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Caught 2I leave the room to get myself cleaned up. I shower and brush my teeth. I return to find you still sleeping, curled up in a ball because of the cold. I pull the covers up and over your body; I don’t want my pet to be cold. Then I have a better idea on how to keep you warm. I strip down naked out of my black pants and white shirt and slide in behind you. Your wrist is slightly above your head from the handcuff. I think to unlock you but decide otherwise. I form my body to yours and slowly fall asleep.I wake up with you on top, glowering at me. I must’ve forgotten to put the blade away because now you have it at my throat. At least I didn’t forget to do that with the key. I smile and put my hands behind my head, completely relaxed.“And what are you planning on doing with that, my pet?” I laugh. Your face screws up into pure rage.“I’m going to kill you and get out of here!” you yell while pushing the blade harder against my throat. I can feel the blood in my vein push against the steel. I laugh again.“But where is here? And what about the key for your handcuff, pet?” I emphasize the final word. You lean your face into mine while pushing on the blade harder.I feel a pop as it splits my skin and the warmth of the blood run down my neck.You look down in shock and I take the opportunity. I grab your wrist with the knife still at my throat and roll you over. I force your elbow back and now have the blade at your throat. I stare into your eyes until you look away, defeated.“You’re not a murderer. You don’t’ have it in you pet.” Again, that word you hate.“Besides, I’ll let you go when I’m done with you.” I look over and see a little tear trickle down your smooth face.“But not until I’M done with YOU.”I leave the room in haste, not stopping to put my clothes back on, so I don’t take canlı bahis you then and there. Your discouraging look is intoxicating me along with your beautiful body. I take another shower to try to cool off but the beads of water running down my body serve the opposite affect. I have to have youI walk back in to find you sitting on the bed with your left hand still pulled up. Your back is towards me. You turn around as you hear me enter, the dripping of the water from my body a slight plinking sound on the floor. You whip around quickly to face me a scowl on your face and the knife in your hand again.“Don’t come near me or I’ll kill you!” you shout. How interesting.I take three more steps and cross the remainder of the room and am at the side of the bed. You slash the blade towards me, barely missing my neck as I dodge.I guess you were serious. I smile. I love it when my pet wants to play.“I mean it! I’m warning you.” Your voice cracks as I move in closer, crawling across the bed on my hands and knees, water still dripping from my hair.You take another slash but this time you get my cheek. The crimson line starts to ooze blood and dribble down my face. You look mortified but are more confident now that you know you can do it. You thrust the knife at me again and again, the whole time I’m smiling at you and getting hotter. My pussy throbs. One last thrust and you sink the knife into my shoulder. I yell in pain and back away, holding my shoulder and turning away. You reel back to the opposite end of the bed and stare at me, waiting for my reaction.I drop my hand and toss my head back, my wet hair slapping the back of my neck and spraying water. I slowly turn to you with a smile on my face.“Good shot my pet,” I chuckle,” but you missed.” I walk back to the bed and move swiftly to you. I bahis siteleri grab you up with my good arm and crush your mouth against mine.“You just made this a lot more interesting,” I say as I pull you into me harder.You’re terrified, all thoughts of escape gone. I push you back onto the bed roughly and watch your body bounce. Your breasts are big enough to slap you in the face. I cover you with my body and grab you hard with both hands. With my shoulder screaming and bleeding down my chest, I lay on you and attack your body. I bite your breasts leaving big welts and black spots where the blood almost comes through your skin. I ignore your screams of pain and continue to ravage your body.I reach down with my hand a shove two fingers into you and start to pump ferociously, not letting you get used to being stretched. So blinded by lust I don’t even know if you’re wet. I push harder and faster. I slip in a third finger and then a fourth. You scream in fear and pain, begging me to stop.“I’m going to stretch your pussy and fist fuck you!” I growl. I’m so lost in my lust I don’t notice the tears streaming down your face.I shove my hand into your pussy and start pumping, your walls contracting around my hand. I put my lips on your clit and lick in time with my pumping. You start to shake. You try to control yourself and not like what is happening to you but your body loves it and wants more. I pull all the way out of your pussy and ram back in again and again. You’re pussy is so wet and stretched that I can now twist my hand inside of you. You’re right hand is holding onto the chain of your left hand’s handcuff, trying to pull away.Even with the knife in my shoulder I still have a strong grip on your waist and you can’t get away. I pull my hand out of your pussy just before you climax and güvenilir bahis sit back, letting you go completely. I grab my shoulder in pain. The effort of fucking you was too much. I move to you with rage on my face. You pull back in fear and try to close your legs. I pull you on top of me with my good arm as I lay down.“Eat me!” I scream at you as I push your head to my waiting pussy.“I don’t know how,” you sob, still humiliated and in shock from my fist fucking.I get a handle on myself and smile at you tenderly.“Just do what I did to you, pet” still managing to slip that word in.You reluctantly lower your head onto my pussy. I can feel your breath and can see your sides heaving with anxiety. I reach down with my good arm and stroke your hair. You start to lick my pussy. Such an amateur, I laugh to myself. You keep licking and licking, not sure if you’re doing it right I half way close my eyes and moan a fake moan, trying to boost your confidence. It seems to work. You start to lick more purposefully now, running your tongue up my wet pussy and around my clit.“Oooh…like that,” I encourage you.You keep lapping up my juices as they start to flow from pussy. I’m getting close. I pull your head in harder against my pussy and you go faster. Moans are escaping my lips as I start to shake. I feel the blood pulsing from my stab wound which still has the knife in it. I get an idea.“When I tell you to, my pet, I want you to pull the knife out of my shoulder. Then I want you to stop the bleeding and keep it clean.” I close my eyes again not waiting for your response.You start licking again and have started to nibble my clit. My body is so hot. The ecstasy of you fucking me and the adrenaline from the knife wound sends me over the edge.“Now!” I tell you and you wrench it from my shoulder. I scream as orgasm and pain melt together in pleasure. The last thing I see is your face above me with tears in your eyes, the knife in your hand. I reach out and touch your face and smile.And then, blackness…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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