Homerun Love

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I got out of my truck and sauntered over to the stands. Today our college baseball team was playing in the regional finals. My friends and I had decided to come out and support the team, as we often did. Today we were all wearing jeans, flip flops and sports bras. Why, may you ask, in the hell were we wearing sports bras? Well that should be obvious. We had our stomachs painted blue with white letters spelling out “Go Peake”. Like I said, team support. It was also an added bonus that by painting our stomachs, we were definitely attracting the gazes of the team. Every single boy on our team was the ideal college hottie. All of them were tall and very muscular, with gorgeous faces.

I climbed up the bleachers and took my place between Farrah and Morgan, or in today’s case, “O” and “E”. I was the “P” in Peake. The boys were already warming up on the field and my gaze kept drifting to one in particular. Tucker Habin. He was the first baseman for the team, and definitely the object of my interest. I often talked to Tucker in classes. I had three a day with him. He was polite, courteous, funny, smart and of course, gorgeous. Tucker had the sort of boy-next-door look going for him. He had close cropped brown hair, bright blue eyes and a strong, yet expressive face. He was also totally dedicated to the sport and his team, and it took a lot to distract him from his game. We were both 19 and enjoying the college life to the fullest.

As I glanced at Tucker I saw him looking at me and waved. He smiled at me and waved back before turning back to his throwing partner. As the game began, our boys took the field first. The girls and I cheered for them as they had three batters up, and shut three batters down. As we cheered and clapped, a few of the opposite team members were yelling from their dugout at us. They yelled that if we switched teams and started cheering for them then they’d really show us a good time afterward. Of course we didn’t pay a bit of attention to them. We were firmly dedicated to our college team. I did notice, however, that a few of our team players were shooting the others death glares. It occurred to me that they might be mad at the other team’s interest in us. Tucker was one of the boys who appeard to be irritated.

The first two of our boys at bat got singles, and then Tucker was up to bat. Tucker had the number one batting average on the team. I cheered and yelled for him as he took his stance. Two balls passed and then Tucker seemed to find the perfect pitch. He sank back on his heel and swung, sending the ball flying over the head of the left fielder. The ball easily cleared the far fence for a three-run homerun. The girls and I screamed our support as Tucker rounded the bases. I could see a pleasant smile crossing his face and he winked at me as he touched home plate. Of course I had to wink back.

The rest of the game went extremely well, ending in our team earning a W with a score of 14-2. By this time, the air had begun to cool with the sinking sun and I had goosebumps on my arms and stomach. I assumed the boys would need to stay for a talk with the coaches so I decided to just head home, I would congratulate Tucker, and the others, tomorrow in class. That was why I was surprised as I headed toward the truck to hear my name called out.

“Hey, gaziantep escortları T! Hold up. Where you going so fast?” Tucker asked, using my nickname as he swaggered up to me. He had a cocky grin on his face as he approached me, equipment bag slung over his shoulder. I smiled at him and stopped to wait.

A brisk breeze swept through and I shivered slightly just as he came to a stop beside me. “Cold, babe?” he asked as he dropped his bag and pulled a sweatshirt out of it, handing it to me. I gratefully slipped it on and sighed as Tucker’s scent surrounded me. He smelled so good.

“Thanks,” I said. “Congratulations slugger. You had 7 RBI’s that game. That’s amazing!”

Tucker blushed a bit and nodded. One thing about him, he was cocky about his team, but humble when it came to himself. He picked his bag back up and started towards his own truck, which was parked three spots down from mine.

It seemed like he had something on his mind so I bumped him with my shoulder, asking what was wrong. “Those other guys sure did like the way you girls were dressed…” he mumbled as we walked slowly. I saw his gaze dart to me and then back to the ground.

I waved away the thought. “They were too full of themselves for my liking. I think I will stick with you guys”. At that statement, I thought I saw an emotion close to relief flash across his face. Was he really worried that my loyalties would switch to a different team? I asked him this.

Shaking his head no, Tucker replied that he knew my loyalties were firm in the team. As he said this we reached my truck. He dropped his bag on my tailgate and hauled himself up, patting the spot beside him. I hopped up next to him, enjoying the feel of his thigh pressed against mine.

“I’m not worried about your loyalties to the team, T. But I do have a question…” he seemed to hesitate. “What I guess I wanna know is… I mean, I’d never thought about it before. But when I heard them other guys trying to pick you up… well I guess I sorta got jealous. I dunno if you even feel anything like that for me. But I had to tell you, I need to know how you feel about it,” he said on a rush of breath. To say the least, I was kind of shocked. I’d always known Tucker considered me a close friend, but he’d never hinted at liking me as more.

I guess I hesitated a little too long because Tucker took a deep breath and started to get up. “Look, I understand if you don’t feel the same. It’s no biggie, I just thought I’d try”.

“Woah, Tucker hold up. I didn’t say I don’t feel the same,” I said, jumping up. “You just surprised me is all. I didn’t know you felt like that”. I placed my hand on his muscled forearm. “You are one of my best friends, but I wouldn’t mind you being more.”

Tucker gave me that crooked grin that always made my heart skip a beat before leaning in and kissing me softly on the lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him back until I heard a shrill catcall. I backed away from him, feeling my cheeks heat up. Tucker scowled at his teammate who had distracted us but then turned back to me with a blinding smile.

“Come on, babe, let’s go celebrate” he said, taking my hand in his and leading me towards his truck. I didn’t mind leaving mine parked in the lot, nothing would hurt it there. I scrambled up into Tucker’s truck, rolling my eyes at how tall it was. I heard his low rumble of laughter from the other side. “I guess I’m gonna have to get those steps we’d talked about installed now, huh?” he asked. I nodded in response as I settled into the passenger seat. Tuckers arm reached across the seat, pulling me into the middle where he could drape it across my shoulders as we pulled out of the lot and headed towards Cohee’s to have dinner and celebrate.

It had been six months since Tucker and I had started dating. The best six months I could remember having in a long time. Sometimes when best friends become lovers, I guess it could become awkward. But not with Tucker and I. We only became closer. We spent day in and day out together. We had class together, studied together, I attended all of his games and he attended my softball games as well. Tucker lived in an apartment with one of his teammates, so I often spent nights over there where we could sleep together all night long.

I sat on the bench of our dugout, sweating and exhausted from the game we had just played. Our coach ended his lecture by telling us that we played an excellent game and then dismissed us. I walked out of the dugout and reached down to grab my bag, stopping when an arm shot in front of me and lifted it. Tucker, of course. I smiled wearily up at him and he smiled back, leaning down to kiss my lips. “Good game babe,” he said as we headed towards his truck. “Wanna come back to my place for dinner and a movie?”

“Sure, but only if I can get a shower…” I said as I climbed into his truck and lay my head back. On the way home Tucker placed his hand on my thigh and rubbed in lightly, allowing his fingers to brush higher with every sweep. A soft moan escaped my lips when at one point, his finger brushed my sex. It had been a few days since we had last had sex and I was growing restless. I leaned my head against Tucker’s shoulder and kissed his arm, capturing his hand in mine. “If you’re gonna be doing that you better be prepared to continue once we get home,” I said in a husky voice I barely recognized. Tucker’s fingers flexed and he brought my hand over into his lap. “Baby,” he replied. “Trust me. I’m definitely prepared to face the consequences…” My hand brushed against the length of his steely rod beneath his jeans and his hips jumped up towards my hand. I smiled to myself and rubbed him, up and down, through his jeans, making him moan softly and turn to quickly kiss my lips before paying attention to the road again.

We only had another mile or so to his apartment so I stopped rubbing him for the time being. As we arrived, I hopped out of the truck, groaning when my leg muscles protested the jolt. Being a catcher had some definite drawbacks. Tucker came around the truck and swept me up into his arms. I laughed out loud and hooked my arms around his neck. “My knight in shining armor…” I said dreamily as he took me inside. I noticed his teammate/roommate wasn’t home yet which probably meant he was out on a date. Instead of placing me on the couch, Tucker headed straight towards the bathroom and sat me down on the toilet. “Romantic.” I muttered and smiled at him as he laughed. He turned on the hot water in the shower and then, slowly, Tucker began to undress me, starting with my feet and working his way up to my bra. When I was totally naked, he motioned for me to step into the shower. I moaned at the hot spray hit my tense muscles. It felt like heaven, I thought.

This thought was quickly amended when Tucker stepped in behind me, pressing his muscular body up against me. He began to knead my muscles with his large hands. Now THIS, was heaven. Tucker massaged my neck and back before dropping lower to massage my legs and also my feet. By the time he was done, my body felt like jell-o. As he stood, I kissed him, running my hands along his chest and lower, where I caught his already hard and straining manhood in my hands. A low moan escaped his lips as he leaned back against the shower wall. The water was sluicing over his well developed chest as I knelt down.

From this level, Tucker’s rather large cock was eye level and I smiled as I slowly liked him from base to tip. His whole powerful body shuddered just from that little contact and he fisted his hands in my hair. I felt myself grow wet just from his reaction. I slowly sucked him into my mouth and he groaned softly. As I began running my tongue up and down his length his hips moved in rhythm with my head. “Oh god, T, yeah babe” he moaned softly. After about five minutes of me sucking on him he pulled me up to kiss me again. It was then that his fingers slid along my slit, opening me up. He slid one long finger into my depths and I shuddered, he pressed another in, and I moaned out loud. My knees began to shake as he began moving his fingers in and out in a slow rhythm. I was just on the brink of an orgasm when he pulled his fingers out, leaving me whimpering for more.

Tucker was quick to reclaim my body though. He lifted me up against the shower wall and slowly pressed his length into my body. I whimpered in pleasure as he pushed in to the hilt, balls deep as he called it. Tucker pressed his forehead to mine as he began a slow rhythm of in and out. Each time almost pulling out of me before driving himself all the way back in. Our breathing grew ragged as our bodies moved together. He began kissing my neck and throat when my head fell back in ecstasy which made me moan even louder than usual. I felt myself becoming close to orgasm again and I think Tucker knew it too. He began to drive into me harder and faster until finally I cried out in release. I felt myself pulse around his hard-on at the same time I felt him begin to throb inside of me. He gave three more hard thrusts and then I felt his body tense up in release. I felt his warmth flood into me and I heard his groan in my ear as he came.

After a minute, Tucker slowly lowered me to my feet. My knees were shaky but I managed to lock them and stand up. He lowered his forehead to mine and kissed me lightly a few times before a shiver racked through his body. Only then did I realize the water had grown cold and was beating down on his heated back. I reached around him and turned the spray off then stepped out of the shower and wrapped myself in one of his warm fluffy towels. He did the same before backing me up to the counter and kissing my passionately again.

“I love you, T. I truly do,” he said softly as he gazed into my eyes. My heart flipped in my chest as I realized that I too loved him. I told him this and he gave me that charming crooked grin of his before hooking an arm around my shoulders and dragging me into his bedroom.

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