Naught Mother, even naughter daughter

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Abella Anderson

Naught Mother, even naughter daughterAs with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies – you choose which you think they are! If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here!After splitting up from a long time girlfriend I found myself bouncing from one night stand to another. I’ll be honest I liked being settled down so started looking for something more serious.I’d made friends with a woman older than me, not expecting anything to come from it, friends only and it’s those relationships that sometimes throw you the curved ball.One day she invited me down to stay over – which in itself was unusual – and said her daughter was going out for the night.I’d never been to her house before, so left in good time to get there and as I arrived her daughter was still there. I was surprised to see that she was in her early 20’s and I put this woman in her 50’s. She must have been a late developer.Anyway somewhat disappointingly nothing happened that night but she said that she wanted to take our relationship to the next level. Two weeks later it was the spring bank holiday and she was going to get us a pub B&B out in the country.Spring bank holiday came and I met her at the pub. She planted a great big kiss on my cheek when I arrived and said our room was up on the top floor. We had a bit of lunch and went up stairs. The room had it’s own bathroom, lounge with a ‘put you up’ and just one double bed! Not sure what that meant.That afternoon we did a walk out in the country and typical British weather, it pissed down and we were soaked.Getting back to the B&B we went straight to our room and run a bath. Being the gentleman I said that Pam should have first bath. “Don’t be silly” she said, “we can share it”. I don’t know what shocked me most, the way she said it, so matter of fact like, or that she had taken full control of the situation and planned all along that we would be making love that weekend.For a lady in her 50’s, her body was stunning. Very large breasts that sagged slightly, but seemed to make them all the more attractive, gorgeous hips, and a nicely trimmed pussy.After warming up in the bath, she led me to the bedroom and we made love from then until chucking out time on the Monday. We made love in just about every position and there was no doubt Pam was very horny when it came to sex. For the first time ever I was woken up by some one giving me a blow job; she’d even suggested at one point me tying her to the bed and just doing what ever I wanted.A few weeks later Pam rang me and said that she’d spoken to her daughter and she was fine with me moving in, and so I did.It soon became apparent that her daughter was a hand full. She blew hot and cold a lot. Some nights we’d hide in Pam’s bedroom because she was having a tantrum down stairs. I couldn’t believe that Pam let her get away with all that she did.I asked if there was a boyfriend. There was but he was more a call upon than a regular feature. Now I ought to add at this point that Pam was very vocal when we made love, and loved to scream and beg. As a result of this we only ever made love when we had the house to ourselves as Pam was slightly embarrassed at the thought of her daughter listening in. Also, it appeared that her daughter had complained once or twice about it. There was no doubt that she was causing some pressure on our relationship.Working for myself I spent many nights away and sometimes came home in the middle of the night. I’d creep in, cwtch up to Pam. I did this one night and fell into a deep sleep. When I woke up it was morning, Pam had already gone to work and I was bursting for a pee and pulled on Pam’s dressing gown to go downstairs to the loo. Out on the landing I noticed that Pam’s daughters bedroom door was open. I would have walked straight past were it not for the sounds coming from, inside. I heard Pam’s daughter moaning and groaning and thrashing around. Make no mistake Pam could make some noise when she was cumming and so could her daughter!This was so fucking sexy. For a while I thought she had her boyfriend gaziemir escort in there with her but after a while I realised that there was only one voice, hers. Was she fucking herself with a vibrator or finger? I so wanted to know, but dared not make a sound for fear of being caught out.My cock was like a flag pole. It was a piss hard rather than a hard on, but that couldn’t stop me from running my hand up and down its length. I’d opened up the dressing gown now and stood there, inches away from the door, listening to the daughter of my lover fuck herself.The need to cum or piss was getting way too much. There was a danger of doing one or the other all over her bedroom door, so I had to creep downstairs to the loo. Turning away and tip toeing down the steps the bloody top one creaked as loud as it possibly could have. I froze. Had she heard it? What would happen? What should I do?Thinking that getting caught was unlikely I continued down the stairs. The stairs twisted back on themselves half way down. By the time I reached there I just knew I was being watched. Pam’s daughter stood at the top of landing. “were you just listening” she called down. I stopped, partly in fear and partly because I wanted to look up at her. Would she be naked? Would she be so randy that she’d call me back upstairs to fuck her? Would I have finally had mother and daughter?None of these. As I looked up she was obviously naked underneath her shorty silk jacket. Obviously thrown on in a hurry and being the only thing to hand. It stopped short of exposing her pussy, the same pussy that moments ago she would have been playing with, but it couldn’t hide the fact that her nipples were very hard and pushing their way out through the fabric.There was no doubt she was very angry, “well were you?” she shouted, “listening at my door” She demanded to know. Looking up at her I babbled ‘No. I’ve just got up for a pee” and it was then, when I mentioned pee that I realised the dressing gown was open. There pointing directly at her was my piss hard erection! “Oh, well that’s not what your dick says is it, you fucking pervert” and with that she spun around on the spot, the light fabric of her shorty lifted and I had a full, if all too brief view of her pert bottom. She stormed off back into her bedroom and slammed the door so hard the whole house felt like it shook.In the loo I tried to pee but I couldn’t for being so hard, and nor could I wank, for needing to pee. I was there for ages before being able to pee and by then the thoughts of what I should do now were filling my head. I heard footsteps on the stairs as Pam’s daughter stamped her way downstairs. “are you still in there wanking off thinking of me”? came a shouted question through the door. It was like she could see through the door. “well I’m going out” and with that the front door slammed shut.For the rest of the day I wondered what I was going to say to her mother, Pam, when she got home. I decided to make a clean breast of it and tell her the full story, but when she came in she started to tell me about her horrendous day, how things had gone wrong from start to finish and it just seemed to me that telling her about this simple mistake would make things way worse.Then, finally, Pam asked where her daughter was. She need not have as at that point she came in through the front door. “Been out baby?” Pam asked, “that’s really nice”. And with that her daughter came over and gave Pam a massive kiss, “yes mam I’ve had a nice day, thank you” and she turned and went up to her room. “my”, said Pam, “she’s being very nice! I don’t know what you two have been up to but you need to keep it up, it’s nice to see her in such a good mood”. I blurted out, “Nothing, we’ve being up to nothing” in guilt. I thought that all hell would have broken loose when she returned, it didn’t and I didn’t see the need to light a fire under that pile of gunpowder.So it was for some weeks that neither of us mentioned anything about that day, but I often wondered if anything might develop.Then one morning I was in my little shed where I kept my tools having a wank over some pictures in a Fiesta magazine when I felt some cold air come in and as I gaziemir escort bayan turned around, hand wrapped around my cock, there stood Pam’s daughter. She looked down at my throbbing cock, looked up at me, and said all mater of fact like, “when you have a minute can you come and help me set up my new computer”. I was mortified. She had caught me in full flow. There could be no mistake as to what I was doing.She left, leaving the door wide open, meaning I had to try and get my cock back into my trousers, and go and shut the door. When I got to the door, she was stood there, just waiting for me to do so. I was red with embarrassment, she just laughed lightly and skipped her way back to the house. Was that a sigh to follow her? I was so confused.Getting into the house she was waiting by the kitchen, “don’t bother” she said, “I’ll get my boyfriend to help out, you finish off what you were doing” and with that she left the kitchen and went off to her room.Again I wondered what would happen when her mother came home and she said nothing, so nor did i.A few days later her boyfriend came around to set up her computer. She knew I was there in the house and before long I could hear shuffling from up in her room. I wondered if they were having a bit of a fumble so thought I’d go up there and have a listen.Creeping up the stairs, missing the creaky stair, I made it to Pam’s daughter bedroom. I stood by the door and strained to hear what was going on inside.I needn’t have bothered. I could have heard her from my shed outside. She was screaming instructions to her boyfriend where to touch, how to touch, use his tongue, finger, dick this way – that way. She was one horny little minx. I reckoned she knew I was listening. She went on for at lest a hour until I could actually feel the wall moving as she was being banged hard and the bed slammed into the wall. She whimpered her way to what sounded like a massive orgasm. I turned to creep my way back downstairs when the stair creaked. There was total silence from the bedroom and then she shouted out, “Are you fucking listening in again!” I moved as quickly as I could downstairs and out.But once again nothing was said when Pam got home. I thought to myself that she was getting off on knowing I was listening to her as she did listening to Pam and I.So one night when I knew she was in, (and Pam didn’t), and just across the landing I tied up Pam, legs and arms and set about her with a dildo. We had so much sex that night and Pam screamed and shouted and moaned. Pam loved it. I had her twice, cumming inside her both times, which she loved, and then inserting the dildo to make sure my cum stayed inside her; I sucked hard on her tits and even fingered her arse. By the end of the night I knew Pam was well and truly knackered.When I released her I said to Pam I’d go get her some water. Pam rolled over and pulled up the sheet. Stepping out on to the landing I saw her daughters bedroom door ajar. Not just a bit, far enough to peak into the room almost. I’d not put on the light so as to announce my coming out, but I tip toed over to the door. On the other side was her daughter. I could almost feel her breath. She’d been there all the time, listening in, perhaps fingering herself, perhaps even cuming in time to her mother. I must be honest it was sooo sexy to think that.I stood there for a few minutes, just a inch of door between my face and hers, so wanting her to open the door. Then I turned, deliberately made a noise to let her know I knew she was listening in and went and got a glass of water.When I came back upstairs I could see the door was shut. She’d shut it!The following morning again nothing was saidA few weeks later Pam announced that she wanted me to come to her work place and do some building work, and that there was some painting work for her daughter there as well. So a few weeks later we all went to work together. The job was coming to an end and I was working weekends to get it finished on time. Pam came in one Saturday with cake and coffee. I suggested we get down and dirty in her office. “Have you ever been fucked in the workplace, Mrs Jones” I teased her. She wasn’t keen to but I kept on badgering escort gaziemir her.Finally she agreed, but not in the office as I wanted, up in the accounts office. That was up a set of stairs and over the main office.Once we got started Pam was actually quite up for it and lifted up her big flowery summer skirt. She had stockings on, which just made it even better. Pam didn’t want to get naked just in case anyone came along, not that they would, so I just pulled her knickers off and set to her. Lifting her up on to the table I went down on her. She loved me going down on her and I loved the taste of her and the way she would dribble pussy juice. Pam came once, twice, and I felt a third one swelling when we demanded me to “Just fuck me”, so I stood up, pulled her towards me and tried to enter her. The table top was just too high and Pam Suggested that I stand on a telephone book.Doing so gave me sufficient height to effectively fuck Pam and see out in the workspace where her daughter was coming in through the roller shutter door. She saw me and walked towards the stairs. I so hoped that she wouldn’t call out as by now I could feel my balls start to tighten and Pam was slapping the table and screaming out that she was coming. “Fuck me, Fuck me” she was demanding and as I pushed in and out of her I watched Pam’s daughter walk across the shop floor and then disappear as she started to climb the stairs to where we were.I reckon she must have known what was going on as she stood there at the top of the stairs transfixed at the sight of me buried deep inside her mother and her mother, skirt pulled up, getting fucked, screaming and shouting for me to “give it to me”.There was no way I was stopping, I held Pam’s hips tight as I pushed in. I looked down at her, Pam, oblivious that just 10 feet away from her head stood her daughter, watching everything. Pam looked at me and smiled, “make me cum, lover, make me cum”“Flick you legs up” I said, and Pam did. Her legs were way up in the air, making a perfect V to her pussy, I pushed up her skirt to completely expose her pussy. My cock had slipped out as we changed to this position and it glistened with Pam’s pussy juice and jumped around of it’s own accord. Reaching around and sliding my hand under Pam’s suspenders, locking myself in position, I pushed forward and Pam took every inch I had to give. With every thrust in Pam shouted more and more. “I want to cum, make me cum” she said. Fucking Pam in this position always made me cum quickly and this was no exception, especially as I could see her daughter watching us, and she was rooted to the spot. She hadn’t moved away in shock, or shouted out, she watched every squirm, every trust, every slap of hand to desk. I said to Pam that I was about cum, she was to flick herself off and with that Pam put one hand down and placed a finger either side of my cock as it slid in and out. This stopped her lips from moving and pulled her clit hood tight. With the other hand she pushed down on her clit hood, making her clit rub against my hard shaft.She screamed, “oh god don’t fucking stop, I’m so wet, you’re so hard”. This was enough to tip me over the edge. That and the fact that I just knew her daughter must surely be dripping wet having to listen to and watch this. I exploded. I shot a stream of spunk inside Pam it dribbled out on to her fingers. Pam flicked her clit a bit and then demanded I do it, so as I remained inside Pam, spunk dribbling out and even some more oozing out of helmet as she convulsed on my shaft, I took over and tapped hard on her engorged pink clit, each tap acting like an orgasm switch making Pam cum, and cum and cum.Finally Pam seemed to be able to take no more and grabbed my wrist. “stop, stop” she cried and all energy seemed to ebb out of her. My cock had subsided and flopped out. Cum run out of Pam’s pussy, it gaped open, unable to hold it back. “Lie with me” she begged and as I look up, away from watching my spunk escape it’s pussy prison, I could she her daughter had gone, She was no where to be seen.I led with Pam and we cwtched. Pam admitted that she hadn’t want to make love in her workplace, just in case anyone came in (!) but she had loved the risky feeling. She spent the next half hour cleaning up the desks and as she finished in walked her daughter. “I’ve brought you both a bit of lunch” she said, “you’ve been working hard, you’ll need to keep your energy levels up” Pam slyly looked at me and I smiled back at them both. If only Pam knew.

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