Matt and His Teacher enjoying a naughty detention

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Matt and His Teacher enjoying a naughty detentionJenny Murray was 24 years old. She had 34D breasts, not huge, but she didn’t want to seem to appealing to students, so she just wore a plain white bra, a loose white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a knee-length skirt with a small slit down the side, and her hair tied up in a loose bun, with a couple of stray locks, and she was proud of her physique and she knew that several of the later year boys found her attractive from the occasional glances and peeks when she bent down. Fresh out of finishing training to become a Biology Teacher, still on various courses on school holidays. She began her first year at the secondary school, teaching 11 year olds to 16 year olds GCSE Biology. She always had a rough time with the final years, they didn’t care much about learning seeing as they only had a few weeks left until their final tests and leaving, not to mention they were all trying to get in each other’s pants. The lads were worse than the girls though, they were a mere 8 years younger than her, and she was pretty lax with them in the last couple of weeks before the final test, instead of knuckling down like the other teachers she dropped study books all together, letting them do group activities and revise instead of other stuff. But there was one student who just kept taking the piss. Matt Jones was pretty much a man. He had stubble, broad shoulders, the slightest traces of acne he had earlier on, and played rugby for the school team, but in biology he was permanently mucking around, throwing paper balls, paper aeroplanes, splashing water from the taps, talking loudly and taking it too far. Jenny was already having a bad day, her car had broken down on the way to work, and she walked home and found her boyfriend screwing her best friend. She was feeling depressed and suicidal, but she absolutely couldn’t take any liberties this early on at her work at the school, and if she messed up no other school would take her. Matt was having a ‘eraser war’ with the lad on the table next to him, throwing the little rubber cubes at each other. Matt meant to throw it at the lad, as hard as he could, but another girl in the class knocked past him, so it sailed through the air into Jenny’s coffee, spilling it all over her shirt and the paper she was reading. The room suddenly went deathly silent, a slow “Oh shit. . .” rang out from Matt’s mouth. The silence was deafening. Jenny looked up, seething with rage, something no-one in the school had seen before. “DETENTION!” She screamed, mopping up the quickly spreading stain from the table and her shirt, which was white and quickly growing translucent, and she didn’t want a load of pubescent teens seeing her breasts.“Mrs Murray, I didn’t mean to!” uttered Matt.”“I don’t care if you did or didn’t mean to, just get out of this classroom and wait for me by the teacher’s office!” snapped Jenny. Matt picked up his bag and books, and walked slowly down the stairs, dejectedly, praying that none of the even harsher teachers asked him why he was there, knowing that if they did he would get another screaming at. Jenny finished mopping up as best she could, already starting to cool down, she felt sorry for the boy, she knew from other teacher’s canlı bahis that he’d had a tough time with mild dyslexia and a tough time at home, but that was no excuse for being so obnoxious. She knew she had over-reacted and was taking it out on the boy, but she wasn’t in the mood for pissing around. She told the class, “Stay here, get out your book’s and revise, I’ll send up one of the other teacher’s while I deal with Matt, if I hear that you’re not as good as gold then for every lesson until your final tests you’ll be sitting separated with only your notes and a revision guide.”She picked up her bag and walked quickly, to catch up with Matt on his way down, so she could lecture him without the other teacher’s over-hearing, because the gossip would spread like wildfire. She saw him walking down the padded hallway, cursing her heels for being so damn awkward, she walked faster to catch up with him. “What is up with your attitude Matt? You’re a good boy, you seem so nice without those other k**s around, and you can’t let them influence you. You need to grow a thick skin for college and university; you’ve had a hard enough time without getting into situations like this. You’ll be a man soon, you’re nearly there already and you can’t let this happen again.” She said to him as she drew level. Matt blushed at this, and looked down, catching a quick glance at Jenny’s breasts through the wet patch on the jumper.“I’m sorry miss, sometimes I just can’t focus on the lesson, especially when we have so much fun with you as our teacher, and you’re really young and pretty so that doesn’t help at all.” He replied, praying she didn’t take any offence, but now it was Jenny’s turn to look flustered. “I, I . . . I’m flattered Matthew, but that’s no excuse for the way you were behaving, so let’s just go to the detention room, get this over and done with, you learn your lesson and hopefully it won’t happen again?” She replied, hoping she didn’t sound flirtatious. “Umm, Ok.” he replied, his pubescent mind already thinking out erotic fantasies about screwing the school’s hottest young teacher.Jenny made a fast pace towards the detention centre, her perky butt swaying as she walked, hypnotising Matt who walked a couple of metres behind.As they arrived at the room, it quiet as a church yard. It was only used after school mostly, and it was completely soundproof, could be locked from the inside, the glass on the door was one way only; there was no windows only overhead lights. There was a small desk for the teacher on duty, three tables spaced a few metres apart, and a cupboard at the back filled with cushions and other soft materials for students with anger management issues. “Sit over there.” Jenny said, pointing at the table closest to the desk. The table was almost brand new; there was no graffiti or gum under the table. Jenny observed Matt as he walked over, she could make out a large erect penis through his school trouser leg, which surprisingly slightly turned her on, seeing such a huge organ on a schoolboy. She sat down at the teacher’s desk, which had a cover on the front so only the lower half of her legs could be seen. As she sat down, she slowly pulled up her skirt, finding herself slightly moist from seeing the boy’s bahis siteleri penis pressed up against his trouser leg. Jenny slightly began touching herself, extremely aware of the boy looking at, guessing if she was doing what he thought she was doing. She winked at him, and said “Sit in silence, raise your hand if you want to speak or go to the toilet.” Jenny enjoyed being the dominant force over a younger man, she was a very sexual woman, and would often masturbate in the school toilets towards the end of lunch period. She began to rub her vagina more vigorously, feeling her nipples begin to tighten as she reached her peak, playing with her clitoris. She was sure that Matt knew what she was doing, but that he was too afraid to ask. She smiled and winked again, and noticed that Matt had begun to rub the penis that she saw earlier, and this drove her over the edge. She pulled her skirt back to normal, stood up, and walked over to Matt. She told him to be quiet and not say a word, and sit back from the table. Matt couldn’t believe what was happening. Praying that this wasn’t a mean trick, he pulled his chair outwards and turned slightly, so that he was eye level with Miss Murray’s belly button. She saw the erect penis straining against it’s cloth, desperate to be free. She put her finger on Matt’s lips, and gently undid his zipper. The mighty penis flung free of the trousers, breaking a button on his boxer shorts. It was a 7 inch uncircumcised perfect woman pleaser, it had a bright pink bell end and seemed to been have used little more than by Matt’s own hand. While keeping one hand over Matt’s mouth, she gripped the shaft, gently pulling it up and down, and spat onto her hand, lubricating her grip. Matt couldn’t believe his luck, getting jerked off by the hottest teacher in school, but he knew no-one would believe him. What happened next surprised him to no end. She spat once more into her hand, taking the other hand off his lips, and began to rub herself through her panties and skirt, with a brisk movement, she pulled down his trousers and boxer shorts, and threw them into a corner. She quickly moved over to the door, and locked it, and pulled the blind over the window, she was taking no chances of this satisfying of her needs and revenge on her boyfriend. She walked back over to Matt, unbuttoning her shirt as she went, to reveal the plain bra she used for school. “Do you like what you see Matt? I hope you do, I doubt many 16 year olds get to see a 24 year old ex-model in lingerie in the flesh, and not on the internet”Matt was too stunned to speak, his penis still proud in the air, he said “Wow, just wow. Those tits are amazing, and your body! Miss Murray, you are beautiful!”“For today, you can call me Jenny, but only in this room, youmention this to no-one, you understand? I shall deny everything if you bring this up, and I shall come down on you like a ton of bricks! Understand?”Nodding feverishly, Matt’s dick was starting to ache he was so hard. Jenny did a little strip tease for Matt, stepping out of her high heels, and slowly pulling down her stockings to reveal shapely legs, beautiful tits and an ass to die for. She turned away from him, and showed him her ass as she slid down her panties, which were güvenilir bahis black and lacy. She threw them at him, and turned slowly, revealing a small clitoris piercing and a shapely landing strip bush. She saw that Matt had removed his top, revealing a spattering of chest hair, and a small snails trail up from his pubic region. She kissed him, vigorously stroking his dick, thrusting her tongue inside his mouth, and took her tongue out, sliding and licking her way down, past his slightly stubbly jaw, sucking gently on his nipple before licking past belly button onto his engorged shaft. She began to take the tip of his penis in his mouth, up and down the shaft, slurping the pre-cum and sliding her tongue all along his shaft. He was groaning all the time she gave him head.“Oh god, that’s awesome, that’s the best blowjob ever Jenny, keep going, please , please don’t stop!”She salty jizz hit the back of her mouth as he came, spurt after spurt, but she kept swallowing the liquid, until eventually he ran dry and went soft inside her mouth, but she didn’t look up at all. Examining the dick, she said“Wow, there was so much, I didn’t think boys could jizz so much. Do you think you’ll be ready to go again soon?”As if to answer this, Matt’s penis started to swell again, but this time Jenny wasn’t going to let him do it in her mouth.Jenny quickly said, “Matt, get onto that desk, and take off those shoes and socks, sit on the desk.”Obliging, Matt threw the rest of his clothes into a corner, and got onto the desk, his penis now fully hard again. Jenny shortly followed, all the time still fingering her cunt, but a finger was no match for a rock solid cock inside her, but now she was fully self-lubricated. Jenny climbed onto Matt, letting the penis slide inside her tight cunt.“Holy shit Jenny, you’re really fucking tight!” Matt’s penis was all the way inside her, hitting her cervix, filling her up all the way. Jenny put her arms around his back, her back curving, and her legs hugging his waist, and then she began to grind against him, pushing them back and forth. She began to already feel herself warm up, her juices thoroughly flowing, and then she began to feel herself peak.“OH FUCKING GOD THAT’S SO FUCKING BIG AND GOOD, IT’S JUST SO BIG AND WARM, OH SHIT! I’M FUCKING CUMMING ALREADY OH GOD!”And with that, she squirted, and Matt wasn’t far behind.“Oh jeeezus shit shit Christ!” Matt cried, cumming inside his biology teacher.Their juices mixed together as they dribbled out of Jenny’s tight pussy, and they both groaned and sighed as she climbed off, smiling and satisfied.“For a 16 year old, you’re a really good fucker. If you don’t mind, I wander if you wouldn’t doing this again sometime? Bet you’d like to do it in a bed or somewhere wouldn’t you?”Matt was grinning from ear to ear when he heard this“Are you seriously in doubt that I wouldn’t jump at another chance to fuck you raw?Jenny also grinned at this, as she pulled on her panties and stockings, she said“You’d better get dressed, the other’s will be wondering where we were. I’ll make sure to put you in another ‘detention’, sometime soon”. Winking as she said this, she walked out, brushing her hair, feeling the juices drying on her panties, she knew that she nor Matt would forget the best detention of their lives.If the feedback from this story is positive, I wouldn’t mind writing another story for the good xhamster viewers, hopefully with less backstory and more fucking in the next story 😀

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