An Unexpected Encounter With A Much Older Man

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Those of you familiar with the first story about me, written by one of my earliest boyfriends, Mark, (Lazycalm56) on here, will know the story well. However, I have decided to write about that day we spent in The Tavern, Yorkshire, during the summer of 1980, from my perspective.This story is pretty much a prequel to my first story on Lush, about my very first gang-bang when I was twenty-two. However, the events here took place around five years earlier.It was a glorious summer that year, and the weekend before our trip, I had just turned eighteen years old. Mark and I decided to visit my brother and his wife who lived in the small village of Todmorden, for a long weekend.Mark and I had been dating for a few months, and from the start, our relationship was very sexual. At the time I was quite inexperienced, Mark even more so, and it was with me that he lost his virginity, a month or two before the events of this story. I had dated two guys before Mark, but both were quite ‘vanilla’ in the bedroom.With Mark, however, we were both very keen to experiment with sex, and we seemed to ‘gel’ perfectly in the bedroom, despite our young ages at the time.Like a lot of teenage girls back then, I loved to wear short skirts and dresses, and when I wasn’t at school I was always in high heels, and once I started my first job in the City of London, I wore them every day on my commute to work, with whatever outfit I had decided to wear. I admit I loved the looks and whistles I got from men in the city, and often I would choose a skirt short enough to tease male eyes on the London Underground doing my journeys to work.Back to that summer day, in 1980.We had driven up to Yorkshire to visit my brother and his wife in the village of Todmorden, for a long weekend. The weather that weekend was incredible, especially for the north of England, I packed my favourite short summer dresses and three pairs of high heels. However, it was one particular dress I took with us that is the ‘spark’ for the events I tell here. I have attached a photo above of me, taken by Mark at his brother’s house of me in the dress, and heels I wore on the day of this event.The dress was black chiffon, with a pink flower pattern all over. It had long sleeves, with buttons down the front and a pretty collar, it was of the drop-waist style, very fashionable at the time, and was very short.The really sexy aspect of it however was the hemline, which was partially see-through. The dress was ultra-feminine, delicate, and extremely sexy. I knew Mark loved the dress, and I adored wearing it.I had added a lovely pair of black suede high heels, that had thin ankle straps. Under the dress, I wore a pair of silky black tanga-style knickers, but due to the weather that day I decided not to wear a bra.Back then I was a late developer, and even at eighteen, my tits were very small (32A) so I rarely needed to wear bras much of the time.We had decided, as it was our last day in Yorkshire, to visit the famous ‘Tavern Inn’ on ‘Stoodley Pike’, one of the area’s highest peaks. It’s now called ‘The Top Brink Inn’ I think, but back then it was widely known Porno 64

as one of the highest pubs in England. The drive to the top is quite a beautiful experience, and due to the altitude, our ears ‘popped’ a little on the way up.As we drove along the winding lane to the top of the mountain, I sat next to Mark, my legs stretched out beside him, the dress had ridden up my thighs, and I could see Mark smiling at me and glancing at my legs as he drove his car up the winding road.The week before our Yorkshire trip I had visited her hairdresser and had my hair cut a little shorter, and restyled into this gorgeous little collar-length wavy style that Mark said, oozed sex appeal.Eventually, we reached the crest of the mountain, so he turned the car into the car park of the pub and parked not too far from the main door.We both got out of the car, I grabbed my handbag, and we made our way to the pub’s front door. The wind was flapping at the back of my dress, so rather than holding it down with my hand, I cheekily ignored it, much to Mark’s approval as he walked behind me I think.We entered the pub together, walking into the main bar area. Inside were a few couples and families, enjoying meals, and drinks at tables, however, I soon noticed there seemed to be far more men inside the Inn than women. Given how lovely the weather was that day, the pub was by no means full, and we found ourselves a table with ease.As we walked across the floor of the pub and I couldn’t help noticing a few male eyes following me as I walked. Most of the guys seemed to be a lot older than either of us and, I assumed it was rare to see such a young couple inside the Inn.As we passed one guy standing by the corner of the bar, he followed me with his eyes, looked me up and down, and said, ‘Oh yes baby girl, dressed to kill and looking so gorgeous.’He was of medium height but stocky build, and appeared to me to be in his mid-fifties or so. He was smiling at me, so I politely smiled back.He then did a low whistle, and said, ‘Those legs baby.’ He then took his beer and walked away towards the right-hand side of the pub.We sat down, and soon after, the waiter approached our table. We ordered lunch and some drinks, then relaxed and enjoyed the atmosphere inside this famous English Inn.Our lunch was lovely, and after Mark ordered more drinks, I got up from my seat and told Mark I was going to the toilets.As I got near the ladies’ toilets, I noticed a group of four men standing by the end bar. One of them was the man who had commented about my legs earlier. They were all looking at me smiling, then a couple of them wolf-whistled at me. However as I passed by them, suddenly I felt hands stroke my bum through the back of my dress.‘Fucking gorgeous, baby,’ said one of the men.When I returned to our table a little later, Mark asked me if everything was ok.‘Yes fine, Mark,’ I replied, ‘When I walked around the back of the bar to go to the toilets, I was whistled at by some of the men around there,’ I added.‘That is hardly surprising babe, considering how beautiful you look today, and your outfit of course, Konulu Porno ‘ he said.’Two of them touched my bum, as I passed them.’‘Again hardly surprising darling,’ replied Mark.We enjoyed our drinks, then Mark told me he too needed the toilet. So he shuffled past my legs and made his way to the toilets. I said I would buy us some Coffee at the bar while he was gone.As I approached the bar, one of the men from the group walked towards me and stood next to me. I looked at him and he smiled back at me. He then said, ‘Hello beautiful.’I smiled back and replied, ‘Hello.’He told me his name was Steve and he was a local and was here with his group of three friends. I estimated his age to be early to mid-fifties, however, he was very handsome. He was tall and had dark hair with a few grey lines, here and there. Despite this, I found him very attractive.I have always had a thing for older men, and even at eighteen, I used to look at older men on the London Underground looking smart in their business suits in the city.He moved a little closer to me and said, ‘You are utterly gorgeous sweetheart, what is your name?’‘Thank you, my name is June,’ I replied.‘Well hello, June,’ he said, ‘How old are you, baby?’‘I turned eighteen last weekend,’ I replied.‘How lovely, June, you look much younger than that though darling,’ he said.He then asked me what I was there that day and where I was from.‘I am here with my boyfriend, Mark, we are here for a long weekend break,’ I replied.‘You are a Yorkshire lass though, I can tell from your accent,’ he said.‘Actually, I am from Leeds.’He then placed his arm around my waist, I looked at him and said, ‘What you are doing?’‘Just getting to know you better, June, that’s all,’ he replied.‘My boyfriend is in the toilets, he will be back soon,’ I added.‘I know, baby, perhaps he won’t mind me getting to know you better,’ he said.I remember wondering why Mark was taking so long in the toilets, yet I didn’t feel uncomfortable with this much older man, who was now blatantly flirting with me. In fact, he made me feel quite strange, excitingly so, if I am honest, and I kind of felt powerless to stop him from keeping his arm around me. He also picked up my hand, and kissed it lightly, keeping hold of it as we spoke.We carried on chatting together, and slowly I realised his hand around my waist had now dropped lower and was resting on my bum, he gently squeezed my ass through the thin dress. I reached around and took his hand away, placing it back around my waist. All the time he was smiling at me and looking intently into my eyes.He kissed my hand once more and again dropped his hand lower and onto my bum.Again I reached around and placed his hand back around my waist, this went on a few more times.Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I realised, Mark had returned to our table, however far from looking angry, he was just watching me with this Steve guy, his face told a very different story than that of being jealous, in fact, he appeared to be transfixed by what was happening with me and this stranger at the bar.Steve now lowered Porno İndir his hand once again, and this time he kissed me softly on the mouth at the same time, at first I made to pull away, but he gently pulled my head closer to him, and as I relaxed as he kissed me fully, his other hand round the back of my head.After a few moments, nervously I began to respond to his kisses, kissing him back, softly at first, then more deeply, his hand still caressing my ass through her short little dress. As Mark watched open-mouthed, Steve’s hand slowly moved lower, under the hem of the dress, then inside and onto my satin knickers. This time, I did nothing to stop him, and we carried on kissing passionately while he felt my ass through my knickers. He then slowly slid his hand inside the top of my silky knickers, my dress now held up by his arm, slowly he worked his hand inside until he was feeling and caressing my bare bum right before my boyfriend’s gaze, our kissing was still just as passionate with him now holding my hair in his hand, and working his tongue inside my open mouth.I realised I was becoming highly turned on now, embarrassingly so, but I still felt totally under this man’s spell and unable to resist what he was doing to me.After a few more minutes of this, I then pulled away from him, straightened my dress, and grabbed my handbag. I told Steve I needed to go to the toilets, and he then said, ‘While you are there, June, I want you to remove your knickers for me, come back, then go over and drop them on your boyfriend’s lap.’He added, ‘And tell him I told you to do this.’A little shocked, but massively turned on, as I had never felt in my life before, all I could think of to say to him was, ‘Ok, I will.’‘Good girl,’ he replied.I then walked away from the bar, and round towards the toilets once more. I passed our table, Smiled at Mark, then winked as I walked past.Around five minutes later, I returned from the toilets, having freshened my makeup and lipstick. As I approached the bar again, I walked over towards Mark, before he could say anything I reached inside my handbag, brought out the little satin knickers, which by this point were soaked through after how Steve had turned me on at the bar, and I dropped them into Marks lap.Feeling incredibly naughty, I then said, ‘The man I have been with at the bar told me to take these off and give them to you, Mark.’He looked down at my knickers, in his lap, picked them up, then realised they were soaking wet, not with water, but with my own pussy juices. He looked about to say something, but I just smiled at him, then walked back towards the bar, taking my place once again next to Steve.Now without knickers on, the see-through lower section of my dress did nothing to hide that fact and I felt very self-conscious about being naked under it as I walked back to the bar.Our chatting and flirting continued, Steve once more, kissing me deeply, his hand soon went back down onto my bum, then under the hem of the dress, lifting it as he did so, then onto my now naked ass.Then he slowly turned me more towards him, still kissing me and holding me close. his hand on my ass then moved around to the front of my dress. He stroked my bare thighs, to begin with, then he slowly moved his hand between my thighs, and inside the front of the dress, I parted her legs, just a little, and felt his hand move deeper between my legs.

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