Sam and Janna Ch. 01

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Sam’s phone trilled in the darkness. It was 4am and he had only just fallen asleep; after his wife had left being alone had always been difficult. He’d stay up late watching football — anything for some noise in the house. He groped in the covers to find the phone, wondering who of earth could be calling him. It was Janna’s number; suddenly Sam was wide awake, heart pounding, nauseated from the sudden adrenaline rush. Why was his daughter ringing him at 4am?

“Hello?” Panic rose in Sam’s throat. He was greeted by the sound of sobbing from the other end of the line. He softened his voice “Janna, what’s the matter?”

“Can you come get me?” her voice hitched “Everything has gone wrong!” She was almost wailing now. Sam expected a few glasses of spirits were involved to get his normally level-headed girl to this state.

“Where are you?” He was already out of bed, dragging last night’s jeans on with one hand, half moving towards the door as he dressed.

“I’m at the house. Please come get me, I can’t stand being here”

“Okay, okay, I’m coming” Sam pulled his trainers on and didn’t bother to change the shirt he’d been sleeping in. It was 4am, who was going to see him or care? He grabbed his keys, got in his car and roared off towards Janna’s house. His mind was running as fast as the engine. What had happened? He couldn’t help but think it must have been something to do with that scumbag husband of hers. He’d always kept his opinions to himself, but he’d always felt like James had conned her into marrying him too young; all false promises, sunshine and rainbows. But who was Sam to talk or give advice? So, he kept his mouth shut and hoped she’d come to her senses before she got hurt. He rounded the corner to her house, pulling up outside. James’ car wasn’t in the drive but all of the lights in the house were blazing. The front door wasn’t closed properly; he knocked lightly and stepped in.

The place looked like a tornado had torn through. He walked to the kitchen to find Janna slumped over the table with, as he suspected, a bottle of vodka and the empty glass by her hand. Sam crouched beside her and tried to rouse her, being rewarded finally with her lifting her head.

“Janna, what the hell has happened?” Sam had promised himself in the car he wouldn’t question her right away, but after the state of the house he couldn’t stop himself. There was stuff everywhere, it looked like the house had been turned over by a police search.

“Which bit do you want first?” She slurred as she spoke “The bit where I found out he was cheating on me or the bit where he took all my money?” She slumped back onto the table, her sobbing renewed.

“Come on honey, let’s get you out of here. Where’s your stuff?” Sam looked around for a bag. Janna hadn’t been that prepared; in the state he was in he didn’t imagine she’d be able to get much together.

“Got none. Don’t know where my bag is. Get it later”

Sam sighed, spotted her handbag and thought it was at least something. “Come on sweetie, let’s go” Janna levered herself onto her feet, wobbling alarmingly. Sam wrapped a steadying arm around her and guided her out of the door and to the car. As soon as he pulled away from the house all the upset and tension seemed to ebb out of her; glancing over at her Sam could see she was asleep. Or passed out; one of the two. Whichever one it was, her chest rose and fell gently with her breathing. The white sundress she was wearing was rucked up around the top of his thighs and he found himself distracted from the road at the sight of the creamy expanse of skin.

“You’ve been alone too long mate. She’s your daughter, get a grip!” Sam growled to himself. He was relieved to pull up outside his own house; he’d get her in, she’d go to bed, and he could sleep, forgetting her thighs and how soft that skin looked. He opened Janna’s door for her but she showed no signed of waking. He opened the front door and scooped her up like he did when she was young. He took her into the house, kicked the door shut and went back to her old bedroom. He laid her down on the bed; she hadn’t stirred on her slightly bumpy journey through the house and he now wondered if he should help her get undressed.

“Just do it Sam, she’s your bloody daughter” He took her shoes off and unbuttoned her dress. She’d always loved this sundress and wore it whenever it was warm enough, she never stopped going on about the buttons and how cute they were. Convenient now, he supposed. His body began to react involuntarily, pulse speeding up and his cock stiffening in his jeans at the feel of her soft skin against his fingertips and the sight of her full breasts coming into view. He carried on unbuttoning, her gently rounded belly, lacy white panties and full thighs on show. He shook his head like he could shake the thoughts away and mentally scolded himself. He pulled her dress from underneath her, laid it over the metal bedstead, covered her with a blanket and beat a hasty retreat from the room before his body betrayed him even further. He let go of a breath that pendik escort he did not know he was holding and glanced at the clock. 5am. It didn’t seem possible that it had only been an hour; he was exhausted, collapsing into bed without bothering to take off his jeans. He slept, hoping he wouldn’t dream of Janna.

Morning rolled around and Sam awoke to the sounds of breakfast being made from the kitchen. He had not dreamed at all that night and attributed his reactions to Janna’s vulnerable sleeping form to tiredness. He hadn’t been thinking straight, that must have been it. He was the father, she the daughter. He went to the kitchen, still in last night’s clothes. Janna was frying bacon, standing at the cooker wrapped up in his dressing gown. She’d turned back the sleeves as it practically drowned her and though the sight was sweet and more than a little endearing, he wished he’d taken some time to pick her up some clothes.

“Morning honey” Sam stood beside her as she cooked. “Shall I make some coffee?” Janna’s pained expression gave him a clue that she was more hung over than she looked.

“There’s already a pot on Dad. I’m on orange juice. And painkillers. Do you want a bacon sandwich?”

“Yes please honey. So, last night, I was just — “

“Not now Dad. Later.”

Conversation ceased. He could feel the undercurrent of anger in her words and the way she held herself. If he knew his girl she’d wait until she could tell him calmly; he knew she hated to cry in front of people. When she was little, if she fell and skinned her knee, she’d run off somewhere private to cry. They ate in silence; Sam waiting for her to tell him what on earth was going on. Janna chased crumbs around her plate with her finger and took a deep breath.

“I’ve known for a while. About the other women, you know? People tell me things” she let out a harsh laugh “I was just storing the information away for a while, you know, biding my time.”

Sam took her hand. He could see the tears in her eyes, could see her fighting them back and carefully measuring her words. He’d only get the facts right now, he knew that. He didn’t know if the emotions would come or not.

“I confronted him about it when I knew for sure who they were. He was so angry, told me I was stupid for listening to people; he just kept denying it.” She took a deep breath. Sam’s heart ached on one beat and thrummed with rage on another beat. Who did James think he was?

“He got more and more angry as I talked. I walked out and he must have spun himself into a rage — I knew I needed to get out of there and get some space” A tear tracked down her cheek. She rubbed it away angrily. “I came back a few hours later to find the house like that. He was gone. My emergency cash, you know, that money I keep in the beehive cookie jar you gave me? Gone.”

Sam nodded. He knew better than to speak; she needed to get this out.

“So, I had a bad feeling and checked the bank balance on the joint account. Zero. He’s taken it all.” The tears couldn’t be stopped now “I’d only just got paid, now I have nothing. The bastard took everything.” Sam squeezed her hand and passed her a tissue. She grabbed it and rubbed her tears away.

“I’m sorry honey. Stay here as long as you need. I’m here for you, okay? Whatever you need.”

Janna nodded, she didn’t dare to speak for fear that she would start crying properly, and never stop. Her head was spinning; she knew her father had always distrusted her husband, and she wished she’d trusted his judgement more. James had talked her into paying her wages into the joint account; he’d talked her into renting instead of buying; he’d made her believe that she was the only one for him. ‘Just put one foot in front of the other. One thing at a time’ she mentally coached herself. She cleared her throat.

“I’m going to borrow some of your joggers and a t-shirt, is that okay?”

It was obvious to Sam that she was done talking for the day. He leaned into her and kissed her forehead. “I’ll go and get some for you. Why don’t you have a shower, it’ll help clear that hangover.” Janna nodded meekly and headed for the bathroom. Sam retreated to his bedroom and grabbed some clothes for her; a soft pair of jogging bottoms and a grey t-shirt. They would swamp her he knew, but he’d already come up with a plan of action. He hoped James was still cowering in a back alley somewhere, letting him get into the house and grab as much of her stuff as he could. He tapped on the bathroom door, left the clothes outside and retreated to his en-suite.

Sam was still exhausted, only functioning on four hours’ sleep. He looked in the mirror, contemplating whether he could be bothered to shave or not; he knew his silver stubble made him look older but it didn’t matter; he wasn’t likely to be going on any dates now that Janna was in need of help. He peeled his clothes off and got into the shower, washing the last 24 hours off his body.

Janna got out of the shower, and dried off. She couldn’t bear to look in the mirror, she was so ashamed that it had escort pendik taken herself so long to come to her senses. She felt betrayed but more than that, she felt stupid. Stupid that she had fallen for it for so long. She wrapped herself up in a towel and grabbed the clothes her father had left outside the bathroom door. She chuckled a little; Sam was 6’4″ tall, slim and all legs. She was 5’9″ and all curve, but still, his clothes were huge on her. She pulled them on and synched the drawstring on the joggers as tight as she could, putting a roll in the cuff of each leg so they were at least wearable. She went to her father’s room and sat on the bed waiting for him to come out. She just wanted him to tell her what to do, like he would when she was little. How she hated it then, but craved it now. The bathroom door opened, steam billowing out, her father emerging in a towel.

“Oh, god, Dad, I’m sorry, I, uh, I just wanted to talk to you about getting my stuff and — sorry, I, um, thought you’d be dressed” Janna stared at her father; he was 47 but still as slim as she remembered from years ago. A trail of hair on his stomach dragged her eyes lower and she felt almost hypnotised. She blinked harder, trying to break the spell. James hadn’t exactly been attentive in the end, and it had been a while. ‘Yes Janna, but he’s your father. Pull yourself together’ she scolded herself mentally.

“It’s okay sweetie. I was thinking, you stay here, I’ll go and grab your stuff. I mean, it’s not going to be packed neatly and organised well but I can get in and out with as much as I can. You shouldn’t have to face that place yet.” Sam smiled at his little girl. She looked even smaller in his clothes, sweet and innocent. She didn’t look her 23 years, her chestnut brown hair was still damp from the shower, curling into those adorable ringlets he knew so well. She looked young, and vulnerable; he suddenly felt even more fiercely protective over her than usual. She smiled and looked relieved at his suggestion.

“Thank you Dad; thank you so much” She stood and hugged him, her arms tight around his bare waist and her cheek on his chest. Sam’s body began to react again and he kissed her on top of the head before hurriedly extracting himself from her embrace.

“You’ll get wet sweetie” Sam winced internally at his choice of words “Go and relax, I’ll go get your stuff.” Janna smiled again, finally a smile that reached her eyes, and left him to get dressed. Sam dressed quickly in fresh clothes and left for her house once again.

He made quick work of grabbing her things, filling the SUV up with black plastic bags of clothes. He only paused over her underwear drawer, filled with silk and lace, before scolding himself again and getting on with it. He mentally checked over the things she needed and the things that meant the most to her. Clothes, books, photos, stationery. He laughed at the fact he knew he would be in Janna’s bad books if he didn’t rescue her extensive pen collection. He had the essentials for her; he could bring her by again to get the rest some other time.

Sam returned home to find Janna curled up on the sofa wrapped in a fuzzy blanket; obviously the combination of emotional turmoil and hangover had got the better of her. He transferred her things to her bedroom and took them out of the plastic bags, fearful that the sight of her possessions bin-bagged would set her off again. He smiled at her room filling with books and clothes; it was like old times again.

The rest of the day was spent watching films and snacking together; Janna woke up in the early afternoon and insisted on watching a slew of action films to take her mind of the situation she was in. As the evening wore on they got closer on the sofa until Janna was laying with her head in Sam’s lap. He absent-mindedly wrapped one of her silky curls around his fingers, for once not feeling utterly alone. Maybe having Janna home would be good for him too.

“Come on Missy, it’s late. Get to bed.” Janna kissed Sam, intending to get cheek but catching the corner of his mouth instead.

“Night Daddy. Thank you for everything today.”

Sam smiled at her and went to his bedroom, glancing at her door as she closed it with a quiet click. A momentary wish to not sleep alone rushed through his mind but he banished it to the same place at the other wrong thoughts he had been having.

Sam was awoken in the dark again; not by the incessant beeping of his phone this time, but by the sound of his daughter crying. He went to check on her, not thinking to get dressed first. He was in his boxers, she’d seen him in shorts and no shirt before, what was the difference? He went to her room and sat on the edge of her bed, running his hand over her curled up form where he expected her back to be. She started before sitting up and flinging her arms around his shoulders, sobbing into his neck.

“How could he do it to me Daddy?” It had been years since she had called him that. “Why with other women? Why not just leave me?” The words were coming faster now, her emotions expressed pendik escort bayan in a jumble of thoughts. She seemed to be talking faster than she was thinking; Sam rubbed her back trying to soothe her. He remembered this hurt from his ex-wife. “He didn’t even want me! I tried so hard, I was always trying to initiate sex, I was always available, but he just didn’t even want me!” Janna cried harder, her face pressed to his neck.

“It wasn’t you little one. He was going to do this whatever you did, it’s not your fault.”

“Am I that awful Daddy? I feel so ugly.” Janna threw herself back on the bed. She hadn’t pulled the curtains and he could see her in the glow from the streetlights; she was wearing just his t-shirt still. He swallowed hard.

“Baby girl, you are far from ugly.” Janna just looked angry.

“You have to say that. You’re my father.”

“No sweetie, I shouldn’t say it, because I’m your father.” Sam touched the hem of the shirt she was wearing, suddenly hyper aware that she was braless under it, aware that he hadn’t leant her any of his boxers to wear so she was probably not wearing panties either. One thin scrap of fabric had separated them, and the thoughts were back.

Janna was hyper aware too, that her father was sitting here in his underwear. Her banished thoughts came racing back to her. She could feel him fidgeting with the hem of the shirt she was sleeping in and began to wonder if he was feeling the same. She hadn’t been with someone in so long, she had always been faithful to James, even refraining from pleasuring herself most of the time. James hadn’t liked it, said he wanted her for himself and only himself. Two years of pent up feelings began to bubble up inside her.

“I — I should go sweetie” Sam stammered “You should get some sleep”

“Please don’t leave me alone Daddy” Janna’s voice was almost a whisper, hoarse after her tears. Sam looked torn. “Can you just lay here and cuddle me for a bit?”

Sam questioned himself. Should he lay down and risk his body giving away the twisted thoughts he was having? Or should he walk away and break his daughter’s heart?

“Just for a little while.” Sam laid down and pulled the quilt over them both; they both laid on their sides, Janna nestled in close to his chest. His mind was racing, the feel of her body warm next to his was taking over, her full heavy breasts pressed up against him, the sweet smell of her hair almost intoxicating. “Sweetie, you’re beautiful” he murmured. She looked up at him and just for a moment, he lost himself. He pressed his lips against hers, forgetting who he was and who she was. In that moment he could think of nothing but the beautiful woman beside him. Janna melted into his kiss, but reality seeped through.

“We shouldn’t be doing this Daddy” Janna’s voice wavered “Everyone says it’s wrong” Janna wasn’t so sure it was wrong. If It was, why would her body be responding?

“I know” Sam mumbled, his lips moving against hers “it’s wrong” he kissed her again, harder this time, his hand on the small of her back pulling her in to him, their bodies pressed tight together. Janna parted her lips, Sam’s tongue eagerly exploring her mouth. “oh sweetheart” he sighed as he broke away from their kiss. Disappointment flickered through Janna’s eyes as Sam go out of the bed; it didn’t last long a he scooped her up in his arms for the second time that weekend.

He laid her down in his bed and got in behind her, moulding himself to her back, stroking her hip and feeling her snuggle back into him. Her t-shirt had ridden up around her waist; his cock was stiffening in his boxers, nuzzling up against her backside. She reached back for him, fingertips timidly running over the bulge in his underwear. He took her hand and gently pulled it away from him, tucking it under her cheek while he kissed her neck. Her skin was so soft, he couldn’t resist nipping her neck and making her squirm. Sam slid his hand inside her shirt, over her belly and up to cup her breast; her nipple instantly reacted to his touch. Janna sighed while Sam moaned; she’d ground her hips back onto him and there was no hiding how turned on he was. He still wouldn’t allow her to touch him; this was her night. He wanted to right some of the wrongs she’d suffered over the past years. He slid one arm underneath her neck, wrapping around her to carry on fondling her breast while his other hand crept back down her belly, fingers combing through her neatly trimmed patch. He felt her heat before he felt how wet she was. Any lingering doubts were swept from his mind as soon as he felt how drenched her pussy was. She was almost gyrating against him now, her sighs turning to moans as he drove her mad kissing and licking her neck. His fingers dove into her pussy to find her clit begging for attention. He circled it making her hips jerk and a sharp intake of breath, sliding further down to invade her with two fingers. The walls of her sweet pussy squeezed his fingers tight, his palm putting pressure on her clit. He dragged some of her wetness back to her clit, rubbing and circling until her moans reached fever pitch; Sam carried on caressing her breasts as she convulsed in his arms, her orgasm wracking her entire body. She eventually lay still in his arms, still breathing heavily.

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