Park Fuck Doll

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Park Fuck DollThis story is loosely based on actual events.He held me by the arms from behind so tightly it left bruises;I was bent forward, standing on my tippy toes, trying vainlyto escape his brutal 4ttack, ramming his sizable cock deepinto my rectum, enjoying my screams of pain, the tears streaming down my cheeks leaving black streaks of mascara,adding to my humiliation. His buddy in front of me squeezingand pulling on my puffy nipples so hard I almost passed out.I was so glad that I’d been sleeping every night for years with large objects up my ass to stay loose and ready.”Hey look,” he laughed as he tortured my poor little tits, “her little dick is jumping. The dirty little faggot is CUMMING!”Indeed I was but since my testicles never developed properlythere was no semen, just wave after wave of intense orgaasmsagainst my will. “OH GOD!! OH GOD!!! HELP ME!!!” I screamed.I was so fucking humiliated I wanted to die. Blushing brightcherry red I couldn’t tell what was worse, the physical painor the emotional agony.The orgasms were now constant, unending. It seemed an eternityof utter, abject pain, humiliation, degradation.Totally demoralized, stripped of my dignity as well as my clothes,I surrendered and stopped f!ghting.The guy fucking me started cumming. I felt his cock jumpingand the familiar feeling of semen squirting deep up inside of me,his cock suddenly sliding in and out faster, lubricated by hisfluids. “You filthy little WHORE!,” one of them said, “you stillhave one more cock to empty. You’re gonna get fucked REAL bakırköy escort good!”The one that just fucked me let go and I fell onto the grass,so dizzy and weak I just barely braced myself with my sore arms.”CLEAN MY DICK, BITCH,” the first bastard snarled as he yankedmy head back by my hair and stuck his still hard, slimy, sh!tty penis into my mouth. I obeyed, licking, sucking and swallowinghis cum and my sh!t from his shaft.I ate it off almost like eating corn on the cob, lickingand sucking the sides, top and bottom from base to tipthen ending by taking it into my mouth from the front.The taste of his cum and my ass was turning me on despite myselfand I sobbed in shame as my orgasms got stronger.”Got sumthin for you, faggot,” he mocked.He let a jet of p!ss loose from his now semi erect phallusand I gulped it all down as fast as he gave it. At least I had a brief respite from thee anal pounding.It all seemed so surreal, like a weird dream. The humiliationfaded away as my emotions went flat, zombie-like.I was just their fuck doll now, a mindless sex toy, not even human.I still don’t remember clearly how it began. Some cat-callsas I walked home through the park one warm Saturday night in July. I thinkI flipped them the bird, then slapping, str4ngling, my clothesbeing pulled off, surprise and anger when they saw that I wasn’t a girland then I got brutally fucked.At least they used the lube from my purse that I had begged them for.They applied it just for their own enjoyment, really, tomake beşiktaş escort my ass more pussy-like.”My turn,” I heard a jeering voice entering my mind from the distance.Reality returned all too vividly with an abrupt stinging slap on my buttocksthat made me yelp in pain and shock.”Stick your ass in the air, BITCH, I’m going for sloppy seconds.”Face firmly in the grass. The scent of it and of the soil was comforting.My throbbing, bruised tits and nipples were also safely pressed againstMother Earth. Humiliation returned as the contact between the neatlytrimmed park lawn and my nipps flooded my senses with extremepleasure mixed with pain. My tiny little penis was still erect andtwitching instinctively, involut4rily in anticipation. My assholewas also puckering in and out, opening and closing in rhythm withmy continuous orgasms.I hated them both but I was now enjoying it immensely.I wanted more and I soon got it.”OPEN WIDE,” he snarled as he plunged his cock into me inone v!olent thrust. I moaned loudly, shamelessly.Balls deep, he wriggled his hips up and down and made me yelpand moan in now totally obvious enjoyment.Instead of another dehumanizing assalt, he became sensual.Now that I was so willing and enthusiastic we formed an _almost_ loving bond. We were making love.It was still vulgar and anm4listic,, fucking like d*gs in heatin a public park but at the same time it was tender and evenbeautiful – in a filthy, depraved kind of way.Good thing it was dark.”You’re gonna make me cum too quick squeezing beylikdüzü escort my dick like that,” he said.I fucked back in sync with his gentle yet deep and firm fucking.”I’m gonna cum,” he said gently.”Mmmmmmmm…,” I moaned in response.My orgasms had not subsided in the least bit and they were startingto become painful but still delicious.With three very deep, hard thrusts he inseminated me.Again i moaned in ecstasy as I felt his semen flooding my bowels.I don’t think I STOPPED moaning after I started enjoying it.Then the police arrived, undoubtedly because someone heard mescreaming for help before the mood had changed.We all dressed in a flash. They feverishly got my clothes back on mewhich wasn’t too damn difficult because I was wearing short shortsand a skimpy racer back tank with deck shoes.”Don’t worry boys, I won’t tell.” The relief on their faces was legendary.When I added, “I just hope they don’t find out I’m [YOUNG]teen years old,”the panic on their faces was hilarious.”Quick, first names. TELL ME YOUR NAMES, YOU MORONS.””Billy,” “Dave.” I told them my name too.Some quick talking and apologies for “Playing” too loudly and the copslet us off with a warning. They grinned knowingly before they left.It was plain to see that we’d been fucking.They both thanked me for not getting them busted and swore me to secrecy.If their friends found out they fucked a [blank] teen tranny…..I thanked them back for the best fucking of my life.Bill grabbed my tits and Dave grabbed my ass. I held my arms submissivelyat nmy sides as Bill said, “I own this” and his buddy said, “and I own THIS.”I grabbed their crotches and said, “And I own THIS.”I never got any real respect from them but they made nights in the parkvery interesting all Summer long………………………..END……………………………

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