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forced Con’tA roar from the crowd of pure excitement rips through the air. It sound to be fifteen to twenty people here. I fell a jolt of pain through my right breast. A blood curdling scream came out of me. I stepped back only to step into a female. May I do something to her? Yes go head. She grabbed the rope and lead me to a wall and told me to put my hands over my head and stand on my tippy toes. Hands go underneath my breast and lift me up. My wrist slide onto something, feels like a hook. I am lowered again, I can just barely reach the ground.There is a soft hand on my butt caressing it. Than all of a sudden there are three consecutive slaps on my butt and I yell in pain. I than feel something cold down my back, scissors again? No, it cannot be. They feel like cold nails running down my back. I scream again because I feel my skin being ripped. It all of a sudden stops, I hear someone say, “To bad no blood”. I hear the sound barrier being broken a few times. Than I feel the sting on my butt and I howl in pain. It happens again and again. Than I feel that soft gentle hand again on my butt and back. A soft female voice says wow your back side is nice and red. You mark easy.Big strong hands come kocaeli escort around me and squeeze my breast, I moan. I am not going to give him the satisfaction anymore of screaming. He finds my nipples and pinches them and rolls them between his fingers. I grid my teeth and take it like a good bitch. I feel his hands around my waist as he undoes my pants, he pulls them down to my angles and allows me to step out of them. I than hear the sound barrier being broken again and I know what is coming I grunt but never yell. They get off on my screams just as much as I am getting off on the pain. The voice that is so recognizable is back in my ear, what no more screams? He picks me up so my hands come off the hook and tosses me over his shoulder like I am a bag of potatos. He puts me on my feet and tells me to turn around and walk forward. I bump into something it feels like a high padded bench or something. All I hear is a soft female voice saying bend over it.Another set of hands touch mine. I look up on impulse when I do a cock is shoved deep in my mouth, I gag. I can feel tears running down my face. For a split second I wonder if my make-up is running down my face too. The thought turns me kocaeli escort bayan on some more. I almost did not realize that there was someone tying my angles to the legs of this, this what? There was a smack on my ass. I grunted the best I could with a cock in my mouth. I heard another male voice ask me if my mother ever taught me not to talk with something in my mouth? That familiar voice told me not to be rude and answer the question. I tried to push the cock out of my mouth and he said no with the cock in your mouth your a rude bitch and you need to choke on some cock. I just said no the best I could. A solid slap across the face came my ways. He pulled out and smacked my face with his cock.I all of a sudden felt those nails again on my back. It was light at first than it hurt and dug deep into my skin. I hear the crowd roar at my scream this time. I feel something wet on my back, someone licking my blood? I am shocked yet so close to cumming it sickens me. My blindfold is pulled off and a second later I get a paddle across my ass and I yell again. I try looking around however I still cannot see for my eyes are still focusing. I see legs in my line of kocaeli escort sight and the words “Hello love” in a voice that I know I should be able to place. Yet still cannot. I scream again as a I am whipped again and again and again. The legs start walking towards me until all I see are his feet right under my face. I see his hard cock in front for me and I open up my mouth for him. All while being whipped. My ass is on fire so it feels I am sucking this man off when I come. I growl on his cock and he shoves it deeper in my mouth.He pulls out and bends down so his face is in my view and smiles and says hello love than gives me a kiss. He than walks behind me and pulls my hair and teases me with his cock. He asks the women if he can fuck me she say yes. He slides deep inside me nice a hard. He is to big for me and it hurts. I start crying yet never say stop. This is the kind of pain I am use to and Quinn knew it. An old flame dies hard. He pulls out and comes on my ass and I hear the females voice say be a gentlemen and clean her up. There was a pause than I felt his tongue licking me clean. I am untied both angles and wrists.I never thought I would enjoy being used like that. It is interesting what we can find out about ourselves if we keep an open mind and try new things. That night I found out I enjoy being used. I understand why people enjoy that kind of sex. We make a regular play date him and I still to this day.I hope everyone enjoyed this, I know I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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