Date Night Out with the Wife

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My wife and I typically take one weekend night per month to get away from the kids and enjoy some grown-up time. On Friday night, Jules left the kids with our babysitter and met me downtown at my office. We were going to catch an early movie and then planned to grab a quick bite at a trendy Italian restaurant that our friends had been raving about.

As we sat down to watch the movie trailers, Jules mentioned that Cyndie, our three year old daughter had the sniffles and maybe we should pass on dinner tonight. We agreed to call the babysitter after the movie and check in on the kids before eating.

Luckily, the babysitter reporting everything was fine but Cyndie wanted Mommy to read her a bed-time story before she went to sleep. It was about an hour before Cyndie’s bedtime, so my wife agreed to grab a quick bite.

The restaurant was fairly empty, it being a Friday night and the downtown area usually pretty quiet on weekends. The beautiful hostess, Stephanie, greeted us at the door. “Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Woods, I have your reservation right here.” She sat us at a romantic table by the fireplace and we ordered a nice bottle of red wine.

I couldn’t help noticing Stephanie’s tight little butt, wrapped seductively in a long black skirt as she sauntered back to the front of the restaurant. She had long, straight red hair that reached nearly to that perfect ass and wore a tight fitting lycra top that did nothing to hide the raisins popping out on her pert little breasts from the cool night air blowing in through the open windows.

My wife is gorgeous, the prototypical suburban cougar. But Stephanie was a wet dream and what harm was there in looking.

The waiter arrived and snapped me out of my perverse fantasy world. “My name is Craig, and I’ll be your server tonight.”

He was college-aged and looked very familiar as he began reciting the nightly specials. He stood behind my wife and pointed to items on her menu, eyeing me throughout his discourse with a wicked smile on his face.

Shit. I realized where I’d met this kid before. Although the last meeting was under far different circumstances; I’d been naked, on my knees, in the bushes at the park outside the restaurant, with this young stud’s big cock buried down my throat.

I guess I need to explain a few things. In my mid-30’s, I’m a partner at a local law firm. While I have a beautiful wife and two great kids, I’m also a closet cocksucker. Since the kids were born, the once active sex life I enjoyed at home had slowed to a crawl. In search of a new sexual release, I had begun surfing porn at work. The surfing had lead me to crave dirtier and nastier internet content, including watching a lot of gay porn. One day I stumbled onto a cruising site and the rest as they say is history.

I had chickened out the first couple of times I agreed to meet men for some anonymous action. But as I grew hornier and hornier, I finally connected with a guy online and within hours I was at his apartment sucking my first cock. Over the last year, I had hooked up with several guys, and the thrill of deepthroating a guy and swallowing his load was now my biggest turnon. I knew girls like Stephanie, the hostess, were out of my league, but I had no trouble finding willing cocks to suck and swallow on a regular basis.

I had met the waiter on-line a couple of months ago. His screen name was “Throatbanger” and let me tell you, he lived up to the hype. We rendezvoused in the park one afternoon, and he led me back into the thick bushes, safe and secluded. When I saw the giant bulge in his tight jeans, I knew the pics he had sent me were real and my mouth watered at the opportunity to suck his hot cock.

“Look man,” he had started. “I’m not gay or anything, but my girlfriend is out of town and I need some action in the worst way. I’m in charge here and if you want what I’m packing,” he squeezed the bulge in his Levis and a wet spot of pre-cum soaked the denim, “then do as I say and let’s get this done.”

I nodded weakly as I couldn’t take my eyes off the impressive outline of his cock. I wanted that tool in the worst way.

“Good. Then strip naked and get on your knees,” he commanded.

I hesitated. Sucking cock in the public park was danger enough, but being naked in public was a risk I wasn’t comfortable taking.

“Screw it then,” Throatbanger barked as he turned to leave.

“Wait,” I said. “I’ll do what you say.” I wanted his cock then and there and my better judgment was easily overcome by my thirst for cock. I stripped off my suit, piled my clothes on the dry leaves, and fell to me knees, completely vulnerable and submissive.

“That’s a good little bitch,” he laughed as he unbuttoned his fly and pulled his semi-hard cock free.

For the next twenty minutes, he fucked my face like a man possessed, before unloading a giant load of salty sweetness, first down my throat and finally all over my face. As he buttoned up and left, I lay back in the leaves and jerked a huge load all over my hd porno exposed belly before dressing and returning to the office.

I hadn’t heard from Throatbanger since the incident in the park, but here I was face to face with him, as I listened to the Friday night specials with my wife.

“And finally, we have an angel hair pasta topped with our homemade Italian sausage, covered in a creamy alfredo sauce,” he said. Standing behind my wife and out of her view, he reached down and squeezed the bulge in his pants as he recited this final special, giving me a knowing smirk.

“Something tells me Mr. Woods will be ordering the pasta special,” the waiter commented. “I can tell a man that likes quality sausage and who doesn’t love a thick, creamy white sauce?”

Luckily my wife was too engrossed in the menu to notice the innuendo that Craig the Throatbanger was brazenly spewing.

I was emotionally torn. How was I going to get through this dinner without raising my wife’s suspicions? But more importantly, how was I going to get Craig’s big cock buried down my throat without my wife knowing?

Throughout dinner, the waiter continued to tease me mercilessly. Standing behind my wife, he would rub his semi-hard cock through his pants as I stared in lust. On several occasions, he reached across the table while standing behind me, and I felt the meaty weight of his rod rub against my shoulder.

Dinner was fantastic, but I was a mess. Luckily the napkin in my lap covered the raging boner I was sporting and my wife was too worried about our daughter to notice the building sexual tension.

Standing by the kitchen, I watched as Craig literally stroked his growing boner through the thin material of his trousers as he mouthed, “I know you want it.”

And I did. The thought of sucking him off, right here in the restaurant, under the nose of my wife was more than I could handle. Throatbanger was just the kind of dominant top guy I had grown to favor, and I wanted him to fuck my face and feed me his creamy alfredo sauce.

After clearing the plates, Craig brought the dessert menu. “We have a decadent chocolate soufflé tonight if you two lovebirds are interested? It takes about 30 minutes to prepare, but well worth the wait.”

Looking at her watch, my wife interjected, “I’m afraid we need to get home. My daughter is not feeling well and I promised to read her a story before bed.”

I was crestfallen. How was I going to get Craig’s big dick in my mouth if my wife was insistent on getting home to read Cyndie a story?

To the rescue, Craig said, “We have some children’s books at the hostess station to keep kids entertained during dinner. I’ll grab a book and you could read the story to your daughter over the phone while the chef prepares your soufflé. And on the house, I’m happy to bring you a nice bottle of after-dinner wine from our well stocked cellar.”

“That is very thoughtful of you,” my wife commented. “My husband loves wine cellars. He’s been talking about installing one in our basement for years.”

All true, but I didn’t expect Craig’s next bit of genius. “This is my last table for the night. I’ll have Stephanie bring your wine and while you are reading a story to your daughter, I’ll give Mr. Woods a tour of the cellar.”

Bingo. The soufflé would take thirty minutes and my wife would be busy with her story and a bottle of wine. This was turning into our best date night out ever.

I stood up from the table and quickly turned my back, trying to hide the enormous tent in my trousers from my wife’s eyes.

Craig led me down a hallway to the back of the restaurant then down some dark, dank stairs into the wine cellar.

“You hungry for some of my sausage, Mr. Woods,” Craig quipped as we emerged into the cellar.

“Fuck yes,” I exhaled, craving his cock like a cheap whore.

The cellar looked like a cave, the basement having been dug out of the local bedrock. Wine was stacked deeply along the walls and a large, round tasting table was setup in the middle of the room.

“You know the rules, bitch,” Throatbanger cackled. “Strip.”

Without hesitation this time, I ripped off my suit, tie, shirt, shoes, socks, and boxers, falling to me knees in anticipation.

“Damn, you are one horny little slut, Mr. Woods,” Craig laughed. “Does your wife know what a fucking whore you are for cock?”

“Umm, no,” I whimpered.

“She’s a hot little number. Wouldn’t mind busting her cherry, but I don’t think Stephanie would approve.”

“The hostess?” I asked.

“Yea, she’s my girlfriend. She doesn’t mind me messing around with other guys. Fact is, it gets her hot as shit. But she’d cut off my nuts if she found me cheating with a chick. Now get over here and get to work.”

I crawled across the cold cement floor and ran my hand over the enormous outline of Craig’s cock. I mouthed his rod through his thin wool slacks, tasting the precum that had soaked through the material.

“That’s it bitch. Use your mouth sex izle and unzip me. Put those hands behind your back and keep them there.”

I was shaking with anticipation and did my best to unzip his pants with my teeth. He wasn’t wearing any underpants and I had instant access to the meaty shaft of his fat cock. I licked the thick vein of his rod through the fly, eager to get the length of his boner buried down my horny throat.

Finally tired of toying with me, he undid his belt, and let his pants fall around his ankles, his glorious manhood popping free and slapping lewdly against my cheek. Wasting no time, I took his rod into my mouth, savoring the taste of his precum. I sucked greedily on the big mushroom head as my tongue explored the underside of his menacing tool.

“You are the horniest fucking cocksucker I’ve ever had the privilege of feeding,” Craig chuckled. “I thought you were going to bust a nut at the table every time I rubbed my schlong across your shoulder.”

Even if I wanted to respond, I couldn’t as I now had over half of the waiter’s bone buried in my horny throat. I began to bob up and down in earnest as he roughly grabbed my head and began to fuck my face with deeper and more powerful strokes.

“Your wife was clueless the whole time, but Stephanie saw the lust in your eyes the second you recognized me. I don’t know if you remember, but I snapped some photos on my cell phone the last time you had my cock buried in your throat. I showed those pics to Stephanie and she was impressed with your deepthroat skills.”

I was shocked to hear Craig had pics of me sucking his cock, but I was even more shocked when Stephanie came waltzing down the stairs.

“You’re right, Craig, this slut doesn’t waste any time getting down to business,” she giggled. “You like that big cock don’t you, Mr. Woods?” she teased.

I could only nod as Craig continued his assault on my now stretched and raw throat.

“I told Stephanie she could watch. I knew you wouldn’t mind. Fuck, I think you’d do just about anything to suck my cock, wouldn’t you Mr. Woods?”

Shamefully, Craig was right. I’m a powerful attorney for a prestigious firm, but when face to crotch with a throbbing boner, I turn into a submissive little cock craving slut.

Stephanie climbed onto the tasting table and hiked up her skirt, revealing a panty-less pussy glistening with moisture. As I continued to suck off her boyfriend, she began to frig herself with a frenzy.

“Yea, suck that big cock, you dirty old man,” Stephanie exclaimed as she fucked her pussy with her dripping wet fingers. She was moaning uncontrollably as she enjoyed the deviant show.

“Hey Craig, are you gonna fuck Mr. Wood’s tight little man-hole?” Stephanie queried as she inched one of her lubed fingers up her own backdoor.

Not that I hadn’t often fantasized about bottoming for one of the hot studs I had blown, but I had never imagined I would actually follow through. Now that the opportunity was literally right here in front of me, I quivered with excitement.

“Hadn’t really thought about it honey,” Craig replied. “Would you like to see me split this little bitch in two?”

“Oh yea,” she purred.

Pulling his slippery cock from my tortured throat, Craig gave my face a hard whack with the spit covered pole.

“You heard her, cunt. Stephanie wants to see me pound your little man-cherry. Why don’t you bend over the table there, and spread those hairy cheeks for me?”

“I, I, I, don’t know if I can take it,” I whimpered.

“Don’t be such a fucking baby,” Stephanie spat. “He fucks my tight butt regularly, and I absolutely love it.”

I didn’t need to hear any more. If this tiny little redhead could take his monster cock up her ass, I was determined to do the same. Leaning over the edge of the table, I reached back and spread my cheeks, offering my virgin hole to Craig’s monster cock.

As Craig spit on my exposed hole and rubbed his cock up and down my crack, Stephanie positioned herself on the table with her legs on either side of my head, her trimmed pussy just inches from my face.

“Don’t just look at it,” Craig commanded. “Eat her out.”

As I took my first taste of her sweet box, I felt Craig’s cockhead start to penetrate my tight sphincter. I fought the pain as he stretched my hole wide and continued to force inch after painful inch of manhood into my poor ass. I thought I was going to black out from the fire that was now burning in my violated hole.

“Fuck this bitch’s ass is tight,” Craig exclaimed as he continued his penetration. Stephanie grabbed my hair and buried my face in her twat as she ground her pussy against my tongue.

“Tongue fuck me whore,” Stephanie insisted as I fought back the desire to scream in agony.

I finally felt Craig’s balls bounce off mine, and I knew I had taken the entire length of his massive rod. As he started to fuck me in earnest, the initial pain subsided somewhat, the friction his piston created deep in my altyazılı porn prostate now becoming almost pleasurable. I began to buck back against the stud, trying to meet his every thrust, learning to take a fucking like a good little whore. I felt my own precum running down the inside of my thigh, as my cock was leaking with excitement.

“Damn, Stephanie, this bitch is one hot little ride. He’s already taking my cock like a pro.”

Stephanie egged me on as I continued to eat her delicious pussy.

“Beg for it bitch.”

“Take that cock, you slut.”

“Make me cum you filthy pervert.”

And make her cum I did. Her body tensed and she squeezed my head between her surprisingly strong thighs as her body was racked with orgasm. I eagerly lapped up her juices as Craig pounded away on my now tattered hole.

Stephanie got up off the table and circled around to give Craig a deep, wet kiss. Standing back, she pulled out her cell phone and snapped several photos of Craig’s cock buried deep in my ass. I was beyond the point of caring as I was sure my cock would explode any minute from the ass-fucking I was getting.

“Look how hard his cock is,” Stephanie giggled. “You really like that, huh Mr. Woods?”

“I do, I do,” I moaned. “Fuck my ass, stud. Fuck my ass with that big cock.”

Craig grabbed my hips and began to really piston fuck my ass, driving me against the table over and over. Each time I was sure he was ready to cum, he’d slow his pace and deep dick me with long, steady strokes.

I looked back to see that Stephanie had returned upstairs. But within minutes, the bus boy came bounding down the stairs.

“Hey Craig,” the guy chimed. “Stephanie said there might be some action down here that would interest me.”

“What up Carlos?” Craig replied as he gave the athletic looking stud a high five. “This is Mr. Woods, and he’s a raving little cockslut. You may have noticed his wife sitting alone upstairs.”

“Oh I noticed,” Carlos quipped. “I told Stephanie I wouldn’t mind getting a piece of her fine ass. Steph laughed and said she couldn’t guarantee any of Mrs. Woods action, but that her husband was offering full service down in the wine cellar.”

With that, Carlos unzipped his trousers and pulled out a huge uncut piece of prime meat. I was in cock heaven.

Craig pulled his rod from my gaping hole and ordered me to flip over onto my back on the table. He positioned me so that my ass was hanging over one edge and my head over the other side. Hoisting my ankles up onto his shoulders, he drove his rod back into my empty ass and continued to fuck me like a machine.

Carlos positioned himself on the other side of the table and proceeded to slide his heavy tool straight down my exposed throat, in no time fucking my face with deep strokes as his hairy balls bounced off my forehead.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and without even touching my red and engorged cock, I shot my load high, the cum splattering back on my naked stomach and pooling in my navel.

“I think we just fucked the cum out of this bitch,” Carlos laughed. “Shit dude, you got a hot little tamale upstairs, but you a fucking whore for man-dick, ain’t ya?”

I was, and there was no denying it. The two studs continued to fuck me like a rag doll for several more minutes. I felt Craig’s cock swell in my ass and seconds later he exploded deep in my bowels, hot spurts of seed filling my recently virgin hole. Almost simultaneously, Carlos grabbed my head forcefully and shot his thick spunk down my throat. As I gagged on the heavy load, he pulled his prick from my mouth and unloaded several parting shots on my face.

Zipping up, Craig looked at his watch. “Yo bitch, your 30 minutes are up. Better get that ass back upstairs to your wife and enjoy your soufflé.”

Craig and Carlos left me a cum covered mess on the tasting table as the two went back upstairs. I dressed hurriedly, the soreness in my ass already feeling very uncomfortable. I found a rag and wiped the cum from my face as I sprinted up the stairs, hoping my wife hadn’t suspected anything in my absence.

As I reached the table, Jules was just hanging up the phone and my cherry-taking waiter was delivering our soufflé.

“Hope you folks enjoy, this,” Craig said. “Would you like any coffee?”

“Sure,” I croaked, my throat sore from the recent assault.

“I assume you want extra cream with that,” Craig said, giving me a nasty wink.

“Yes, please,” I muttered.

“Did you enjoy the wine cellar?” Jules asked.

“Huh, I, uh, oh, yes very much,” I tried to recover, completing forgetting why I had originally left the table.

“Your husband is quite a connoisseur, Mrs. Woods. He really knows his way around a wine cellar,” Craig interjected. “I hope we were able to teach him a thing or two about fine vintages. I think he has a thing for large format bottles and I hope his curiosity for Spanish reds provides him years of satisfaction.”

“You are a mess, honey,” Jules laughed as she used her napkin to dab something from my face. “You were supposed to eat the alfredo sauce, not spread it all over your face, dummy.”

Alfredo sauce indeed, I thought to myself. More like Cream a la Carlos.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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