Portuguese Summer part 4

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Portuguese Summer part 4i have now been here in Portugal for nearly 5 weeks, my hair is longer than it has ever been beforemy body is tanned and completely smooth all over , i cant remember the last time i put any boy clothes on. My job in the bar is going well and i dress fully as a girl every night when i am working there, all the staff know .hell it was them who encouraged me in the first place. Not one of the customers in the bar has ever picked up on that i am not really a girl.Tonight is one of the first nights off i have had in ages so i am planning on heading out for a couple of drinks on the stripits midday when i get up and grab a bite to eat, i strip off and head out to the small pool that is in the villa and spend a couple of hours catching some sun, I then head back inside to shower and while i am there i grab my razor an remove every trace of hair from my already smooth body, then dry myself off and apply loads of after sun and plan the rest of the eveningIts 9pm and i am just putting the finishing touches to my makeup, nothing to heavy or slutty, i style and curl my now long hair and then wander over to where i have layed out the underwear for that evening, i slip on a nice lace fronted black thong and a black wonderbra , no stockings or hose as it was just to warm. then i slipped on a and then the black dress that had a tight fitting body with shoulder straps and a slightly flared bottom half that finishes mid thighA final look in the full length mirror and i close the door to the villa behind me and then the short 10 min walk to the strip.I stop in a couple of bars and grab a drink in each of them chatting and laughing with some of the people in them before walking bahis siteleri canlı toward the top of the strip where the bar is that i work Its 1030 now and is getting busy lots of stag and hen parties, couples wandering round and as i get near to the bar i see Alan outside talking people into the bar as usual, he give me a smile when he sees me and waves me in to the bar giving me a free shot from the side as i walk pastThe Bar is busy as always the girls behind the bar look after me well and always make sure i have a drink. I get into a chat with 3 guys from England who are out on a golfing holiday and we spend the next few hours laughing and chatting and getting just a little more merry, the guys are staying in a hotel not to far away from my villa and when we decide to call it a night i end up wandering out with them 2 of them walk on ahead and the guy i seem to have been chatting with the most walks with me, his hand slips round my waist as we walk and chat, The 2 guys in front seem to have dissapeared and when we round a corner we stop and kiss a little , I need to stop this before it goes too far so i pull away from him. i look up at his and he is so dissapionted i almost feel sorry for him as he pleads for me to come back to his room with him, i Kiss him again and pull away before wandering off back to my villa.As soon as i walk in the door i pull my dress off and hang it over the chair and pose in front of the mirror again…thinking about all the attention i had got that evening running my hands over the front of my thong as i feel my little cock getting hard….Then there is the Knocking on the door.i grab a small robe an walk over to the door to find out casino siteleri who is there,…. Its AlanWhat are you doing here i ask as i open the door to him,i was checking up on you..you left with those guys , i just wanted to make sure you were okI open the door fully and let him in , Yes of course i am i left them and came back here on my ownAlan laughs as he walks in and says..wow do you remember the first time i ever came here and that girl we both hadI grin and tell him how the hell i could forget something like that , and how much fun it wasWe spend the next few mins sitting at the breakfast bar on stools chatting and laughing and i,m very aware of the way he keeps looking at my legs in the heels i am wearing, the robe i have on is quite short it only just covers my bum and very time i shift on the stool it seems to gape open exposing my bra to him.i even feel my little cock starting to twitch as i sit there.He tells me he has to leave so i get up and walk in front of him to the door , i only walk a couple of steps when i feel his hands on my hips and his body close to mine, his head drops down untill his lips make contact with my neck, instinctively my hand goes up and holds his head as he kisses my neck and i gasp out with pleasureI feel his hands on the thin tied belt that hold the short gown together and the the robe falls to the floorI turn and slowly walk off to the bedroom pausing to look over my shoulder to make sure he followsI sit on the edge of the bed looking at hi as he walks in his shirt is already off and on the floor…his hands are on the belt and buttons of his jeans, i just feels so natural for me to gently cup his balls and cock as he gets canlı casino close to me, I then lean forward and slowly take his cock into my mouth slowly wanking him as i suck this wonderful cock, its just so hard and big…bigger than i remember it, after a few mins i feel a gentle pressure on my shoulders as he pushes me back onto the bed, then his body is on top of mine pinning me down and kissing me, my legs spread wide and wrap round him his large cock twitching against my belly He whispers in my ear…i want to fuck youmy heart skips a beat as i feel him pull away from me and slowly removes my thong i grab some lube from the draw and hand it to him as he turns me over, i,m laying flat on the bed on my front with my legs spread..his fingers slipping in and out of my little ass and then i feel it my first real cock, pushing against my little hole, then ever so slowly its enters me, inch by inch it gets deeper and i am loving it i want moreI start to push back against him forcing his cock deeper until i feel his coarse pubic hair up against my smooth little assI gasp out as he starts to fuck me…slowly at first…but he starts to get quicker, i push back against him urging him to fuck me harder and faster , i hear the slapping sounds as his body slaps against my ass, somehow i push back enough to be able to get on all fours as he fucks memy own little cock is rock hard and i,m cumming and cumming hard without even touching it. i cry out as i cum , his hands grip my hips and he slams into as hard as he can then cums deep inside meI feel his cock twitching inside me then a warm feeling deep inside as he holds me still with his hands i collapse down on the bed and feel his cock slowly slipping from my body, i smiles to myself as i her him getting up from the bed and getting dressed. i roll over a little and feel the cum slowly dripping from my asswe smile at each other as he finishes getting dressed and slips back out the front door

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