Lent to Friend Ch. 01

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Kyle walked down the sunny street, looking over his sunglasses and grinning at any pretty girls he could make eye contact with. He wandered into his friend Paul’s yard, bounded up the front steps two at a time, and tapped out the announcement of his arrival on the front door.

Kyle was a little surprised by Laura, Paul’s girlfriend answering the door wearing a flimsy night-shirt that only covered her to about halfway down her thighs.

“Oh hey Laura! Sorry to wake you, but is Pauly here?” Kyle enquired.

“It’s ok I wasn’t sleeping, I just haven’t bothered to get dressed today. Paul just went down to give his father a hand at the store. He should be back in about an hour. You are welcome to wait inside for him if you want.” Laura stepped aside and gestured for him to come in.

Kyle feigned hesitation for a moment like he was considering coming back later, but in reality the sight of Laura’s bare thighs had his jeans feeling a little tight so he stepped inside.

Laura was brunette about 5’5″, 120lbs with tanned shapely legs, a nice bouncy ass and a friendly warm smile. Laura was what would be classically described as the “girl next door” type.

“Come and sit with me in the kitchen while I finish the dishes. Ya want a coffee?” Laura asked as she padded toward the sink.

“Umm a glass of water would be better, if you don’t mind. It’s to hot to be drinking coffee today!” Kyle answered following her into the kitchen.

Laura took a glass out of the drying rack, along with a tea towel, and handed them to Kyle, pointing him toward the fridge.

“So what are you up to today Kyle?”

“I’m just scoping out the ladies. Looking for some action. Pauly asked me to stop by. He owes me some cash from the bar last weekend.” Kyle explained as he towel dried the glass.

“Oh yeah he mentioned that to me. Paul has it for you but I bet he took his wallet with him. Hold on I’ll check the bedroom.” Laura shook the dish water off her hands and then walked out of the kitchen as Kyle poured himself a glass of water from the fridge and took a seat at the kitchen table.

“Was it more than four bucks?” Laura asked as came back into the kitchen with her wallet. “Unfortunately, Paul took his wallet and that’s all the cash I have on me.”

Kyle smiled and shook his head. “Ten times that.”

Laura tilted her head and gave Kyle a sarcastic little frown. “I wouldn’t even lend him that kind of money, you are far too trusting.” She joked.

“Ahh no he’s good for it. Besides I know where he lives.” Kyle laughed.

Laura set her wallet aside and returned to the sink to complete the dishes. As she lifted a large pot to place it in the sink, her grip on the handle slipped, and the cookware landed hard into the soapy dish water splashing it all over Laura and the floor around her.

Soap suds clung to her hair and stung her eyes. Laura laughed uncontrollably and slowly turned to show Kyle the results of her accident.

Kyle was shocked to see that the water had instantly soaked through Laura’s cotton nightshirt. It now clung transparently to her breasts. Her dark hardening nipples accentuated by the dripping soap grabbed Kyle’s attention and he laughed nervously.

“Where is that towel I gave you?” Laura asked laughing as she reached out blindly. As she took a step forward to the table illegal bahis she slipped in the slick soapy puddle beneath her feet. Attempting to regain her balance, Laura grabbed the table with one hand, kicking her leg out wildly, spun gracelessly backward, and fell unceremoniously directly into Kyle’s lap. Instinctively Kyle pulled his hand holding his glass of water out of the way, in so doing flinging most of his water across the kitchen.

Shocked they both took a moment to assess that neither on of them was injured, then Laura began to laugh semi-hysterically as the soap stung her eyes. Kyle looked down at her pert breasts, exposed pink panties and felt his cock start to harden again. He chuckled absently as he savoured the view.

Kyle placed the now nearly empty glass down onto the table and slid his hands up under Laura’s armpits to help her to her feet. She scooted up his body trying to regain her feet unknowingly skimming her ass cheek across Kyle’s hardening bulge.

Laura stood up, while Kyle’s gaze remained fixed firmly on her ass. Kyle kept his hands under her arms to pull up her wet nightshirt to expose her cheeks right at his eye level. Kyle maintained his grip, a moment too long. Wiping bubbles from her eyes, Laura felt a shift in the energy between them.

Kyle’s hands slowly moved down her sides until he stopped at her hips and gave her a slight squeeze. Laura looked back at him now not laughing as she saw the lust in Kyle’s eyes locked on her ass.

“Oh god I’m so sorry! I’m such a klutz. Did I hurt you?” Laura’s voice gave the smallest hint of the genuine concern she was experiencing.

“It’s ok I don’t mind your wet ass on my dick at all.” Kyle stood up behind her grabbing her nightshirt bottom and lifting it up over her head. “Let’s get you out of these wet things.”

Surprised by her sudden nakedness Laura used her hands to cover her breasts. “Hey! What the hell Kyle?”

His fingers now hooked into her panties, and began to tug them down. Laura giggled as she brought her knee up to stop that from happening. This only partially worked. She tried to step away from him but he still had her by the panties.

Releasing her breasts Laura half heartily slapped at Kyle. “You fucking pig, Paul will be home soon!” She warned through a smile.

Kyle released her panties and defensively caught Laura’s wrists as she swatted at him. Their eyes locked momentarily and Laura started to share his lust and ceased her mock struggle. Wordlessly she brought her lips to his in an open mouthed passionate kiss.

Kyle’s cock strained against his pant leg. As they kissed he pushed Laura’s hand down to feel his hard cock through his jeans. “See what you’re doing to me?” He groaned.

Laura’s mind raced. She wanted this, or did she? Kyle always had been in her spank bank. Rumours of his cock being very large were obviously true, as she traced it’s outline on his jeans with her finger.

Kyle released Laura’s wrists and took hold of her shoulders, gently laying her back on the kitchen table. Lowering his mouth onto her left breast he teased her nipple and slid his hand inside her loose panties.

Laura opened her legs and let him finger her now sopping pussy. Kyle pushed two fingers into Laura and strummed at her g-spot slowly as his thumb circled her rock hard clit.

“Oh illegal bahis siteleri hell, I thought you’d fuck me but always imagined you would make me work more for it.” Kyle teased.

Laura didn’t like that statement and weakly tried to sit up and push him away. Kyle wouldn’t allow it and fingered her more roughly while bringing his other hand up to the back of her head, grabbing a handful of her hair.

“Let this happen.” Kyle whispered as he continued to massage her pussy.

The muscle tightness began to twitch in the pit of Laura’s stomach. This was indication of the intensity of the oncoming orgasm. She gasped and opened her eyes wide to stare directly into Kyle’s gaze. He studied her face as she soundlessly moved her jaw like a drowning fish and her eyes rolled back into her head.

Heavy convulsions began to pass like waves through Laura as she experienced one of the more intense orgasms of her life. She thrashed, flinging her head from side to side, as she squished Kyle’s hand between her clenched thighs.

Kyle managed to pull his hand away before it was completely crushed. He released her hair and took a step back to unbutton his jeans.

Laura lay motionless for a few moments as she began to process what was happening. This wasn’t what she had intended when she invited Kyle into their home. They would have to keep this secret from Paul.

The sound of Kyle’s jeans hitting the floor snapped her back to her senses. Laura was about to say something but Kyle interrupted by pulling her legs up and apart.

“What are you…?” Laura began but the answer to her question became apparent as he pulled her panties to the side and thrust his hard cock at her cunt, rubbing it repeatedly over her swollen clit.

“Oh god we shouldn’t… Ohhhh geeez” Laura protested until she felt Kyle’s rock hard cock spread her open. He was thick and she could feel her insides stretching out to accommodate the girth.

Kyle slowly worked his dick into her warm tightness. Laura’s knees were locked over Kyle’s elbows. This gave Kyle the precise control to give her inches of his dick at a time then slowly retract, until just the head of his cock remained in her, only to refill her a bit more deeply on the next thrust. Half in, then half out over and over again. Finally Kyle gave a grunt, lifted her ass off the table and fully buried his cock deep in Laura’s wet pussy.

Laura’s eyes opened wide as Kyle filled her completely. It hurt slightly but in a strangely pleasurable way. She hadn’t been taken like this before, and certainly had never had such a monster cock inside her ever. Kyle fucked her deeply and she could feel the familiar tension beginning to build in her stomach once again. His dick was so big it was hitting all the spots at once, almost confusing but it still felt wonderful.

Kyle leaned forward and whispered in her ear “You are getting very tight, I can feel you cumming on my cock, my little slut.”

Horrified that she began to climax as he called her a “little slut” Laura cried out in both pleasure and frustration. “Ohhhh fuuuck! Don’t stop. Fuck me. Ohhhh fuuuck meee! ”

Kyle complied.

“Yeah you like that don’t you?” Kyle asked with a mocking tone. “Pauly doesn’t fuck you this good does he? DOES HE?” He asked demanding an answer.

Afraid that he canlı bahis siteleri might stop short of her orgasm Laura felt she had no choice but to answer. At first she just shook her head negatively but then quietly and between breaths she confessed, “No. No he doesn’t. You are fuckin’ me so good. Keep fuckin’ me. Ahhh just like that. You keep… Yes just like that. Oh god yes.”

A flood of chills and electric tickles ran through Laura’s spine, arms and legs. Her orgasm pooled in her brain, and a dramatic warmth flooded her entire body. She convulsed in short spasms gripping that massive cock with her tight little cunt. Each convulsion added a new dimension to her climax. Lost now in the intense sensation she moaned and gasped absent of any shame for her indiscretions.

Kyle continued to pound his cock into Laura’s tight wet hole. He admired her wild abandon as she came on him. It turned him on to be taking this lady that he had secretly lusted after for so long. The taboo of this forbidden act, their betrayal of Paul, so wrong but it felt so good.

Kyle slowed and bent forward between Laura’s knees and kissed her neck. “Lock your arms behind my neck.” Kyle subtly commanded.

Laura did as he asked. Kyle then stood back up straight, lifting Laura off the table. Laura used all her upper body strength to hold herself up, from being impaled on his cock, but as Kyle lowered his elbows she was all but powerless. Slowly she relaxed her hug on Kyle’s neck enough to let herself down until she could feel Kyle’s member pushing against her cervix. The base of his cock was thicker and felt amazing with the increased pressure against her clit. She began to slowly grind her hips in a circle letting the big cock slide around inside her.

“Oh yeah Baby just like that!” Kyle moaned as Laura squirmed on his dick.

Kyle began to gently bounce Laura off his hips by lifting her knees up slightly then dropping them. Her tight wet pussy gripped Kyle’s cock with a satisfying blend of heat and friction that made his balls quickly begin to tighten. He felt the surge as he got close to cumming.

Not wanting to lose his balance during an orgasm, Kyle carefully put Laura back down onto the table.

He considered pulling his dick out of her and spraying his load on her face but merely thinking like that made his cock want to explode. He started to cum just as he set her back down on the table top. Bucking wildly he filled her full of his semen, until it began seep out around the base of his cock.

“Oh god, oh fuck.” Kyle panted as he slowed his maniacal hip thrusts.

After a minute or two more of slowly finishing his orgasm, Kyle pulled his cock out leaving Laura feeling empty. Hot wetness ran down Laura’s ass cheek and onto the table. Laura covered her mouth as she giggled satisfactorily.

Kyle coldly pulled up his jeans and shoved his dick back in his underwear.

“Thanks for that, I’ve been wanting to do that with you for a long time.”

Laura rolled into her side on the table and out of embarrassment hid her face in her hands.

“You can’t tell Paul… Please!” She begged embarrassed by her behaviour.

“Yeah sure thing, he’s my friend. We can keep this affair our little secret.” Kyle bent down and placed a kiss on Laura’s temple. “Tell him not to worry about the forty bucks, you took care of that. We’ll call it even…”

“You asshole. Get the fuck out of my house.” Laura growled.

Kyle smiled and left without saying another word.

After the door closed Laura let out a satisfied sigh, and giggled to herself again.

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