I’m Never Going Back

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Hello everyone! My name is Jay and I have been a long-time reader of this site. I was inspired by all the talented authors on this site to try and write a few of my own stories. I’ve used these stories and the ones I’ve written as a way to explore my sexuality. I have finally come to a place where I feel more like my self then I’ve ever felt so thank you Literotica for helping me get there.

Any way I hope y’all like my first story. The following is a true re-telling of a hookup that I had a year ago. Enjoy!

I’m Never Going back

My lips parted and I invited his cock to slide between my soft lips. I let out a slow groan as I felt the weight of his cock in my mouth for the first time. His taste, and smell flooded my senses. I slowly started bobbing my head taking as much of his cock as I could with each downstroke. Fuck this felt amazing. Gagging I pulled off his cock to catch my breath, beads of saliva connected my lips to the tip of his cock. It felt so thick in my hand. I sit back on my heels, as I slowly start to stroke his massive cock. I was in a stranger’s bedroom looking up at his cock glistening with my spit. At that moment, as a leaned forward and planted light kisses up and down his shaft, I knew I would never go back.

What the hell am I doing here?! I nervously bit at my finger nails as I sat in my dark car that was currently parked in front of a stranger’s apartment complex. I met him on Grindr a couple months ago. I was the typical horny bi-curious guy you find on Grindr. Every time we chatted, I was super into it, I loved the attention he gave me, especially when I sent him pictures of my perfectly shaped bubble butt. I was always ready to meet up, but then I’d get too excited, I’d cum and I wouldn’t be as into it anymore. So I would panic and delete my profile before making a new one a couple days later and starting the whole cycle over again. But tonight was different, the second I logged on I knew I was ready to meet up, I was ready to hook up with this guy. My thumb hovered over the send icon with a message I had typed up a couple minutes ago, “I’m here,” it read. I took a deep breath, “Fuck it,” I said to my self and pressed the send button, there was no turning back now.

I didn’t even know his name or what his face looked like, he had only sent me pictures of his bare chest and his magnificent thick cock. He was an older guy, he said he was in his early 40’s, but his body looked to be well taken care of with defined pecs and wide shoulders. I stepped out of my car and started walking towards the door he told me to wait by so he could let me into the building. My heart was beating loudly in my chest as I clicked my key fob to lock my car. I checked my pockets to make sure I had everything. My phone, check; my wallet, check; my keys, obviously; and finally I felt the coolness of the dark bottle of poppers that I had brought along with me, knowing I would need them if things went as well as I’d hoped tonight. It was a mild spring night as I walked the sidewalk. The grey sweatpants and white t-shirt were perfect for this kind of night, plus it would be an easy outfit to take off.

I stood at the almanbahis door, pacing nervously back and forth. I ran my hand through my short brown hair, letting my hands wander down my body until my hands traced the straps of my black jockstrap I had worn underneath my sweats. I had checked myself out in the mirror before I left, the black one was my favorite jockstrap and it framed my butt perfectly, I hope he likes it. Finally, after what felt like an eternity the door opened and I held my breath. Standing in front of me was the drop-dead gorgeous man I was there to hook up with. He was shorter than me by a couple inches and his skin was a dark ebony. His bald head shone brightly under the street lights. His brown eyes locked with my blue eyes, he flashed me a smile and ushered me into the building. Woof! Was all I could think as I followed him up the stairs. We got to the third floor and he opened the door for me. As I passed by him, I could see the muscles in his chest and arms straining against the fabric of his t-shirt.

We stopped in front of his door and he let me inside. As I slipped passed him, I made sure to brush my hips against him, swaying my hips a bit more as I walked over to his kitchen island. I slipped off my sandals and piled my phone, keys, and wallet on top of them that way there was no chance I’d leave anything important. I turned around and finally got a good look at this dark handsome stranger. He looked like an older version of Taye Diggs, if Taye Diggs lived in an apartment building near the state university. In other words, I hit the jackpot. He took a step towards me and wrapped his arm around my waist as he pulled me into his bedroom.

I was like putty in his hands as he gently kissed me for the first time. But after that first contact the preamble was over and we started passionately making-out. His hands ran up and down my back and neck, I loved this feeling. He broke the kiss only to take his shirt off and as I stared at his bare chest all I could think was, “Damn, black really don’t crack.” I quickly followed and took my shirt off. We both looked each other up and down, drinking in each other’s body. We knew what was coming next.

And that’s how I got here, eagerly swallowing a beautiful black cock, bouncing excitedly back on my heels and feeling every bit the cocksucker, I now realized I wanted to be. I popped his cock out of my mouth and slapped it on my tongue a couple times, he definitely liked that. He grabbed the back of my head and gently persuaded me to lean forward again. I took his cock back into my mouth and let him impale my mouth on his cock. He hit the back of my throat and I gagged a little bit as he slowly started to thrust back and forth. His cock filled my mouth to capacity, I was struggling to get more than halfway down his shaft. I gagged again and he let me come up for air.

Gasping for air my hands wrapped around his thick shaft giving it a few strokes before I sucked the tip back into my mouth, swirling my tongue in circles around his tip. The grunts and groans he was making were driving me crazy. I loved that I was bringing him this level of pleasure. My own cock was almanbahis giriş straining against the pouch of my jockstrap. He was now leaning forward, his hands running down my back. I knew what he was reaching for, and who was I to deny this sexy man what he wanted. I leaned forward so I could pop my ass out a little bit more. My face was now pressed against his thigh, my back was arched and his hands were planted firmly on my ass cheeks. He smacked my cheeks a few times, each slap eliciting a small whimper from me.

I looked to my right and caught a glimpse of my reflection in the floor length mirror that was on his wall next to us. I was butt naked except for my black jack strap that, from this position, was perfectly framing my round ass cheeks. I looked like a porn-star and I loved it! I was staring at my own face in the mirror as this gorgeous man groped and fingered my ass. My face was twisted into such amounts of pleasure that I was worried I might shoot my load right there on the floor. I felt so incredibly sexy, feminine, and beautiful. It was an intoxicating feeling.

I got back into position. I needed his cock filling me up again. I wrapped my hands around his shaft as I took him into my mouth again. He let out a low groan as I found my rhythm. My mouth, tongue, and hands working in perfect harmony. The only thing I wanted was this man’s cum. I wanted my reward for the pleasure I was giving him. I buried my face in his balls making sure to give each one a thorough tongue bath before returning to his shaft. I was drunk for his cock now, my mind was in a haze as I did my best to give him all the pleasure he deserved. Suddenly he pulled his cock from my mouth, the loud pop echoed across the room as I stared up at him. “Get on the bed,” he grunted, pulling me to my feet.

“Yes Daddy.” I responded on accident, I blushed at how slutty I sounded. I quickly grabbed my bottle of poppers and practically jumped onto his bed on my hands and knees. He walked up behind me; his hands danced over my cheeks. He traced the straps of my jockstrap, sending shivers up and down my spine. He pushed me down to my elbows and I arched my back to its limits giving him full access to my hole. “Are you ready for me baby?” He asked as he slapped each cheek with his open palm. “Yesss daddy,” I hissed out taking a big hit of my poppers.

I felt my body flush and relax almost immediately, the poppers did their job as I felt the craving for his dick increase ten-fold. I wanted his dick; no, I needed his dick and I made sure he knew it. “Please daddy, please fill my ass with your massive cock,” I whined looking back over my shoulder at him. He chuckled and lightly smacked and groped my cheeks. He got down on his knees and without warning he dove in tongue first and started to devour my asshole. His tongue expertly working me open. I let out a long groan as he ate me out like a starving man at an all-you-can-eat-buffet. I was a moaning whining mess by the time he stood up and lined his dick up with my hole.

I was far past the point of being able to form real words so I just groaned and pushed my ass back against his dick. I did my best to twerk almanbahis yeni giriş my ass a bit, trying to entice him to fill me up and stop teasing me. He didn’t say anything else, he just started pushing in, and thanks to the tongue fucking he gave me and the poppers, he slid in easily. Before I knew it, he was pressed firmly against my ass cheeks, his dick bottomed out inside my tight ass. “Awwwwfugh” I groaned out in a slutty voice, my eyes rolled back and I gripped the sheets tightly underneath me as my body was rocked with wave after wave of pleasure.

He stayed like that for a second, letting me feel every inch of him. I’ve never felt so full in my entire life. It felt like he had knocked all the wind from my lungs. Slowly, he started to pull all the way out leaving just the tip at my entrance. Then he slammed his hips forward, plunging his thick cock deep inside my guts again. He continued doing this, slowly thrusting back and forth, each thrust forward was like a gut punch, leaving me breathless and gasping for air. The sensations I was feeling were indescribable, My brain had short-circuited, blue-screened, and forced a restart all at once. I was offline and loving it. I was in heaven, laying in this man’s bed while he filled me with his cock.

Without warning he wrapped an arm around my waist and flipped me to my back. I let out a yelp and a groan as his dick left my hole, leaving me feeling empty. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long, before my brain could reboot and restart, he had my legs on his powerful shoulders and was easily filling me back. “uhhhghfugh” I groaned out as he really started to jack-hammer into me now. Fireworks started exploding inside my body with each of his powerful thrusts fucking me into the mattress. A warmth was starting to spread throughout my body, I felt I had reached nirvana. Who knew spiritual enlightenment was achieved through getting absolutely fucked into oblivion?

I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I felt my orgasm building with each stroke. My hand quickly grabbed my bouncing shaft, stroking it fast as I let out more and more unintelligible grunts yelps. The room was hot, we were both covered in sweat. “Where do you want it?” he choked out between thrusts.

“Paint my face!” I responded without much thought. After one last deep thrust, he pulled his massive cock out of my butt and let my legs fall flat on the bed. He was quickly hovering over my face with his cock inches from my mouth. He gave himself a few strokes before he groaned out “Fuuuuck!” and exploded over my face and tongue. Rope after rope of cum erupted from his cock, my face was covered. That was all it took for me, my hand was still flying up and down my shaft, “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me” I repeated as I felt my balls tighten and pretty soon, I too exploded all over my hand and chest.

He left me to grab a towel so I could clean myself up; what a gentleman. I tried to catch my breath, I was covered in sweat, cum, and drool, my hole was gaping and I was sprawled out on Taye Diggs bed. I felt dirty, slutty, and sexy as fuck! I loved every thing about tonight. He tossed me a towel and as I tried to clean myself up as best I could I gawked at the handsome man who was getting dressed in front of me. I chuckled to myself, Once you go black, you never go back. I wiped the last drop of cum from my face. I was definitely coming back for round 2!

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