The Trucker’s

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The Trucker’sI put an ad on craiglist to chat and have fun and possibly meet. I was bored and was trying to think how I could meet a stranger chat them up and tease each other some and go from there.I asked if any black men wanted to chat and started getting tons of mail.One guy said he was passing through and wanted to talk to me a white girl.I thought cool mystery guy wheres he from?I replied to him and we both started with questions and what we were into. Turns out he was a truck driver. He was coming to me in his truck and told me his location. I knew exactly where he was. He sent his number and I called him. He was much older than me by 25 years. I was 22 he was 47. He was about an hour away and asked if I knew this truck stop, I said yes. It was about twenty minutes or less from me. He said we could meet. I said I dont know maybe we could go get some food and talk? sure thing!He wanted me to go in his truck for a ride and I thought cool never done that before He kept telling me I was safe he was a good guy.So here I am getting in my car to go meet this stranger I was just going to chat with online and have some fun.Im such a slut I get myself into these things like a soap opera. Im going to meet a man I dont know for what I dont know.Off I go driving to a Pilot truck stop. I pulled in and called him. He was still on his way maybe fifteen to twenty minutes away. I swear I was so tore up thinking of this guy coming to meet me. I had all these fantasies in my head.By the time he called me I was wet my nipples were hard and I just didn’t know what I was going to say.My phone started vibrating hey im over by the side in a green truck go past the side of the building etc. I start looking around and see only one green truck. I start driving toward it and my heart is pounding my panties are wet what the hell am I doing.Well there he is standing outside this truck and hes a handsome older guy with huge hands. I pulled up and had my window down and we shook hands and he right off told me your so beautiful oh wow! I was flushed lol. He said we can take a ride in the truck somewhere first and this other guy comes walking up. This is my friend and also a driver were a team. He was the guy sending my messages for me while I drove.I was shocked oh okay. I didn’t say anything but im like WTF? Okay hows this work?The guy who I was talking to on the phone and met first was Mike, the guy that just walked up was a younger guy named Robert. Here I am wearing Yoga pants and a T shirt to go on a truck ride.Well hi. Okay well we can go about 40 minutes and turn around and get food down the road and come back here and chat. Would that be okay? I said okay but I need to call my mom later she thinks im out shopping.Mike shows me where to park my car and we walk back to the truck and its running. Its a huge dirty smelling thing. He opens the passengers side door and is showing me what to grab to climb in and I take my first step and he puts his hands right on my butt and pushes right between my cheeks as Im climbing up!He couldn’t hear me and I couldn’t tell if he said anything. We get in this truck and theres one seat. and a bed.Here we go the trucks moving. Mike starts saying show me your boobs you said you like to flash, flash us. I was well lets wait a second okay I’m kind nervous.Okay hands on my thigh then he kisses my hand. I say hang on I will flash you just for a second. My shirt goes up hes all hands and wants to suck on me. I keep saying lets slow down and he smiled and backed off.Were barely getting on the highway and Im asking him where hes going etc. Hes from GA and runs right by my town once a week. We could party once a week canlı bahis if you want.All I could say was cool. He just kept saying take your clothes off I want to lick you.Here I am trying to think of something to slow us down and let me think and he started kissing me. He was such a great kisser. His hands are under my shirt and im feeling so crazy the talking stopped.Hes sucking my boobs and my shirts coming off and were full on making out in the passenger seat of this truck.I was feeling Roberts hand grab my butt now and then and that just made me more crazy.I was so wet my pussy was throbbing and I didn’t even know I was in public view if somebody looked at us going by.Mike was trying to get his hands into my pants and pointed and started standing up and we walked into the sleeper bed of the truck still kissing. I got on the bed and started pulling my Yoga pants down while he was biting me. I barely got them off and he grabbed my thong and flew it off out to Robert and dove face first into my pussy! He was so good licking me and teasing my pussy with his tongue. I was screaming having such a great time, he licked me all over.I wanted him so bad! He started getting his pants off and he had a huge ten inch cock!He climbed into the bed and I backed onto his face and saw his cock right in my face and I shuddered. I just fell in love and started sucking. I couldn’t get it all down I was trying so hard I thought I was going to choke and pass out.He was moaning and licking me so good. I sucked him until I thought my jaw was breaking and he grabbed my head and my god he came in my mouth it started coming out my nose. I gasped for air and raised up and coughed and swallowed a huge load of cum and had cum on my face down my arm and he was still shooting cum. I slurped it as much as I could and swallowed it all. I looked up and Robert made eye contact with me and said god dayem.All I could do was smile :)Mike flipped me over and was on top of me and slid inside me and oh my god I screamed it hurt and he eased up and moved my whole body with his one hand and pushed me back and pulled my legs up and just bent me in half.His cock felt like it was in my chest. He was so huge I couldn’t get in a position I could enjoy it.I finally got him to stop and said let me ride it. I was outside the sleeper standing and setting on his lap. It was so weird I could see the highway and I was riding this huge black cock and the truck was bouncing making it interesting.I rode him like that until my legs were on fire. He pulled me backwards and he stood with me on the bed and pushed my legs back again and pulled my butt in his huge hands and was giving me these long deep strokes. I squeeled each time and he wouldn’t quit and faster and faster he went until I was just passing out my eyes rolling back. I was so into it I was not sure what I was doing and I would realize Im screaming and my hands are pulling his hips into me. It was so good.He was fucking the hell out of me. I had never had it like this. He started moaning and He came in me and pulled out and sprayed my face and hair and I was trying to get it in my mouth and huge streams were hitting my eyes I loved it.He just stood holding the top of the sleeper and me sucking his cum and licking his balls. He kept standing I kept sucking and licking.My pussy was stretched open. I felt like I fucked a Diet Coke can. I could feel the cold air on my pussy. He said dam your fucking beautiful. I looked up with cum hanging in my hair lol and winked at him.He pulled his pants on and gave me some bottled water.My pussy was soaking wet throbbing with cum dripping out. Im on the edge of this bed rubbing my pussy bahis siteleri saying wheres my panties? No answer.I was wiping tears out of the corners of my eyes it was so intense.I smiled at him and said that is the biggest cock I have ever seen, he smiled at me and winked.Robert stands up and Mike leans over holds the wheel and switches driving. Robert is standing and flops out his cock!Im like oh nice well. Its in my face against my chin and hes holding my hair, and in my mouth, well hi first!He is fucking my mouth! Robert is maybe thirty and very muscular and tall. I was spent with Mike and heres this guy fucking my mouth. He was so fast and trying not to gag me I was trying to just let him go but he would get me chocked and I would cough and drooling cum out of my mouth at the same time.Robert started moaning and I knew okay cum already. He did in my mouth and it was so good. I really got off on it. I wanted all of it I sucked him dry and sucked his balls I was so crazy.He grabbed his balls and held them out to me and I sucked them popping them into my mouth as much as I could.He set in the passengers seat and made me set in the floor still giving him a blow job.I was naked and cum covered! What a awesome day!!We drove about 25 miles with me on his lap with no clothes on. I played with his cock more and he sucked my tits. We pulled off the highway and I found my clothes and tried to dress and look normal.We pulled into a gravel lot and walked to a Pizza place. I cleaned myself up and we all ate.I was so hot. I had been fucked and ate cum. I was shaking inside. Here we get ready to leave and Robert says Im first this time.I want you to start taking your clothes off. What? You heard me start I want your tits out. Oh crap!I get up Mike is walking up to pay Im behind him and Robert keeps saying take it off.I said your crazy! Im not going to do that they hear you shhh.The girl were paying hears him and looks at me and I just smiled. His hand is in between my butt cheaks on my yoga pants. I turned and said okay give me a second.I though oh my god. I get to the door and he grabs my elbow. I want your tits out. I start to maybe try and just lift my shirt some and he helps me and off it comes. Im in a parking lot of a pizza place boobies out!I grab my chest and try to cover myself Robert has my shirt. I start to run to the truck and he grabbed my purse strap stopping me her we are. Cars going by customers in the pizza place, me no top and yoga pants.Im standing at the truck in a gravel lot and Robert says were need some teasing. I want you naked before you get in the truck. Take it all off! I pulled on the door handle and it was locked. Mikes slowly walking behind us.Robert is grinning saying off. I realized well the faster this happens I can get inside.I take my yoga pants off and thong and hand them to Robert. Mike smiles and goes around to drive. Im scared to death. I started to go in front of the truck and Robert was yelling no here this door. Im running side to side and he says okay say please I want in. What the hell? I said let me in. No say it. Please let me in! okay! Please let me in Robert!The door opens I start climbing and he hits my ass so hard I screamed out.Well that’s discreet! Naked with two black men in a public parking lot! I wanted to just chat! I get in the truck check my purse and get my phone and my mothers been texting me. You busy? You okay?Oh crap! Hang on you guys quit. I need to text my mom. I text back Im fine had some food out shopping. She replies okay have fun and dont drive and text. Haha yes I wont I go Im fucking strangers and running naked in the streets. I wont text and drive I have güvenilir bahis my standards.Okay Robert what do you want to do? He says you are such a slut I think we need to help you out.You need both of us. I dont know what you mean I just had sex with both of you?He grabs my hair and pulls me into the sleeper. The truck is running and the AC is blowing on my naked body. My pussy is feeling so wet. Mike pushes me forward into Roberts crotch and pulls his pants down.Wow I feel his huge ten inches go into me. Im starting to suck Robert and Mike is pounding me harder and harder. This time I take all of it and enjoy it. My screams are held in with a cock in my mouth. Mike is pounding and pounding as fast as he can go. I would fight it and raise up and scream out oh gawd! Robert was calling me everything. Whore, white skank, cum slut. It was insane. I felt his huge cock hitting me harder and harder and I loved it.I started pushing back into it and rolling my back up.Mike goes oh yeah your a fucking whore look at her. I was pushing and he was hitting me so hard, I was yelling yes yes yes and he blows his whole load in me. Oh wow! He holds on to me and just keeps squirting in my pussy. I looked down and can see strings of cum out of my pussy.I turn around and suck his cock and get as much as I can and swallow, yummy.He falls into the drivers seat. I look at Robert and say I want to ride you.He says hang on and stands up. I get on the bed on my knees bent over and he goes right in my butt!Yeehaw Hes pushing in deep in my butt im screaming again what the hell is going on?He cums quick in my ass pushes me forward and lays on me. He yelled out yeah baby and held my hips and pushed deeper. It hurt but shit I was so into it. I grinded on him and started wiggling up and down pushing back into him. I was on fire. My legs were burning my pussy was wrecked and wet. My ass had never been used like that. I was all over his cock . He rolled onto his back and I climbed on him, I rode him and would set and grind and lean back and scream. He came in me and I just kept going.He pulled my hair and made me get off of him. Holding my hair he pulled me to his cock and shoved it in my mouth.More cum for me, slurp yummy. I sucked his balls, legs fingers. It was so hot.Mikes pulling onto the highway lighting a cigarette winks at me and says dam set up here I want to see your tits.I hop in the passenger seat naked. I put one foot on the dash and just lean back. How fun is this? I never give it a thought I was in the parking lot screwing in the truck a few minutes ago.Were driving back to my car and im trying to dress. Robert says hes keeping my panties.My pussy was open with huge wads of cum leaking out and Im rubbing it on my stomach.I have on Yoga pants and my pussy is soaked through. My top is not much better someone used it to wipe his cock on!We pull off the highway and make the turn into the truck stop.Mike says we gotta do this again. I say you know how to call me. We will party! I kiss Mike deep and look at Robert. He says you are special we definitely will be in you again, lol.I kiss and hug them both and get in my car and drive away. Im going where? Im a fucking mess. Crap! Okay McDonalds! I pull in McDonalds and head to the bathroom.Im in there trying to wash up. Makeup, okay I look like I fell off a cliff.I few minutes later I feel better kinda look better but now my crotch is wet. I have so much cum in me it keeps coming out.My yoga pants are wet right in the crotch. Im trying to get my shirt down to hide it.I walk out of the bathroom and start to walk out by the main entrance and who do I see? Oh nobody just my neighbors sister inlaw. I turn and head to the back exit. Crap crap! I go into the play land area and head to the door, its got a fire alarm on it! Shit I blew through it and out. Fire alarm going off. I hit my car and gone!!!!!!IM very discreet 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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