Getting My Way With Debbie

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You join me sitting in my local pub, the Kingfisher, surrounded by my usual Friday night drinking buddies. There’s plenty stories to be told about us but tonight concerns a particular girl called Debbie. But first let me introduce myself, I’m Dave. 19 years old, 6ft 2in, average build, slightly geeky, as were most of my pub buddies, and in possession of a secret weapon. Weapon you ask? My 10” cock, thick veiny and built to please. The target of my attention, and intentions, this particular night was Debbie.
Two weeks prior to tonight she had been a flat chested UK size 6 – 8, 18 year old with a pert ass. Basically she could pass for a young school kid. But as I said this was prior to two weeks ago, and I hadn’t seen her for that fortnight. She was now in possession, of what I would spend my entire evening checking out, a fantastic new D-cupped rack. Whereas before she didn’t even need to wear a bra, she was now quite literally bursting out of her strappy top, never mind her black lacy bra struggling to cope underneath. This was driving me mad and I knew, whatever it took, that I wanted to see those breasts.

Her boyfriend Rory was busy getting drunk at another table so I took it on myself to provide company, and plenty of drinks to Debbie. She had sat herself down next to me on a sofa and I made no secret of how much I liked her new rack, she was pretty pleased herself with it. Despite a fantastic set of pins, she rarely wore a skirt, never mind one that would have shown off her legs and her pert butt. But sitting next to her I wasn’t bothered by that, her jeans had slipped halfway down her gorgeous ass as she had sat down, giving me a perfect view of her butt cheeks, separated only by a tiny black lacy g-string. With Debbie, less was most definitely more. Needless to say I took this as a signal to start a long night of cheeky teasing and doing whatever I thought I could get away with. Starting off with cuddles and as the alcohol flowed getting more intimate, with hands falling onto boobs, quick grabs, running my fingers over her exposed ass cheeks and stroking her inner thighs.

She had a free house that weekend so we decided to take the short walk to her house and carry on drinking there, plus roll up and smoke some weed. I also had other plans, but no one else was aware. Her boyfriend Rory was already wasted so we set him down in front of the TV and put the Xbox on for some 4 player gaming. I kept the alcohol flowing Debbie’s way and continued my progressive groping. The thrill of her boyfriend being not two metres away adding to experience.

I finally had had enough of seeing her boobs encased in her top and decided enough was enough, I had to see them. I wanted more than just to see them, but seeing them would be a start. Luckily at that moment Debbie excused herself to grab something from her room. I followed her up the stars, feigning a need to go for a piss, and then doubled backed along the hallway towards her room. I entered her bedroom, and quickly shut the door. She turned around and asked what I was after, and without beating around the bush I told her. She had been teasing me all night with her fantastic new breasts and I wanted see them, plain and simple. She laughed me off and told me no, so I grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards me. I told her this time, that if she didn’t show me them that she would live to regret it.

A look of disbelief hit her face as she realised the situation. Initially reluctant to remove her top I do the job for her, ripping her top off and wrenching her pretty bra from her svelte body. What stands before me is perfection, and I can’t help myself but start fondling them. They feel fantastic in my hands as I massage them, şişli bayan escort the nipples being hypersensitive and perking up straight away as my touch arouses them. She tried to squirm away from my incessant fondling but as u can guess I don’t have any of it. I take her nipples into my mouth and start to ply with them with my tongue; her reluctance soon subsided as she realised the pleasure she was receiving from me.

She started caressing my body and came across the now rather unmissable bulge in my jeans. Curiosity got the better of her as she removed my jeans and tee shirt, leaving me in just my boxers. She realised that she was more clothed than me and slipped off her jeans, leaving her looking delicious in her almost non existent black lacy g-string. This image only aided the bulge in my boxers and Debbie couldn’t but help herself pulling down and off my restraining underwear. My 10” cock sprung free and she let out an audible gasp.

She begged me if she could touch it, giving me the usual power kick and refreshing my head with ideas for the incredibly near future. I looked around her room, seeing her bed totally covered by cuddly toys. I thought to myself, “awww how sweet”, quickly followed by “I’m gonna ravage this sweet young cunt”. She started to stroke my cock, taking it in two hands and feeling the pulsating motion. I hate hand jobs so I told to suck it, which garnered the response I always hate to hear. “I don’t think it will fit”. It always does and they always love it so I made it clear to her that she had no choice, so get to it. With both of us knowing how much she wants my cock in her sweet mouth.

She inched the head into her mouth, licking it with her tongue and stroking my shaft. She began to move her head down my length and as I always do; at the moment when her mouth had opened enough I grabbed her head from behind and rammed my cock down her throat. And as always it causes the girl to gag, turning me on even more. I slowly face fucked her, enjoying the sensation of fucking her throat. As this tiny little cock slut is having my monster member rammed down her tight throat I inform her that unless she gives me the greatest blowjob I’ve ever had, every time I feel she’s not giving 100% effort I’ll start to face fuck her and make her gag again.

She soon started to give my cock the attention it craved and only once or twice did I get the pleasure of burying my cock past her tonsils. I could see her tiny g string getting soaked as the control over pleasuring my cock started to turn her on. It’s not long before I was pumping my seed down her narrow throat, causing her to gag once again but I told her to swallow every last drop, I didn’t want a single drop wasted. She did a miraculous job of keeping down every last drop of the cum I spurted inside her cock hungry mouth and she cleaned up my cock with her tongue too.

After the great blowjob I decided I want some of her pussy so I picked her up off her knees and laid her on her cuddly toy spread bed. I removed her now see thru sopping wet panties, inhaling her juices as I did so and admiring her pussy. Totally hairless, it is a thing of beauty and I thought to myself of the pure pleasure I’m going to have savaging that perfect fuck hole. As she lay out before me, serene and almost innocent I thought silently that she seemed pretty much under my control, or at least my cock’s control, and I had a feeling that I’d be able to get away with anything I so pleased.

I went down on her smoothly shaved pussy; I’m blessed with a long and incessantly probing tongue and as a result love cunnilingus. I teased her labia and clit with the tip of my tongue, causing her to arch her back while randomly penetrating şişli escort my long tongue deep into her tight cunt. I could feel her clit responding to my tongue as I tortured it with my flicking touches. I moved my tongue up to her nipples and teased them while I massaged her sensitive and contoured breasts. I drove her even further to the edge as I grinded my now growing cock over her crotch. I returned to administer more pleasure to her pussy, deciding it was time to introduce my cock to her insides. It wasn’t long before her breathing became erratic and her body shook uncontrollably. I could feel her pussy contracting as I fucked her with my fingers whilst dancing my tongue over her clit. This girl is not one to keep the volume down so the first thing I could grab to muffle her screams of ecstasy, after I suppressed her initial burst with my hand, was a cuddly Nemo toy.

Before she had a chance to recover from her mind boggling multiple – orgasms I flipped her over onto her stomach then pulled her onto her knees and tied her wrists behind her with her bra. I kept the gag in just in case she got second thoughts. I took up position behind her and spread her legs to get a good view of her smooth, hairless and very inviting pussy. My cock had sprung to attention and was more than ready to fuck. I lined up my bulbous head at her entrance and inched it inside her, she turned around to look at me and her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets, and it’s obvious she’s never had anything nearly as big as mine. I slowly inched my shaft into her phenomenally tight cunt and enjoying the look of terror on her eyes; you can see why I silenced her now.

The look of terror was slowly replaced with one of pleasure and then pretty quickly wanton lust. This was all the motivation I needed to push the last 5 inches inside her and bottom out. I could feel my cock pushing against, and then thru, her womb entrance; there’s no feeling like it. I started to slowly fuck her, pulling out until all but my head had been removed before slowly pushing deep inside her. If she hadn’t been gagged she would have been screaming at me to fuck her, I have no doubt. I repeated this slowly, there was no other way to fuck her at the moment until her pussy started to accept my alien invader was here to stay and it better enjoy it. She got slightly slacker and wetter and I took full advantage picking up my pace and beginning to fuck her as if this was the only chance I would get. Although I was hopeful after this experience she’d be begging for more. The makeshift gag was really doing its job, as murmurs of joy and ecstasy escaped as I carried on smashing into her doggy style with her head amongst her pillows and cuddly toys.

I figured I’d had enough of doggy style so flipped her over onto her back and tied her hands to her bedposts. I wasn’t about to her go anywhere or do anything I didn’t want her to. I loved the power trip I was having and decided that I didn’t want to blindfold her so she could see the pleasure I was getting from dominating her petit frame with the power of my cock.

I spared no gentle first entry this time and picked up where I left off, fucking the 9 lives out of her sweet sweet pussy. Cos she was so tight and had never had anything quite like my cock before she was having wave after wave of orgasms, and as a result her pussy was contracting like mad round my pulsating cock. Her pussy was red but I had no sympathy, she was my fuckdoll and all I cared about was savaging her meat hole and covering her with cum. I reached down and roughly grabbed her gravity defying breasts, changing my angle of penetration to hit the few spots I had failed reach already with my monster piece of meat.

Unsurprisingly mecidiyeköy escort I wasn’t to last much longer, still with the mindset of this being my only opportunity I quickly withdrew before her pussy could trap me. Her body was wracked with wave after wave of pleasure and her pussy made an attempt to milk my cock before I escaped. I straddled her stomach and fed my cock between her tits. I ripped out her makeshift gag and a quick and I mean a very quick, but no means sensational, tit wank later and her face was plastered with my creamy white discharge.

After our frenetic excursions we were absolutely shattered and we both collapsed on her bed. After we had got enough energy back to stand up I figured it would make sense that she got cleaned up before Rory found us. We both headed for her parents en-suite to grab a shower. Although, as I said I wasn’t wasting this opportunity and had a crafty plan up my sleeve (I was still naked so the sleeve is obviously metaphorical) so there’s still more to ‘cum’ in my tale.

We climbed into the large shower cubicle and as the warm water started to cascade over us I started to help her soap up. I couldn’t help but start to get intimate with my washing and she turned around with a schoolgirl like pleading face and said “no, I can’t take it again”. This wasn’t what I wanted to hear and so forcefully told her, “I don’t give a shit, you’re my pretty little fuckdoll tonight and you do as I say, OK?”

“Yes” she replied, meekly, and with a face drenched in resignation.

I forced her against the tiled wall and spread her legs; like a cop would do when searching and cuffing you. I grabbed her hair and planted a long kiss on her lips which slowly parted and received mine as she remembered what a great fuck she had just had. My cock was once again rock hard and in one swift movement I buried it deep in her ass. No warning given, no subtle or even obviously hint either, and all that escaped her now ungagged mouth was a loud gasp followed by a whimper. An anal virgin it seemed. She tried to protest but unsurprisingly I was having none of it, and I started to slowly fuck her in the ass, her whimpers and tears slowly turned to moans of pleasure as she allowed her body to succumb to my sodomizing her. My forcing my thick long shaft deep inside her virgin second fuckhole. In fact her ass was so tight it made a popping sound every time I withdraw my cock as the trapped air inside forced its way out.

Standing in the shower was getting dangerous with the water pouring over our naked bodies, man she had a fine ass. I nearly slipped over in the shower so, still with my cock in her ass, I hauled her out of the shower and bent her over the loo seat. Now able to pick up the pace I started to savage her asshole just as had done to her still red pussy. I grabbed an electric toothbrush, turned it on and stuffed it in her pussy giving her double stimulation. This drove her over the edge and her pussy clamped the toothbrush so tight I could let it go. Her ass started violently contracting as I continued hammering my huge cock deep inside her and I knew I had to make up my mind where my third and final load would be deposited. It occurred to me that I should leave Rory, her boyfriend, a small present should he ever get the opportunity to ram his cock up Debbie’s pert and very fuckable butt. I shot my load deep inside her bowels and let the contracting of her colon wrangle every last drop I had to offer out of me and into her. Once I was sure I had no more to offer I grabbed Debbie’s head and forced my cock in her mouth to get it cleaned up. Once she had licked my cock clean we towelled off went back to her room to redress. Then we headed downstairs, her with a slight cowboy walk, into the lounge to smoke a joint and see if anyone was alert enough to notice that we had been missing.

To be continued?

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