Jake’s Magic Remote, Part III – Karma Chamele

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Jake’s Magic Remote, Part III – Karma ChameleNOTE: This story is intended for adults only. It includes elements of voyeurism, time stop, non-consent/reluctance, ince$t, and mind control. If you are offended or upset by this sort of thing, please do not read it. The story is fiction and any resemblance to real persons or events is either coincidental or the result of artistic liberty.Feedback and positive criticism is welcome, as are suggestions and requests.——————————————Sarah got home only a few minutes after the food was delivered, and the family sat on the couch together to eat in front of some mindless television. Jake sat in the middle, acutely aware of his now-fully-clothed daughter’s body so close to him. He kept seeing her in his mind, gloriously nude and splattered with his cum. Swallowing hard, he looked in the other direction at Sarah, his wife.Sarah was much shorter than Jake and Petra, with broad shoulders and wide hips. She’d been very overweight early in their relationship, but when Jake started getting in shape, she followed suit. He was immeasurably proud of her transformation; now she had an hourglass figure and a firmness all over that really couldn’t be beat. She was like a tiny Amazon, a pocket-sized She-Hulk.She had fair skin and brown-blonde hair, pale blue eyes and a beautiful smile. Her breasts were wonderfully large, a fact she didn’t mind showing off by wearing low-neck tees, and Jake’s greater height afforded him a nice look down at her cleavage.It was almost a good enough look to make him forget about his daughter’s breasts, round and perfect, with the water beading off of them.Sarah smiled up at Jake. “What have you two been up to this afternoon?”Jake felt himself blush when Petra leaned against him and answered, “Just watching TV and hanging out, mom.” Jake smiled nervously and nodded. “How was your day?” he asked, hoping to change the subject.Sarah groaned. “Don’t even get me started. We have this huge order to do, and the truck didn’t come in until almost noon…”After years of marriage, Jake had learned that “How was your day?” was husband-code for “Please tell me everything that happened so I can nod and smile for half an hour.”Jake leaned back, one hand running through his wife’s hair as she continued talking. He really did love her, even if they didn’t have sex nearly as much as he would have liked. He had no doubt about her feelings; her libido had just never been up to his. But then, he’d never had the ability to stop time before…Petra kissed her parents good night and bounced her way upstairs a couple hours later, and Sarah put on a movie. Jake snuggled in close and smiled, one hand on the remote in his pocket. Once the movie was running and his wife was distracted, he stopped things.First, he pulled up Sarah’s shirt. She’d taken off her bra and changed into looser clothing after dinner, and her breasts – F cups, believe it or not – hung bare underneath. “Hung” wasn’t really the right word; Sarah had almost as good a bench press as Jake did, and her pecs kept everything more “perky” than one might expect of a well-endowed woman in her thirties, with pale nipples and wide areolas. Even after years together, he still loved the look of them. They were very different from Petra’s, but he tried to put that out of his mind.Jake gently rubbed and teased Sarah’s nipples in ways that he knew she liked. He still wasn’t sure how this sort of thing would feel. Would she feel everything at once, or would there be some delay? He tried not to overdo it. Then he leaned in to suckle at first one and then the other, adding the warm moist sensations to the teasing touches. Finally he carefully removed any residual moisture, so as not to leave evidence of his interference.Jake pulled her shirt back down and moved back onto the couch. It was interesting, the place where he’d been sitting felt almost like it was pulling him in, making it easy to line up with where he was when time stopped. He decided it must have to do with air displacement and filed it away for later testing, watching his wife out of the corner of his eye as he pressed the play button.Several things happened all at once. Sarah’s breasts twitched slightly, the result of the soft pressure Jake had put on them. Her nipples hardened, visibly pressing out against the dark fabric of her shirt. And she let out a small, quiet moan.Jake smiled. “Did you say something?” he asked his wife.“What? N-no,” Sarah replied. “Just a little muscle spasm, I guess.”Jake shrugged and went back to pretending to care about the movie. After a minute, he paused things again. He slid his hand down under Sarah’s lounging pants and panties, sliding through her soft hairs to the warm place between her legs. He had to nudge her thighs apart a little, but he was nothing if not familiar with his wife’s body. His fingers found her clit and stroked it slowly.When he decided she’d had enough of that, he slipped a fingertip between her lower lips and trailed it up and down. It was interesting how her body reacted – or didn’t – to his displacement. Her slit stayed open after the passage of his fingertip. When he started things up, she would probably feel it gently slap shut.Closing her legs again and moving her pants back into place, Jake once more unfroze the world. Sarah’s reaction was again instantaneous. She gasped and flinched in surprise, shivering once and then snuggling in closer to Jake.“Everything alright?” he asked, trying to sound concerned.“Yeah,” she said, looking at him. “I just feel kind of funny.”Jake stopped things there, with her looking right at him. He stood, took off all his clothing and hid it, then sat again with her. The thrill of messing with Sarah without her knowing, combined with his usual desire for her, had his cock standing tall and proud already. He set the remote beside his leg where she wouldn’t see and pressed Play.Jake only let Sarah have a second of that, just long enough to know that her eyes had registered his body. He pressed pause again, put his clothes back on, and continued cuddling against her.Sarah blinked in shock when time resumed. Jake frowned. “Are you sure you’re alright?” he asked.“Yeah, I just thought… nevermind.”Jake smiled as she looked at the TV again. Clearly, this was having an effect on her. She was flushed, breathing a little quickly, and her nipples were still erect. Jake decided to escalate. He waited a minute or two for her to cool down again, then again stopped things. This time he did everything again: teased and sucked her nipples, played with her clit, and stroked her lips open. Then he again removed his güvenilir bahis clothes, took his position, and started things up.Sarah moaned out loud and rolled her hips on the couch. Her hand reached over by instinct and stroked Jake’s cock. Jake let out a cheer inside his head. He’d just made her cum, and she had no idea why! He paused things again and moved her hand to his thigh, putting his clothing back on. He just couldn’t resist. When things started again, Sarah stroked his leg once and then looked up at him, blushing deeply. Jake pretended not to have noticed her last outburst and looked over at her. “You sure you’re okay? You look flushed,” he said.“Yeah, it’s alright,” Sarah replied, her eyes flicking down and up him. “I dunno what’s up. Just watch the movie. I need to be up early tomor-”Jake stopped her mid sentence. Grinning, he set about his final escalation. He removed his own clothes, then her pants and panties. Spreading her thighs, he moved between her and lined his cock up with her opening. She was wet now, and as he pressed, he slipped easily into her pussy.It was a strange sensation, for sure. At first, Sarah was incredibly tight, but since there was no muscle-force squeezing inward, once he spread her passage open it remained that way, fitting his cock like a glove. She was still tight enough that it felt amazing being inside her, as always, but he definitely preferred the real act. Still, there was something to be said for perfect compliance… He bottomed out against her cervix and moaned softly, staying there a moment. His thumb rubbed against her clit again, and he lifted her shirt to once more suck on her nipples. Then he stroked in and out a few times, savoring her warm feeling and opening her a little wider around him.When he was satisfied she was where he wanted her, Jake pulled out, wiped her moisture off his dick, and got dressed. He put his wife’s clothes back on and returned her and himself to their original positions, then started the action.“rowoOoOOOOHHH fuck it!” Sarah’s immediate empty feeling and second orgasm were clearly too much for her. She straddled Jake’s lap and kissed him hard, grinding down against his cock. Again and again she kissed him, breathing hard. Jake brought his arms up around her. She hadn’t been this voracious since their first year together! He pushed up against her, showing her how much he approved.Sarah giggled girlishly, unzipping Jake’s pants and pulling his dick free. Her hand stroked his shaft between them as she pulled her lips down to his neck, kissing and nibbling at places that she knew damn well would give him goosebumps.Jake slid his hands down under her clothing and gave her ass a squeeze. Sarah moaned into his neck, then slid down off of him, lifting the front of his shirt, kissing down his chest and abs and kneeling on the floor. She yanked down his pants and boxers and tossed them aside, looking up at him with those beautiful blue eyes as her lips slid down on his cock without hesitation.Jake groaned, watching his wife bob up and down on his cock. He took his shirt off and set it to the side. At the same time, Sarah hurriedly stripped off her own pants and panties. Once she was bare from the waist, she growled and climbed up onto him again. Before Jake could even reach, his wife was straddling him and moaning as she eagerly slid his shaft up inside herself.This was definitely better than the frozen version of her. Jake groaned in pleasure as Sarah’s hips ground down on his lap, eagerly wedging him deeper inside her. Her walls squeezed tight around him and she ripped off her shirt, exposing and pressing her generous chest against his, kissing him once more. His hands again went to her ass, squeezing hard and helping her find the best angle to get in deep.Then she started moving. Her hips rolled up and down his lap, sliding him in and out of her warm, tight pussy. Jake groaned, moving one hand up between them to grope at one of her tits. Sarah arched her back, letting him suck at her nipple while she rode him harder and faster. “Oh god, Jake, fuck me,” she moaned, “It feels so fucking good!”Sarah had never been one to talk during sex. Moan loudly, sure, a few times, but she usually felt awkward, or so she said, so this was entirely new. And entirely hot. Jake grinned, grabbing her and flipping over so she was the one on the couch. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he braced and started thrusting down into her.Again and again Jake drove his cock into his squirming, moaning wife. He felt her cum around him and covered his mouth with his own to muffle her cries. He drove into her relentlessly until he finally got the reward he was looking for. There was a sudden warm feeling on his thighs and tightness inside of her. Sarah almost screamed into Jake’s kiss as her pussy spasmed around him.Groaning with pleasure, Jake slammed down into Sarah. His own climax was only seconds behind, and he thrust home again and again through it, muscles clenching, as his cum spurted up inside her. Just like before in the shower, the load was far larger and more forceful than his usual, and he could feel their mixed fluids around himself as he finally stopped, panting, buried to the hilt within her.Jake leaned down and kissed Sarah deeply, but something prickled the hairs on his neck. He carefully reached over to where he’d left the remote under his shirt and pressed the pause button.Gently disengaging from Sarah and slipping out of her dripping wet pussy, Jake stood and turned around. He walked up the stairs toward the bedrooms, and just around the corner he saw something surprising.Frozen mid-stride was Petra, who was clearly hurrying back to her bedroom. Her hair flew back behind her, showing how quickly she’d been moving. More importantly, she was naked from the waist down, carrying her pajama pants. On closer examination, she was also very wet. As were the fingers of her right hand.Jake stared at her, not sure what to do with this information. On the one hand, it was really, really worrisome. It looked like his daughter had just been getting off while watching him fuck the shit out of her mother. On the other hand, the idea of Petra being turned on and playing with herself in the hall like that almost made him ready for another round.He decided to worry about it later, returning to Sarah, sliding back inside her and restarting things. She jerked and clenched once, likely in response to the sensation of him leaving and re-entering her, and giggled. “Aftershocks,” she said softly. “Sorry.”Jake smiled and kissed her again. “Never be sorry, love. That was incredible.”Sarah smiled back internet casino at him. “Yeah… it was.”Jake slept like a baby that night, and woke up in the morning feeling great. He got cleaned up, headed downstairs and found to his surprise that Sarah was up and cooking breakfast. He kissed her and sat down to enjoy some bacon and eggs.“Morning, mom! Morning, Dad!” Petra bounded downstairs and up to the table, energetic as always. How did she do it, Jake asked himself. How could this girl be so casual and unembarrassed around her parents when just last night she’d been watching them fuck and touching herself? He certainly still felt awkward about doing the same to her. And guilty. After all, he was her dad. It was his job to protect her from pervy assholes, not to become one!“Morning, Pet,” Jake said, trying not to let his shame show and concentrating on his eggs.“Good morning,” Sarah said cheerily, joining them at the table. “I don’t know about you two, but I slept amazingly last night.” Jake and Petra both agreed with the sentiment.Petra left first, heading out to meet her friends before class. Jake was left with Sarah, who smiled at him across the table. She reached out and took his hand. “I’m sorry about last night,” she said. “I know it was a little… out of character for me.”Jake smiled back, squeezing her fingers. “Don’t be sorry, dear. I loved it. You can feel free to do that anytime.”Jake sipped the last of his glass of orange juice, but something bothered him suddenly. Thinking back on the night before… Sarah really had been tired from work. She hadn’t wanted sex. And Jake had used his power to make her want it. Sure they were married, but it still felt like maybe he’d crossed a line. Was it really okay to use magic to make your wife want to fuck you?And was he really using the word “magic” in his head in a serious sentence? He supposed it was the only real explanation, at least for now.Jake shook his head, banishing the dark thoughts. He’d had incredible sex last night, slept well, and he had incredible power over the world. There was no reason to be mopey. He got up, kissed Sarah goodbye, and headed out to work.Jake decided to take the train downtown, rather than the stopped-time-express like the day before. Being morning, it was a little crowded, but that really wasn’t a reason to be rude, which is why it really bothered him when a woman chattering into a cell phone elbowed past him to get onto the car ahead of him. But then again, Jake had so enjoyed pranking those bitchy valley girls the day before… it was almost too good that another woman had slighted him this morning.The seats were all full, so Jake and the rude woman both ended up standing in the aisle. He stopped time with a touch of the remote in his pocket and turned to get a better look at her. She was still on the phone, holding a bar with one hand to steady herself. Her oversized purse was on the floor next to her, taking up extra room. It was almost like she was demanding that the Karmic Avenger attack her. Jake once again sighed at his lack of ability to think up a good superhero name.The woman was wearing a fur coat, so Jake took that off of her and left it floating in the air to get a better look. She had tan skin, an aquiline nose, and long black hair spilling across her shoulders. She looked Indian, perhaps. She had a trim body, fairly average-looking breasts, and a pretty decent ass. Over this, she wore a gray suit with a knee-length skirt and a white blouse.First and foremost, Jake decided, rude girls didn’t get to hide their underwear from him. He lifted her skirt up over her hips. Interesting, she wore plain white panties under dark hose. Next he unbuttoned her blouse. The material was thick, and not at all transparent, so Jake was surprised to see a black pushup bra under there. Not that he expected ladies to always match their underwear, but black and white? That just struck him as comical.Jake pulled the bra up to expose her breasts. They were a little smaller than he’d expected, but he had to admit they looked nice, smooth and perky with dark brown nipples. His cock jerked in his pants at the sight and he decided on how he would get revenge on this bitch.He looked around the train. It was pretty dirty all over, and rather crowded, with people filling the seats lining the car. Outside the windows on either side, the street was frozen. Cars and drivers stopped mid-trip. It was odd; his mind expected some streaks or indication of motion. He turned his attention back to the woman.He carefully bent her knees and eased her down, making her kneel on one of the cleaner patches of the floor. Then he turned her face up toward him. He carefully pushed at the corners of her mouth until it looked like she was smiling up at him, happy to kneel with her skirt around her waist and her tits out.Jake took out his cock and stroked it a little. Then he chuckled and reached down, taking the woman’s hand and curling it around his dick, making her stroke him instead. He quickly got hard in her grip.He looked down at her and stopped for a moment. This was fun and all, but this bitch would never know when he was done that he’d done what he had. All she’d feel was a bunch of weird touching and odd friction in her palm. No, Jake thought, this punishment needed escalation.He moved her hand to the base of his cock and took out his phone, snapping a quick picture to remember her by. Then he put a hand behind her head and pressed the head of his dick to her lips. He pushed forward slowly, using his other hand on her chin to open her mouth.It was definitely a weird sensation, sliding into the woman’s mouth. There was no suction, and a little dragging on her teeth, but there was no resistance either. Her tongue stroked him as he pushed in, finally stopping when her hand, curled around his dick still, bumped into her chin. She’d feel this, all right.Jake reached down and fondled the woman’s breasts as he began moving his hips slowly in and out. They were pleasantly firm, but again they failed to bounce back, becoming oddly misshapen when he pulled his hand away. He snapped another picture, then continued pumping in and out.Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough hands to keep her hand and cheeks tight, hold her head, and fondle her tits. Jake pulled the woman’s hand away and held her head in both hands instead, pushing in slowly.Inch by inch, Jake’s pale cock slid past the woman’s lips, until he felt the back of her throat. Then he tilted her head back and leaned her forward, pushing in even deeper. He’d expected some resistance, but to his surprise her throat opened enough to canlı poker oyna easily accept him. It was still a tight fit, hugging the head in tight wet heat, but it felt amazing to him.It occurred to Jake that he’d never been this deep in a woman’s face before. One more picture for the memory book, and then he went to work. Still holding her head in both hands, he began pumping in and out of the woman’s throat. Slowly at first, savoring the tight warm feeling, but as it loosened from his passage he picked up speed. Soon he was moaning, standing on a train and roughly facefucking this woman whose name he didn’t even know.His balls slapped her chin and her throat distended from his abuse, and through it all her brown eyes stared up at him, lips still turned up to smile at him. Jake moved one hand down around her throat, applying a little pressure to re-tighten his toy as he felt the orgasm building. Since nobody could hear anyway, he groaned loudly, slamming down hard into her and shooting cum into her throat. He pulled back and thrust in a couple more times, loving the way her throat accepted his load, and then slowly pulled out of her, milking the last drops of semen out onto her tongue.Jake sat down on a cute girl’s lap, catching his breath. That was intense! He looked over at the rude woman. She knelt on the floor of the train, surrounded by people who weren’t even looking at her. Her blouse was unbuttoned and untucked, her bra was pushed up from her tits, and her panties were showing. Her mouth hung wide open, and from here Jake could see the white fluid on her tongue, as well as some that had been dragged out across her lips.Jake got up and set about righting the poor woman. He wiped the cum off her lips with a finger, then wiped that on the inside of her cheek. Next he stood her up again and fixed her bra, lining her breasts up with it as best he could. He buttoned and re-tucked her blouse, then hesitated. Maybe the trick with the sharpie would be good here too, he thought.Returning to his bag, Jake looked inside for his marker and laughed. It was a good thing that Sarah hadn’t looked inside, because there were the four pairs of panties he’d confis**ted from the bitch squad the day before! He shook his head and grabbed the marker, then shrugged and said “What the hell.”First, he untucked the woman’s shirt in the back and pushed it up. Like before, he wrote “I AM A BITCH” across her back, and then lower down the more specific “I push people out of my way and take up more space than I should with my bag.” Then he removed her shoes and pantyhose and confis**ted her panties, shoving them in the bottom of his bag with the other four pairs. Might as well start a collection.He looked in her bag and fished out her pocketbook. “Mala Kapur,” he said, reading her driver’s license. He took a picture of it and returned it. Maybe Mala deserved a follow-up. Then he set about putting her pantyhose and shoes back on, righting her shirt and rolling down her skirt. He plucked her coat out of the air, dressed her in it, and returned her to her previous position, gripping the pole with one hand and holding her phone with the other. He smoothed her hair back into place, more or less, and returned to his position, standing a few feet away and looking in her general direction. “And… action.” Jake pressed the Play button.The woman – Mala – reacted immediately. She cut off her babble mid sentence and gagged, shuddering and doubling over, gripping the pole for support. She shoved her phone hastily in her pocket and clapped a hand over her mouth, body shaking with racking coughs as she spit up Jake’s cum.“Are you alright?” Jake asked her, feigning concern and stepping closer.“I-” Mala began talking, but her voice came out as a hoarse croak. Her eyes went wide and she coughed again, clearly hurting from a sore throat. “I think so,” she wheezed.Jake reached in his bag and pulled out a bottle of water, offering it to her. “Here,” he said. “I always carry one just in case. Be prepared.”“Th-thanks,” Mala croaked, taking the water and drinking from it in sips. It looked like it hurt to swallow.“Don’t mention it,” Jake replied, returning to his position and pretending to check something on his phone.Mala Kapur shivered, rubbing herself in the places where she’d felt the ghostly touch and adjusting her bra. It was all Jake could do to only smirk and not burst out laughing when he glanced sidelong and saw her eyes open in shock as her hands touched her hips and she realized her panties were gone.Jake was feeling a little guilty about his Karma enforcement when he got downtown, so he decided to do some good deeds. He stepped off the train and immediately stopped time with his remote, then set about making his mischief. His good-hearted mischief.First he went into an overpriced and trendy sandwich shop and stole a stack of ham and cheeses and a bag full of cokes. He placed one of each in front of every homeless person he came across.Next, he saw a perfect opportunity. Crossing the street, he approached a bunch of teens walking to school. Really dorky-looking guys, clearly dragging their feet. Jake remembered that walk, the walk of a bunch of guys who are looking forward to a miserable day of being picked on and harassed. In front of them walked a couple of girls in designer skirts. Jake grinned and tucked their skirts into their waistbands. When things started up again, those boys would be treated to a show that would make their day.Walking further, he came across a man in a black suit who was walking a small dog and looking at his phone. The dog’s leg was raised and it was about to take a piss on the base of a veterans’ memorial statue. Jake sighed and shook his head, carefully moving the dog and positioning it to piss on its owner’s shiny-looking leather shoes instead.Chuckling to himself, Jake decided to see the results of his work. He stood somewhere that he could see and started things up.The boys noticed the skirts immediately, pointing and snickering to each other. One of them got a couple pictures on his cell phone.Next, as Jake looked around, a couple hobos discovered their free meals. They looked around, but couldn’t see anyone who might have left the boon.Finally, the man in the suit looked down from his phone and cursed, shaking his foot. The dog looked confused but none the worse for wear.Jake laughed and clapped his hands. And that was the moment he realized that he’d taken a vantage point in the middle of the street, because a car horn blared as a ton of metal came bearing down toward him. He gasped and hastily stopped time.Stepping away from the street and into an alley, Jake leaned on a wall to collect himself. That was close. It was a good thing his hand was in his pocket on the pause button…Except it hadn’t been. He’d been clapping his hands. He’d stopped the car without using the remote at all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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