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Ann 2Ann 2After the episode with Fred things seemed to take off sexually. We both thought it was exciting and something to do again.Bearing in mind it was the early eighties and before the use of computers. I don’t know if Anne Summers is a universal shop, but here in the UK it is a well used store nowadays but in those days the lasses used to have Anne Summers parties where an agent would go to someone’s house with samples of what you could buy, vibrators, toys or lingerie etc. Together, plenty of wine it was a fun night for the girls.We had a couple of friends that we went out with socially, John (a mate of mine, another policeman) and Anne (I will change her name to Sam so as not to complicate the story). Sam was blond slim and very attractive and Ann and Sam got on really well and would sometimes go out together, including an Anne Summers party. Anyway they bought some goodies including a board game called ‘Fantasy for Lovers’. Basically you move round the board doing dares and taking forfeit cards. A must for people who want some adult fun.Anyway about two weeks after the party the goodies arrived including the game. The k**s were at their Aunties for the night. We had gone out to the pub for a drink and then returned for a few more. While we were having a drink Ann mentioned the board game. John and I said,“Come on. Let’s have a look at it”The girls looked at each other bahis siteleri and then they both went upstairs. Both were dressed very similar, high heels, skirt, blouse and presumably bra and pants. They came back downstairs and we opened the game up. John said,“Shall we play then?”I looked at Ann and she just smiled and said,“Why not” So, we set the game on the table and we started. You rolled a dice and moved down the board. If you landed on a square with an apple on it, the remaining three players rolled a dice and the highest one gave the player on the apple a dare, which they had to do. If you landed on a ‘forfeit square’ you had to do what was required. Blue for the men, pink for the girls. These were mainly ‘take two articles of clothing off’ etc. Now I must add that I am totally straight and I had had a vasectomy and I knew John hadn’t. In those days you wore a condom to prevent babies not to practice safe sex as all the current diseases were very rare or unknown then.The game continued and after a short while we were down to our nothings. Sam said, “What are we going to do now?”Ann said straight away, “Forfeits”.I looked at her. Whether it was the drink but looking at her sitting there naked, her lovely breasts on display. Her nipples erect and her eyes….they were very sparkely. I might add to the reader that Ann had very, very sensitive nipples. You could bring canlı bahis her to orgasm just but rolling them or pinch and pulling them. She just loved them being played with. She loved being braless and the feel of a silk blouse would make them stiff and would turn her on.Anyway I digress, Ann threw the dice and landed on an apple square. John, Sam and I rolled the dice and I won. I decided it was time to call her bluff.I said to her, “I dare you to kiss each one us and while we are kissing you we can play with you where ever we want” I thought she would bottle it or at least Sam would.John went first as she was sitting in between him and Sam. She turned towards him and they started kissing. I looked at Sam and she was watching wide eyed. I saw Johns hand go down to Ann’s breasts and he started to play with her nipples. She moaned. Johns hand moved downwards and I was transfixed as she opened her legs as his hand reached he pussy. He slid one, then two fingers into her and Ann moaned again louder. I could hear her squelch. I knew she was turned on.I was mesmerised. There was my quiet wife getting fingered whilst I watched. God, I was turned on and hard. John stopped and I thought that would be it but Ann turned to Sam and smiled and said to her,“Are you up for it?”Sam smiled and reached out for Ann. They looked at each other and they started to kiss slowly at first, their breasts güvenilir bahis just touching, nipple on nipple and they were into it. Their hands were all over each other. I watched as Ann finger fucked Sam whilst they were kissing each other. They were both moaning into each other mouths. Ann slid down and started sucking Sam’s nipples. Then unbelievably she slipped on the floor, opened Sam’s thighs and started to go down on her. John and I just looked at each other. I had absolutely no idea that Ann was into women but bloody hell ….was she!!! Sam was almost screaming by now and came with a howl. We all seemed stunned as to how it had all gone and seemed sheepish. Time was getting on, so we got dressed and Sam and John left. As soon as they had gone we started to have sex. It was raw, rough and hard sex.Afterwards after questioning her she admitted that she had an encounter with a friend’s sister when she walked across town to her house. It started to rain and when she got to the house she was drenched. Her friend had gone to Lancaster shopping with her Mum and Dad. She told me that the sister who was older, helped her get out of her wet clothes and they ended up in bed together. Ann said she thoroughly enjoyed it and wanted to go with another woman again but would never give up cock as she enjoyed that too much .John and Sam split up a few weeks later but Sam stayed in touch and we ended up having a few threesomes including a strap on….but that is another story.Again the story is true. It was an awakening of Ann as far as I was concerned.Thank you for the comments I got for the original story.

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