Red Passion Part III

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Red Passion took a deep breath when Emily let her coat slip to the floor. She wore a grey tunic with long belled sleeves that had a plunging neckline, exposing the swells of her full breasts. She pulled the tunic off and slid her pants down her lush thighs after kicking off her boots. He didn’t understand why she bowed her head and clutched at her fingers. The tiny bustier she wore pushed her breasts up, making them look like big round globes that would overflow his hands. He could see the jut of her nipples pressing against the black satin of the fabric covering her beautiful breasts. “Im beautiful Sheknia.” Her eyes met his, and then she slipped the bustier off, baring herself to his hungry eyes. Red’s mouth watered. He wanted to suck those pink, pebbled nipples. “Im Sheknia,” he growled. She walked to him, her lips parted to show a hint of teeth. He pressed his face against her belly and kissed her there. His hands cupped her ass to press her tighter against his face, wanting to impregnate himself with her scent. Red ran his tongue from her belly button to the apex of her thighs. She shivered and moaned, her fingers delving into his hair. Her reaction to him sent a thrill straight through his cock. He pulled her closer, making her spread her legs to either side of his knees. Hooking the soaked material covering her sex with one finger, he pulled it aside and buried his mouth between her legs. Her dark taste made him shudder. Red Passion licked her like a starving man. He felt her essence wet his lips, cheeks, and chin. His tongue drank her honey, teased her clit, and sucked her until, with a keening cry above him, she came hard all over his face. His heart raced with joy at giving her pleasure. Red Passion kissed the lips of her sex, giving her time to compose herself. Her legs were shaking, her fingers gripping his mane until he feared she’d leave him with bald spots. He grinned with satisfaction, but he wasn’t done with his Mistress yet. Carefully, he untangled her fingers from his hair and laid on his back, pulling her to straddle him. He was in heaven. This was what he was born and bred to do, pleasure his mistress, be her toy…her joy. She was still trembling when he rubbed the full length of his cock between the lips of her pussy. “Oh, God,” she cried out. Gripping her hips, he continued to tease her with his aching shaft, rocking her back and forth, coating himself with her elixir until she shattered a second time. The minute she came, he pushed into her, sinking to his balls in her twitching depths. Her sheath gripped him painfully hard, making him cry gasp. The ache was unbearable, but he held on, reined in his need to come. His balls ached and his thighs shuddered. He spread them wider and began to thrust into her, slow, hard, and deep. Emily cried out again, her head falling back to push her breasts closer to his mouth. Red arched up and fastened his lips around one nipple. Emily gripped the back of his head and rocked on him, taking him deep and hard, her hips slapping against his groin faster, more desperate. He let her fuck herself on him while he feasted on her breasts. His lips sucked on one nipple, then the other, leaving them glistening with his spit and the scent of her spent lust smeared on his face. Panting, he fell back, his head thumping the hard floor. Mistress Emily rode him in desperation, and he gloried in finally being used for her pleasure. Emily screamed a third time, her pussy seizing his shaft so hard it ripped an orgasm right out of him. For a moment he thought he was going to die, the pleasure was so intense. His cock spurted, jets of cum splashing the walls of her womb with his hot seed. Red’s belly clenched, muscles seized. His balls felt as if they’d been turned inside out. And still, she milked him, until he was nothing more than a shuddering panting mess beneath her. She collapsed on his chest, limp and spent. He was glad, because he felt as weak as a newborn. Never… ever had he come so hard… felt so much bliss. “Sheknia,” he sighed, wincing as his cock began to rouse again. Goddess, he’d die. Emily would kill him. Fucked to death. Red Passion smiled. He still had more to give, even if it killed him. * * * Emily’s eyes gaped when she felt his cock twitch within her. For a moment, it felt as if he began to grow soft, which would be the normal thing after a man came as hard as he had, but then it twitched and hardened up like steel within her, swelling even thicker. “Oh, God, Red. I can’t. Not again. Not so soon.” “I’m Korana.” The sound of his voice, the way he sighed his strange words, made her shudder. She didn’t understand what he said, but he said it with a reverence that made her feel like… a goddess. He withdrew from within her, making her gasp. She’d never felt so sensitive after having had sex, as though her insides had turned to Jello. Red Passion stood and then scooped her up in his arms. She gaped at him. As big and bulky as Mark was, he’d never carried her. He’d told her she was too fat for him to risk hurting his back. Red only smiled, holding her against his chest as though he carried the greatest treasure. God, he made her feel so good. He walked into the bathroom, the lights coming on automatically, and then let her down in front of the large showering area. It was completely open with various shower jets on a pale, green and white, glass-tiled wall. Red looked confused as to how to activate the water. With a giggle, Emily reached out and adjusted the lever that allowed the water to jet forth. They fell into each other’s arms again, devouring their mouths hungrily until Emily turned away. Her finger traced a drop of water that ran down the length of his torso. Her chest felt tight with emotion. “Red, you make me feel so special.” He lifted one hand to cup her cheek. “I love you, Im Sheknia.” Emily stiffened. “Baby, you can’t really mean that.” “Yes. I love you,” he insisted, hugging her tight. “You not love me. I understand.” Her eyes widened, her heart skipping a beat at how sad he sounded. “No, Red. I do. I…” She couldn’t admit it yet. The word stuck in her throat. It was too soon. Wasn’t it? “I care for you.” He turned his head to look down at her. Emily felt trapped in his glittering Ankara escort green gaze. “This good… care?” God, help her. What she felt for him was love, but it was so hard to confess that to someone she’d only known for little more than a month. That’s not how things were done in this day and age. Again, she couldn’t bear to look into his searching eyes. “Is care love?” His fingers drew little patterns on her back, and she felt him sigh when she didn’t answer. He deserved an answer. She’d just let the man come inside her, for Heaven’s sake. Shit. She was out of her mind. What if she got… “Red, care is like love. The same.” “You say care. Why not say love if same? Why so many words?” The confusion and frustration in his voice made her grimace. Why so many indeed. Emily looked at his face. There was nothing hidden there. The love he felt for her was so plainly obvious it was painful to look at. No one had ever looked at her that way, with so much intensity. “We barely know each other, Red. I know nothing about you, nor you of me.” Red smiled, the expression making him seem like a child. “You know me, Im Sheknia Emily. I’m Red Passion. I’m yours.” God, such innocence. He really was an angel, uncorrupt and pure. “You’re so amazing. I can’t believe I found you.” He looked confused. “Is that good?” “Yes, baby. It’s good. You’re good.” He smiled. “I’m yours.” “Yes, mine.” * * * He took her again in the shower, before and after bathing, and then fucked her one last time in the bed. Red passion took her hard and fast, spilling into her over and over until they both collapsed breathless and spent. Emily expected the sun to warn her it was morning, but it was the sound of Rio exclaiming “holy hell. It reeks of sex in here.” Emily jolted upright, her eyes round looking at the glass of the loft bedroom. It had darkened to block out the sunlight. How clever, only she didn’t find it so wonderful at the moment. She was completely naked, leaking semen with a still unconscious Red Passion snoring lightly next to her. “Don’t come up,” she called out. “Honey, are you yelling that at us or is Red still doing you?” Joyce drawled. “Just stay downstairs, please,” she snapped in irritation. Red opened his eyes, drowning her in their green splendor, stretched with his arms over his head, and smiled like a satisfied cat. Emily couldn’t help grin at him. “Good morning, beautiful.” “Good morning, Im Korana.” His voice was deep and husky, giving her a delicious shiver up her spine. Red arched his back, spreading his thighs to let her see the enormous hard on he sported. Emily groaned in disappointment, knowing she couldn’t take advantage of it., yummy as it looked—not with Joyce and Rio within earshot. “It hurts,” he pouted irresistibly. “Oh, baby. Joyce and Rio are here to take us home.” She stroked him, eliciting a husky moan that had her cringing. He was so responsive to her touch, and a little too vocal. Joyce and Rio were probably laughing their asses off at the moment. “When we get home, baby. I promise,” she whispered. “We can still hear you,” Rio sang from below, with Joyce giggling in the background. “Oh, stuff it, you two.” Red bounced out of the bed, like an overgrown kid and leaned over the railing of the loft, as bare-assed as the day he was born. “Joyce, Rio. Good morning.” Emily gasped. “Red, get back here.” He waved before turning back to her, grinning from molar to molar. “Joyce and Rio.” “Yes, baby. I know. You’ve given them an eye-full.” “Is that good?” “Damn straight,” Joyce called out from down stairs. “Rio’s about to pass out.” Emily giggled, ushering Red into the bathroom to wash up before dressing again. “You’re a naughty boy,” she purred behind Red, giving him a playful swat on his tight ass. He turned his head and tried to stop in his tracks. “Oh, Sheknia…” he moaned, “again. Do again.” Emily blinked up at him, pushing him fully into the bathroom and closing the door. “Again?” Red walked to the sink vanity, placed his hands on the counter, and leaned a little forward. When he pushed out his pert ass with a little wiggle and moaned, “again, please” with half closed lids, Emily’s jaw dropped. He wanted her to spank him. The excitement that curled her toes was almost too much to take. She’d never really spanked anyone aside from a playful swat she’d sometimes give Rio, a pitiful excuse just to feel his tight buns from time to time. Red arched his back, spread his thighs a little more, and whispered, “please. More. Naughty boy.” Emily shuddered. His hair spilled down his back to his ass, and his cock pointed up. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from Red Passion’s sensual, but masculine curves; from the bulge of his arms, to his trim waist and sweet curve of his ass. He was so beautiful, she knew she’d have to paint him this way. Stepping up behind him, she swatted him again. He closed his eyes in ecstasy. “Yes,” he hissed between clenched teeth. “Harder.” She stung the other cheek, watching how the smooth globe rippled and reddened with every strike. The tip of his cock beaded with precum and she wet her lips. “Touch yourself, baby. Let me see you pleasure yourself.” His eyes opened and looked into hers through the mirror. He didn’t understand. She reached around him, took one of his hands, and guided him to his erection. He groaned, closing his eyes once more when she made him wrap his fingers around his swollen prick. “Sheknia,” he shuddered. Her palm hit him again, over and over while he stroked. His breath grew labored, as well as hers. His dick wept with lust, tempting her beyond all reason, until she wedged herself between him and the vanity and fell to her knees before him. “Sheknia?” She heard the confusion and alarm in his voice, felt him stiffen when she gripped him. Emily opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his cock. He sucked in a harsh breath and trembled. She sucked him in deep, letting her tongue stroke the underside of him. If anything, his cock swelled even more, becoming diamond hard in her mouth. She’d never enjoyed doing this to Mark, but hearing Red’s ragged moans above her turned her on more than anything. He pumped his hips, almost wary. She’d have none Ankara escort bayan of that. Emily pressed down with her teeth and gently raked his flesh. Red shouted with pleasure. Her fingers gripped the base of his shaft and pumped in time with her sucking, while her other hand cupped his tight balls. They were hairless, covered with soft skin, and pressed so tight against him. She felt his cock twitch a second before hot sweetness filled her mouth. Emily swallowed. Surprised his cum tasted so different. Did all males have different tastes to their semen? She groaned, gulping him down as more spurted into her mouth. He tasted so good, she would drink him down anytime. Letting his cock slip from her lips, she pressed butterfly kisses all over it and his balls, and then smiled up at him. He looked shattered, shocked. Emily stood, licking her lips. “You’ve never had anyone go down on you?” His eyes were round, scared. ”Shelim erbo’.” He looked away, biting his lip, and then turned back to her, hands splayed on his chest. “Red, Rio, yes. Im Sheknia Emily, Sheknia Joyce, Sheknia Emma, no.” Emily frowned, trying to make sense of what he said. “Um… are you trying to tell me that only males do this to each other where you’re from?” Red brows drew together. Emily wrapped her fingers around his softening cock, making him gasp. “Males. Red and Rio? Yes?” She gave his rapidly hardening dick a little squeeze. Her message got across. “Mmm-ales,” he repeated. “Yes. Mmm-ales “Oh.” Once again, she wondered where he was from, her eyes looking him over. He seemed human, though a tad more exotic. “Here, “She gestured around her, and then placed her hand on her chest, “women enjoy sucking a man’s cock too.” Red pursed his lips. “Www-iiimm…” “Women.” Emily repeated, grinning and patting her chest.” His eyes widened, a smile forming, “Women Emily.” “Oh, no-no, Red. Just Emily. Say Emily,” she enunciated slowly. His eyes looked wary as he chewed the inside of his cheek. “Sheknia Emily sssuck?” She let her head fall back, her chuckles bouncing off the walls in the bathroom. He smiled too. “Is good for you?” “Yes, Red. Very good. You taste so good, I want to do it again.” He couldn’t have looked more shocked. Still, his stiff penis gave a little wave. “But” she continued, tweaking his nose, “we need to wash up and leave. Joyce and Rio are waiting.” She giggled when he nipped his lower lip, looking disappointed. “When we get home,” she purred, running her fingertips up his balls and shaft. He hissed with a nod, and then stunned her by dipping his head and thrusting his tongue past her lips. He could probably taste himself in her mouth. Mark never kissed her after spilling into her mouth. He said it was disgusting. Red seemed to not have any qualms about licking the traces of his semen from her lips. * * * Red still felt bewildered by what his mistress had done to him. Casting her a sidelong glance, he observed her talking and laughing with Joyce and Rio, who sat in the front seats of the—what did they call it? Oh, yes—an SUV… whatever that meant. Emily turned and smiled at him. Red beamed back with all the love he felt for her. Her eyes darted away and she gripped her fingers tight. With a sigh, he reached up and touched his bare neck. The memory of the weight and feel of a collar made him sad. Emily still had not given him a mark of ownership. Had he still been on Utuduo he would have already been snatched up. Red Passion touched his cheek… then again maybe not. With his ravaged face, he would have been euthanized. He was still alive and had even given pleasure. He should be grateful and happy. Red sighed. “Everything okay?” Okay? What was this word, okay? He stared blankly at Emily. “Does your face hurt?” She touched his cheek. He felt twinges once in a while, but for the most part he sometimes forgot his disfigurement. Red shook his head and turned to gaze out the window. The road was never ending to him, the journey back to Emily’s house seemingly farther than they had traveled the previous night. He almost dozed off when he spotted the two story, pale yellow house. Red stepped down from the transport and turned to look at Emily. Inside he heard Tabitha barking. “Aren’t you guys coming in?” Emily asked. Emily had promised him more sex. Was she inviting them to join in? Red turned to look at Joyce and Rio, who both stared at her wide-eyed. “Honey, we partied all night long. I don’t know about Romeo here, but I need my beauty sleep,” Joyce said. “I couldn’t agree more, Joyce. You really need that beauty sleep,” Rio grinned. She elbowed him with a glare, then turned to blow Red a kiss through the glass. “You kids pick up where you left off. Don’t mind us.” Red smiled at her and puckered his lips, trying to imitate her gesture. Rio waved, and then backed the transport down the driveway. With a final wave, they drove away. Emily was already climbing the steps to the dwelling. Red hurried after her. She let Tabitha loose for a while, and then announced that she wanted to retire to her room for a bit. Red Passion felt disappointment wash through him. He’d expected her to continue their coupling from this morning. Instead, she acted as though she couldn’t get away from him fast enough. When she climbed the steps to her room, it was all he could do not to strip bare and beg her to take him with her. He held on to the banister at the bottom of the curved stairway, worrying his lower lip, watching the sweet sway of her ass as she ascended the steps. As always, her furry beast followed, tail wagging eagerly. Red passion blew out a frustrated breath, wishing he had the same privileges as the animal. Or did he? She had just disappeared around the bend of the stairwell when he decided to go after her on his hands and knees like the dog. She never gave Tabitha anything more than a scolding whenever the beast did something improper, like drink water out of the porcelain bowl where they relieved themselves. He crawled to the top of the steps, but she had already gone in her room and closed the door. There was nothing more to do but wait for her. Curling up on the rug before the door, he sighed and closed his eyes when the sound Escort Ankara of a masculine voice had him opening them again in confusion. There was another man in her room? Where did he come from? Was Mistress Emily replacing him already? Silly me— He thought to himself. She’d never claimed me as hers. Why would she want such an ugly male for herself? Red Passion touched his ruined cheek, feeling his heartbreak just a little. Chapter Six Emily’s worst nightmare had come back to torment her. Her face felt cold, her palms became sweaty, as stomach lurched, threatening to spill the small breakfast she’d had. Tabitha sat down next to her and gave a little whimper. Mark smiled, a small upturning of his lips, blue eyes as warm as ice. His jet hair was clipped, as always, in military perfection, standing straight up an inch from his scalp, buzzed almost bald around his ears and neck. He took a deep breath, the black t-shirt he wore close to ripping over the broad expanse of a magnificently sculpted torso. The leather sleeves of his black bomber jacket hugged biceps she knew were almost as thick as her thighs. Dirty boots rested on her grandmother’s white duvet, hands clasped behind his head as he lounged casually on her bed. He could have been a model, ruggedly beautiful, brutally masculine, but she knew he was a demon. “Hey, Babe, you’re looking…” his eyes traveled down her shaking form, “allot slimmer than the last time I saw you.” His Lips tilted up a bit more as well as her bile. “How have you been?” He tilted his head, smile never reaching those savage eyes. “Missing me, wife?” Emily’s mind reeled, remembering every slap, punch, and kick. She swallowed, feeling her throat close as if feeling the pressure of his fingers choking her again as he fucked her raw. Oh, God. If he finds Red— poor sweet Red—he’ll kill him. “H-how did you get into my house?” Her voice was barely a whisper. Emily wondered if she could press the speed dial number for Joyce or Rio. If they heard Mark’s voice over the phone, they might be able to call the police. She bit her lip. Mark uncrossed his feet and then crossed them the other way, dribbling a little more wet dirt on the duvet. “How’d I get in? I thought what was mine was yours… and vice versa. I used my key.” “This is my parents…” “Your parents are dead, Em. They left you this house, so it’s mine too, Babe.” Emily licked her lips, trying to make her mouth salivate. It felt drier than a desert. “Mark, you know you’re not supposed to… be here.” She looked away, wondering how to get the nerve to stick her hand into her coat and press Joyce or Rio’s number. Would the police even get here in time? “Why not, Babe? I’m your husband. We’re still not divorced.” She needed to distract him. Thank God, Red never barged into her room. She hoped he’d retired to his own room. She needed to get Mark to leave. “It’s been hard for both of us, Mark, but-“ “Has it?” Emily’s gaze snapped to his. He sounded so calm… too calm. His face was void of any emotion now. She felt like throwing up. “Mark-“ “You’re still my wife, Babe.” He straightened up on her bed, looking at his hands as he cracked his knuckles. “Where were you last night?” What little blood she had in her face drained away. She shoved her hands in her pockets and pressed a number, hoping to God it was either Joyce or Rio’s. His eyes locked on her hands in her coat. “I was out with Joyce and Rio. They were tired of hanging out here all the time.” Mark’s predatory gaze snapped back up to hers. “Still friends with the fag and the butch I see.” A spark of anger surged through her at the slanderous way he referred to the people she loved. Mark pursed his lips, raising one perfectly shaped black brow. “And I see you’ve made a new friend.” Her heart almost stopped. “What the fuck was that with you last night? A man or a woman?” Emily remained mute, eyes wide. “You never could decide what you wanted… dick or pussy.” Mark smiled again. “Looks like you found the best of both worlds I see. A pretty girl with a prick.” He chuckled. “I almost wanted to fuck him.” He tilted his head the other way. “Did you spend the night with him, Emily?” Oh, God. Emily patted Tabitha’s head and ordered the miniature collie to go into her kennel. She took her eyes away from her dog and faced Mark with as much valor as she could muster. “We were all out the whole night-“ “Lie.” His voice was still soft. “I saw when you left the club with him. You hailed down a cab.” Mark stood, making her flinch, but she held her ground, afraid Red might come into the room if she screamed. “Was he a good lay, Emily?” Mark came closer. She steeled herself, knowing very well what was to come, hoping that she was strong enough to endure… for Red Passion’s sake. “Is his dick as big as mine?” She dropped her gaze to her feet, wanting to scream at him that it was even bigger. Mark’s lips whispered over her ear, the softest of kisses. “Does he make you come as hard as I do?” Emily shivered with revulsion. There was a time when she felt she could come just by looking at Mark. He was gorgeous, virile, a sweet and generous lover… until he began bodybuilding. The steroids he pumped into himself turned him into a demon—one that took pleasure in beating and then fucking her broken bleeding body. If that weren’t bad enough, he’d bring his gym buddies with him for orgies, and then beat her unconscious for not talking him out of letting other men fuck her. She knew he was going to hit her. Still, the fist to the back of her skull stunned her. Emily flew forward, her face connecting with the edge of her dresser. Stars exploded behind her lids and she fought valiantly to stay conscious. Cruel fingers tangled into her hair and dragged her back up on shaky legs. “You are nothing but a cheap, fat, worthless whore.” His voice remained low, punctuating every lovely word he used to describe her. Mark never screamed—not even when he came. “Where is he?” “Mark please-“ Her face met the mirror that had been in her mother’s side of the family for the past three generations. Shards of glass fell all over the antique dresser while wet heat dripped down her face and throat. He threw her down on the bed and reached for his belt buckle. Emily thought that seeing Mark lying in her bed was her worst nightmare come to life, but she realized that it paled next to seeing Red Passion burst in through the door, eyes wide in fright. “Get out.” Red jumped at the sound of her shriek. His eyes glittered with unshed tears and his breathing was rapid.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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