Candi Photographs Nancy

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Candi Martin could feel her hot pussy leaking creamy juice into her frilly panties as she surveyed the yummy young girl sitting on the edge of the bed.

She adjusted a flood-light pointed at the bed so the cute, sexy brunette in the striped bikini had more illumination.

“Come on, honey-girl, arch your back so those sexy titties poke out a little more,” Candi said, admiring the beautiful face staring back at her with its full, dewy lips and big, brown eyes. When this sexy bunny had sashayed into her studio and presented Candi with her card from the modeling agency, Candi had quickly noticed the fine ass and the long, just-right legs along with the beautiful, innocent-looking face and decided that this girl was the total package. Candi also took full note of the age on the card. 19. Candi had shivered. Prime stuff.

She was just the kind of exquisite chick that readers of the magazine, where her pictures would appear, would imagine should always be in a bikini, just like the one currently clinging to her hot body, sitting on a blanket at the beach waiting — just for them.

These photos, however, were being taken inside, in Candi’s studio, against a phony backdrop, to decorate an ad for a swim suit manufacturer. For a real beach scene, Candi’s fee she was currently charging would be doubled. She was good, she knew it, the people that hired her knew it and she charged very high fees for her work. Her skill was such that she could even make some of the older, saggy-breasted models they sent her look young and alluring.

Candi shivered as a sugary thrill rippled through her as bikinied Nancy Wells giggled and obligingly arched her back so that her young, shapely tits poked out further. She’d always thought she had a lovely set jiggling on her chest and here was her chance to show them off! Her legs were partly opened, as Candi had posed her, to show her pretty cuntmound, covered sexily by the barely-big-enough triangle of the bottom thong of the bikini. Her left hand Candi had raised to her long, dark, silky mane of hair.

“Now, honey, wet your lips so they shine for me,” Candi said, moving with her camera behind the flood-lights. “Think sexy thoughts so you look sensuous!”

A faint blush came to Nancy’s cheeks but Candi got a tantalizing glimpse of her tongue as the young model smiled and moistened those full, pouty, dewy lips. Professionalism about her pictures aside, Candi could only dream of kissing those gorgeous lips and playing naughty tongue games with the delectable Nancy. She felt more thrills tingle her clit and more creamy juice leak into her panties.

Who knew what kind of sexy thoughts Nancy was thinking, Candi thought, but she was obviously thinking something arousing as the horny photographer could clearly see her nodel’s nipples harden slightly through the thin material of the bikini cups.

Great! This chick seemed to clearly have it! Lots of it! And, despite some early coyness, she seemed to have no qualms about showing off what she had to offer.

Candi took several shots from several different angles. She was getting a neat girlie hard-on between her legs. The moment Nancy Wells had wiggled into her front office Candi had felt a sharp thrill and she had immediately decided to pose and photograph this new chick.

“Okay relax now, dear,” Candi smiled. “First assignment?”

“Yes,” Nancy breathed, her eyes shining. The idea of being a model in the big city obviously was very exciting for her. She had small town written all over her.

Candi smiled. She’d had a multitude of girls like Nancy in her studio and in her bed. She could almost recite her story by heart. Let’s see. Nancy had been a high-school queen, probably a cheer-leader back home and someone, maybe mummy, maybe daddy, had thought their daughter’s beauty was wasted at home. So she had been encouraged to pack herself off to the big city; probably daddy knew someone at an agency.

Candi could see Nancy Wells visibly relax and become more comfortable.

“Gosh,” Nancy breathed, “You’re very beautiful, Miss Martin. Oh excuse me, is it Miss? Don’t you model too?”

Candi was flattered and her clit hotly tingled.

“Oh, yeah, Miss it is.” Candi told her. “I used to model, and still do sometimes, but rarely. I’m getting too old. It is a young girl’s game. I’ll settle for just taking the pictures to make you young girls look sexy.”

In actuality, Candi Martin was a young-looking 40.

“What about you, sweetie? Did your boyfriend follow you to the big, bad city?”

“Nooo,” Nancy giggled. “We broke up before I left because I wouldn’t hop in bed with him. He was OK, I guess and we dated through high school but he just didn’t do it for me.”

She stretched daintily, her tits moved delectably and Candi felt a thrill throb through her crotch. Jeese! What a chick!

Her ears had pricked up with Nancy’s words — ‘he just didn’t do it for me’.

“If that bikini’s becoming too tight, take it off,” Candi smiled. “I want you in a regular bra and panties for the next shots. I have another client who publishes güvenilir bahis a girlie magazine and is always in the market for fresh new chicks. And please call me Candi. Enough with the Miss Martin stuff.”

“Oh, you!” Nancy’s eyes sparkled.

Candi felt another tingle shoot through her crotch even though she noticed and was disappointed that Nancy had made no move to remove her bikini bra. She was very anxious for her first good look at Nancy’s titties in their full glory. So far all she had seen of their peaks was the barest outline and she’d had to content herself with imagining just how big Nancy’s aureolas were and how hot would be the pinkness of her nips!

She placed her camera aside and moved partially into the shine of the flood-lights, the brightest of which she had just turned off. She posed for Nancy’s benefit, pretending to be adjusting something on another light.

Candi was wearing very snug pants that showed every line of her trimly tuned ass and long, long legs. Her blouse was equally snug to show off her thrusting tits. And thin enough that her nipples could be easily seen poking out hard. Her long, blonde hair reached half-way down her back. Candi was sexy, she knew it and she used it. On chicks.

Candi’s receptionist and part-time assistant, Laura Wheeler, was a pretty good girl-fuck; attractive and still young enough to attract Candi but she had been on vacation the last two weeks. Consequently, Candi was very, very horny and young Nancy was looking more and more interested as though she could be made. She was eyeing Candi’s body with a tell-tale interest.

“Am I really that sexy?” Nancy asked, breathlessly.

Candi winked. “You look good enough to eat, cutie.”

Corny, very corny, but Nancy blushed. Candi grinned. Surely even small-town girls were not that dense.

Young Nancy Wells rose daintily now and moved toward the dressing-room. Her sweet ass movements tensed Candi’s clit. She quickly found the undies she wanted Nancy to wear and followed her into the cozy dressing cubicle.

“Take everything off, sweetie,” Candi said.

Nancy seemed a bit reluctant to remove her bikini in front of Candi, who remembered that earlier Nancy had insisted on being alone while she removed her street clothes and donned the bikini.

“Ah, take it off, doll. It’s just us girls here, isn’t it?” Candi said, reassuringly. Her hot crotch was tingling mightily to see Nancy naked, but with lots of experience with young, inexperienced, small-town chicks, Candi had the smarts to know she had to play it cool.

Nancy giggled, reaching behind her for the strings of the bikini top. Then she paused, her eyes got wide, her smile got playful and she turned her back for Candi to untie the top.

“Would you mind, Miss Martin, I mean, Candi?” she asked, sweetly.

The dressing area had a couch and a fancy makeup table, fully mirrored. Candi had enjoyed herself with several models on the couch plus Laura Wheeler but goodies as good as Nancy didn’t come along every day. Candi shivered. A mingling of jasmine perfume and pussy aroma tingled Candi’s senses. Nancy had lots of it!

Resolutely resisting enormous temptation to put her arms around Nancy and fill her itchy palms with handfuls of Nancy’s tits, Candi skilfully untied the bikini top. The covering of gorgeous Nancy’s spectacular boobs was now in Candi’s hand. She shivered in anticipation.

“Been getting any lately, honey?” Candi smiled. She couldn’t resist a slight caress of the smooth slope of Nancy’s shoulder.

“Noooo!” Nancy exclaimed and finally she turned. Candi’s eyes gleamed as she saw, bare for the first time, what Nancy had to offer up-top. Lots! A lovely set! The sweet youthful thrust of her boobs and the rosy pout of the brunette’s darkly-banded nipples stirred the thrills between Candi’s legs.

“Me, either,” Candi laughed. “And isn’t that just the shits?”

Nancy blushed.

Candi barely believed it herself but she still resisted all temptation to reach out and fondle Nancy’s beautiful boobs. And though her mouth was watering to be filled with the gorgeous young model’s tasty-looking nipples Candi coughed and held herself back.

She could plainly see Nancy’s big brown eyes gleaming. She kept telling herself that holding back until Nancy was really panting for it was the way to go here.

“Do you mind it I get more comfortable?” Candi asked, starting to unfasten her blouse. “These pants are binding my cunny. You don’t mind, do you, honey?”

“I guess not,” Nancy giggled. “You sure say it right out, don’t you, Candi?”

“Why screw around?” Candi giggled. “How long since you had a piece, anyway?”

At least, this time, the cute brunette didn’t blush and experienced Candi could easily detect a glow of excitement.

“Well,” Nancy said, “To tell the truth, I’ve kinda been saving it . . .”

‘Incredible!’, Candi thought. ‘A virgin . . .?’

She shivered again, drawing her blouse open. The bare mounds of her big, floppy tits sat deliciously on her chest. The young brunette model could clearly türkçe bahis see Candi’s nipples hardening under her gaze. What she couldn’t readily see was the wetness oozing from Candi’s cunt, the delectable rising of her clit.

“Oh, wow,” Nancy exclaimed. “You’re really something, Candi!”

Candi smiled and arched her tits forward, weaving her shoulders making her tits jiggle for Nancy.

“Not bad for a girl my age, huh?”

“You’re just sensational!” Nancy gushed.

‘We’re almost there,’ Candi thought. ‘I’ll bet her pussy is damp. She’s really got it for me, but I still should take it slow and easy. I wouldn’t miss this for anything . . . but a virgin? Go at her too fast and she still might panic and that would ruin everything.’

“Getting back to saving it,” Candi smiled, loosening the band of her tight pants. “What or who are you saving it for, sweetie? What do you do for kicks?”

Now Nancy blushed deeply.

“Well, a girl can have fun on dates without going all the way, can’t she?”

“I guess, honey, but that’s kid’s stuff,” Candi told her. “And you really aren’t a kid anymore, are you, sweets? Oh, I know, mommy and daddy didn’t want you getting pregnant but didn’t they tell you about the pill or anything? And besides, Nance, there are other ways to have your goodies where you don’t have to worry about anything!”

“What do you mean, Candi?” Nancy asked.

Candi chuckled.

“You really do need educating, don’t you girl?” Candi laughed, inching her pants down her legs, watching Nancy’s eyes, watching her, the whole time.

“I’m just a small-town girl,” Nancy breathed, her bare tits poking out at Candi. “Mom never told me anything more than to be a good girl. But you, Candi, you are so sophisticated!”

“Thanks, honey,” Candi said, quaking with new excitement. This was almost too good to be true. Like plucking ripe fruit. Her pants came all the way off exposing her crotch, her cunt covered and decorated by black, lacy bikini panties. She dropped her right hand to her pussy and moved her fingers suggestively, her middle digit aimed at her mons.

Nancy blushed furiously.

“Oh, you’re so dirty, Candi!” she cried.

“You better lose some of that goody-goody stuff it you want to have fun in the big city, sweets,” Candi smiled. “Look, I play with my cunt when I haven’t gotten any for a while and I bet you do too!”

“Gosh, you sure are open about things,” Nancy said, some of the blush starting to leave her face.

“A hot pussy wants what it wants,” Candi laughed. “And, Nancy-girl, you’ve got my pussy just boiling. And I bet your pretty puss is heated up pretty well too!”

Candi moved even closer to the dainty brunette and slipped her arms around Nancy’s silky, warm waist, pulling her even closer.

“Oh, Candi . . . ” Nancy breathed.

“Relax, sweetie,” Candi said as their bodies touched. “You like me, I know it. And I’m hot for you. We can have some nice, safe fun!”

Candi shivered. Nancy wasn’t pulling away. She was almost home.

Nancy trembled, right on cue.

Shaking with lust, Candi lowered her head and touched her mouth to Nancy’s petal-soft lips and snaked her tongue inside the brunette’s mouth. She tightened her grip on the pliant waist, savoring the clingy hunger of the young girl’s mouth. Nancy’s arms crept around Candi’s neck. All systems said go!

Jeese, what a tasty young morsel! Their lips opened wider, eagerly! Their breasts nudged warmly together. Candi nudged her nipples at Nancy’s firming young breasts, teasing them around on her warm tittie-peaks. She shivered and uttered a hungry, little whine.

Her tongue still making love to Nancy’s tongue, Candi found a moment to reflect that now would be a perfect time to pose Nancy for some nudie shots; when a girl was turned on big time, as Nancy was now, it showed up good on film. But that could happen later. Right now she was aching for a more fun and Candi reflected that she had just what that cute pussy needed.

Candi stroked her tongue slowly and slid her hands down to the pretty, rounded ass that came as standard equipment on sweet, young Nancy. She responded by trembling. Candi chuckled into Nancy’s lips. The young girl was hanging right in there!

Candi fondled the velvety curves, her clit stiffing with anticipation. Gently, she fit her crotch to Nancy’s cunt-mound and hunched deliciously against her, using her knee to spread the soft, sweet thighs. They opened, her tongue responded more, her pretty lips fluttered.

Candi was shaking. Oh! There was nothing quite like making it with a new pussy! It swelled Candi’s ego the same way it swelled her cunt. Especially when the chick had not previously fucked another girl. And this one was a total virgin. No other cunt. And no prick. Beautiful!

She pulled her tongue from Nancy’s hot mouth, nibbling the engaging, soft lips. She could feel Nancy’s trembles of excitement.

“Over to the couch, sweetie!” Canadi murmured. “Time for some real fun-action!”

Nancy shuddered, hardly able to believe this was happening. güvenilir bahis siteleri In her little town she had been vaguely aware of girl-girl crushes but she had never been that close to any of the girls at her school. And now, here she was, on the verge of an all-out sex encounter with a sexy older woman! Candi was just wonderful! So understanding and so, so beautiful . . .

Steering Nancy to the dressing-room couch, Candi drew the pretty brunette down on her left. She slid her right hand between Nancy’s silky thighs, fitting her left arm around her warm, pliant waist. Nancy’s pinked throat, her uneven breathing, her big, warm, brown eyes and her full mouth, puffed from kissing, shook Candi from head to toe.

‘Control yourself, baby,’ Candi told herself, shivering. ‘This is the first experience for this young girl. You want to hook her on pussy forever, if you can. This first cum you are going to give her is very important. She’s a total virgin, so the bar is probably not set that high. But you should give her a cum better than any she’s ever given herself. Make her hungry for more delicious sensations. Luckily she has no prick cums to compare with. Make this ride good enough and she’ll never want one!’

Candi wanted Nancy to feel as she had felt ever since her first girl. Dating guys in high school hadn’t interested Candi after she realized that guys were just not turning her on. Tammy, now, the sexy senior next door, really did it for Candi! She day-dreamed for just a second about her first session with the hot Tammy but then jerked herself back to the present.

Right now Nancy Wells needed a good, hard, delicious cum and Candi Martin’s pussy surely ached for the touch of sweet, hot pussy. There really was nothing else like it! Absolutely nothing!

“Just the tongues now, honey,” Candi whispered, her mouth inches from Nancy’s trembling, parted lips.

“Ohhh, yesss!” Nancy breathed, her pink tongue emerging. Candi flirted her own tongue-tip into the warm sexy probe, coiling it around and under while her fingers crept closer to the alluring pussy. Her circling left arm tightened, she lifted her hand to a saucy tittie, enjoying the young girl’s tremors, finally cupping the sweet mound, pinching the virginal nipple between thumb and finger.

“Nnnnnnn,” Nancy whined, her soft thighs opening further. She loved it. The pink nipple stiffened sweetly in Candi’s fingers, Nancy’s tongue livened, her lips brushed into Candi’s mouth. Her hips began to lift in the primal urgency, and when Candi finally pressed her fingers into the soft cuntmound, Nancy shuddered.

“Ohhhhh,” she breathed, hunching. “Ohhhh, Candi — please…”

“Need a nice fuck, honey?” Candi whispered, licking Nancy’s ear, worming her fingers down inside Nancy’s bikini panty. The silky-soft puss was wet, the dainty crevice swollen.

“Yessss…” Nancy gasped.

“Nice, hot cunny,” Candi teased, easing her play finger up and down the moistened slit. She nibbled at Nancy’s sweet lips again, bit them lightly and pulled her hand out. “Take ’em off, honey. I want to play with you real good.”

Candi knew just how to make a pussy really wet and turned on.

‘Oh, I could feel this starting the minute Candi looked me over,’ Nancy thought, shaking with need. My clit really aches. Ohhhh, I gotta have a come, one way or another! I want her between my legs…’

Candi sensed that the last barrier of resistance was down. She chuckled. The naive ones were the easiest to make, and Nancy had so damned much to offer that Candi had hurried the nitty-gritty slightly. But she was all in, now.

Nancy reached for her bikini panties and slid them from her pretty ass. Candi helped, fingers shaking. A fresh wave of pussy aroma made her head whirl. As the panty hit the floor, Nancy spread her sexy thighs. Trembling with eagerness, Candi stood up and removed her own panties.

The view of Nancy’s cunt, very lightly sprinkled with dark curls of hair, the sweet puffed labia, already showing wetness which Candi had helped generate, hardened Candi’s clit into pencil stiffness. She wanted to rush Nancy back on the couch and start the fuck, but she also wanted this first piece to be very special, a high mark in Nancy’s erotic experience.

Naked now, Candi posed right in front of Nancy, writhing her ass, giving the brunette a straight-on look at her swollen cunt. Her own blonde bush was thin, her crevice showed clearly; she was very proud of her box, the way it expanded when she was hot. The way that without even Candi touching it, her pussy would start to pleasure Candi with tingly thrills and start leaking sugary honey at just the sight of a delectable treat like Nancy.

“Ohhhhh, wow!” Nancy breathed, her face very flushed. Her eyes wide, enjoying the sight of Candi’s pussy.

“That’s a very cute thing you’ve got there, honey,” Candi smiled. “Shall we get yours and mine together?”

“Yessss!” Nancy gasped.

“Then spread out there, cutie,” Candi breathed, her clit tensing and stinging. Her long, strong girlie pecker was an indication of certain male tendencies in her makeup, and she loved to show it off to more sophisticated gals, but on a first fuck she did not care to expose it. She had almost frightened off one sexy chick who evidently thought Candi was some kind of freak.

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