Texas Hold Them – Part 2 of 2

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Texas Hold Them – Part 2 of 2I had finally left before Tim got home and my dick was raw and ravaged from his wife. Buffy had fucked me in just about every room of there house. She was one hot MILF that needed some cock. I am sure Tim will thank me for turning her back into a sex demon. If he gets mad I’ll have Buffy deny his attempts and hold out on him. I made sure Buffy got my note and she delivered it to Summer, Tim wife and I watched her from my car as she went down the sidewalk to Summer house. Buffy had on a sundress and no underwear and her ass jiggled and she lifted it up when she saw me. She didn’t even take a shower to wash the dry cum off her body and she still smelled of sex.I laughed and drove home. I didn’t get a chance to see Summer because there was no view from the road but I could imagine how she might look. I went home and got a good night rest and planned out what I would do until Friday when I got the weekend with her at a hotel to myself.I got on the Internet and booked a room at a high rise hotel downtown near the river with a great view of the city. I made sure the room had a small balcony and king size bed, jacuzzi, and room service. I booked the room for 3 nights. I may need Sunday at the hotel to recuperate. I called Tim and told him I would be in after lunch that I had a sales meeting with a company we were trying to get. Tim was a little mad about the other night but he said he was glad Buffy got to take pleasure in the evening and she seemed to be much happier then before. I asked him about Summer and what kind of body she had and if she was cute. He put me on hold and called Buffy and he then told me her sizes and asked “what do you need her measurements for?” I said “Tim I can’t tell you why, I have to make Summer feel special for this weekend.” We both laughed and he hung up. I order some lingerie and bras from a speciality store that specialized in big bras and had a outfit delivered to Summer house with a note inside. I sent Mike an email with instructions to the get Summer ready and directions to the hotel. He was to drop her at my door at 7pm on Friday no strings attached. He was to drive to my office and see Tim and if understood this he was suppose to put a bottle of Coke on my desk with a smiley sticker on the bottle.I came into work around 2pm and waved at Tim in his office. Some of the guys from the poker game slapped me on the back and gave me high fives for winning. I am sure they did not know about Mike and Tim bet after they left. They all asked if I was feeling better from taking yesterday off to get over a cold. I smiled and when I saw the Coke on my desk with the smiley face my dick stiffened in my pants. I had two days to get ready and I decided at my desk that I would hold off masturbating to save my sperm for Summer.Friday rolled around and I sat in my cubicle counting the minutes down on clock until I could leave for the day. Tim waived to me as I walked by his office. He had to work late, last minute meeting. I got excused because my numbers were good and some other guys had to stay. I went home took a shower, shaved by face and my crotch and headed out the door.I put some candles around the room and put on a CD in the music system. I brought some champagne and vodka and stocked the bar in the suite. I laid out a pink bra and matching thong on the bed, I had a pink see through lace silk robe on the bed and matching pink 6inch heels on the floor. I lit each candle in the bedroom and put some pink roses on the night stand next to the bed. I slipped on a pair a black silk boxer and a black leather robe with my initial “Bk” on the pocket and closed to door to the bathroom and closed the door to the bedroom and sat on a leather seat watching sports center.It was just before seven when I heard the door knock. I got up and bahis şirketleri looked through the door hole and saw Mike and Summer. Mike held Summer hand and they both looked at each other and she smiled. Summer had her bleach blonde hair teased up with pink ribbons and bows in it. She had on a white fur coat and little pink shoes. Her lips were bright pink and she had painted her finger and toe nails pink with white little “BN” on the tip of each finger. Her gold wedding band was turned upside down and she had a big gold necklace with a diamond that hung on her chest. I smiled and opened the door. Mike had followed my instruction and he escorted Summer in and took off her coat. He hung the coat in the hall closet and walked passed her without saying a word and shut the front door behind him.Summer stood about arms length from me and she smiled. She had a little pink cocktail dress that encased her boobs and ass. The slit was cut high on her thigh and I could tell she was not wearing panties. Her nipples were erect and she bit her lower lip as sh looked into my eyes. I poured us some champagne and she held my right hand as she drank her first glass. She swallowed the first glass and asked for another. I smiled and gave her another glass. She sipped this time and licked the rim. I said “you look amazing in the dress. I am so glad you got my outfit I sent.” Summer said “how did you know my size. I can never find a dress to go over my breast and ass.” I smiled and said “when a lady is a size 40FF by 28w and 34 ass, Buck knows how to make them feel special. She smiled and said “so what do you have planned for me and why did I not get to bring a overnight bag.” I laughed and said “The night still young my sweet baby and that the last question your get to ask.” I put my middle finger on her lips and she gave it a kiss and licked the tip. Her breathing increased and she stepped closer to me.I opened the door to the bedroom and let my hand fall on her ass and both walked into the bedroom. Her eyes got bigger when she saw the candles and lingerie on the bed and she tried to touch the pink robe but I moved her had and said “In due time baby.” I led her into the bathroom and she started the water in the bathtub, “I like to be clean and I like my women to be cleaner. I smiled and she took off my robe and then slipped off my boxer. She stared at my half erect cock and she licked her lips. I sat in the tub and the water was coming higher. I did not say anything but she took off her shoes and then her dress. She hung the dress on the back of the door. Her ass was delicious as she leaned up on the door to hang up her bra on the back of the dress. She was not wearing any panties and her pussy was cleanly shaved with little red bumbs just like i requested. She put her arm over her boob and covered her pussy with her other hand.”I have never been naked in front of another man. Only my husband has seen me naked,” Summer said. I said “shh baby, you are so hot and you make we want to be a better lover.” She smiled and put her foot in the tub and I looked up and her big breast cascaded down and there was a drop of pussy juice coming from her cunt. She was not even in the water and a drop of wetness was on her cunt lips sparkling at me. She sat with her feet on my chest and I gave her feet a nice massage. I massaged her calves and then lower thigh and she moaned and closed her eyes. Her ass slid on to my dick and she moved her ass so my cock laid on her pussy mound. I played with her thighs some more and she opened her legs giving me better access. After 20 minute massage she leaned up and shifted around so her ass was sitting in my lap.I took out a sponge and got the puffy ball all wet with soap and began to wash her back. I massaged her shoulders and neck and her hair hit me in the bets10 face. She moaned and she leaned back and grabbed my hands. She brought my hands around and placed the sponge on her chest. I washed and fondled her boobs and tugged on her nipples causing a warm wetness on my crotch and I could feel her stomach contract. She smiled and I reached between her boobs and tweaked her nipples. After 20 minutes she said “Am I clean enough for you baby.” I said “almost baby,” She stood up and the water and soap cascaded down her on to my chest. She looked great with the soap going down her butt crack and ass. Her pussy was glistening and her breast stood straight out. Her nipples were rock hard and she squirmed around when I stuck a finger in her wet box.Her knees buckled a little and then I sat up and stuck my tongue in her pussy. She moaned and I placed my two fingers in her pussy and spread her cunt lips to get better access. I held my hand on her stomach and she closed her eyes and held my hair and pulled on my scalp. I pushed her against the wet wall and she gripped my head and her pussy contracted and she screamed loudly. She panted and scratched my back and moaned. Her pussy tasted great and I loved the noise she was making. I turned her around and her face was against the wall and her ass stuck straight backwards. I stuck my tongue in her ass and tongue fucked her hole. She squirmed and moaned and I brought her hand to her pussy and she began to play with herself. I gave her my right hand and she used my fingers and showed my how to get her off. I stood up and placed my dick head against her ass crack and she brought her ass back and I slid in her hole.She moaned and I grunted as her ass was tight. She reached around and spread her ass cheeks and I got half of my cock into her ass. She orgasms and I thrust ed a little more into her. She picked up the pace and she moaned and screamed and I slapped her ass. I used my nail to scratch her ass making it red and she fucked my dick harder. My cock looked great going in and out of her ass and she kept the head inside her anus very well. We fucked standing up for about 10 minutes before I shot a big load into her ass, She screamed and slid of my cock and stuck my dick into her mouth and sucked me off. My dick had gone from her ass to mouth in 3 seconds and she deep throat ed my cock. She smiled and I got her out of the tub. She tow led me off and sucked my cock, balls and ass to make sure I was dry, she put some cologne on me that she liked from my collection. I put on some new silk boxer with little red pink heart and she put on her lingerie from the bed I picked out.I sat on the edge of the bed at the foot of the bed and she straddled my leg and looked down and smiled at me. She twisted her hair and I reached up between her legs and itched her thong against her cunt and she moaned. A few minuted later there was a knock at the door. I had order room service and yelled from inside the room to come in. The door open and I heard the cart being wheeled in. I was hoping the steak and shrimp and fruit platter would do the trick. Summer turned around and then while she was standing in front of me I heard a laugh and then Summer say “Hey Buffy, I see you got my letter.”I stood up and looked passed Summer and there was Buffy in a black minx coat by the room service tray. I said “Buffy!!!” and she said “Summer you didn’t tell are lover about me.” I smiled and the girls went and hugged. “I love the pink you naughty bitch.” Buffy said. Summer giggled and laughed and then Buffy dropped her mink coat and she was completely naked. She only had on her black high heels she wore from the Tuesday. My dick started getting hard and the girls came over and started to give me a blow job. Each girl tongued my shaft and played with my bets10 giriş balls. I reached down and played with there boobs and nipples. They both Frenched kissed and jerked with there free hands. They pushed there breast together sandwiching my dick and I grunted and spurted my hot cum on there tits. They both cleaned each other off and I went to the room service tray and sat down. I looked over and the girls were still kissing and I ate my steak and shrimp and they got on the bed and got in a good 69 position.I got up and brought some strawberries and stuck them in there pussy and made the girl get them out with there teeth. Buffy started to suck my cock and I played with Summer breast as she was on top riding Buffy face. I slapped Summer ass and she moaned and Buffy yelled “come on bitch show me some pussy juice. I laughed and they both came on each other face. Summer rolled off and Buffy got on her knees. I looked down on her back and she had small tattoo of “Bk” on her ass and I rubbed my finger on it to make sure it was real. She moaned and turned around and said “I got it yesterday just for this occasion. My dick got rock hard and I shoved into her pussy and she moaned. We fucked hard in a doggy style position and Summer went to the fruit tray and began to eat. Her body looked good as she watched me fuck Buffy. I slapped Buffy ass and pulled her hair. I stuck my hand around her throat and brought her upper body to my chest. Her back rested against me and I bit her earlobe and reached around and began to fondle her big boobs. I looked over her shoulder and she said “you were right these nipple rings do make my pussy wet. My nipples haven’t felt better in years.” I arched back and then one final thrust blew another load into her pussy. I fell down on the bed and put my hand on my forehead covering my eyes.Both girls cuddled up next to me and I said “care to go in the Jacuzzi now. We all went and jumped in the hot water and took a long jacuzzi for about an hour. The stars were nice in the sky but seeing two largest breasted women French kissing, swapping your goo and fucking you looks better, We got out of the tub and walked back into the room. I looked down on the carpet and there was some white goo on the edge behind the glass sliding door. I looked at the front door and there was two big piece of luggage. The girls giggled as they saw there luggage. Apparently Mike had come back up while were out in the jacuzzi and dropped off our luggage. Turns out Summer left the door open when we went out to the jacuzzi.I smiled and the girls went into the bathroom to do there hair and clean up my sperm and sweat off them. I got dressed and called down to the desk for a limo. The girls came out and I gave them each a present with there outfits to were for tonight. I said make sure you bring your luggage I called ahead and got another seat for are trip to Las Vegas. They both screamed and they followed me down to the limo.The plane flight was great, I got to break each girl cherry about joining the mile high club. To bad the bathroom were small I might have got both in. The stewardess in first class smiled and winked at me in my seat. She put my napkin in my lap and gave my cock a squeeze. She would join us the next day in our suite at the casino. She complemented the girls for there pussy licking skills and my cock in her ass. We hit the casino and strip joints and I tricked each girl out for money.They both are some cock loving women. They both have small matching tattoos on there back with my initials. They got there nipples and cunt lips pierced and they both were skimpy clothes and dress to kill. Both Tim and Mike have thank me know they can have raunchy sex with them. We have made a few dirty movies but the first time the both fucked me remains special.I got a call from the owner of the company I work for and he is throwing a Texas Hold em poker tournament in his basement. He hears I can play and his wife is best friends with Buffy and Summer. My dick is getting hard thinking about how I can “Hold Them”.Buckxoox

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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