Offering Myself To My Sons

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Offering Myself To My SonsIt suddenly dawned on me what a devastating situation I had caused on my son’s life while accidentally seeing what he was doing through his slightly open bedroom door. He was laid on his bed playing with his erect cock while watching his laptop with headphones on. I felt sorry for him; he has had no life since my husband, his father died fifteen years ago.He is now thirty years old and has never been a one for going out with mates or even had a girlfriend to what I know of. I let myself go after his father’s death to the point of hardly going out. Kevin has had to do everything for me outside, from shopping to even getting a job so we could survive.I let myself go in other ways as well, from a curvy size 12 to a larger plump 22, even my 44f bras are straining now. Every morning is a strain pushing and tucking all my flab in to one of my many girdles or bras. My husband liked me to wear girdles and stockings and now it is an essential part of underwear to hide my roly-poly tummy. I stood at Kevin’s door looking at what he was watching and I was totally shocked at what is on the screen, someone very similar to me, big and fat and in stockings. He works his cock good and hard and I find myself getting more curious than annoyed.I watch my first cock in fifteen years explode with force then hurry away back to my bedroom before I am seen. I feel ashamed but excited at the same time, its feels so weird.For the next two weeks after our customary kiss and hug before going to bed, I sneaked back to his door and watched him play with himself. He flicks from one video to another, searching for the perfect woman while pulling himself. The trend is older fatter women and he gives his cock some workout, but nearly always goes back to the same one video to actually cum too.She is very like me in size and shape wearing girdle and stockings and I can tell how it excites him by the first squirt of his cock, then I leave before I am seen. I wonder what has influenced his choice of women, is it with me drying my girdles, bras and stocking on the clotheshorse in the kitchen for all these years?He’s never going to see or sample the real thing while still looking after me and I feel so sorry for that. The best I can do is let him see a little of me and to come up with some sort of a plan.It’s a normal night, had out tea, washed up and now watching the TV before bed“Kevin I have a stiff neck, could you rub it for me and see if that helps”“Ye sure mom”“I have some cream to rub on to it,” I say“Ok”“Fetch a high seat and I will sit on that please love”I stood up while Kevin fetched the dining seat and started to lift the bottom of my jumper up. By now, it was over my eyes but I could see through it and saw Kevin taking in the sight of his fat mother. My big bra strained with bare tit overflowing over the top and pushing out under my arms.“It’s stuck; give me a hand will you” I askI felt his hand on my back taking my jumper upwards and he pulled it over my head.“Thank you” I said and sat down“Is it just your neck mom?”“Neck and shoulders, I think”I felt the cold blob of cream on my neck and his gentle fingers rubbing it in“Arr that’s nice” I said “Slide the straps down my arms if they in the way”It’s not a simple task of sliding them away but more of lifting them out from the groove they have made first.I heard him breath in long and slow when he was trying to move the straps without much success.“Try that,” I said as I cupped each breast and lifted them up for him“That’s better,” he saidHe didn’t have to tell me that when I knew they had moved but I suppose he is a little nervous.As I let go of my breasts they pulled the straps further down my arms with the weight of them. Ten minutes later and he is done“Thank you Kevin, I’m off to bed now”I stood up with bra straps still down my arms and my tits pulling and drooping downwards and went for our customary kiss and hug.His eyes were fixed to my breasts and I held him tighter and longer than usually, our kiss on the lips was longer as well.“Goodnight Kevin” I sayI give him time to settle in to his bed before going along the landing and to his door. There was very little flicking of videos tonight and his cock looked big and splendid as he pulled off to his favourite video of a fat woman in stockings.Kevin rubbed my back for the next 4 days following the same pattern with him helping to remove my jumper first, then I would lift my tits while he slipped my straps down, followed by longer hugs and kiss each night.The fifth night I decided to take a shower and put on a dress before he got home and as bedtime approached, Kevin asked“Do you want you neck rubbing tonight”“I could do with a rub but it’s a lot of hassle with this dress”“Can we not just zip it down a little?” he asked“No, the zip is stuck on it, doesn’t matter tonight” I said“If you are sure mom”“It has been bad today” I said, “I could take my dress off completely but I would just be in my underwear”“That doesn’t bother me mom, I see it in the kitchen drying anyway” “Just if you are sure and don’t mind” I said“It’ll be fine mom” Kevin saidI started to pull the hem of my dress up and saw that his eyes were fixed to my legs. I knew the tops of my tan stocking would be on show now, all misshaped with the pull of my suspenders and the fat chubby legs held within and spilling over the tops of them.I took a deep breath and kept pulling the dress up and now Kevin would be looking at my big white knickers pulled taught over my open girdle. Then I felt a pull of my dress up and over my head as Kevin helped, I stood in front of my son just in my underwear with him getting a good eyeful of me.What a sight I must look, big fat pale chubby legs spilling from my tan stocking tops and a big round tummy wanting to hang downwards but thankfully held within my girdle. Kevin fetched a seat and I at down.Ten minutes soon passed and as I went for gaziemir escort our hug and kiss, he cuddled me in tight, that tight I could feel his hard cock pressing in to my tummy. I kissed him on the lips as usual and give a little suck, which made a noise when I broke free. “Night Kevin” I said then left the room.Back in my bedroom, I slipped the bra straps back on to my shoulders; my heart was beating fast while waiting for Kevin to settle in to his bed. The wait was worth it when I clapped my eyes on to his cock, it was big and angry, half looking at his laptop and his cock he started to moan out“Yes mom, suck on it mom”I pushed the door open and was standing over him before he noticed me“Mom” he said while taking his headphones offI said nothing but reached out for his cock, it felt as good as it looked. He relaxed a little when he realised I was not annoyed.“Did you say for me to suck on it Kevin?”All he could do was nod as I knelt on his bed and lowered my head on to his big shiny cock end. I was as excited as he was at having a cock back in my mouth after so long.I knew from the beginning at would be quick, three or four slips up and down and he was moaning “Mom”Just the sound of mom and I clamped my lips tight around his shaft as the first wave of his pleasure rose up it and squirted in to my mouth.“Mom” he cried outHe lifted off the bed and squirted again while pushing up in to my mouth; I gripped his shaft tighter in my hand and started to swallow his warm creamy cum.He filled my mouth over and over but I never let a drop spill out, now his cock felt semi limp in my hand and the pulsing had finished. I lifted just far enough to look at it then kissed the smooth shiny end.Our eyes meet as I straighten up and I went to grab his hand, fetching it back on to my bra-covered tit for him to feel. He lifted his other hand and felt my other tit, now they were his to play with. He lifted one up and started to slide my strap down then did the same on the other side.The bra came to rest just about at my waist“You can take it off if you want”His face lit up with a big smile as he sat up and reached around me“Can you manage?” I asked“I think so”I could feel that he had managed to undo a couple of the hook then I cupped my breasts and lifted them up. The straps fell down my back then I lowered my tits back down and left them still in my bra for him to unwrap.It was like Christmas as Kevin pulled the cups away from my big soft pale tits and noticed my big erect nipples. They surprised my also how hard they looked; he was soft and gentle running his fingers over them.“Can I suck them mom?”I didn’t have to say anything and moved closer to his mouth while lifting one up, god it felt nice to have him back sucking on it again after so may years, I swapped tits for him and her greedily sucked on it too.I held his head against me and started to remember back to times when I had orgasms while breast-feeding and this was beginning to be one of them times again after so many years. I had stirrings starting to prickle between my legs that needed seeing to.“Kevin do you want to see some more of me?”He looked up from sucking my tit and the look was all I needed to know he did.I lay down on his bed and Kevin moved down and knelt by my side, his hands took hold of the waist of my knickers and I lifted my arse off the bed.He started to peel my knickers down over my girdle and now he was going to see his mother’s big hairy fanny, wild and unkempt growing down her legs. I could see he was pleased with the smile; I lowered my arse and lifted my legs as he slipped my knickers off.I remembered the video he liked, legs raised and wide apart and I started to do the same. He touched my stocking clad leg, starting at my knee and working upwards, feeling all the flab of my leg hanging out of my stockings.Then he touched me, my podgy hairy fanny and I was surprised with the tingle of excitement I felt. His hand went up and under my open girdle feeling the extent of hair his mom had and her tummy.Kevin poked and prodded me, touching my fatty wobbly bits of my fanny before sticking his finger between my lips. The look of sheer enjoyment on his face said it all and I smiled back at him, if only he knew how much I was enjoying it too.He didn’t hesitate and kissed my fanny then the tops of my bare leg, his finger pushed in further and he tried to finger fuck me without success, not knowing their were only my outer flabby bit of my fanny.“Gentle Kevin, I haven’t been played with for a long time”“Sorry mom, do you want me to stop”“No love, just go easy with me, I’m a little dry down”“Mom it’s the first time I have seen a real woman”“I know love, let me show you and give me your hand”I fetched his hand up to my mouth and sucked on his finger, getting it as wet as possible before taking it back down to my pussy. Spreading my flabby fanny slit with my other hand, I rubbed his finger along my proper lips.“Mom just needs a little help to get some lubrication”I pushed his finger in a little way and started to get a little excited myself, being only 54 years old, I realize I still had that sexually urge, it just hasn’t been use for some time. I started to roll about on the bed lifting and pushing my fanny on to his finger and before I knew, I was fingering my clit with my splayed hand.“Yes Kevin, stick it in now”I felt his finger go inside me with relative easy and Kevin smiled and I let go of his hand“You try now, slid it in and out”I grabbed his other hand and fetched a finger on to my clit just flicking over it,“Arrrrr Kevin”I felt a warm feeling in my fanny and his finger slipping in easer, my lubrication system was not dead yet. I rolled my body on the bed pushing up on to his finger and moaning at the same time.I was taking aback and shocked to find Kevin pull his fingers from me, he looked like he was having second thoughts playing with his gaziemir escort bayan fat mom. He moved back a little and surprised me when he went down on me; I felt his full face push in to my podgy fanny as he stuck his tongue back inside me.His tongue darted in and out investigating all my inner walls of my fanny, on one had ever been as enthusiastic as Kevin was, licking and sucking on his old mom’s fanny. I bucked off the bed while holding him down“Arrrrrrrrrrrrr Yes Kevin”It felt like he wanted back inside me and he was making me tingle all over“Kevin! Do you want to try and stick it in me?”He looked up from over my fat tummy and girdle“Can I”“I don’t see why not,” I saidIf I was, going to manage an orgasm after so long, I wanted it to feel special and what better way than have you son’s cock make it happen.He climbed from between my legs and I felt his hard cock bob up and down against my fanny“Let me Kevin,” I saidI grabbed his cock and rubbed it along my lips, smearing pre cum all over them, it felt so big and hard. His bulbous end pushed and spread my lips apart; I was now taking my son back inside me.I grunted with the pain “Are you alright, mom?” he asked“Just push it in love, push it in”I was past caring to how much it hurt me, he looked ecstatic with a big broad smile over me. His small frame was wedged in between his mothers raised stocking covered legs and I now had my hands on his arse pulling him further in to me.I heard his breathing increase “Go on Kevin” I moaned as encouragement “Go on, come in me”“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr MOM” he cried out “Yes, keep fucking me Kevin, just a little longer”That first squirt felt like it was turbo powered with the sheer force of it then I felt his cock swell again inside me“Kevin, Arrrr yes Kevin” I moaned as encouragementI pulled his arse tight in to me, feeling the full length of his cock buried up to his balls in his mom’s fanny. I felt his muscles in his arse tense again, then he spurted another great load of spunk inside me. Our body has felt so connected, I just wanted as much of my son back inside. I lifter my stocking clad legs over his and held him tight in to meI was getting feeling never experienced before, my body trembled and my fanny buzzed with excitement. I cannot remember feeling a cock pulse so much inside me but it had renewed my sexually feeling.“Kiss me Kevin”I cuddled him tight as our mouths touched, not some motherly kiss but a full blowing wet sloppy kiss with tongues. We kissed long after he stopped coming but I held him tight, I could still feel the excitement and desire from his lips.I eventually lifted my legs from his and lowered them flat on to the bed while he lifted on to his arms and rolled off me. I turned on to my side to face him and my tit followed by flopped down on to the bed.“Mom”“Sh love” I said and offered my tit up for him to suck onHe was doing things to me again and I reached between us for his cock, he flinched when I touched him then he began sucking harder. His hand came on to the top of my legs and then he slipped his fingers inside the top of my stockings before following the suspender back to my girdle.“Kevin will you fuck me again please”I rolled on to my back and parted my stocking clad legs while he climbed in between, he hit the spot first time and I let out a great big sigh as he filled my ached cunt.“Arrrr Kevin”“Arr mom”He fucked me for a good five minutes in and out of my sloppy hole“Is there any thing you want to try love?”“Will you come on top of me mom?”“If you want me to love” I said “but I could be out of practise”He rolled off and lay on his back with his might cock standing proud, it took a little practise to mount him again but when it happened all my nerve ending started to tingle.His mighty cock filled me as I sank down on to him, I was in no shape to fuck my son senseless with being overweight but the smile he had on his face was priceless. He ran his hands over me, over my taught girdle and on to my inner thighs before taking the weight of my tit in his hand. I tried a few thrusts but it felt nothing like when he was fucking me, then I remembered the video he watched, she would hold on to the head board of the bed and dangle her tits in to his face.Kevin’s face was full of tit then I started to feel him lifting and thrusting in to me, god it felt good. We were making the bed shake mostly with all the swing from my tits.“Mom its coming”He rammed his cock in to me and came then suck hard on my nipple, all I could feel was the constant pumping of his cock as I collapsed on to him. I kissed him hard and his cock twitched even harder inside me.I soon rolled off when he had finished, my unfitness was starting to tell. We lay side by side with his hand rubbing over my girdle“Mooom, could I take off your stocking”“If you want”His hands came on to my chubby fat leg and he started to fiddle with my suspender“Like this love”I showed him how to undo one then he started unclipping them on his own, taking his time while feeling the chubby legs held within them. His hand kept sliding up the insides of my inner thighs right up and on to my hairy podgy fanny.Kevin looked up and I smiled, I felt so relaxed in his company and didn’t mine one bit when her started to unclip the many hooks on my taught girdle, starting at the bottom and working upwards.I lay there with little shame about being overweight after seeing the sexy videos that turns him on so much. He lifted the now loose end of the girdle over my roly-poly tummy and started to kiss and caress the flab I had hiding. He was so gentle and affectionate, worshiping all my soft saggy bits, I forgot all about being his mom.Kevin kissed up my body slowly and I was hungry for his lips on to mine, he kissed with passion and desire, our tongues dancing outside our mouths. I felt down for his cock, now all hard and leaking with his pre cum, he breathed in escort gaziemir sharp and without asking started to climb in between my legs.I was ready when he pointed his cock at the entrance to my fanny and lifted up, taking him inside at once. His smile broadened when he knew he was inside me and started to fuck me slowly. Our naked tummies touched for the first time, skin to skin and a new sense of motherly love was formed.Kevin’s small frame fitted in between my raised legs once again as he fucked me back and forth. He was getting to be an expert at lasting, two fucks and a blowjob should now have drained his balls dry, I hoped.My fanny was well lubricated by now and all I felt was his big cock gliding in and out without any pain. I could now relax and enjoy my son fucking me, somewhat thrilled that I am the first person he has fucked.I relaxed my legs which opened my fanny to new depths for his cock to explore within me and I could hear the wet sloppy noise he was making getting louder and louder with each new thrust.He started to do things that were new to me, fuck me for three or four strokes then he would ground his body against me in a curricular motion, rubbing against my clit and fetching it back to life once again.Kevin was starting to make me pant and I could feel my long awaited orgasm getting closer, I shut my eyes and concentrated only on my fanny and his cock, in out, in out.“Arrr Kevin” I cried out “I’m coming love”I jerked and breathed in sharply, and then my whole body started to tremble to the full force of my orgasm. I’d never experienced ever coming first, sometime never coming at all with my husband, but tonight I was moaning and panting first.The newly release of my orgasm juices could now be heard easily as my son fucked me with more intensity and meaning. His big cock slipped in and out of his fat mom and I could hear him breathing faster.I knotted my stocking clad legs over his and grabbed his arse with both hands, pulling him in tight to me with extra force on each new thrust. With our body’s clashing and making a slapping noise now, I started to get new feelings like a second orgasm, so soon.He had fucked me long and hard before any signs of him coming, then he started to grunt and I knew then. His cock felt bigger and I felt the sheer force of his squirting cock deep inside me just as another orgasm hit me.He lay on top of me out of breath while his cock pumped his seed in to me, squirt after squirt mixed with my coming fanny which had taking on a new life. My fanny felt alive and was pulsing in waves and nipping his cock.I hugged him tight not wanting to let go of him as the last pumps of his cock fizzled out and the exchange of his seed was done. He looked in to my eyes and kissed me long and meaningful until his limp cock fell out of me.I let Kevin go with my legs and he climbed off, I pulled the duvet over us as we lay side by side looking at each other with little kisses before he fell asleep. It was some time later when I was awoken, the room still lit with the bedside lamp and a hand feeling over my tummy.I had turned in the night and Kevin was squashed in behind me, his hand wandering and feeling my roly-poly tummy. He kissed my shoulder softly as his hand felt my tit hanging down on to the bed before moving to my fanny.He pushed himself tight in to the back of me and I could feel his hard cock squashing in to my back. He breathed in long and slow while investigating his naked mom before dropping back off to sleep.It was his alarm that woke me, his arm still d****d over me as he came too. What would he say I wondered as I turned to face him. Nothing was said, a look was plenty between us before we started kissing, carrying on from where we left off last night. I acted like some slut mom, feeling for his cock between us which was big and hard. I rolled on to my back and he got the message by climbing on top. My legs stretch wide apart waiting to take his morning glory, we kissed and he slipped in naturally without any help.I raised my legs then felt his hand slide down one, feeling the nylon stocking I still had on from last night. I could have sworn I felt his cock swell in size with just touching my stocking.He slid his hand up my side and lifted one of my floppy tits off the bed, I give him a hand and pushed both of them together. Kevin started to suck on one while still fucking me and I started to get feeling when I used to feed him.I started to moan and he got the message and started to suck on my nipples even harder.“Arrrr yeeeesssssssssssss Kevin”His little arse was going twenty to the dozen pushing his big cock in and out of me,I tied our legs together and started lift off the bed when he was coming in to my hole. He swapped tits and I was surprised to the size of nipple he left standing all big and hard.He only had to suck on my other nipple and I was coming, shaking and trembling when I felt his cock swell then explode inside me. I tighten the grip on my legs, lifting upwards so our body’s were close together and his cock as far in as it would go.His morning glory did it self proud pumping load after load in to me, I didn’t think it was going to stop. We kissed on the lips then tongues were exchanged for a few frantic minutes before I slapped his arse and told him he had to get off to work.I lay in his bed watching him get dried after a shower and dress before he ran out of the door after a goodbye kiss. It was time for me to make a move with a fanny full of my son’s spunk ready and waiting to come rushing out.It was some what of a thrill seeing the creamy substance run down my leg and on to my stockings as I waited for the bath to fill. Waiting for a relaxing bath to smooth away my aches and pains in the muscles I haven’t used for a long time.I worried for the rest of the day to know what his reaction would be to what we did last night. I needn’t have worried when we looked at each other, that pull of motherly love was stronger than ever and we ended up kissing passionately like new lovers once again. The thrill of his hand over my arse feeling my suspenders was enough to let him fuck me on the kitchen table while waiting for the potatoes to boil for our tea.The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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