Reclaimed Control

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my hands trembled as i finished getting ready. This night was very special, so i had taken extra time in my preparations for You. But finally i was done and eager to discover what awaited me. Your note to me had been very vague, yet i knew all i need do now was knock on the door to begin this adventure.

Almost immediately, i heard the key turn in the lock and the door was opened by the same butler that had escorted me when i arrived at this house. He hadn’t spoken to me then, nor did he now…simply gestured down the candlelit hallway. Walking quietly, feeling my toes sink into the plush carpet, i found the small table that held a very familiar velvet box. A tiny smile curved my lips as i ran one finger over the soft fabric, before picking it and opening it. As i buckled my beautiful soft suede collar into place, i finally felt truly whole again.

There was only one door at the end of this hall, so i approached the door with no hesitation. And You were there on the other side. i was only briefly aware of some structure in the center of the floor because all my focus was on You. i started toward You, but You stopped me with a barely perceptible movement of Your head. i started to speak, yet You stopped me when You laid one figure across Your lips. So i settled into an acceptable presentation position…feet shoulder width apart, hands resting palms up on my thighs, head up, eyes lowered…waiting.

i could feel Your eyes on me…appraising…reacquainting. i hoped You would be pleased with what You saw. my hair…loose and flowing down my back. my skin…warm and pink and fragrant from my bath. And the tunic…shimmering gray in the candlelight…transparent, yet not quite…barely fingertip length…the sheer fabric draping very low between my breasts from the simple silver clasps at my shoulders.

i felt You approach me…felt the air stir as You slowly walk around me…felt the warmth of Your breath as You whispered in my ear, “Lovely, jewel, thank you”…felt Your hand briefly cup one ass cheek…felt Your finger quickly circle one tight, hard nipple…before You lifted my chin and O/our eyes locked. And then, before my eyelids fluttered shut, i felt You reclaim my soul.

“Is there any question, My jewel?”

“No, Master…i am Yours,” the words barely whispered.

“Then prove to Me that you have mastered that control that I require.”

“As You wish, Sir. But how?”

In answer, You simply turned toward the center of the room. my gaze followed You ’til it came xslot giriş to rest on this new structure i had never seen before. i was unable to quite understand it, but knew You would teach me what i needed to know.

You held Your hand out to me. i slipped my hand in Yours and felt myself pulled towards it. You guided me to where You wished me to stand. Only then did i become aware of some of the finer points of this new invention.

“Impale yourself for Me, My sweet.”

i could not possibly have heard correctly. “Pardon me, miLord?”

As You settle Yourself back into Your chair, i see You smile. i know that particular smile. There are wicked, devilish thoughts behind it.

“It is quite simple really. I wish to watch you lower yourself onto that large dildo that is mounted right in front of you. I wish to watch you struggle to control yourself while being filled so fully and so deeply. you have been bragging about your new powers of control; I merely wish to see for Myself.”

i feel the room spinning, my breathing erratic as the blood pounds in my head.

“But, Master…”

“Do you argue with Me so soon, pet? Begin now or things will not get any easier. The butler will assist U/us with the remainder of the preparation.” With the mere flick of Your finger, the butler materializes at my side. Until then, i had no idea he was even in the room. The thought of a witness to my task…a stranger no less…was both exciting and terrifying to me. There was little choice, however, but to comply. i had never crossed You…had always obeyed completely…i thought better of choosing this as my first act of disobedience.

i bowed my head and responded, “No Sir, forgive me. There is no argument. It will be as You wish.”

“Then begin.”

So, with the butler’s hand at my elbow, i did begin…lowering myself onto the large rubber phallus…wishing every second that it was Your cock i was feeling stretching me wide, filling me so completely. By the time my knees rested on the pads provided, i knew i could not have taken another quarter inch inside me.

i felt, rather than saw, the butler slip wide leather restraints around my ankles and securely fasten them to the cross bar there. Then, while i was still trying to adjust to the invader so deeply embedded in my pussy, i felt him grasp one wrist at a time to restrain and then secure each one in turn to the bar behind my back.

With another flick of Your finger he was gone…but xslot out of the room or just in the shadows to wait i had no idea. i could see only You…wanted only You.

“How are you feeling so far, love?”

i had trouble finding my voice. my tongue darted out to lick my lips, before i answered. “In need, Master…but for now i am fine.”

“In need, pet? Do you want to cum so soon? The night has just begun and I daresay that would be disappointing to Me.”

“The need is there, Sir…and increasing. Yet nothing beyond my control.”

You chuckled, “Yet being the operative word, I am sure. Then let’s see how well you deal with this.”

And with that You began to touch Yourself. A soft moan immediately escaped my lips. You know how much i wished it was my hands on Your jeans instead of Yours. i could already plainly see the evidence of Your arousal. My head fell back and my eyelids closed as i imagined, remembered the feel of it beneath my fingers.

“Watch Me, jewels. Look at what you do to Me.”

So i watched. As You slowly, painstakingly undid one button after another and then pushed the rough denim down Your legs. All i could see then was Your briefs stretched to capacity trying to contain Your hard prick. You continued to stroke Yourself through the fabric. i could feel my body reacting. And i could see from the look on Your face that You were aware of it also.

The briefs finally followed the jeans to the floor. The breath caught in my throat as i was finally allowed to see You. Again that quick, but wicked smile crossed Your lips. You rose from Your seat and stepped closer to me…all the while rubbing and stroking the full length of Yourself.

“I can tell you like what you see, my beautiful sub. I cannot have that.” Swiftly a blindfold drops over my eyes. So Your butler minion is still in the room…watching.

“your body betrays you, love. I see your nipples tight and hard. And I can smell the sweet wetness of you. Are you so close to losing control?”

“Oh yes, please, Master.”

Ignoring my plea, i felt Your hands on me. Your fingers teasing my nipples…pinching…tugging. my teeth catch my lower lip, trying desperately not to react, not to move…for if i move i know i will surely lose my fight for control.

Although it felt like hours, as quickly as it had begun, the assault on my nipples ceased. But You had more agonizing things in mind. For i then felt Your tongue tracing the shell-like outline of my left ear right before You sucked my earlobe gently between Your lips.

It was as if i had been struck by lightning. Every muscle in my body went tense. A cry tore from my throat.

“Hold it, jewel. I have not yet given My permission. you may not cum until I allow it.”

Drawing in a ragged breath, all i could say was, “Yes, Sir.”

You watched me struggle, yet succeed to control what would soon be inevitable.

“Ah, good girl. Very nicely done. And for that you will be rewarded.”

i felt Your fingers wind themselves in my hair, holding my head gently yet with enough force to reinforce the control You held over me. And then You rubbed Your throbbing cock head over my lips.

“Please Me, My jewel. Use your lovely mouth to make Me release My seed and only then will I give the permission you so desperately need. For you do need to cum, don’t you, baby?

i could only nod my assent before opening my mouth to You. The feel of You sliding hard and solid between my lips was almost my undoing. You set the rhythm with Your hands still claiming my hair and Your glorious prick claiming my mouth. Ever deeper, already swelling slightly.

“Feel Me, sweetness. For your body is Mine. My cock fills Your wet, aching cunt because I put it there. I also fill Your hot mouth because I want You to taste Me there as well.”

With one final thrust down my tight throat, You erupted. i swallowed once…then again…then yet again…trying not to lose a single precious drop.

In a matter of seconds, You left me and the blindfold was pulled free. Your voice was the only thing clear to me.

“Cum for Me, jewels. Now. Cum tight and wet around My cock buried in Your sweet pussy. Cum hard and let Me see you finally lose control.”

i could do no less than obey. my orgasm ripping through me, slamming down harder on to the dildo You had provided me. Screaming from its intensity, shaking uncontrollably with it. Until eventually it was done. i lifted my head weakly to see You smiling down at me.

“Ah, you are My precious pet. That was beautifully done and I am, as always, proud of you.”

i was shocked to hear another voice behind me. “Yes, girl, very well done.” It was the butler…undoing my restraints and helping me up. Shocked, my head turned to You. With a small smile and a nod of Your head, i turned back in the direction of that other voice.

“Thank you.”

“No…thank you, girl. It was my pleasure.”

And with that, You took me in Your arms and led me away, back to the bedroom where i had prepared for You. You settled U/us down and immediately i slept. In the morning, You were gone. But i know You will be back. For You will always be back for me.

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