs apart in a lewd manner to him. I knew I was dripping cum from my vagina

He looked around as though there was some trick or some cleaning aid nearby. I told him, “Kevin, go down on me with your mouth and vacuum up what you put there. I’ll even share it with you if you bring it to me. It’s called snowballing.” Thank you for great ideas, Sheri.

“Really?” he asked in a squeaky tone.

“Yes, really. Come on. Do it.” He reluctantly went to work on my pussy. I’m sure he was motivated by the unspoken izmir escortlar promise of future sex sessions. He slowly lapped down the stuff on the surface, and then at my instruction extracted some cum from inside me with two fingers.

Ultimately, I did get him to ‘snowball’ some of that residue with me. It was mostly saliva, but we did it anyway. He confessed that he thought it was sexy, and that cleanup hadn’t been all that bad. I explained I hadn’t done much of that until Sheri had taught me about the fun activity.

Kevin left my apartment after that, and I laid out things for the next morning.

Two days later, Sean asked me out. I’d met Sean at a club shortly after I’d asked Sheri to be my mentor. He’d been with Owen and Luke, so I knew that he was part of that social clique. I also knew enough socially to worry whether I was stepping on anybody else’s toes by going out with him, and also whether my reputation as an ‘easy lay’ had been communicated to him. I kind of hoped that Owen or Luke might have tipped him off about my hot spots but not given me a bad reputation.

My Saturday evening date with Sean was similar to what I’d done with Kevin. We went to a nice restaurant, went to a club named Infinity to dance, and then back to my apartment.

Sean had a lot of stamina. We fucked five times before he left to go home about two in the morning. I wondered whether that was a record of some kind. I’d have to ask Sheri.

Sean also didn’t need any prodding about cleaning my pussy with his mouth after each bout of lovemaking. He seemed to love to go down on me and such up all our love juices. God, he was sexy.

Sunday afternoon, Sheri, Maryann, and I got together and went to the beach. They both had really sexy bikinis, and I had an old one-piece bathing suit that protected my virtue and hid my tattoo. It had somehow escaped the wardrobe overhaul. Sheri told me that the next night after work we were going to get me a new bikini.

I told my two friends about my dates with Kevin and Sean. They applauded my behavior, especially for fucking on a first date. They explained that many girls wanted to wait for three or five dates before ‘putting out’, but that guys were ever hopeful for somebody like me.

I also learned that I was rapidly becoming what they called a ‘Unicorn’. I was a pretty girl that loves sex, and has no compunction about enjoying herself regardless of the circumstances, including having sex on a first date. I liked being a unicorn. I did wonder, if unicorns fucked so much, how come there aren’t any around?

Both Maryann and Sheri had dated Sean, and wouldn’t mind doing so again. He was part of the Jake-Owen-Luke clique, and I could count on seeing him again, possibly in the presence of the other men.

I asked whether he was one of the guys that liked to share their women in a group sex situation, and the two of them just laughed at my naivete. Of course, he was. I wanted to be shared.

We had a discussion about group sex. I realized that my indoctrination into the sexual arena of life had been very different from ‘normal’ people. In their case, they’d start with couple dates. In my case, I’d fucked three men the night I lost my virginity, and just continued from there. I did have ‘couple’ experiences with Kevin and Sean, but I found myself preferring the arousal and variety that came with the group sex sessions.

Monday night, Sheri and I went to bathing suit store named Splash, and I got two bikinis. Either one could fit in a small change purse and leave room for the change because they were so tiny. I had the figure, so I didn’t worry that I’d look weird. If anything, I worried about getting arrested, but the sales clerk assured me that they were legal and that far more revealing suits were also available online. Sheri told me she was aiming for that ‘Sex on a Stick’ effect.

Chapter 7 — Sex on the High Seas

I got to wear my sexy red bikini the next weekend. Jake had a large and new powerboat. Sheri, Maryann, and I connected with his boat at the city marina about eleven a.m. on Saturday morning. He’d named the boatParadigm Shift. Owen and Luke were also there and looking quite buff.

Sean showed up just after we did with Marsha, another beautiful woman that also worked in the same marketing department that Sheri and I did. We were friends, and I’d had lunch and gone out many times with Marsha. We laughed about how we’d tapped into the same social clique of men.

One thing I noticed is that we were all wearing bikinis that were little more than tiny scraps of colored cloth and some string. I guess I hadn’t paid attention, but Marsha was stacked and had a hard time containing her opulent breasts in the tiny bikini bra. No one was complaining. Everyone was hopeful.

Jake and the others had laid in a fabulous supply of food and drink for our voyage. We were going to go from Sarasota to Fort Meyers, having lunch along the way, drinks at our destination, and then motor back to our home port after dark. I learned that Jake had been a boater all his life, so felt safe in his hands. The boat also had state-of-the-art navigation and safety gear on it. Having grown up inland, I didn’t know much about boating, but this was really fun.

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