Hot Co-Worker Ch. 02

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The next day was Friday. One of the really great things about Friday is that we are allowed to dress casually which for most people meant jeans and a t-shirt or casual shirt of some kind. I arrived at work a few minutes early in a pair of jeans and a button down linen shirt. I found a cup of coffee sitting on my desk and a note from Karen that said she had an early meeting in another part of the plant and would see me soon.

I started my day by answering a dozen or so emails and returning a handful of calls until I heard the very familiar voice saying good morning from behind me. I stopped typing and turned to see Karen wearing an incredible sundress. I had never seen her wear something like this before. I leaned forward and spoke as softly as possible and told her she looked incredible. She smiled and asked how my coffee was and I smiled and told her it was great and thanked her again for bringing me coffee.

Within five minutes of Karen’s return to the office, our boss called us into her office and asked us how we were doing on the project. I told her we were done with all the research and background work and had started preparing the presentation. I asked Karen what she thought about our completion date and she looked at me and said if we come in one day this weekend we should have it ready for our boss to review the following Thursday morning. This was still more than a week before it was due and I felt pretty good about it. Our boss said that sounded good and sent us on our way.

We each had plenty of work to keep us busy for the rest of the day and before I knew it, it was five o’clock. Everyone leaves by five, if not a little earlier on Friday. Soon enough it was only Karen and I left. She called me over to the big work table. As I left my desk I noticed the door to the office was already closed.

I walked over and sat down next to Karen. She was typing away on her laptop so I just stared at her for a few minutes. Once she was done with what she was doing she turned to me and asked if I minded coming in on Sunday because she had family plans on Saturday. I agreed and suggested we start at about nine. She said that was fine with her. Then we got to work.

Work didn’t really last long because we were both constantly looking at each other and I couldn’t help but check her out in the very cute sundress she had on. She asked if I liked it and I of course said yes. She had on a little button down sweater over it. She started to unbutton the sweater and then she took it off. It was then that I realized why she had it on all day. The sundress had very thin straps and was cut fairly low and showed a lot of skin. At that point I lost all concentration.

We were organizing some printouts on the table and we ended up side by side. Karen grabbed my hand and I looked right over to her smiling face and then right down the front of her dress. She was showing a great deal gaziantep escortları of cleavage. She laughed and said sorry because she hadn’t taken off her bra today, yet. I immediately started laughing and said that I like the way she emphasized the yet part. She then leaned forward and I met her and we kissed passionately for what seemed like several minutes. As we kissed my hands explored her body and hers mine.

What I did find out was that while she was wearing a bra she was not wearing panties. I pulled away and asked if she took them off for me and she laughed and said that she didn’t wear any today. I told her she was naughty and turned her around, slide both hands down her sides until they were just at the bottom of her dress and slowly pulled it up above her hips. Now that her bare ass was exposed I jokingly told her that I would have to punish her for being naughty and not wearing panties. As soon as I said that she responded by saying really and then bent over the table.

I reached back and pulled my chair over and gave her nice round ass a smack. She simply responded with an “mmmmm” and I rubbed her ass a little more and then smacked it again only harder this time. I got the same response except she pushed her ass back at me a little more. I then began smacking her ass repeatedly until each her ass was nice and red. I then leaned forward and kissed one side of her ass and then the other and rubbed it with both hands. She again responded by pushing her ass back into my hands.

As I rubbed her ass I slid my hands down inside her thighs and up toward her pussy. She spread her legs a little and I continued rubbing up her inner thighs and felt that she was wet several inches from her pussy. I followed the wetness trail right up to her dripping wet pussy. As soon as I touched it, she pushed her body back towards me more giving complete access to her pussy and ass. I slowly rubbed her clit and pussy lips for a moment and then plunged two fingers into her soaking wet pussy. She gasped loudly and pushed back against my hand as I started to slowly work my fingers in and out of her pussy. As I continued to finger her pussy I looked up and noticed she had pulled the straps of her dress and bra down her shoulders and she was cupping her tits in her hands playing with her nipples.

Once I saw this I asked her of she wanted me to keep using my hands or my cock. She simply replied fuck me. I didn’t have to be told twice. I stood up, dropped my jeans and boxers around my ankles and within a few seconds had the tip of my cock parting her pussy lips. Karen gasped a little and pushed back onto my cock. I put both hands on her hips and slowly matched her push with my own and I was quickly balls deep in her pussy. We both paused for a moment and then I went to work fucking her pussy. I alternated from using her hips to hold as I fucked her to again smacking her ass and also leaning forward over her to reach up and join her as she played with her tits.

We continued this for quite a while until she asked me if I wanted to be really naughty. I laughed and asked what she had in mind. She told me that our boss had left her door unlocked and she suggested we go in there and fuck on her desk. I laughed and said let’s go. I slowly slid my dick out of her pussy and she stood up and turned around. I got a great view of her beautiful tits and she looked right down at my hard cock. She reached down and stroked it a couple of times and then grasped it tightly and led me to our boss’s office while holding my cock.

We entered the office and the first thing I said was where you want to do it. She led me over to out bosses big leather chair and pushed me down into it. She dropped down to her knees and I thought she was going to suck my cock but she leaned forward and much to my surprise used both hands and wrapped her tits around my cock. I looked down and smiled as she looked up at me. I started raising my hips and fucking her tits as she started to move up and down to match my pace. She kept looking at me and said that she could tell how much I liked this but she wanted to fuck me.

Karen then stood up, turned around, pulled the bottom of her dress up and eased herself down slowly onto my rock hard cock. She was grinding her hips slowly and leaned back against my chest. I immediately reached around her and filled my hands with her tits. I started to play with her nipples and the pace of her grinding increased. After a few minutes of this she slowed down and told me she wanted me to fuck her on the desk. Remember how I had mentioned our boss was highly disorganized? Karen stood and turned toward me and said it’s not like we can mess up her desk anymore than it already is.

She sat up on the edge of the desk and leaned back on her elbows but basically rested on several piles of documents. I stood and slid my cock back into her soaking wet pussy. Now the pace was all up to me. I started again slowly but each thrust of my hips was very forceful. Karen grunted each time rammed my cock into her. I eased up a little but increased my pace. We were going for only a few minutes when Karen said she was going to cum. I kept going and looked down as she reached down and played with her clit as I continued to fuck her. She wrapped her legs around me tighter and pulled me into her and as she did this she dropped her head back and I felt her pussy tighten and then felt it get even wetter.

After a minute or so, she released the leg lock she had on my body and I slowly went back to fucking her soaking wet pussy. I was sliding my cock in and out of her and she started rocking her hips with me. I kept fucking her and between the two of us we were getting a little loud. All I know is it was a good thing that no one was in any of the offices adjacent to our bosses. I felt myself getting close and asked her where I should cum. She asked me if I could hold off for a few more minutes because she was very close and wanted to cum again. I told her I would do my best. We kept fucking and she was furiously rubbing her clit. Again she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me close and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. It was almost all I could take. I was so ready to cum. Just as she started to release her legs I told her I was ready to cum.

Karen looked at me and told me to sit back down in the chair. I did as she told me to and she dropped to her knees. She leaned down and took my cock in her mouth. She had my cock covered with her saliva and I told her I was so close. Then she once again surprised me. She released my cock from her mouth and wrapped her tits around it again. I looked down and asked if she was sure because I was going to make a big mess. She smiled and started sliding her tits up and down my cock. This was just too much for me. It was only about a minute and I told her I was going to cum. My first shot was on a down stroke and fired off right between her tits but the rest didn’t. My second shot fired off right as the head came out the top of her tits and shot all the way up her chest and neck. I let go two more shots just as powerful and the first two and the both shot in the same direction as the last.

After four huge shots of cum and at least two more small ones, Karen’s tits, chest, neck, chin and cheek were covered with my cum. She once again surprised me and leaned down and took my cock in her mouth and cleaned it off. She then sat back and I looked at her covered with my cum and she look down and then back up and smiled at me.

My boss had a box of tissues on her desk. We used quite a few trying to clean up my cum but it seemed like all we were doing was smearing it around. Finally we got as much of the cum cleaned off her as possible. I stood up and started to put my cock away but she grabbed it and took it in her mouth one more time and sucked it for a few more seconds. She then stood up and we both looked around at our boss’s desk. The piles of papers with moved a little but the funniest thing was the clearly wet edge of the table. Karen’s pussy was so wet that she left a wet mark on the desk. I grabbed another tissue and wiped it up.

We both walked out of out of out bosses office mush the way we went in. My cock was in my boxers but my pants were still undone and Karen’s tits were still out. It was a good thing no one had come back for anything. Karen went to her desk and pulled and wet wipe from her purse and used that for one final cleanup. I buttoned up my jeans and watched Karen put her tits away and straighten out her dress. She walked over to me and put her arms around my neck and kissed me. She pulled away and said let’s get out of here. We can have more fun on Sunday but we have to do some work too. I laughed and said OK. Once again we headed out together and locked the office door behind us.

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