Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 17

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Part 17 – Being paid to Provide a Service

I was really excited when I woke up. I mean I had butterflies in my stomach. I was going to earn eight hundred dollars! I was also going to be whoring out my body. Just the thought of the degrading way society views prostitution really turned me on!

I watched some TV and then forced myself to take a shit, since I knew that my ass was going to get used. I then showered. I couldn’t eat due to the excitement.

I got to Chokers a few minutes before nine. Choker took me down to the basement, made me strip and put me back into the same stockades. Once locked in he produced a half gallon enema bag and hung it to a hook int ceiling. The lube that he applied was cold but the water that entered me was even colder! My Gut was churning and cramping but Choker left me there for a whole 15 minutes before returning and allowing me to expel the content in the bathroom. I never felt so relieved in all my life!

Choker repeated the process twice more. By then it was a quarter to ten. He put a few spray of perfume on me. We then took the Stockades table into a side room where there were three sofas and a small bar. All the walls and ceiling were mirrored. There was also a large TV hanging on one of the walls.

“This in my entertainment room.” Choker said with pride as he locked me back into the stockades.

Choker left and a few minutes later six men walked into the room. Five of them sat down on the sofas and one of them stood at the front of the table stroking my hair. I felt like a dog. They were all in their late forties, early fifties and pretty normal looking. A couple of them had modest beer guts but nothing abnormal.

“I want you to understand that you are a whore.” He said to me, “We paid for your body tonight and plan on getting our money’s worth out of you. You don’t need to know our names and we are not interested in yours. You are just a bought whore to us. As long as you obey us and work hard we will not hurt you.”

The other guys started pouring themselves drinks from the bar. As they did they talked about me in the crudest way as if I was not even there. My cock was rock hard!

“We are going to fuck your ass so much that you will find it hard to walk tomorrow but you will get over it.” The guy stoking my hair, continued, “Your jaw will ache from all the cocksucking. Your throat will also be raw tomorrow. Our cum is a gift and you will swallow it all. If you puke it up we will force it back down.”

He then stripped and fed me his cock. It was average size and it felt good having it in my mouth. I thought of it as a pacifier and it calmed by butterflies. He rocked back and forth shoving the head into my esophagus.

“Suck on this while we check your ass out, whore!” He commanded.

One of the guys on the sofa got up and produced a speculum, the instrument used to hold the anus open during an anal examination. He lubed my ass and inserted the cold steel instrument. My ass automatically clenched because of the cold. I heard two clicks as he opened the instrument. I could feel my pucker stretching! He then blew on it some and as the metal warmed up from my body heat my sphincter relaxed.

I heard another three clicks and felt new stretching. It hurt some but then I felt a finger rubbing ever so lightly on the inside of my anus. It felt so titillating! I got hard despite the butterflies. I heard more clicks and the guy kept rubbing me gently. This calmed me and my asshole just relaxed and opened right up.

“The speculum is open to the max.” The guy said, “I got a clear view all the way in.”

Knowing that he was peering down my most intimate place, and looking deep into my body gave me the chills. I have never seen the inside Beşiktaş Escort of my ass before and now a complete stranger was looking right in!

All the other guys got up from the sofas and came over with their drinks and looked in.

I heard one of them say, “Its clean and pink in there. No rotten smell either. I think it’s safe to fuck it.”

“Look at that gape! Another guy said, “I think its thirsty!” He then proceeded to pour his drink into my open gape.

All the guys laughed and I could feel my anus twitching around the speculum from the delightful burning sensation that the alcohol produced. Within a few minutes I also had quite a buzz. The colon walls absorb alcohol into the blood stream much faster than the mouth or stomach lining.

Meanwhile the guy in my mouth had a grip on two handfuls of my hair and was rocking my whole head up and down on his cock. He now pulled me all the way down. I could feel his cockhead in my esophagus. My nose was mashed into his pubes and I deeply inhaled his musky scent, enjoying it. His slight beer gut was resting on my forehead and I enjoyed the warmth.

With a tight hold on my head, he now rocked back and forth just a little working his cockhead in and out of my food tube opening. With my tongue I then felt the underside of his cock begin to pulse. I knew his load was coming, but I was sorry that it was going to bypass my mouth and be deposited directly in my gullet. I counted six pulses and felt the slime. Soon after he finished spurting, he pulled his cock back leaving just the head in my mouth. I sucked gently and got some of the taste that I craved so badly from his piss slit.

“That was just the first load.” He told me as he smack patted the side of my head, “You are going to have to work to get me hard again and then work some more to make me cum again!”

“Remove that ass stretcher and lets get going!” The guy who just came in my throat yelled.

The speculum was removed and I felt lube being applied to my hole. One of the men just shoved his dick in all the way to the hilt, in one fluid motion. Not that it was hard to do after just having a speculum stretch my ass farther than it had ever been stretched before! I felt pubic hair grind into my cheeks and knew that I would not be able to last long myself. The guy started thrusting with deep fluid strokes and my hole was loving it!

Another of the men came to my face and presented a cock head. I gladly took it in my mouth and loved it when he grabbed my hair in moth hands and started shoving it deep down my throat.

I didn’t know which end was better. Having my ass stretched and penetrated just felt so good. My prostrate loved it. Having my mouth filled was so soothing, almost like having a pacifier. I also got a creamy load if I did good. Having a cock in my mouth also seemed to be more intimate. I could look up and see the man’s face and I got to know his cock so much better.

I was lost in my thoughts when I felt my hips being pulled back savagely and then the guy in my ass came hard. I could feel my ass getting so much slipperier! Once he pulled out he asked the guy I was blowing for cleaning rights. The guy that I was sucking off removed his cock and the man who had just shot a load up my ass presented his slimy cock. Unfortunately, I got mostly lube, which I don’t like too much, but I could taste some of his essence too as I lovingly cleaned is cock.

Before the cock in my mouth was clean I felt a new dick enter my ass. It was so slimy from the first man’s deposit that I barely felt any friction. Just a satisfaction of being stuffed. I finished cleaning the cock in my mouth and the man who stepped away a minute ago gave me his cock back. I really Beşiktaş Escort Bayan worked it with my tongue. The guy seemed to enjoy this. For the most part he was leaving just the head in the middle of of my mouth letting me work just under his head. Every once in a while he would shove it all the way in, pulling on my head by my hair, and mashing my nose in his pubes.

I was so enjoying myself when he pulled my hair tight and came right in the front of my mouth! Finally a load I could taste and enjoy! And enjoy I did. I didn’t swallow I swished it all around his cock in my mouth and kept sucking for a few more minutes, until he shriveled up and with drew from my mouth. Only then did I swallow it down.

I had three guys cum in my ass and three in my mouth. Each time one of them came in my ass they presented their slimy cocks to me for clean up. The last two cocks where so much tastier because there wasn’t a lot of lube. It was almost all man juice!

I was still blowing the last guy as the other five were sitting on the sofas drinking.

“Look!” One of them exclaimed, “The whore has cum dribbling out of his ruined whole!”

I could feel cum leaking out and dripping down the inside of my thigh. I liked it. It made me feel as dirty as I was. One of the men got up and ran his hand from my knee to ass in one fluid motion collecting most of the leaking cum. He presented his hand to my face and the guy I was blowing dutifully removed his cock so I could clean the presented cum covered hand. Knowing that it was in my ass a minute ago deepened my sense of shame and I came all over the top of the table!

The guys noticed it and all started laughing. I licked all the slime off the presented hand and he then wiped my cum off the table padding and fed it to me too.

Now that I was done with cum cleanup, the guy I had been blowing gave me his cock back. I worked on it until my jaw was aching but he still did not cum. Meanwhile all the other guys were on the sofas drinking, laughing and making crude comments about me. It must have taken another five to ten minutes until he dumped his load in my mouth. I was lucky once again because he came as I was working his piss slit with my tongue and I could taste all of the cream! I lovingly swished it around my mouth as they were drinking their whiskeys, and enjoyed the creamy texture and bitter taste before swallowing it down.

The guy who just came in my mouth now said, “Time for cum fart cocktails!”

With that he took a small plate and held it under my ass. One of the other guys got up and released my hands and head from the stockade. They left my ankles locked in place. This allowed me to kneel on my knees.

“Push out!” The guy holding the plate told me. “Try to take a dump.”

I pushed, and I could feel their deposits run out of my hole. I then farted some and could feel even more cum splattering out. The guy holding the plate now shoved his finger up my asshole a few times taking it out each time and banging it on the plate. No doubt collecting anything that remained in my rectum.

He then had me llick his fingers clean and told me to eat up, presenting a plate full of cum to me. I took the plate in my hands and carefully looked it over. It seemed to be pure man slime with very little lube mixed in. I eagerly sucked the biggest glob up. I was right, it was almost pure cum and had very little lube taste to it. How delightfully degrading eating a mess that had just been up my ass! I licked every bit down until the plate was totally clean. I was so turned on that I was hard again even though I had just cum a few minutes ago!

The guys now released my ankles from the stockades and let me go to the bathroom. Escort Beşiktaş I wiped my ass and took a piss. When I came back the stockade table was gone and there was a leather sling hanging from bolts in the ceiling in its place.

I was told to get in. It was a welcome change from the stockades. If I had stayed in them much longer my legs would have fallen asleep. I laid back into this leather sling, and they locked my wrists, neck, and ankles into thick leather cuffs, that were attached to the chains the sling was suspended from. In effect I was laying on my back with my legs and arms strait up in the air. My head was hanging off the front of the sling and I could see the room upside down. My ass was hanging off the other end of the sling totally exposed!

All the guys filled up their tumblers with whiskey and bourbon and carried on as if I was not hanging in the middle of the room. Then the first guy that I gave a blow job too came and stood over my face. His balls were hanging on my nose and I could see his shutter from underneath. It was an awesome view! I had never looked at a body from this angle before. It had the added dimension of reminding me that he was above me!

Since his balls were resting right on my nose I shifted my head down just a little and took them both into my mouth. It was the classic teabag! They filled my mouth and I started salivating from the man flavor emanating from them. I rolled them around in my mouth and massaged the sac between the balls with my tongue. I heard the guy tell all his friends how great it was before he took a sip from his tumbler. I felt content and just worked his sac with my tongue. He must have enjoyed it because he did not move through the two ass fuckings that I received from his friends.

Both of the guys that fucked my ass came in it and it must have been dripping out. The guy I wa teabagging stepped back and I reluctantly released his balls from my mouth.

My teabagger commanded, “Get that ass cleaned up some. I want a go.”

I guess the guy that had just came in my ass walked over to my head and presented his slime coated softening cock for cleaning. Another guy walked to the back of the sling and I could feel him wiping my ass with his fingers. He collected a nice amount of slime on his hands and presented them for me to clean as soon as the first guy removed his now clean soft cock form my mouth.

I thought it was erotic cleaning all of the cum from his fingers and sucked each slime coated finger lovingly. Meanwhile teabagger had penetrated my ass and it just felt so good!

My teabagger must have fucked me for a quarter of an hour with deep swift stroked. I could not believe that an older guy could have so much stamina! In the end though he came hard and walked around to my head presenting me his cock for clean up.

The guys just hung around for another half hour talking and drinking. I guess they were all fucked and blown to their limits. None of them seemed to notice me and they laughed and bragged about stuff. It was almost three in the morning when they all walked out of the room leaving me still cuffed in the sling.

About ten minutes later Choker walked in and told me that I did good. “All the guys were real happy!”

I was aching and tired but Choker did not release me. He took off his pants and presented me with his cock. I gladly sucked on it as I felt the cum running out of my ass and down my crack making a sticky mess between my back and the sling. I felt so used as I suckled on Choker’s cock.

Choker pinched my nipples and came into my mouth. When he took his cock out I swallowed and asked him to release me. My arms and legs were numb.

Choker released me and took out eight crisp Franklins from his wallet! I could not believe I have made more money in one evening than I ever held in my hands before, doing what I love!

I was grateful for Choker let me sleep on one of the couches. Since he did not have a shower in the place I nodded off all sticky and slimy but happy and rich!

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