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Lesbian LustMy first lesbian encouter started strangely. I had never been seeking female sex before. I was in the library on Saturday afternoon studying. I was wearing a tight tank top that hugged my tits and skimpy shorts. No bra or panties. I had been busy for over two hours when a sexy young gal came to my table and sat down. She was hot with full tits and a beautiful face. I could see she wore no bra and her nipples were hard. She sat by me and rubbed her hand up and down my arm. She told me she had been watching me and liked what she saw. She then placed her hand over my tit. “You have great big tits” she told me. She told me not to worry as she had locked the library up for the day. She was the librian I found out later.She then began to kiss me and fondle my tits. I was getting hot with her sexy kisses and her tongue in my mouth. She then removed her shirt and then removed mine. She had firm big tits and nice round nipples. “You have great sexy tits” she told me. Then she began to kiss each one. She sucked each nipple stretching them from the mound they were connected to. I loved having my tits played with and a woman was a huge turn on. She then pulled my face down to her tits and i began to suck and kiss her huge globes. She held my head tight to her tits as I sucked each one. I loved the feel canlı bahis of the nipple against my tongue. We took turns nursing each others tits till she stood me up and pulled off my shorts.She then stood and removed her shorts. She sat me on the table and spread my legs. “I bet that pussy tastes delicious” she told me as her hand found its way between my spread legs. She knew her way around a pussy and soon had me cumming fast and often. She fingered and pinched and pulled my pussy making it feel so good. As her fingers worked magic on my pussy she continued to suck my tit. The combo was overwhelming and I loved the female attention my body was receiving. She then pushed three fingers into my cunt and began to finger fuck me deep and hard. “Your cunt is wet and warm and tight” she whispered in my ear. “you like my fingers in that tight pussy don’t you?” she then added the fourth finger and had me cumming fast as she finger fucked me with all her strength. I was screaming “fuck me harder. Fuck my cunt” She replied “yes, baby girl. I am going to take good care of that cunt for you. I will keep you sceaming to be fucked harder and harder.” After a long time of finger fucking me she pushed me back on my back and pushed her face to my pussy and began to lick and suck every inch of my pus. My cunt was now bahis siteleri on fire. This lady ate pussy better than any guy I had been with. I never wanted her to stop. Next she told me “I am going to tongue fuck your wet hot cunt and you will scream and beg for more.” I then felt her teeth grab my clit before a tongue went into my cunt hole. She pushed the tongue in deep and tongue fucked me and slurped all the cum I pumped on her tongue. She was right. I began screaming and begging for more and harder and harder.She had my pussy on fire and I had never cum so many times. “Your pussy tastes so good. I may eat it all day.” And she kept me cumming for another hour. She then rolled me over and spread my ass apart. i knew then she was going to attack my ass with her fingers and her tongue. She said to me, “are you ready for me to work that sexy ass of yours? do you like it rough? I am going to fuck that ass till your cunt cums many times.” She then spit on my ass and rubbed the spit into my ass and poked a finger up my hole. It felt wonderful. The sexy lady did not stop at one finger. She kept adding fingers till she had all four in me and then she began to fuck my ass like it had never been fucked. I was moaning and screaming and cumming as she fucked my ass and spanked me till my ass was on fire. I loved güvenilir bahis the fingers in my ass as she whipped my ass. She was right. I never wanted her to stop fucking me. By the time she was done my ass was stretched huge and gaping open.She then stood me up and before I knew it she hand put handcuffs on me behind my back. She pushed me to my knees and pulled my face to her pussy. “Eat my pussy till you are covered with my cum. If you don’t eat me good I will whip your ass with my cane till you bleed.” My ass was already sore from the spanking and I knew she had a great cunt so I began licking and sucking and tonguing till I felt her cum leak out. She held my head tight to her cunt as I kept her cumming and my face was wet from her liquid. She did taste delicious and i kept sucking and tonguing her hole. Then she shoved my face to her ass and told me “lick my ass. Bite my ass cheeks then tongue fuck my ass hole.” I wasted no time biting her ass cheeks. She seemed to be really turned on by getting them bit. I saw my teeth marks on the cheeks as I then dove into her hole. I pushed a tongue into the hole and I heard her scream. This slut loved to be fucked and licked and punished.Soon she pulled me up and removed the cuffs. You are the best female fuck I have had in a long time. I smiled and grabbed her huge tit and bit the side. “You like it rough. Lets go to my house and i will give you all the rough sex you can handle.” We then left for my house where i tied her and abused her the rest of the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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