Finding Lynn Part 4 – The Climax and Long Goodbye Part 1

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Her contracted hour was up. Holly got up off the bed, grabbed her red satin blouse and collected her $500 payment from the nightstand. She then surveyed the two exhausted lovers. Lynn, the Sub she had been hired to pleasure, was a sweaty mess with lots of hair plastered down over her face. Spent she had fallen off Jim’s thick cock but managed to catch his balls in one outstretched hand. Even as Lynn lay there, near exhausted sleep, Holly could see her small hand clutching and gently kneading Jim’s scrotum.For his part Jim, the Dom who had arranged her employment, was still splayed out like a sacrifice to the sex Gods. One ankle had come free while he was bucking his ass too deeply penetrate and fuck Lynn. That leg was now bent while the restrained leg was firmly tucked under the cuddled Lynn. Lynn’s head had come to rest with her lip’s scant inches from his left nipple. Holly could see the delicate movement of his black, thick chest hairs moving with each breath Lynn made as she continued panting from her wild orgasm. With each heavy breath Lynn expelled more of Jim’s cum. Holly could not resist tracing a long milky white rope off Lynn’s inner thigh, tasting it, and then rubbing it back into the freshly fucked cunt from where it had come. She bent over the side of the bed; her breasts quickly coated from the sweat on Lynn’s side. Gazing at the small but firm breast, just inches away, Holly could feel another tingle of desire rising inside herself.‘Hell’ she thought ‘I’m off the clock.’First, she dipped her fingers deep inside of Lynn’s soaked cunny. Lynn moaned but barely moved. Then she pressed three coated fingers into Jim’s mouth. As Jim began to suckle the combined juices Holly opened her mouth and clamped her lips tight on the beckoning rosebud nipple with a hard suction. With expert teasing of her tongue, she began to nurse on the thickening nipple. As Jim’s head fell back to the bed Holly returned her slick three fingers to touch and tease Lynn’s wet labia. Lynn opened her legs, inviting more attention, Holly pressed two fingers inside. Her strokes became more urgent as she once again teased and probed the sweet folds of Lynn’s pussy.”That feels so good,” mumbled Lynn as she rolled slightly and positioned herself to open her pussy wider. Holly responded to the invitation by thrusting her palm deep inside. Lynn tightened her grip on Jim’s testicles while her tongue darted out to part Jim’s chest hairs and tease the nipple before her.Released from her Sub role Lynn whispered, “Please!” Her gaze met Holly’s eyes and then tracked towards Jim’s restraints.”Mmm… Ahhh…Ohh… K,” was all Holly could say, without releasing her firm lip and teeth lock on the now swollen nipple bud.With her one free hand Holly reached up and released one of the restraints on Jim’s wrist. Although Jim, as evidenced by his semi erection, was enjoying the gentle teasing of his balls he had other Ankara escort active plans for their remaining time together. He quickly released the restraint of his second hand.Jim became very aware of the heavy combined scent of their sex. Holly had positioned herself near the head of the bed, but still within reach of Lynn’s wet tunnel and firm nipples. The term freshly fucked took on whole new meaning for him that day.Rolling towards Lynn Jim found he could use his left hand and reach Holly’s bald pussy, so he began to gently caress the outer folds. With his right hand he stroked Lynn’s wet hairs and caressed the breast that Holly was nursing on. Each touch sent new pleasure cascading through the linked lovers. Lynn squeezing Jim’s balls and rubbing the base of his shaft. Holly sucked on Lynn’s nipples and pressed her fingers deep into Lynn’s vagina. Jim’s light probing of Holly’s smooth sex, made Holly begin to thrust her fingers harder into Lynn as she began pressing her hips forward to gain more contact from Jim.There were many things each of them could do, individually, to heighten the pleasure they were giving, or receiving. However, no one wanted to break the linked spell. With unspoken agreement Lynn’s touches and kissing of his nipple continued to help Jim’s cock to swell once again to full girth. Lynn felt the quick touches on her G-spot, re-enforced by the hard pull on her nipples building a new climax inside of her. Holly, like a dog in heat, raised up on her toes and felt her needed pleasure build as Jim trapped her clit between his fingers. With her urgent air fucking, Holly began to pleasure herself.Lynn’s legs began to shake, a clear indication her climax was near. Holly, standing on the very tips of her toes, was also shaking so hard she nearly fell on top of Jim.”I’m so… so, fucking… close,” Jim exclaimed.Then as if they had some sex scene director shouting orders, the three quickly moved. Holly was first, stepping up on the bed and planting her wet exposed pussy on Jim’s face, while taking his cock down her throat in one deep suck. Lynn tightened her grip on the base of Jim’s cock and released Jim’s nipple. She then grasped the new ripe breast offered to her open lips. Jim was overwhelmed by the velvet hot mouth nursing the head of his cock and shaft. He took Holly’s clit between his lips and teeth, clamped them hard to trap the nub and then pressed his hot wet tongue hard and fast across that swollen bud. As Holly began to buck against Jim’s face, from this extreme pleasure, he quickly lubricated his fingers with her juices and plunged a thumb deep into her arse. Holly clamped down against the brief pain but quickly relaxed to accommodate the wiggling pleasure in her butt.From observation it was impossible to tell which climax began first or who sent who over the top. Lynn clamped her legs tight while sucking Ankara escort bayan a nipple and half of Holly’s left breast into her mouth. Jim lifted himself, Lynn, and Holly almost off the bed as he tried to ram his entire shaft down Holly’s throat. For her part Holly squatted hard on Jim’s face rotating her hips in an impossible frenzy as she sucked the cum from his balls.”Uh, Ugh,” escaped Holly’s mouth as a mouth full of cum sprayed out of her mouth and onto both Lynn and Jim.”Holly shit,” screamed Lynn as she clamped down and bucked so hard that Holly thought her hand would break.Jim could hardly breath and he slapped Holly’s sides hard. He nearly passed out from the suffocation of Holly’s squirt, the folds of her pussy blocking his nostrils and the explosion erupting from deep inside his balls.Holly shook and squirmed and screamed like a woman possessed. As her climax subsided, she slid down, allowing Jim to catch his breath, as he pulled his thumb from deep in her ass. She then kissed Lynn with all the tender love she could muster. Lynn, taking Holly’s face in her shaking hands, returned the kiss with an urgency only another woman could perceive.”Thank you!” Lynn said to her new friend.”You too.” Holly indicated Jim by playfully pressing her stretched bum on his nose.No one could move, nor did they want to, for an exceptionally long time.oOoThe Long Goodbye Part 1It had been three weeks since their three way with Holly. Lynn had gone back to her husband and immediately felt tremendous guilt for all of her self-pleasure. Fearful that she was losing herself and a desire to be that free to love and be loved. She also felt anger that her husband did not recognize or care he was losing her and she became depressed from not knowing where to turn for pleasure or release.When asked about their next meeting, or long sex chat, Lynn had offered Jim every possible excuse including being busy with work, busy with company, focusing on herself, focusing on her marriage. Even the big lie, that she was no longer really interested in exploring her submissive side anymore, especially with another woman. She probably did not even realize she no longer offered any comments regarding her adoration of her Master or need for his continued affections.Sensing the cooling of their relationship and afraid he was losing her Jim dropped out of his Alpha mode and finally sent a short text. ‘Baby, what is really going on? If it is another man, well just tell me.’ He then sat back anxiously, holding the phone, and waited…Lynn, still at work, read the brief text and quickly realized the message was a mix of concern and fear. Not wanting to lead him on any further, nor wanting to let him go, her neutral reply was, ‘Nothing much. Why do you ask?’Jim looked at his phone and was dumbfounded. For weeks they had texted night and day, stolen away moments for Escort Ankara a quick phone tease or to exchange naked pics. Every day he had awoke to a new idea to bind, tease and please her. Now that he had stripped her naked, bound her hand, breasts and thigh and introduced her to every possible pleasure he could conceive of her nonchalant ‘Nothing much.’ floored him.Had she fallen for Holly? He thought not. Holly was hot and beautiful with firm tits that defied gravity. When he slid his cock into her gyrating pussy is was more like being jacked off by a warm silky tunnel attached to a mixer. Yes, she was bi-sexual and hot, but she used people as disposal sex toys and had no interest in any ongoing relationship.Maybe she had fallen back in love with her husband? Again, he dismissed this thought quickly. All during their tryst she had constantly moaned, “Please touch me there,” or, “gawd I needed this,” and quite often, “Oh… Oh… Ooo Shit, I never thought this could be so fucking good.” The look that night, when she slipped back on her wedding ring had not been one of happy anticipation.That leaves she found another man. Thinking out loud he said, “I’m not letting go, not like this.”So he opened his phone and texted, ‘Ok, I’m glad things are good. Meet me at the Crystal City Hilton on March 26th at 6PM.’Lynn felt a nervous rush, but also a sense of trepidation of falling back under his spell. Her reply text was short, ‘Can’t, have plans with a girlfriend after work.’ She almost added, ‘I miss you’ but stopped herself.His immediate response caught her completely off guard. It read, ‘Was not a request!’Lynn felt her face flush and her nipples involuntarily stiffen like little fingertips. She realized she was holding her breath when her eyes started to blur. Her heart raced as she read, reread, and read again his message ‘Was not a request!”Oh my gawd,’ she thought to herself, ‘he is not kidding.’ Her mind raced back their early discussions when she nearly begged him to become her Master. Gently, but firmly he had warned her, “Baby girl, this is not something you can turn on and off like a faucet. Being a true submissive and enjoying all the joy and pleasure that comes with that role, means you give me control. I will be considerate of your other life, but on my terms!”What have I done’ thought Lynn. She had made promises, more serious than her wedding vows in that she had actually intended to keep them. To demonstrate her resolve she had invited him to make little hidden marks upon her body marking his ownership and demonstrating her total submission. Lynn cupped her right breast and knew if she inspected the underside, she would find the little hickey he had left. Rubbing her left ear, she easily found the little extra hole that was where her gold submission chain was attached when they sex chatted or when they were together. She again wondered why her hubby had never question the little gold loop Jim had attached to her outer nether lips. This was the anchor point for her delicate submissive gold chain and a testament that she was not wearing panties.’I just can’t right now,’ was her reply, pleading not be called upon.’Not a request,’ came the repeated reply.

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