A Long Road Back

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“G” and I had lived together for almost two years, and for the past three months, the relationship had been going downhill. Things just weren’t in sync. She zigged: I zagged. It was clear to both of us that this might be the end of our time together. After many long conversations and more than a few tears, we decided that our connection with each other and all our past memories were too much to give up on at this moment. We decided to start fresh, put whatever hurt we had behind us, and focus on the way things could change for the better. With both of us satisfied that the relationship could move forward from this point, the fog was lifting and our minds were free of stress able to enjoy each other again.

It had been over a month since we had any sort of sex, much less the hot and wild romps that were commonplace for a good part of our time together. I knew that she wanted things to be special for our new start, and she knew I just wanted to touch her hot, sexy body all over, and as soon as possible. So, I let her take the lead on when we would have sex again. It had been a couple of days since we had decided that we would start fresh, and we really seemed to be on the same page once again.

It was a Saturday and I was on the weekly trip to grocery store. When I returned, Gretchen wasn’t downstairs, so I figured she was taking a nap in the bedroom, and pendik escort I put away the groceries and went upstairs to check on her. Much to my surprise, she was lying on the bed with a silky, black robe draped over her amazingly sexy body. The robe was not tied and hung gently open, and a strip of her stomach was exposed. The soft fabric glided around her large and supple breasts. My cock was instantly hard, and since I wasn’t wearing any underwear, I had no chance of hiding my excitement. My shorts seemed to stretch out in front of me two feet or more.

“G” got up out of the bed and led me over to the chair in our bedroom, sat me down, and said, “My pussy has been wet for you since you left for the store, and now it’s time to do something about it.” She dropped the robe to her feet, and revealed to me her beautiful, alluring body. Her breasts were exposed and her nipples were already fully erect. She had on a light blue thong, which had a wet spot on the front. I didn’t think it was possible, but my cock got harder. It was so hard it ached. She started rubbing her delicious ass on my manhood. After a minute of slow and erotic grinding, I pulled her back towards me, and I started massaging her nipples from behind and kissing her neck and back. She started to grind harder and I moved one hand slowly down her stomach to the place where she and I both wanted maltepe escort it.

Her pussy juices had completely soaked her panties and I started rubbing her clit through them: she had an almost instant orgasm. My cock, somehow, grew a little harder. I indicated that she should stand up and I took her panties off and handed them to her. She, somehow, knew what I wanted her to do with them. She unzipped my shorts, my cock instantly sprung out, and she started caressing my throbbing head with her soaking wet panties. I came almost instantly, and she eagerly licked up every drop of my seed. I was so turned by everything that my cock never softened, not even a little.

With her panties off, I positioned her soft, round ass in front of me, and spread her cheeks apart. Her pussy juices had completely soaked her asshole and my finger easily found its way in. I stuck two fingers from my other hand inside of dripping wet snatch and quickly fingered her to her second orgasm. Then I started to lick her beautiful, tight asshole. She quickly started to rub her clit and brought herself to another orgasm. With her pussy juices still lubing her asshole, I kept licking and tonguing her ass and she kept rubbing her clit. Orgasms cascaded throughout her body. She finally couldn’t take anymore and made me stop. She quickly got on her knees and starting licking kartal escort my balls and stroking my cock. Both she and I knew that I couldn’t take much more of that, so she started to tongue my asshole. Her tongue felt amazing, and my cock ached to unleash a second load of cum, but I had other plans.

I stepped away from her darting tongue and guided her up in front of me and bent her over. Her asshole was still well lubed from her pussy juices, but I wanted to taste it again. So I licked and fingered her to another orgasm. As her body was pulsating from the most recent orgasm, I stood up and buried my unbelievably hard cock in her well-lubed ass. In one stroke I was inside as far as I could go. She screamed out in pleasure and thrust back onto my cock, even though it couldn’t go in any farther. “Fuck my tight ass with your huge dick,” she screamed. I was more than happy to oblige her request and I started to thrust in and out of her tight, wet ass. Every other stroke seemed to bring her to orgasm, each time her asshole tightening around my cock. This lasted about a minute until I couldn’t take it anymore. My balls tightened and I felt wave after wave cum exploding from my cock. It seemed like I was cumming for an hour: it was the most intense orgasm that I had ever had. My member was still somewhat hard as I pulled it out of her stretched out asshole and she quickly dropped to her knees and started to lick the remaining cum off of my ultra-sensitive head. My cock grew soft after that and we laid down on the bed together. We didn’t say anything for awhile, both realizing that everything was going to work out.

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