Alice 4

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Alice 4Alice part fourI stood in my bedroom in front of the mirror, I could see the image of a very sexy blonde girl with a lovely figure, who was smiling back at me, she had prepared herself for an evening of sex, and was waiting for her father to fuck her.Dad knocked.‘Come in dad’‘God you look so beautiful’ Dad stripped naked, his huge dick at right angles from his body‘Let me undress you Alice’‘Is it Alice tonight’‘Yes Alice, it’s me your dad, and I am going to fuck you, my little daughter’He carefully removed my blouse and skirt folded, and put them on a chair, he stood back and admired me standing in silky white matching bra and panties, tan stockings and three inch ankle strap shoes.‘Come darling, I want you badly, it seems ages since I made love to you’I leaned toward him and lightly brushed my lips on his‘I want you too dad’ I whispered softly in my girlie voiceHe lowered my panties to my ankles my dick popped stiffly out, as he bent down I put my hand on his shoulder for balance and stepped daintily out of them, He stood and led me to my bed, lay me on my back. He began kissing my ear, down my neck, down to my bra, which he unhooked and lifted off my breasts, he then spent some time fondling and kissing them, my dick was twitching, the sensitivity of my breasts had a direct effect on my dick, if he carried on much longer I would have to cum. Thankfully he moved to my navel, he stuck his tongue in licking my button in there, it had drawn deeper in when my waist fat had been removed. Further down he travelled to my hips and right thigh slowly kissed down my leg to my ankle, after removing both shoes, he sucked my toes through my nylon stockings, first the right then the left foot, I liked the tickly sexy feelings it gave me. Up the left leg to my thigh, I could feel his cheek touching my hard dick. He licked up and down my dick, then kissing my purple knob.I felt his mouth warm and wet, engulf my dick head, I wouldn’t last very long, he slowly took more into his mouth, my dick was throbbing with anticipated release, his nose touched my stomach, he had deep throated me. After a very short while, it happened, my dick exploded into his throat, I emptied my aching balls as he sucked me dry, he had swallowed every last drop, then he licked me clean. I felt weak, all the built up tension and nerves had left me. As he lifted my legs, I reached out and handed him the KY. I really wanted him in me now. I was relaxed and ready, after pushing his jelly coated fingers in me and stretching my anal ring open, he generously lubricated his large dick‘Alice darling, you guide it ready for me to put it in’ He placed my hand on his dick, I grasped it, my fingers could not close around it, I positioned it at my opening ‘Push daddy, push it in me’The head of his dick stretched my anal ring wide before it entered me. My legs were on his shoulders, he was so gentle as he eased further into me, he smiled‘Alice my sweetest, I have wanted you so much, we haven’t been together ever since your mum came back, I have missed making love to you, and now at last, I am in you again’I smiled back at him and wriggled my bottom taking him completely into me.‘I love it daddy, I missed it too, and you fill me so full, please fuck me now’He fucked me, slowly at first then to a nice steady rhythm. I could feel every vein of his dick as it slid in and out of me. He stroked my nylon clad legs, and played with my titties, all the while fucking me with his monster dick. I was enjoying my dad shagging me, I thought of my Carol, was she being fucked right now? was she enjoying her daddy fucking her? Dad’s dick began to swell, he pulled me tight onto him, throb, throb I felt his sperm shoot into my bowels, it felt wonderful as he pumped his love juice into my body. Dad in his usual way, carried on fucking me, I remembered he always cum twice, before his dick would soften. With his dick still deep in me, holding me tight he lifted me off the bed, I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, he fucked me while he stood, he must be so strong to do this. Eventually he lowered me down with my backside on the edge of the bed, he was kneeling on the carpet, my legs were wide open, he fucked me for ages before once again he shot another load into me. I handed him some tissues as he withdrew from me.‘You are one helluver fuck Alice’‘You are one helluver stud daddy’We lay back together, he started stroking my body.‘I wanted you last week when we were dancing’‘I know I could feel your hard dick on me, but it was hard already when we started, that means, Carol got you hard in the first place’‘Sorry about that, she is so pretty’‘Don’t ever try it on with her, she is one hundred percent mine’‘I would never do that to you Alice, I respect your love for each other’‘Thanks dad’ While he was caressing my body, I was gently wanking his half hard dick. ‘It looks like we will have to spend more time together like this, as your baby gets bigger in mums tummy. How do you feel about that’?‘I will like it dad, I am sorry about the baby though’His dick was slowly getting harder.‘Did you like fucking your mum’?‘We didn’t really fuck, it was an accident and was all over in a minute’‘I have a business meeting next Tuesday, I don’t expect to be home until midnight. And your mum is safe now for nine months, If I can persuade her, would you like to fuck her properly’?‘Are you sure you wouldn’t mind’?‘She will not get fucked for two days, and I have no intention of missing our Wednesday session together’‘I would like to, I have always thought that mum is very sexy’‘Right, that’s settled then, I will talk to her tomorrow. Now turn over, I am going to fuck you again’I got on all fours on the bed, within seconds his dick was fully in me. He started fucking me with long powerful strokes, I was pushing back in time with his thrusts. He fucked me for nearly an hour before he grunted as his dick unloaded his balls once again inside me.‘Wow Alice darling, you were great, thank you’‘That’s ok dad, I enjoyed it’‘I will go back to your mum now’He leaned to kiss my cheek, I quickly turned, so his lips could touch mine, I pulled away quickly so the kiss could not develop. ‘Until next Wednesday dad’Dad left, I jumped in the shower, as I was drying off, my mobile rang for a text message received, it was from Carol, ‘I did-did you’?It was midnight, I rang her number‘Hi babe, yes I did, he hasn’t been gone long, I have just showered’‘Oh Alice, he was so gentle this time, he left an hour ago, I thought I better not call until twelve when the coast was clear for you’‘Carol? Be honest, did you enjoy it’?‘Yes Alice, it was nice, I did think of you at eight thirty, wondering if you were at it. Did you enjoy your dad’?‘Yes I did, he is good in bed. That’s funny, I thought of you at the same time’‘I can’t wait until Friday when we can do it with each other, I miss you ever so much’‘I miss you too Carol, I love you, byee’‘I love you Alice, byee’Next day, I got home from work about three, kissed mum and Gary.‘Have a nice time last night dear’‘Yes mum I did, thanks for letting me borrow him’‘No problem, it gave me a rest, I couldn’t sleep though, I kept thinking about your dad and you together having sex. When he came back he told me all about it, he said that he likes fucking you’‘I like it too mum’‘He also mentioned about next Tuesday, if I would like to let you make love to me properly, I told him that it would be nice and would like it to happen’I put my arms around her and looked into her eyes‘I want it to happen too mum’ I said softly I kissed her gently on her lips, then went to shower and change.I ran into problems on Thursday with a system, at lunchtime I phoned my office to explain, Janet answered and wanted to meet up again but I put her off, I explained the problem to my boss, it meant staying overnight. I booked a motel. then returned to work. I finally got to the motel at six thirty. I had a meal, then to my room, I always carried an overnight bag. I was worn out. Once showered, I went to bed. I woke up early, made a coffee from the complimentary set, and sat surfing on my laptop, I found Christine had sent me an email, she said that Harold was annoyed with her because she had to travel and stay overnight in different towns. Secretly she said that she was getting loads of orders, her commission had more than doubled, but she had to offer special services to get them. Sometimes she said she could get away with just a blowjob, but mostly she got fucked, once three buyers from the same company had fucked her in her hotel room, and they took it in turn with her all night, she said she could hardly walk and couldn’t sit down for two days. She was saving for a boob job. I replied. ‘Hi Christinelovely to hear from you. The company I work for insisted I become a full time female, I have got new breasts, hair removal, liposuction and my Adams apple shaved, my voice is much higher now, I will add on the clinic where I had it done. Do you remember I spoke of Carol? Well we are engaged, as a treat for our engagement I treated her to the same surgery I had, we both are 36. 24. 36, now, we love our new bodies. Carol spends every weekend with me and we fuck each other silly. You be careful you don’t catch something nasty with all those men. I will keep in touchLove Alice XxxI had breakfast in the hotel restaurant, phoned the company I was doing work for, and found I could start back there at eight. I found the aggressive virus by ten, it took me an hour to eliminate it, the another two hours to get the system right. I typed and printed my report and sent a copy to my office. I made my goodbyes and left for home.I arrived home at four, mum was in the lounge, I kissed her hello, she said Gary was having a nap.‘How is our baby mum? Are you ok’?She patted her tummy‘Not showing yet, and yes I feel fine. I do hope you don’t have to stay out overnight next Tuesday’‘And why is that mum’? I grinned‘Because I want you very much’‘I want you too, I have been really horny just thinking about us, I hope I can live up to your expectations’‘I am sure you will, I haven’t stopped thinking about it either’The doorbell rang‘Carol’‘Alice’We kissed and slobbered over each other in the hall‘Come upstairs, we can have a quickie before dinner’‘Hi Liz’ Carol called from the stairsWe stripped, douched and while we showered, we fucked each other using skin moisturiser for lubricant.‘Coo, I needed that’ Carol said‘So did I, I have been horny for days’‘Dinner’ mum called up, we dressed quickly and went down.‘Hi dad’ pecking him on the cheek‘Hi Greg, hi Liz’ Carol said pecking them both ‘Hello Gary’ she gave him a hug.We had dinner and cleared up. Carol played with Gary on the floor in the lounge.‘I bet you would like one of those Carol’ dad said‘Yes Greg, I would, but not just yet, maybe in a year or so’Carol and I, went up around nine, we fucked each other until midnight. Lying cuddling together on the bed.‘Does your dad try it on at other times except Wednesdays’? I asked‘He did a couple of times, but I told him if he didn’t behave, I would stop letting him have me anymore. He seems to be ok now. Does your dad pester you’?‘No, he never has done. Even when we were doing it before mum came back, he always let me make the suggestion, except of course that first time’‘Have you fucked your mum again’?‘No, but dad is out late next Tuesday, and he has asked mum and me, if we would like to do it again. Mum and I have said yes’‘Wow, a proper fuck with your own mum, and with your dads blessing, she is sexy and looks so much like you, I bet you will love it’‘I hope so, it won’t be the same fucking a real pussy, I much prefer your bottom’Still entwined, we went to sleep.We both had a good fuck first thing in the morning, got ourselves ready, then went to breakfast. I noticed a couple of times that Carol secretly looked at mum, then me and back. Dad took Gary in the lounge to play; us three girls cleared up and prepared the vegetables for this evening. Mum suggested that we had a stroll around the shopping mall and leave dad with Gary.We had a good time strolling about, mum was fun to be with. A few times we got ogled by different men, even had two wolf whistles. We stopped for a snack at the bistro. ‘I have enjoyed being out with you both, and I like the attention you two are getting from the men’ mum said‘I think you are included with the attention Liz, there is very little difference between you and Alice’‘Thank you Carol, but I won’t be getting any in a few months time’ Mum decided to get a three-piece underwear set, bra, panties and suspender belt. She was handling a black satin set.‘Do you think dad would like black with the red frilly bits’?‘I would think he would like this one mum, gold and white, what do you think Carol’?‘I think the gold with the white lace is nicer than the black and red, you would have to wear white stockings though’‘Get the shiny Lycra ones mum’‘Ok, that’s settled, I will go and pay, see you two over by the reduced price rail, and see if there are any bargains’Carol found a black cocktail dress in our size, reduced from eighty to fifteen pounds, ‘coo that’s cheap, it’s nearly the same as your one’ Carol tried it on in the changing room, it fitted her perfectly.We carried on searching and found two tartan pleated short skirts, three pounds each. Mum came clutching her bag, ‘I like the dress Carol’ We didn’t find anything else, when we went to pay, the cashier remarked that the reason they were cheap was very few ladies have such narrow waists now.Back home, mum rescued dad from Gary who was climbing all over him. Carol and I, went up for sex session before dinner. Later mum and I washed up, we had sent Carol off to play with Gary, dad was on the PC. We all gathered in the lounge for a while, Carol and I, went up at nine, and fucked until late. ‘Alice darling, my life is so good now, I have a wonderful body, I feel and dress like a girl all the time, and most important, I met you, and we are in love’‘I feel the same, I can not imagine being in love with anyone else in the world other than you, I want to be with you forever’‘I want that too’We slept embracing each other.We fucked each other in our morning shower, make up and hair done, we wore the tartan skirts.‘Look’ I said twirling in front of the mirror ‘you can see my panties when I spin round’‘Don’t tease me with your sexy legs, or I have to fuck you again’ Carol grinned‘I need a coffee first, c’mon’After breakfast we all decided to play on the Wii, as it was raining, we spent most of the day playing on it. Later, Carol and I, fucked each other to sleep.Monday was a long day, I got home after dad at six thirty.Tuesday I couldn’t wait to finish, I wanted to get home for my fuck session with mum. I worked really hard and was able to get home by four.‘Hello my darling mother’ I said as I went to kiss her. Our lips touched, it felt as if sparks flew as we began to kiss passionately‘Oh god, I want you so much’ she breathed‘I haven’t stopped thinking about you all the time since you agreed, I have been so horny’‘How about a quickie to break the tension, we won’t be so urgent when we get in bed later’ mum suggested.I took off my skirt and jacket, mum removed her panties as I pulled mine down, kırşehir escort my dick was hard and ready‘No need for preliminaries, I am already wet and waiting Alice, just fuck me’She lifted her dress to her waist. sat on the edge of the kitchen table and opened her legs wide, I stood between them and pushed my dick fully into my sexy mum,‘Oh mum, at last’ ‘Mmm, it feels wonderful having you inside me’I began fucking hard and fast, we were gazing into each other’s eyes. I remembered looking in the wardrobe mirror after my op, and wanking wanting to fuck my image, here I am at last, fucking the image of me. The table was moving across the room with my hard thrusts, my mind flew back remembering how it did the same when dad was r****g me on it. Mum and I started playing with each other’s tits, my dick was a blur pistoning mums soft pussy, mum let out a long loud squeal as she was having an orgasm, I followed shortly after, shooting my pent up load in her. ‘Wow, that was something else’ she said coming back to earth.Although I had just cum and I had slowed down, my dick was still hard. I once again continued ramming my dick in her.‘God, you may look like me, but you have your dad’s stamina’.‘My dick isn’t as big as his’‘Don’t worry about that, yours is doing a wonderful job in me’I slid her top up and pulled her bra up over her orbs, she unbuttoned my blouse, lifted my bra up, we were both playing with each other’s titties. Mum started shaking, her face took on a look of urgency, she let out another long squeal, her stomach vibrated as she had an almighty orgasm.‘Please Alice, save some energy for later, I feel so weak’‘Sorry mum, my dick stays in you as long as is still hard, I have waited for this too long, now I am making the most of it’I leaned forward and kissed her soft lips, I pushed my tongue in, she put her hands behind my head and held me there. Her pussy was making the same sloshy noises as our mouths. The table was jammed against the washing machine and cooker, and was knocking against them in time with our fucking. Her fingernails dug in the back of my neck, I was banging her furiously, she squealed into our sealed mouths, we both cum together. Our lips parted, we were both gasping for breath. My dick slowly went limp.I helped her off the table.‘Hold me up Alice, my legs are like jelly’I put my arms around her holding her to me, our lips met again as a soft loving kiss which went on and on, mum leaned back, looked directly in my eyes‘I loved every second Alice, you were fantastic’‘I never dreamed how good it would be to make love to you mum’‘I hope you will want me again tonight’‘I want to fuck your brains out later’‘Now, now that is no way to speak to your mother is it’?we both laughed‘Mummy’ Gary piped up from the door ‘is dinner ready, I’m hungry’‘Nearly, Gary, won’t be long, Alice and I had something to attend to’ she grinned at me. I gave Gary a hug and kiss.‘Will I have time to change mum’?‘No, Alice, it is all ready in the oven, can you give me a hand moving the table back’?When she bent to open the oven, I noticed a rivulet of cum running down the inside of her legs.While eating, mum asked if I could clear up so she could put Gary to bed.‘I want you to wear these tonight’ she handed me a bag ‘then come to my room when you are ready’I cleared up after dinner, I found both our panties on the floor, collected my clothes, grabbed the bag, and went upstairs thinking about fucking my sexy mum again.I went through my routine, douche, shower, make up and hair, I opened the bag and found the gold with white lace trim, panties, bra and suspenders, with white Lycra stockings. I thought when she bought them they were for her to wear for dad, I put them on and found a pair of two inch heeled sandals. I checked myself in the mirror, I grinned at me, ‘I am going to fuck someone who looks just like you, very soon’ Only dressed in my sexy underwear, I went to dad and mums room, the door was partly open, I was surprised to see her laying on her bed in exactly the same underwear as mine and her shapely legs also encased in sheer shiny white stockings. ‘Oh mum, you look stunning, so beautiful and sexy’‘Just like you do darling, come and make love to me’I slipped off my shoes, slid on the bed beside her and embraced her lovely body. We held each other tightly and kissed passionately. The feel of our satin underwear rubbing against our skin and our shiny cased legs slithering together was getting my dick twitching. She reached behind me and unclipped my bra, I followed her move and undid hers, we rubbed our nipples together, I kissed her ear, she put her lips to mine and whispered‘Let’s do it together, what you do to me, I will do to you and vice versa’.I remembered what dad had done to me last Wednesday when he worshipped my body and how wonderful it felt, I would do it to mum.My lips giving feathery light kisses down her neck, as she kissed mine, I could feel her breathe lightly on my skin, I turned my body around, we lay on our sides, our bodies top to tail, I touched my lips upside down to hers, then proceeded to her breasts, kissing and loving them with my hands, so soft with hard erect nipples which I sucked greedily, each in turn, my dick hardened while she gave mine the same attention. Eventually I moved to her navel kissing around the depression and stuck my tongue into it, easing further down to just above her pussy, to her right thigh, kissing and stroking down the silky white stockings to her foot, my panty covered dick was rubbing between her titties. We both sucked on each other’s nylon clad toes at the same time, as I was drawing them in my mouth, even her feet and toes were sexy, I thought. I changed to the other foot and travelled up to above her stockings to the soft skin of her thigh. My next aim was to attack her pussy with my mouth, I pulled at the top edge of her panties, she lifted her hip, I did the same and we both slid our panties off. I felt her kissing my dick head, she had opened her legs so I could gain access to my goal. She was engulfing my dick with her mouth, suddenly I felt her nose on my pubic bone, my dick was now down her throat, I knew if she carried on that I would lose it, so I pulled back, removing it from her warm mouth.‘Alice? I wanted to taste you’‘Sorry mum, I want save it for this end’ I kissed her moist pussy. I turned around, she rolled onto her back, I pulled her legs so her bottom was just over the edge of the bed, I kneeled on the floor, put my head between her thighs and began giving her pussy a French kiss. My tongue was whipping in and out, my nose rubbing her clit, she started gasping and trying to push my head away, but I was holding her by her hips. I sucked, licked and tongue fucked her, ‘No, no, don’t make me, pleeease no, aeeeeh’ she screechedHer pussy and stomach spasmed as she climaxed. Now is the time, I thought, I lifted myself and thrust my dick completely into her, I began fucking her and fondled her titties. She smiled up at me‘Oh Alice you are good, very, very good’‘It’s because I want you so much mum’I had picked up speed, I was now fucking her hard, the bed was rocking against the wall, we were both playing with each other’s titties. Because I had fucked her earlier, I was lasting longer, she clutched my arms, digging her nails in me, and had another climax, I felt her pussy gripping my dick as she went through it. I heaved her up so I could lie on top of her, without removing my dick. I lowered my lips to hers, she put her arms around my neck, we kissed passionately, our breasts mashed together, while I carried on gently fucking her. ‘Mmm’ she hummed in my mouthI rolled us over so she was on top, she broke the kiss and kneeled and began riding me. We went back to tweaking each other’s nipples,‘You have beautiful titties’‘Only the same as yours mum’She was bucking and rolling on my dick, her breathing became rasping, my dick was ready to explodeShe let out a shrill squeal, we were both cumming together. Mum stayed on me for a minute as she regained her breath. She grabbed some tissues, and with a loud slurp as we parted, she rolled on her side beside me, both of us mopping up our lovemaking juices.‘That was wonderful Alice darling, I am so glad your dad let us get together’‘So am I, I have often fantasised about making love to you, and you are better than I dreamed you would be’‘You seemed to have picked up some moves from your dad’‘He is a good teacher’We were facing each other on our sides, our faces just a couple of inches apart, our breasts touching with our legs entwined. It was so romantic.‘I have just thought; all your little boy and girl sperms are meeting up with the baby you put in me’‘Are you sorry mum’?‘I was at first, but now I am glad you knocked me up, I always wanted more c***dren’.‘Just think, my mummy is having a baby by her daughter’‘You will have to be the mummy, I will be grandma’‘Why’‘Because, your dad will be a granddad’‘Carol will be so jealous I will be a mum’‘Why don’t you get her pregnant, you earn good money and she can live here, it would be lovely for the k**s too’‘I can’t mum’‘Why not’‘I can’t tell you’‘I know you are alright, so it must be her, please tell me what is wrong Alice’‘You must promise to keep it to yourself and not say anything, even to dad’‘I promise’‘Carol is the same as me, a she male, she has a dick like mine’ ‘Good god, she is far too pretty to have a dick’ mum gasped ‘so you two, ahem’‘Yes mum, we make love to each other. We don’t fuck, we make love’‘So which did you just do to me’?‘I made love to you, which I am going to do again right now’‘I need a break, I am a bit worn out’‘I have more boy and girl sperm things who want to meet our baby’I kissed her. My dick had hardened, I lifted her leg, put my upper leg in-between, and slid into her, I managed to get one foot by her face the other behind her. While I was fucking her I clamped her in-between, putting pressure on her bottom and tummy, tightening her pussy on my dick‘Oh that feels so good’ mum groanedI sucked her toes while fucking her now tight pussy, she grabbed my foot and did the same. That feels nice, two sensations at once. Mum was groaning on my toes, then she screeched, I could feel her stomach muscles contracting on my thigh as she cum. I slid my leg back turned her, and lifted her on her hands and knees, and carried on fucking her doggy style. It took another ten minutes before she had another orgasm, I was still hard, and I was enjoying fucking my sexy mum, I put one hand around and under her and was flicking her clit with a finger, with the other hand I reached around and tweaked her nipple, I swapped hands a few times, to give both her nipples the same attention, my balls started to tighten, I wanted mum to cum again, so I rubbed her clit harder and pulled and pinched her nipples, sure enough she began gasping, I tried to hold back, but I thrust harder as I began to cum, mum screeched as my sperm shot into her. I held her in that position, while we were both cumming, slowly we regained our breath. I slumped sideways on the bed, mum just fell forward on her front, resting her face toward me, on her hands. Neither of us had remembered to wipe ourselves.‘I don’t think I have cum that many times since my honeymoon’ mum croaked‘You shouldn’t be so sexy’ I smiled at her lovely face.I stroked her back gently, from her buttocks to her neck, up and down her spine on her flawless skin. ‘I think you passed very well’‘What mum’‘You said earlier, that you hoped you would come up to my expectations, well you have certainly well passed any that I did have’‘Thank you mum, I just wanted you so much’Mum whispered ‘That is one of the best fucks I have ever had’ She turned toward me, we embraced each other, and kissed on the cheeks, nose, eyes, each taking it in turn, finally our lips touched, kissing gently using our tongues, in a way that only lovers can do.I looked at her face, other than slight ageing, she looked like me, blonde hair, grey-blue eyes, same shaped nose and lips which had a slight tilt upwards at the ends, giving the look of a permanent slight smile.‘Are you studying me darling daughter’‘Yes mummy dear, you are beautiful’‘Thank you sexy girl, you are beautiful too, don’t forget everyone says how much we look alike’We had been in each other’s arms for some time, and because I had been gazing so closely at her face, my dick had started to stiffen.‘I want you again mum’‘No more Alice, not tonight, I am finished, you won’t get me again’‘Can I just put it in you please’Mum rolled onto her back with her legs wide open, I positioned myself between them and slid my dick home in her offered pussy. I began fucking her slowly. She smiled‘I will not cum again, but it feels so nice having you in me’‘I like being in you’I was fucking her pussy with long steady strokes, for ages, gradually her body started to respond, I quickened my pace, her body kept in time, I began fucking her hard, she wrapped her legs around me pulling me into her, I could feel her nails on my back digging in, her body thrusting back, we were now fucking like there was no tomorrow, she let out a loud screech, we both cum hard together.‘I wish I had my camera’ dad said from the door ‘a video of what I just saw, would net me thousands on the porn market’‘Oops sorry, I did not know you were there dad’ I blushed as I hastily got off mum making a loud slurping noise. Mum’s face had also gone bright red.‘Hello Greg, I wasn’t expecting you yet’‘You must have started late, it’s half past midnight. By what I have just seen, you look as if you have enjoyed yourselves’ he said grinningI found my panties and bra, and began to put them on‘Don’t bother dressing babe, your room is only two doors away, and I have seen you naked many times’‘G’night dad’‘Good night Alice dear’ He patted my bare bottom‘Have that ready for me tomorrow’ he grinned and blew me a kiss.Wednesday at work I found it hard going, I kept thinking about mum and me the night before, I had never fucked so many times in one evening, in my whole life, not even with Carol. I eventually got finished and went home.‘Keep away from me with that dangerous weapon you keep in your panties’ mum cackledI went to kiss her mouth, she turned her face so I kissed her cheek.‘Back to normal now Alice, no more sex for us unless dad suggests it’‘That’s ok mum, I agree’‘Dad said he couldn’t find a dry patch to sleep on, there were puddles of cum all over the sheets, when I went to get fresh ones my legs wouldn’t hold me up, I just fell on the floor, your dad laughed when he changed them, he had to lift me up to put me in bed’‘It’s your fault, because you are so sexy’‘He said he would be taking it out on you tonight’I changed out of my work suit and slipped into a cotton dress and went down for dinner. Mum was dishing it up, dad had arrived, as I kissed his cheek, he put his hand up the back of my dress and squeezed my butt cheeks’‘Mmm, I’m looking forward to that’ he grinned‘Why are you hungry Greg’? mum said turning toward him with his dinner plateShe saw where his hand was‘Oh, that sort of hungry’ We all had a good laugh. I went to help mum clear up after.‘Not tonight Alice, this evening is for you and your dad, you will need all your energy later. Go on dear, escort kırşehir go and get ready for him’‘Goodnight mum’‘Goodnight Alice, goodnight Greg have a good time’As I left, dad was right behind me, I went upstairs letting him have a good look up my dress.‘Seeing you girls at it last night, made me really horny, I have been looking forward to tonight’‘See you in an hour dad, I will be ready for you’He patted my bottom again‘Keep it warm for me’ he chuckled.I stripped off, I used more water than usual with the douche, and held it inside me longer to stretch my rectal tube. Showered, did my hair and face, I put on navy bra and suspenders with sheer navy stockings, and see through navy baby doll top with fur around the top and bottom, I did not bother to put panties on. I had just lubricated myself with the KY when I heard dad in the hall, so I knelt on the bed with my backside to the door.‘Wow, that cute butt of yours looks so inviting’‘It is all yours dad, I have kept it warm, it’s ready and waiting for you’‘Wouldn’t you like me to play with you first’?‘No, because I know you are horny’ He dropped his boxers, coated his large dick with KY. He pressed the head of his dick on my anus, the large knob opened me wide as it entered me, ‘Pop’ it went in, then that full feeling as his dick slowly travelled completely into me. He fucked me furiously for at least twenty minutes before he shot his first load. He must have saved it up, it felt like he had filled me with his cum. He turned me onto my back and re-entered me, I had my legs apart so he could have full access to me. He fucked me for what seemed ages, that monster dick ramming in me, he played with my tits, even wanking my dick in time with his thrusts. He smiled down at me‘Oh god Alice, you are so sexy, I’m going to…’.His dick throbbed as it unloaded again into my bowels. It is such a wonderful feeling, the spurting of his dick so deep inside me and knowing I could satisfy him. He leaned forward to kiss me, but I handed him tissues just in time before his lips touched mine.‘No kissing dad, that is the rule’‘Sorry, I forgot in the heat of the moment’He lay facing me, with his arms around me. I could see by his expression it was getting to be more than just having sex with me. I did not want him to have anything more than just affection for me. I love my mum, I would never come between her and dad.‘Dad’? I asked ‘what is it that makes you want to fuck me so much, when you have mum’?‘Because you are a very sexy girl’‘But you and everyone else think mum and me both look alike’‘You remind me of her, when she was younger, and you are now my daughter, so it feels like I am committing i****t. Not only that, you are a very good fuck’‘I like being fucked by my daddy’‘Am I the only one now’I had to say he was, I couldn’t admit Carol fucked me, as he still thinks she is a real girl.‘Yes you are dad’‘You say you like me fucking you, why is that’?‘I feel and look like a girl, it is nice that you want to fuck me as one. I enjoy it too, I love the feel of you deep inside me, and I get a wonderful feeling when you are cumming in me, and I can satisfy you sexually as a girl can’‘Do you ever fancy other men’‘Definitely not, there is no way I would let any of them near me’‘Yet you like me fucking you’‘After you ****d me when you thought I was mum, I felt so sorry for you, I knew you wanted her badly. I did not want you going out with other women, so I let you fuck me instead. I began to look forward being used for sex by you, I found it nice that you wanted me’‘Would you like to have me more often than just on Wednesdays’‘No dad, once a week is enough, I have no intention of coming between you and mum’‘Your mum did say, that if she got uncomfortable with sex when the baby got bigger, that you may have to stand in for her’‘That’s no problem dad, after all it is my fault she got pregnant, and it’s only fair that I help her out, but it can only be when Carol isn’t here at the weekends. I don’t want her finding out’‘I agree, when she is here I will be the perfect father’‘Do you want me again dad’?‘Would you like to Alice’?‘Yes dad, I want you in me again’I felt his dick, it was only half hard, I scurried down and kissed around his balls and dick, I was able to get the knob in my mouth and sucked, he was hardening, the head of his dick became too big for me to hold between my lips. I turned around with my bottom toward him on my side. He applied fresh KY, then slipped smoothly into me. Dad was fully hard, and was once again fucking me. My bottom was now used to his large dick, it felt nice the way he was using the whole length of it, sliding in and out. I wondered if Carol’s dad was fucking her right now, I glanced at the clock, nearly half past ten. Dad rolled onto his back lifting me so I was on top facing away from him, I put my hands on his knees and was riding him, he had his hands on my hips easing me up and down, ‘Try to spin around to face me sweetie’I lifted a leg over his, pivoting on his dick, then over again. My whole weight pressing on his pubic bone, his dick couldn’t get any further into me, I moved my legs so I could kneel astride, then raised and lowered myself. He played with my titties and smiled.‘Such a perfect body and flawless skin, you are so fuckable’I leaned forward over him, he began ramming into me at a fast pace, my half hard dick was slapping his stomach in time, after a while he grabbed my hips and pulled me down hard, I put one hand behind and cupped his balls, I felt them rhythmically pulsing as they were emptying in me.‘Wow dad, that felt so good, I could feel you cumming’‘As I have said before, you are a great fuck. Stay there for a minute, it feels good and I want to drain every drop inside you’ he breathed heavily.I sat on his gradually deflating dick, I had enjoyed being fucked and satisfying my dad. My dick had not got properly hard all evening, I must have overdone it with mum last night. I passed him some tissues as I rose off him, he wiped us both.I lay beside him as he got up on one elbow, he put his hand under my chin and gazed into my eyes.‘I really needed that after watching your mum and you last night, it was so horny’He kissed me lightly on each cheek and forehead.‘Until next week sweet Alice’.As he left, I noticed it was eleven-thirty, I rang Carol.‘Hi darling, are you free’?‘Yes Alice, he left about five minutes ago’‘Same here, I thought of you at half ten, while I was being shagged’‘I was being cuddled, I had to give him a blow job to get him hard again, then he fucked me for the third time tonight’‘I had three as well, oops, I’m leaking cum, see you Friday, love you’‘Love you too Alice, byee’For the next seven months, Carol and I were together every weekend. Dad had just started fucking me four nights Monday to Thursday as mum was getting closer. I was allowed to fuck mum once a week on a Wednesday until nine pm, then it was dads turn with me, until midnight, but that stopped a couple of weeks ago, as mum was getting uncomfortable. Mum’s checks came back each time from the clinic, baby was perfectly normal. One Saturday, Mum called Carol, dad and me in the lounge.‘I have been thinking that we may have a problem’ she held her hand up to stop us from speaking. ‘Greg, you were treated at the local hospital after your accident, they tried to get your fertility back, and your sperm checks were carried out in the clinic I am attending, they will know that you could not be the father’Dad slapped his forehead.‘God, I never thought of that’‘Unless we want to finish up in court, we cannot name Alice, but we could name Harold as the father, only if you are willing Carol’‘Who the hell is Harold’ dad spluttered‘I am’ Carol answered ‘A pretty girl like you cannot be a father, you need a dick for that’‘I have one, I am just like Alice, a shemale’‘So you are a boy whose name is Harold’?‘Yes, Harold Robinson’‘It’s hard to believe you are a boy, you are…’‘Too pretty’ Carol interrupted, ‘I know, everyone has said that about me all my life, and in answer to your question Liz, yes, I would be honoured to be named as the father’‘Thank you Carol, I would have hated the birth certificate to have said ‘father unknown’’A lovely baby girl was born right on time, six pound seven ounces, mum looked so happy and proud when we visited, we decided her name would be Amy Caroline Smith. When mum brought Amy home, it was my job to look after her when I was not at work, Carol virtually took over at weekends, she really loved our new family member, she spent her weekends, fussing over Amy and playing with Gary, any spare time we spent fucking.Dad fucked me during the week, until mum had recovered, then back to just Wednesday evenings.Two months after Amy arrived, on a Saturday morning just after Carol and I had a fuck in the shower and got ready, mum and dad called Carol and me into the lounge.‘Greg and I have had a talk, Gary is now going to school, Amy is not one yet, I have been told by the clinic that I am healthy and still fertile. What I am trying to say is, I want another baby’.‘We have watched how motherly and loving Carol is toward the c***dren, we wanted to know if you Carol, would like a baby of your own. It would mean you would have to give up work and live here to help Liz look after them, and, Alice you would have to support Carol financially. How do you two feel about that’?Carol and I looked at each other, I grinned and nodded to her, she burst into tears.‘Oh Greg, Liz, it would be a dream come true, I have wanted to be a mum ever since I met Gary, even more so now Amy has arrived. Oh, I have just thought, it means that Liz and I…’‘Yes, it means that you will have to impregnate Liz, is that a problem for you’?‘Not at all, it would be as if I am with Alice’‘There is one thing though’ dad said ‘you will have to sleep with Liz, and I will sleep with Alice, until Liz gets pregnant, is that ok’?‘What about me dad, I need Carol’‘Oh yes of course, well how about Carol goes with Liz, and I go with you, until eleven, then we swap places’‘That’s better, when does all this start’‘Today, if you like’Mum looked at Carol with a smirk‘Fancy a trial run if we can get these two to look after the k**s’Mum held her hand out to Carol, she stood and took it, turned to me and grinned as they left. Dad and I played with the little ones, I changed Amy’s nappy. About two hours later, mum and Carol came back holding hands. Mum was a bit dishevelled and had a satisfied look on her face, Carol looked a bit worn but happy.‘Ok you two, our turn with the c***dren, off you go, I will get some snacks ready for lunch’ Dad didn’t need telling twice, he put his arm around my waist and led me out.‘God, I am so horny, I kept thinking about your girlfriend fucking my wife’He stripped, his dick was stiff and ready‘Get your knickers off sweetie, I will get the KY’I removed my panties, and got on my knees on the bed.‘Like this dad’?‘That’s fine, I just need to get my dick in you’He lubed his dick, and me then entered me easily, Carol and I had fucked each other earlier this morning, so I was already a bit stretched. Dad fucked me hard, we changed positions a couple of times, he did his usual by cumming in me twice. After cleaning ourselves up, we went down and sat, four of us with the k**s eating sandwiches and coffee.‘This is so nice’ mum said ‘just one big happy family’‘I feel as if I am a part of it now’ Carol added smiling at mumThe next few weeks were a bit hectic. When Carol finished work each Wednesday, she went to her home, so her dad could have her, then back here on Thursday, when she fucked mum and dad fucked me until eleven, then I fucked Carol. Each morning I fucked Carol, but she saved herself for mum in the evening. On the fourth week just after dad had finished having me, and Carol had returned from mum, She whispered ‘I am going to be a daddy and mummy, I have got your mum pregnant, but she says she won’t tell your dad for another week, just to be sure’‘Oh, that’s wonderful news Carol, I am so happy for you’.A week later, mum called us all together and told us the news. Dad said that we could all get back to a normal family life now, but he had a request.‘I will have to use you again Alice when mum starts to get big again, until then, you and mum can have sex once a week, but I would like to have Carol on that night, but of course only if you both agree’Carol blushed and looked over at me and gave a slight nod, I wanted mum again, so I nodded back.‘That sounds fair, the arrangement of us returning to our own bed at eleven still stands, but I would like to add, that when mum has this baby, we stick with our own partner from then on, is that agreed’?We all agreed to those terms.‘When do we start’? mum asked‘Right now if you like’ dad said ogling Carol.I could see she was worried, wringing her hands and biting her lip, my lovely Carol is going to be fucked by my dad.‘Ok, two hours only, Alice and I will look after the k**s, after that, we have the same. Then tonight after dinner we do it again until eleven’Dad got Carol’s hand and literally dragged her out, she was blushing bright red and looked nervously back at me.Mum gave me a grin.‘He’s been dying to fuck her for ages, so I thought it best that they went first’ We played with Gary and Amy, but my mind was in turmoil, thinking of my pretty Carol being fucked by my dad. Two hours later dad came in holding Carol’s hand he was smiling broadly, Carol was blushing profusely eyes cast down, I could see she was totally embarrassed and trying not to look at anyone. She was standing with her blouse partly buttoned wrongly, and with her legs slightly apart under her crumpled miniskirt, it seemed like dad had given her a good fucking. I felt a pang of jealousy, I was in love with her, and now I have shared her.‘Come Alice, it’s our turn’I followed mum up to my room, as soon as I closed the door, mum flung her arms around me and began kissing me passionately.‘We are not supposed to kiss like that mum’ I said‘I won’t tell, if you don’t, but right now I want you to fuck me silly’Rapidly helping each other undress, mum pulled me onto the bed.‘I don’t need any foreplay, just stick that dick of yours in me, I need you now’I fucked mum in various positions, just like my dad, I didn’t slow down after I shot my first load in her, mum squealed through several orgasms, I glanced at the clock, only fifteen minutes to go. I really went to town on her then, I was fucking her hard and fast. Mum squeaked again as I finally cum in her just as our time was up. We hurriedly dressed and went down.Carol looked up at me still blushing and smiled sheepishly, she was playing with Gary on the floor, dad was in an armchair cuddling a sleeping Amy in his arms.‘Enjoy yourselves’ dad grinned‘Yes thanks Greg’ mum turned to me ‘please would you give me a hand with some sandwiches for lunch dear’.We had the late lunch, talking about making the fourth bedroom into a nursery. Mum turned to Carol,‘Take Alice upstairs while I prepare dinner, you haven’t spent much time together today’Closing the bedroom door, we lay on the bed holding each other tight.‘Why were you so embarrassed when you came down with my dad this morning’?‘I didn’t know his dick was so big, but he did take it slowly until kırşehir escort bayan he got it all in me, then, just like you, he didn’t even slow down after he cum the first time, when our time was nearly up, I started to get dressed, he rammed his dick back into me and began fucking me again, I was bent over the bed doing my buttons up with his cock pounding into me, he cum in me a third time, he pulled his trousers on, then grabbed my hand and we came down, I could hardly walk, I had my panties in my hand and cum running down my legs and I felt a bit sore, I wanted a hole to open and swallow me up, I didn’t want you to see me having just been fucked by your dad only a few seconds before’‘Did you enjoy him’?‘Well sort of, his dick is much bigger than my dads, I didn’t think I could take it all at first, but he was very gentle with me, he kept asking if I was ok as he was getting further in me, I was amazed when his thighs touched the back of mine and knowing he had that big dick fully inside me it felt enormous, I have never been so stretched, once I got used to it, I suppose I liked it’‘Well you have got him again later’‘Oh god, I won’t be able to walk for a week’‘Don’t be silly, he has fucked me hundreds of times, you will soon enjoy having his dick in you’‘Did you like fucking your mum’?‘Yes, it’s been a couple of months since we last did it, and she is good in bed’‘I know I loved it when I was knocking her up, it was like fucking you except she has a real pussy’‘Do you like real pussy’?‘No, I prefer your bottom, so you better turn over’Carol fucked me, we had a break kissing and caressing, then she climbed on me again. We had dinner around seven, it took an hour by the time we had finished and cleared up. ‘We meet at nine, mum comes to you Alice, and Carol comes to me, is that ok’? dad saidWe all agreed. Carol and I douched and showered, while I was soaping her down, I wanted to fuck her.‘No Alice, this is for your dad tonight’ she said patting her bottom ‘and this is for your mum’ she grabbed my dick and waggled it.We got made up and put sexy underwear on, I put on the gold set. At a minute to nine we kissed‘See you later darling’, she said shakily as she set off. Mum came in, she had her gold underwear set on as well.‘Not only do we look alike, it seems we even think alike’For the next two hours mum and I made passionate love together.Carol came back at eleven holding her panties in her hand, mum gave her a kiss as she left.‘I didn’t want to get cum over them’ she said, walking carefully with her legs apart into the bathroom. I followed her in, she was having another douche, I jumped in the shower to wash the smell of sex from me, Carol came in with me, we soaped each other,‘Be gentle around my bottom, it’s a bit tender, your dads big dick has spent a lot of time in there today’‘This is worn out anyway, so don’t worry’ I said waving my soft dick. We got dried and curled up together naked in bed. She fucked me once before we went to sleep.Sunday morning, Carol and I had our early morning fuck, showered, made up and dressed alike.‘Hello girls, toast ready, I will get your coffee’s’ mum said cheerfully ‘how do you both feel after yesterdays escapades’?‘I was a bit sore last night, other than that I liked it’ Carol said‘Yes she was untouchable, but I couldn’t have done anything anyway, because I was too worn out. I did have a great time though’‘We will have a chat next Saturday to see if you want this arrangement to continue’For the next eight months the arrangement carried on, mum was now getting too big for comfortable sex, so dad had me Monday to Thursday, Carol had her dad every Wednesday, then my dad had Carol on a Saturday from nine to eleven, she was quite used to his large dick now, she even looked forward to having it inside her. Carol was arranging to leave her job full time and work from our home on the computer part time, and she would have to pop into her office once a week, to sort out any paperwork, this was arranged for each Wednesday, so from there she would go to her home every Wednesday after work and let her dad have her in the evening, then return here Thursday morning. This worked well until mum gave birth to another lovely baby girl, seven pounds two ounces, Angela Carol Smith. Carol had insisted attending the birth, and had held mum’s hand through the whole time. She then rushed screaming into the waiting room.‘I am a mummy…I am a mummy’The few others in there all looked at her, two burst out laughing the rest looked at her as if she was totally mad. Dad and I saw the funny side of it, we both flung our arms around her kissing and congratulating her.The sexual side of our life changed, as Carol and I took baby Angela to Carol’s home each Friday to Saturday, because her parents thought I was the mother, the doting grandparents could see a likeness of me in her. Carol’s mum June took me on one side,‘You are such a lucky girl keeping your figure so amazingly well, how on earth did you manage it’?‘It must be in my genes, my mum has kept neat and trim as well’‘Carol is so happy she met you, she loves you very much’‘I am deeply in love with her too, I have a very pretty lover and best girlfriend all in one’‘When we first met, you said you were a lesbian, do you still feel like a lesbian when you are with her?’‘I suppose I do, she is very pretty, she takes after you’‘I may have been ten years ago, I am over forty now, and the years are taking their toll’‘Rubbish, you are still in your prime, I think you are still a pretty and sexy lady’‘Are you coming on to me Alice’?‘Well, Carol does look a lot like you, you have still got what it takes’I only wanted to flatter her to give her ego a boost, and to give her confidence about her good looks.‘I have never been with a woman, it would be very interesting especially with you, I do feel very attracted to you’‘I think we should end this conversation, it is getting a little out of hand’‘Please Alice, will you kiss me, just this one time’She put her arms around me and put her lips to mine, we kissed gently at first, our tongues met, gradually it became sexually charged.‘What the fuck’ Bernie exclaimed from the doorwayWe leaped apart breathing heavily, June’s lipstick was smudged.‘Sorry Bernie, I got a bit carried away’ June said blushing.‘Cool mum, you have been snogging my girlfriend’ Carol said standing beside her dad‘I only asked her for a kiss’‘That was some kiss, it looked as if you wanted more than that’‘Don’t feel sorry mum, I couldn’t resist her either, and she is great in bed’‘Is that what you would like June? Would you like to go to bed with Alice’?‘Bernie, you know I am not like that’‘That kiss showed you would like to try it’‘Er, excuse me, don’t I have a say in this’ I said‘You have said several times, how attractive my mum is, so don’t deny that you fancy her’‘Carol please, that was supposed to be just between us’ ‘I have no objections, if you both want to share a bed for a while’ Bernie grinnedJune turned to me‘I would like to, how do you feel Alice’?I looked at Carol pleadingly, she knew I would have to give the game away.‘Go for it Alice’ Carol urged ‘you know you want to’I took June’s hand, smiled‘Yes’ I said softly‘But what about you two, what will you do’? June looked at Carol and Bernie‘Don’t worry mum, dad has been having me regularly for a couple of years’‘God no, Bernie have you been fucking our so… daughter’?‘Yes dear’‘So that is why you were so tired every Thursday, you were shagging Carol when I went to my mothers house’‘Sorry June, she looked so good, I just couldn’t resist her’‘That settles it, come Alice, let us get to know each other, Bernie? You and Carol look after Angela until she is asleep’‘Hold it, I suggest we return to our own partners at midnight, is that ok’? I saidIt was agreed. I followed June upstairs to her bedroom, as soon as the door was shut, she hugged and began kissing me frenziedly. Gasping for air, I pulled away‘June, I have something important you should know’‘Can it wait, I want you to make love to me now’‘That is the important bit. I am the same as Carol, I have a dick’‘WHAT? I don’t believe you, you are a helluver sexy girl’I did a slow sensual strip to my underwear, I reached under and freed my dick, it stuck out from the left leg of my panties.‘Oh my god, you have a beautiful body and nice sized dick, but where did Angela come from, she can’t be my granddaughter’‘She is your granddaughter, Carol is the father and my mum is her mother, but Carol will be her mummy. She wanted a baby of her own, my mum offered to have the baby’‘What about your dad, didn’t he object’?‘No he is not fertile, he exchanged my mum for me until mum was pregnant’‘So where does Amy come from’?‘She is my daughter, I had an accident with my mum when she was inspecting my body’‘I can’t believe it all, it seems I am the only one that has been left out. Alice please fuck me’I did not just fuck her, I made love to her copying what I did to my mum. I brought her off twice with my mouth, she gave a little squeak each time she cum, I fucked her through three more, while I was resting after cumming in her twice, we lay holding each other, stroking and caressing each other.‘That was amazing, your lovely body turned me on, and that dick of yours brought me off, oh Alice, I loved every second’‘You realise that you must never say anything to Bernie, I want him to believe I am the mother of Angela’‘Of course I wouldn’t say anything, it would be difficult to explain, and I want him to think we had a girl on girl sex session, your dick is staying my secret’My dick began responding to her soft touch, I put a leg between hers and entered her again. She had two more orgasms ‘Look at the time, quick put something on, Bernie will be here any minute’.I jumped out of bed pulled up my skirt, and just fastening my bra, when Bernie arrived‘Times up girls, I hope you enjoyed yourselves, I know I did’ he chuckledI picked up my remaining clothes, blew a kiss to June, and went to Carol’s room.‘God, that was close’ I said‘Why did you nearly get caught’?‘I just got my skirt on, and doing up my bra when he walked in, I have still got a hard on’‘Don’t look at me. I have just been fucked’‘Oh please Carol, I will try to be quick’‘I am still full of my dads cum, you will have to take sloppy seconds’I kissed her,‘Thanks babe, I owe you one’She lay with her legs open, I slipped easily into her, she was quite loose, I could hear the cum squelching as I fucked her, it was a bit of a turn on, fucking my girlfriend who had just been fucked by her dad, and only a couple of minutes before my dick was in her mum. After a while, I shot my load adding to her already filled bowels.She fucked me twice, my own sweet Carol making love to me. Before we were able to cuddle up together, we had to douche and shower to clean up. Back in bed, Carol asked‘How did my mum take it when you showed her your dick’?‘Her eyes nearly popped out of her head, I had to explain how our babies were conceived, she did promise she would never let on to your dad’‘Was she a good fuck’?‘She loved it, so did I, I hope we can do it again sometime. Was your dad okay with it’?‘He reckons mum will soon get bored being a lesbian because she likes dick too much’We giggled, kissed and went to sleep.Saturday morning, June was waiting by the percolator with her back to me, Carol was changing and feeding Angela upstairs,‘How is my new lesbian girlfriend this morning’ I asked as I stroked her bottomShe turned, checked we were alone and put her arms around me‘Oh Alice darling, last night was the best ever, I hope we get a chance to do it again’‘So do I June, very much so, but only if it is ok with Carol, I would never do anything that she wasn’t in full agreement with’.‘Don’t forget she was the one who suggested we get together in the first place, and she doesn’t seem to mind letting Bernie fuck her’‘I would rather you ask her, when she comes down’Carol came in carrying Angela, she asked her mum‘How was it last night, did you enjoy your first lesbian experience’?‘I loved it, and the surprise that went with it’‘That has to be our secret mum’‘Don’t worry, I will never let on. Did you mind taking on your dad while we did it’?‘No, I have sort of got used to him now, I know he wants to get in my knickers any chance he gets, and I thought it would give you a change for a bit of excitement’‘How do you feel about it Alice, did you mind lending your girlfriend to her dad’?‘As long as Carol didn’t mind, I enjoyed the arrangement’ ‘Is there any chance we could do it again sometime’? June asked‘That is something you will have to discuss with dad. Right now though, Alice and I have to get ready to take Angela home’ ‘I will talk to him during the week. You have made Bernie and myself very happy, we have a lovely granddaughter. Thank you so much’.We travelled home just after lunch. Carol told me that her grandmother had not got very long to live. Her mum was spending more time with her and her dad wanted to know if Carol could keep up the Wednesday evening session with him.‘What did you tell him’?‘I told him it was difficult now Angela had arrived and I was working as well’‘Do you want to see him’?‘No, not really, I am so happy with just us, our babies and being together, I feel a little bit sorry for him, that’s all’‘It’s ok by me, if you still see him each week, I am sure my dad would be pleased’‘I thought we all agreed now that Angela has arrived, we were going to stick to our own partners’ Carol said ‘The idea was, that my mum is now off limits to us two, so if you stay overnight on Wednesday’s for your dad, I am pretty sure my mum will be quite happy to let my dad have me’It became a regular schedule for the next two months, Carol stayed at her home each Wednesday night so her dad could have her, and my dad had me, we always phoned each other at midnight after our session. Each Friday Carol, Angela and I, went to Carol’s home, after baby was tucked up in bed, I fucked Carol’s mum, while her dad fucked her. Then at midnight Carol fucked me. The only person that lost out was my mum, who seemed quite content having her Wednesday evening break. Carol and I made love every chance we got.It was fun when mum and Gary, Carol with Angela, and me and Amy went out shopping or to the park, three mums and their k**s just enjoying life together.June’s mother passed away, it changed all our plans. Carol and I discussed our future.‘I will have to stop seeing my dad every Wednesday, and just take Amy and Angela once a week to see them’. ‘What about the sex side of it’? I asked‘If you are ok with it, I would like us to stick to each other in future’‘I agree, it’s about time we had a more normal life, no dads or mums, just us two from now on’.We told both our parents, they reluctantly agreed, we all had a lot of fun while it lasted, but they understood that Carol and I just wanted to be together and bring our c***dren up.Gary was growing up a nice lad, he always looked after his two sisters, Amy and Angela, although they were a year different in age, looked like identical twins, the k**s were growing up nicely and doing well at school. Carol and I dressed them in similar clothes, sometimes even we mistook which one was which. Carol and myself were still very much in love, our sex together never faltered, it was as good today as it ever was, and we enjoyed watching our little family growing up. ENDPlease give me feedback it is my second story, the first was anonymous, this time I would like to know what you think of my efforts.

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