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step mumJack was a young 18yr old living at home with Barry his dad and Heather his step mum, Heather had always been there since Jack was 5 so really she was his mum, Heather was stunning she was 41 but had a body and looks of a 20 yr old, Jack was always trying to get a look at Heathers boobs as well as peeking at her in the shower, Heather was real modern and had modern friends as well, Dad was the complete opposite, old fashioned and a real bore. All of us had been invited to a 18th birthday of a cousin arriving at the hall we sat had drinks and caught up with family we hadn’t seen for ages, I made sure I was away from my folk and met up with some of my mates and cousins, as the night went on Heather was up dancing away bouncing her boobs in all directions and the guys busy looking, Dad was getting drunk and a bigger bore than ever.As Heather sat down Dad and her had a argument and Heather stormed off outside for a smoke, I followed her to find out why they had argued, Heather said because I was jigging about and her boobs bounced she was teasing the guys and embarrassing him, “well heather you do have nice boobs, and a hell of a sexy figure I bet you look real good naked” Heather looked and smiled, “do you honestly think so Jack” “yep I would go as far to say if I saw you naked I would have to wank off” “hmmmmmmmmm well I would be very horny if I saw that and need a good seeing too, not had a fuck in ages, now you have said that Jack I feel horny” taking me by the hand she led me to a place away from the party. Heather kissed me and run her hand over the front of my trousers, “mmmmmmmmm nice and hard” as heather unzipped my trousers slowly my hard cock shot out “oh wow Jack so big”.Heather stood back and undone her top, and took it off undoing her bra her tits stood firm and hard dark nipples, Jack started to rub his cock slowly, “don’t you cum my boy I need fucking” Jack smiled “well hope you like a good fucking because I’m as horny as hell” “that makes both of us” as Heather dropped her skirt and pulled her panties down to reveal a shaven pussy, laying on the ground Heather opened her legs and asked Jack to join her, kneeling down Jack felt Heathers pussy making her moan, she was dripping wet, Jack stripped and slipped his cock deep into her pussy, it was tight but he didn’t care, Heather wrapped her leg around his waist as he started to fuck her slowly, sucking her nipples Heather moaned with pleasure, saying it felt so good. Jack kissed down her body and in between her legs as he started to lick her pussy Heather gasped and sighed putting her hands on his head “mmmmmmm that’s it lick my pussy make me cum baby”.As Jack carried on licking Heathers slit, he slowly slipped 2 fingers in deep and finger fucked her hard, making her cum, telling her to get on her knee’s Jack got behind and started to fuck Heather doggy style, her tits moved back and forth as Jack grabbed her hips and spanked her arse making her moan and beg for more, Heather couldn’t stop Cumming as Jack’s cock slipped in and out of her pussy, her moans where getting louder as she said she was close to Cumming, Jack asked her to hold back so they came together, heather nodded her head as Jack’s cock slammed in and out of her hole, with a final groan Jack exploded deep in her cunt and Heather was unable to keep quiet, as her orgasms ripped through her body, Jack held her hips as he pumped his cum deep Heather shook and fell forward just as Jack slipped out, breathing very heavily Jack could see his load seeping from Heathers pussy, “oh my god” Heather said “not been fucked like that since I was 20 and it was by a 18 yr old then” they burst out laughing still sitting naked “well mum I better start to call you Heather now we have done that, was it really that good!” Heather nodded her head and leant over kissing him on the lips.As Jack stood up heather said she had never sucked a cock and wanted to do so, Jack stood in front of her as Heather took hold and sucked it gently, Jack moaned as Heather moved her head back and forth, she cupped his balls and gently rubbed them, she licked the head of his cock “mmmmmmm” Jacks cock was starting to go hard again as Heather seemed to be a natural at giving head, Heather rubbed her nipples as her other hand worked his cock as she sucked it, pulling it out of her mouth she was surprised how quick Jack had recovered, “I’m going to enjoy this your hard so quick” licking the head again, she sunk her head deep down the shaft, and then back up Jack moaned as he felt her warm mouth on his dick, he held the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth and make her gag, letting go of her head she gasped for air “what are you doing to me Jack I’m gagging for more now I’m so fucking horny” before he forced her kuşadası escort head deep on his cock again, her mot stretched wide, with a final groan he pumped cum down her throat, Heather had trouble to swallow the full load, as his cock slipped from her mouth, “oh you’re a bad boy you have me so horny I love it and love bad boys too”.Jack smiled as heather lay on her back and opened her legs, her fingers rubbing her clit as Jack watched “I’m going to have to finger my pussy now you have made you horny again, I hope you are going to stay and watch” Jack nodded his head as Heather rubbed her pussy pleasing herself, she started to moan louder and louder, with a arched back she cum moaning with pleasure. “Mmmmmm that’s so much better, as she got up and got dressed, we better get back or someone will miss us” going back to the party no one seem to of missed them as Heather got dad and we all left. The following day Dad went off to work and Heather and I chatted and talked about what had happened the night before, “you know Jack you made me so horny last night and I have no regret is fucking you” “well that’s good because I sure have wanted to for a while” Jack smiled as Heather looked shocked, “but why”? “Why not you have a body of a 20 yr old, that’s why”.Taking Heather by the hand he led upstairs and into his bedroom, shutting the door he kissed her and slowly took her clothes off, Heather didn’t struggle she so wanted Jack to fuck her, his hand went down her panties and onto her pussy, Jack could feel how wet she was, as her panties fell around her ankles she lay on the bed and watched Jack strip, as he dropped his trousers his cock stood firm, Heather gasped at the size “I see you didn’t inherit that from your dad” and laughed, Heather opened her legs and started to rub her slit “come to mummy and make me cum”. Getting on the bed Jack got in between Heathers legs and slipped his cock deep into her pussy, Heather groaned at the feeling of Jack’s thick long cock pushing her pussy lips apart, his muscular body moved up and down as he fucked Heather making her groan, she had never cheated on Barry in all the years they had been married, having the opportunity to do so as many times as she had, sex with him, orgasms ripped through Heathers body as her moans got louder and louder.Jack pulled out his cock glistened with Heathers pussy juices as he told her to get on her knees, Heather loved doggy but Jack had other ideas, grabbing his shaft he slipped his cock against her arse, and gently pushed it in, Heather moaned loudly, as it disappeared up her bum, she reached in between her legs and fingered her pussy as Jack slowly fucked Heather, begging for more she shouted out she loved it, as Jack felt Heathers hand playing with his balls, groaning loudly Jack felt his cock twitch and throb, he pushed his cock in the full length and pumped his cream into Heather, making Heather bury her head into the pillar and grip the sheet as she screamed with pleasure.As Jack pulled his cock out of Heather his cum bubbled from her hole and down the crack of her pussy she spread her lips making sure Jack’s cream dripped into her. Laying on the bed she smiled saying “she had never had anal before as well as giving head the night before either” “what else have you never done Heather” “well never had 2 guys at once, never had sex with a women, never had black cock and never been tied up and dominated, and that has made my mouth water on a few occasions” Jack smiled and lay in bed for a while until he had recovered, rolling over and started to fondle Heathers body, making her moan, “oh god you sure know how to make a women horny, my pussy is throbbing” as Jack run his fingers over her pussy lips and softly touching her clit, Heather jumped with pleaser.She opened her legs as they kissed their tongues fighting for control, Jack played with Heathers nipples making her totally useless and giving Jack full control, he got in between her legs and drove his cock deep, Heather put her legs on his shoulders making Jack’s cock drive deep and Heather moan loudly, Jack had heard his dad and Heather fuck but he had never heard her moan so loud, Heather begged again and again for hard raw sex Jack’s balls slapped her arse as the sweat covered their bodies, again Heather cum unable to refuse, she had never had sex so good, Jack groaned and again filled her pussy full of cum, it overfilled and dripped down the crack of her arse. Jack pulled out and laid breathing heavily next to Heather who was unable to talk. After a while they got up and had a shower Jack giving Heathers pussy a good tonguing, Heather was under Jacks control, whatever he said she would jump at it. A few days had past and Jack ayvalık escort couldn’t get the opportunity to get Heather in bed or even up against the wall.One afternoon Jack came home from his part time job with his mate Carl, Carl knew about Jack and Heather and what her fantasies were, and Carl fitted into 2 of them black cock and 2 guys sitting down they all sat chatting, Heather started to flirt with Carl he was good looking and to be honest he fancied her like hell, Jack made a excuse to go upstairs and find something so he could spy on them if anything happened. As Jack sat at the top of the stairs listening he heard Carl say “I can’t believe how young you look Heather you have a amazing body and so good looking” Heather laughed “will you stop your making me blush” as Jack heard Carl get off the sofa he crept a few steps down so he could see what was happening. Carl walked over and kissed Heather “I’m sorry I had to do it I just have to kiss a sexy lady” Heather looked shocked “well I have to admit you are very good looking Carl but your Jacks mate and I would love more, but no sorry” as she looked at the bulge in his trousers her eyes widened.Carl kissed her again and gently felt her tits Heather gasped as she responded feeling the bulge in his trouser front she slowly unzipped it and reached in pulling out a semi hard black monster “oh my god” Heather said looking at what was huge “mmmmmmm, you’re a bad boy Carl Jacks told you hasn’t he” Carl nodded his head and started to undo her blouse, slipping it of her shoulders Heather leant over and sucked his cock, Carl undid her bra and helped her up Heather gripped his cock and rubbed it until it was solid, Jack had never seen a huge black cock before, as he could feel himself go hard at what he was seeing.Carl now had Heathers skirt off and was just pulling down her knickers Heather moaned and begged to be fucked hard; Carl bent Heather over and dropped to his knees and buried his head in her arse and fanny making her yelp, he licked her furiously making her cum, Carl got off his knees and grabbed hid hard cock, gently slipping it into Heather she moaned with delight, Jack crept downstairs and watched Carls balls were massive they hung like to melons, walking in I undid my trousers and got my cock out, putting it in Heathers mouth she sucked it furiously as Carl fucked her pussy hard, I grabbed her tits and played with her nipples making her cum again, Carl now was driving his cock deep into Heather making her moan she was busy sucking on my cock like a hungry slut, as Carl groaned and unleashed his load deep in her pussy, Heather sucked hard on Jacks cock making him cum down her throat.Carl pulled out his limp cock hung down as Heather pushed herself up and licked her lips, “oh my god boys that was unreal” standing naked looking at Carl and Jack who were busy looking at Heathers naked body “you better come with me lads” grabbing their limp cocks she led them upstairs and into her bedroom, sitting on the bed she held both cocks sucking each one slowly one at a time making sure she got as much cock in her mouth as possible. Heathers pussy was throbbing from what she had got about 30 minutes earlier, but was on a high and so horny, Heather had a high sex drive but this was off the scale, Jack went off and left Heather sucking on Carl’s log returning a few moments later Heather noticed Jack had a blindfold and some silk cord. “Right” Jack said as he put the blindfold on Heather he put her hands behind and lightly tied them together, laying her on the bed, Carl sucked on her nipples whilst Jack fingered her pussy, teasing her clit Heather moaned and begged for more, but she was totally helpless to what they was going to do to her. Tying each ankle to the bed posts Jack got in between her legs and played with her very excited fanny, slipping 2 fingers in he finger fucked her until she cum, her pussy cream started to seep from her crack as Carl undid her wrists and tied them to the top of the bed.Carl straddled Heathers chest and fed his cock into her mouth as Jack licked her pussy, all they could hear was muffled moans making her cum, Carl’s cock was rock solid he untied Heather and got her to lay on top of him, pushing his cock up her arse Jack put his cock in her pussy, sucking her nipples Jack made Heather cum again, breathing heavily Carl gripped her hips and started to fuck her hard and so did Jack, Heather was totally being used her tits bounced up and down as the lads fucked her senseless, making her cum time and time again, Jack pulled out and stood over Heather rubbing his hard cock, Carl pulled his cock out and got Heather laying on the bed, Carl stood over her like Jack was and both lads bandırma escort wanked their logs, Carl groaned and shot his cream onto her naked body, his cock looked like a chocolate éclair pushing it’s cream out, Jack now groaned and spurts of cum shot onto Heathers naked body, as both lads got off the bed and let Heather get up, her body coated in cum, as she rubbed it all over her body then sucked her fingers clean, “now that is what I call a fucking, I won’t need cock now for a while, my pussy is numb”.Going off for a shower she asked Carl and Jack if they wanted to join her, they all got in the huge shower, as Heather washed Carl then Jack and then both washed her, Carl left later that afternoon as heather said she would thank Jack the next day for today’s fantastic sex. All evening Heather sat opposite Jack with her legs open just enough to show she had no panties on and teasing Jack making him real hard, the following day was Jack’s day off Barry went off to work as per usual as Heather came to Jacks room and dropped her gown to show she was totally naked, she slipped in besides Jack, and grabbed his hard cock rubbing it gently, Jack sucked on her hard nipples making her groan again, heather slipped down the bed and started to suck Jacks cock, the warm feeling of her mouth and tongue wrapping around his thick cock shaft was sensational.As she moved her head up and down Jacks cock shone with heathers saliva rubbing Jack’s cock hard and fast the slowing it right down, she teased him to the point of Cumming, pre cum seeped from the head of his cock, Heather run her tongue up and down the shaft sucking each ball into her mouth and wanking his cock, Jack groaned and begged for Heather to let him cum, as she massaged the head then nibbled it lightly Jack was unable to hold back and blew a huge load like a fountain, as Heather rubbed thick waves of cum flowed from Jacks cock, letting it go Jacks cock went limp and fell over his leg, Heather licked her hand and sucked each finger “Mmmmmmmmmmmm so sweet now time for a shower” as she led Jack into the shower and knelt down, sucking his cock again and teased his balls that were now empty. Heather stood up and kissed Jack they hugged and felt each other’s body before drying off and going into Heathers bed for the day, she sucked Jack again and made him come over her body then made him watch her gently rub her pussy until she screamed a huge orgasm.A few weeks went by and Jack was busy working, his day off seemed so far when he could get his cock inside Heather, she was teasing him regular whispering she was so wet and had to finger her pussy because she couldn’t get cock, the day arrived when Jack was off hearing his dad leave, he made his way to Heather he opened the bedroom door and saw she was still fast asleep pulling back the quilt slowly he saw she was naked her smooth pussy looked so inviting and her nipples all hard and dark slowly opening her legs Jack slipped his fingers into her slit, and slowly pushed them in and out, Heather stirred and moaned softly, she bit her bottom lip and moved her hands onto the pillar above her head “oh god mmmmmmm so good I want cock”. Jack got on the bed and in between her legs, his cock slipped in deep making Heather sigh with pleasure, she wrapped her legs around his waist and gripped his cock with her pussy muscles. Jack started to fuck Heather slowly as he kissed her nipples and flicked each one with his tongue, Heather started to grind her hips, Jack grabbed her arse and plunged in deep making Heather cry out for a good hard fuck.Jack put Heathers legs on his shoulders and hammered his cock in and out of her pussy, her tits bounced about as she moaned and groaned saying she was Cumming, his balls slapped her arse begging for more Heather screamed out again and again, his cock stretching her lips as she shook and squirted like a fountain, it was like a river bank had split, Jack was soaked as well as the bed and Heather, Jack moaned louder and louder his cock throbbed and pulsed before blowing huge waves of cum, deep into her pussy making her squirt again, Heather shook violently with huge orgasms ripping through her body, Jack carried on fucking her as hard as he could, until his cock started to go soft, pulling it out of her pussy he made her suck it unit she had the last drops from his knob, Heather breathed heavily laying in a soaking wet bed, cum seeping from her pussy, Jack slammed 3 fingers into her open pussy and rubbed her G spot making her squirt again and again, Heather had to beg Jack to stop, her body unable to take anymore, Jack looked at Heather and smiled “you ready for your shower Mummy” as he walked off into the bathroom, Heather slowly joined him as he washed her and gave her a orgasm by rubbing her nipples.Carl and Heather had more fun and Jack filmed them also Jack and Carl gave Heather a good fucking only just getting dressed as Barry came through the door leaving Heather to clean herself up whilst Carl and Jack stalled Barry they still have fun to this day ………………………………………………………….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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