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family holiday ****Warning! You must be 18 or over to read these stories of **** and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don’t promote **** or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. **** is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits **** are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is Dan, age 42. Upwardly-mobile yuppie type.Mother: Connie, age 36. MILF. Short black hair,38-D tits, rounded ass, firm tummy. Trimmed black hair on pussy.Daugther: April. shoulder length brown hair. C-cup breasts, cute butt, hairless pussy.————————————-r****ts: multiple males. Teens and early twenties. Out for a night of wilding. High on pills, they are wired and ready to **** and abuse ****d in the WoodsDarklordThe fire crackled and lit up the living room of the cabin with a warm orange tint. The Mitchell’s, Dan, Connie, and April had finally settled in the cabin they had rented and were looking forward to a week away from the hustle and bustle of the city.With April upstairs in her room, Dan and Connie took advantage of the romantic atmosphere. Connie was kneeling on the rug with Dan’s cock in her mouth and her hand placed firmly on his ass when the front door was kicked in and a group of males stormed the cabin wearing ski masks and jackets.Connie shrieked and tried desperately to grab for some clothing as Dan tried to make a play for the gun over the fireplace. Neither made it. The gang of hoodlums were too quick.Half of them grabbed Connie and dragged her roughly towards the large couch nearby, groping and fondling her body in the process. The others were busy immobilizing Dan. They held his hands behind him while they kicked his balls and punched his groin and stomach, laughing at his cock, which was still semi-hard from Connie’s warm mouth.Connie was pinned with her arms behind her while the gang ogled her naked body. They slapped her tits playfully, laughing and teasing as the jiggled and swayed from side to side.“Spread her legs, let’s see what her cunt looks like!”As Connie screamed and tried to resist, her legs were pried apart by force and the indignity of exposing her pussy and ass bursa escort to the cruel males had her sobbing with shame. Her tearful eyes shot across the room and found Dan, who was now being tied to a chair facing her.“That’s some fine pussy!” Connie heard them yell while others gave lewd wolf calls when they pulled her legs straight up exposing her puckered asshole.“Hope you like cock bitch, because you are going to get a lot of it.” The males yelled as they began the task of stripping naked before the shocked couple.Connie was laid flat on her back on the couch and held spread eagle. She soon felt the tip of a hard cock pressing against her pussy.“Nooo!!! Please, oh god no,” she squealed as the cock forced its way inside her and began pumping her hard and fast while the others shouted their approval.“Make her suck cock!” In moments A thick cock was forcing its way into Connie’s mouth as Dan looked helplessly on at the degrading scene.His beautiful wife lay surrounded by a half dozen naked teens, their hard and throbbing cocks waiting their turn to fuck and abuse her every hole. He could hear her gagging on the cock that was assaulting her mouth and struggled with all his might to free himself from the ropes binding him, but with no use.To add insult to injury, Dan could feel his own cock, now fully erect, throbbing as he watched his wife being ****d.“Fuck, this bitch is wet,” the male fucking her growled as he sawed his cock into her all the more rapidly.The male fucking her mouth clutched her head firmly in his hands as he moaned out loud.“Fuck, I’m cumming!’ As he pulled his thick cock from her mouth, globs of thick white cum splashed against her face and hair.Moments later the male fucking her pussy moaned loudly as he filled her insides with a bath of hot cum.When they were finished, two more took their place and began fucking Connie non stop as she sobbed and pleaded for them to quit. The two males that had just fucked her decided to have some fun with Dan.One knelt in front of Dan and lit a Bic lighter, holding the flame just under Dan’s balls, inching it slowly closer.“You want me to stop, you better cum,” the male threatened as the other laughed.“Awww. Goddamn, it’s burning me!” “Stop!” Dan screamed as he tried to move his bound body to escape the flames.“That cock is hard, you better figure out a way bursa escort bayan to cum without anyone touching you, or I will fry your fucking balls right here!”Dan tried in vain to mentally produce an orgasm as the agonizing flame licked at the base of his balls.“I can’t. Please stop!” Dan pleaded.Connie could hear Dan’s mournful cries but was being cruelly fucked herself.“Tell you what. You suck my buddy’s cock here and I will stop,” The male replied as he inched the flame closer to Dan’s abused balls.“Oh god, stop it please,” Dan whined.“Ask him to let you suck his cock.”“—let me—suck your cock.”As the cock in Connie’s mouth exploded, the male pulled out and Connie could see the degrading image of Dan sucking one of the intruders cock while the other stood by grinning. She watched the teen’s ass flex as he shoved his cock further into Dan’s mouth, and listened to his demented laugh.Dan could taste Connie’s pussy on the cock as it entered his mouth and his stomach churned in revolt. It was the most degrading thing he had ever done, but the relief it afforded his tormented balls was welcomed.After a half hour or so of hard fucking, the gang rose Connie to her feet and forced her to walk towards Dan.“Look at your slut wife,” they teased. “leaking cum out of both holes. Be a good boy and clean her up for us.”While the gang gathered around Dan, they forced Connie to shove her ass and cunt into his face and begin grinding on it. Both her pussy and asshole were oozing slimy cum as he was forced to tongue bathe her while they laughed and made degrading remarks.“Make that whore pussy squirt on your face,” They screamed. Dan licked and flicked his tongue over Connie’s sex until his mouth ached from the prolonged ordeal. He soon felt Connie tense and then his face was covered in hot female cum as she shuddered in a shameful orgasm.As Connie bathed his face in her cum, he felt his own cock sputter as he shot a thick load of cum from the swollen head.“Looks like he enjoys licking cum from his wife’s cunt and ass,” they teased as his cock spewed the last beads of cum into the air.The invading gang, high on adrenaline as well as pills bound Connie near Dan and began rummaging through the cabin for valuables that they could sell for a quick fix. Dan and Connie watched in silent horror as some of the gang members escort bursa began to make their way up the stairs.April was in her room, the beats headphones blaring loudly into her ears, dressed in a midriff baring T-shirt and a pair of light pink panties, she was unaware of the three males leaning against the bedroom wall looking lustfully as she gyrated her sexy body.When she turned and saw them standing there, she screamed out loud. Downstairs Dan and Connie heard her scream and their hearts sank as they saw April being escorted down the stairs, her eyes wide in fear. As she approached the sight of her mother and father nude and bound, she stood shivering, unable to speak.“We found this one upstairs. She was putting on quite a show,” The three thugs announced to the others.“Well don’t stop now. Show us what you were doing up there,” The others teased. April looked with pleading eyes at her mother as the headphones were placed back over her ears and shoved and teased her to start dancing. She was too embarrassed to look at her father with his cock exposed as it was.Tears of shame began to flow as she started dancing and moving her body to the rhythm of the beats playing in her head. The gang soon began to taunt her to begin stripping what little she had on.Her parents could barely control the hurt and anger as they watched their daughter being forced to strip naked for their captors. “Damn look at that teen pussy would you?” “Like mommy, like daughter,” they teased as they ran their hands over April’s tits.The gang whistled and made lewd comments as the naked teen girl stood shivering in shame before them. April was soon being pawed and groped in every part of her body before being shoved to her knees and surrounded by a half dozen nude males with throbbing cocks eager to have her hot little mouth on them.The cruel gang removed Connie’s ropes and forced her to her hands and knees beside her daughter. The gang then began fucking them both while Dan watched through tearful eyes. He saw the bloodied cock as it pulled from April’s pussy and knew the bastard had ripped his daughters hymen. The gang ****d the women repeatedly throughout the night, keeping Dan bound to the chair even when he pissed on he floor.It was near dawn before the attackers left the cabin. April and Connie lay passed out naked on the floor, their pussies and assholes raw and splattered with clumps of dry blood. Dan was u*********s, slumped over in the chair, his cock sore and swollen from being masturbated over and over.Their idyllic getaway had became the ultimate nightmare.

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