Granddad’s fingers, were a welcome Penetratio

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Granddad’s fingers, were a welcome PenetratioMarried at eighteen and now, three years later, I hate the sight of him.I should have listened to others, advising me about throwing myself head-long into this relationship, but another saying ‘You never know someone until you have lived with them’, now rings hollow, as it reverberates in my head.Last week we were at a family reunion and he just got drunk, and began to talk down to me, continually correcting and belittling, honestly if I had a knife, I would have castrated him, but something later on happened, which was just as good.My Grandfather on my fathers side of the family, was required to go home, and I, having had enough of my husbands attitude, decided to share a cab back to our respective homes.I was angry but Grandfather soon soothed away my furrowed brow, he was almost 70, and put his arm around me in the back of the cab.I dozed off, with the sudden lull of mental anguish, drink, and warmth in the cab. For how long I slept, I am unsure, but we had skipped going to my house first and finished up at his, but before that realisation, there was another, I woke up with my Grandfathers hand under my skirt, nestling warmly on my bare thigh, between my stockings tops and my panties.As the cab pulled-in, I moved, ‘Granddad’, I started to say, as I moved my body, that was when I felt his hand on my bare thigh, and as I turned slightly, he touched my pubis, escort bayan and the shock made me freeze.’I will get this’, he said, pulling his hand out from under my dress, his fingers tracing a line all the way down my thigh.I looked as he pulled out his wallet in the darkness and paid the Taxi driver, as he did so, my mind was racing, he had touched me, in fact, I could still feel his fingers, as my body hung onto the caress, it was more than my husband had done down there past nine months.’Gramps, I thought I was going home first’, I mildly complained?’I can do with your company, for the time being’, he replied, so I got out and the taxi drove off.He came close to me again and slipped his hand under my arm and ushered me to his front door, and once inside, took my coat from me and I went into the warm living room, where he poured me a large whiskey and handed it to me.’Granddad, I cant drink this stuff, it’s too strong’. I sat down on the settee and he sat down at the other end. ‘Get it into your belly’, he advised, ‘it will loosen you up girl’, he continued.I raised the glass to my lips, held my breath and took a swig, which was more than a sip, and I felt it flow down my throat and warm my stomach, a sudden warmth and secure feeling entrenched my very being, and once it had subsided, I took another, and surprisingly found myself relaxed about it.’Swing your feet around Mariel, I will give tuzla genç escort you a foot massage’. I looked at Granddad, he wanted me to put my feet onto his lap, ‘My feet Granddad’, I laughed, ‘do you have a foot fetish’, I teased, the whiskey certainly was loosening me up, as I spun on my ass, lifted my feet and laid them onto his lap, noting Granddad was looking up skirt as my raised legs, exposed my stockings all the way up the back of my legs, I was feeling fruity and daring, and as I rested my ankles on his lap, I specifically choose what appeared to be a growing bump.I could feel his cock through his pants, and myself beginning to wet, as my sex starved body began to ache for penetration, suddenly, Granddad, was a stranger, a man, and a cock, a fuck, and I heeled his cock gently but naughtily, ‘Am I making you hard Granddad’, and he smiled, ‘I warn you Granddaughter, I can still get it up’, that pleased me, as my black stockinged feet toyed and rubbed his erection between them.’First time in a lot of years Mariel’, he sighed, ‘I first saw you naked as a two year old, and watched you grow into the beautiful girl you are today, and regret never having seen you naked ever since’, he continued, as I raised both my arms above my head, while Granddad caressed and held my stockinged feet tightly against his erection, stroking and moving up my legs again, from my feet to my knees.’I like tuzla kendi evi olan escort to feel a woman do that’, he said thickly, the change in his tone excited me sexually, I was past caring and just wanted to fuck, ‘Do what Granddad’, I asked inquisitively teasing?’Raise her arms in surrender’, he replied thickly.I smiled and squirmed even more, as both his both hands slid under the hem of my skirt all the way up to my stocking tops. I closed my eyes, whilst at the same time began tightening my crotch muscles, trying to grip an imaginary cock that lay deep inside my cunt, my hips moved as my labia caressed my swollen clitoris, between their moistened lips, themselves swollen with the heat and passion for a desiring fuck.In order to focus on his touching, and feeling my body ache and twist with a deep hidden passion, I now raised my ass, as Granddad’s fingers toyed with my bare hips, and I could feel his fingers teasing the elastic edge of my panties, his nail lifting the delicate item to let his finger enter under their flimsiness, and finally touch the coiffured silken pubis, atop my swollen cunt.I groaned out loud, a deep ache long yearned for, ‘Oh Granddad’, I gasped, as he watched my contorted face, I twisted until his marauding finger touched my swollen ‘little man’, alone in his rocky boat, awash with the slippery mucus now pouring from my inner vaginal walls, ‘Fuck me’, I groaned, not once, but continually, begging until we both got up and went to his bedroom, myself arriving naked, the trail of my discarded clothes, an indication of my willingness to be breeded, even if it was family, and even separated by generations.All comments truly welcomed, Mariel

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