Fun with superior’s daughter

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Fun with superior’s daughterBeen a while since I had spotted a rendezvous or had a fling myself. I have a new superior Amanda joining us on board recently and she is 1 hell of a chio woman. She belongs to those new age woman who can talk everything under the sky. She had always portrayed herself professionally as a corporate lady and she is my director of sales. Alas, my good impression of her was tarnished when I spotted her behaving intimately with a big client of our company. Always curious to check it out, I followed her everyday after we finished work and that client never failed to pick her up at 7pm sharp. I would drive n tail them whereever they go and I spotted them frenching and caressing each other openly in public. There were a few occasions I spotted the client went under her skirt and she did not resist it. There was an occassion when they checked into a budget hotel in balestier and I crazily opened a room besides theirs to try to hear any kinky stuff.I got the room through the help of the receptionist and stayed in my room to hear the “excitement” next door and my $25 was well spent as the room was not sound proof.Every sound n noise coming from their room, I can hear it clearly.Each moan and loud thrust from the man can be figured out clearly as well, so for 2 long hours I had fun hearing them fucking around and I can tell this guy is a little sicko as he likes to ask funny questioned during sex. Each time after their rendezvous, Amanda would come out of the hotel looking shagged out without drying her hair. This got on for a few months and soon I got bored just hearing them. One day, Amanda’s daughter actually called up looking for her but she had actually taken half day leave.I asked her daughter Joey whether anything urgent and she replied her mother had not been home for 2 days and that’s y she called to check how she was. I was surprised but I decided to tell Joey the truth. She was surprised to hear that her mom has a bf as amanda did not reveal to her so I told her to find out from her. A few hours later, Joey called to ask me whether I can fetch her to an apartment in newton.Apparently Amanda has asked her to pack some clothes for her. So I sneaked out of the office to meet Joey who appears to be more attractive than Amanda.Her boobs are bigger than Amanda’s.I picked her up and along the way we talked about Amanda.Joey said she could not believe her mom has a bf while her dad is working away in Hk. Suddenly a notti thought appeared in my mind, so I suggested installing a spy camera so she could see the truth.She agreed and off we went to Sim Lim We got the spy camera and I installed it at the zip of the handbag which Joey is supposed to hand to her. When we reached, I park my car downstairs and fixed up my laptop while Joey went to the lift area to pass Amanda her bag. Joey came back to the car and we watched the action from her bag handle.Starting part was just ordinary with Amanda sitting alone watching tv and I couldn’t help but peeping at Joey’s big boobs. Everything was normal until a man (the client) appeared from a room and he sat down beside amanda and kissed her.I could sense Joey’s uneasiness seeing her mother kissing with another guy. We then saw his hands roaming all around Amanda’s body and Joey watched quietly with her eyes wide opening. She didn’t speak a word and kept looking into the monitor.And when the man stripped Amanda till she was naked that Joey began to speak. “Oh my god, I can’t believe my mom is doing this, she just let the guy stripped her bare”! Trying to be gentleman, I consoled her by tapping on her shoulder. I even made up a lie to Joey saying maybe canlı bahis siteleri her mom was intimidated by that guy that’s y she didn’t resist. However the next few moments said otherwise. We saw Amanda stripping the guy naked too and her hands were caressing his cock into full blown size.Joey said wow he has a big dick and I murmured that mine is even bigger and she heard that.She turned to me and asked “really”? Meanwhile the monitor showed amanda and the guy kissing passionately with both caressing each other. My cock began to grow and I kept watching Joey’s reaction. Joey watched the full action like a newbie who had never had sex before but im dead sure she is not a virgin, so i tested her, asking her whether she knows wad her mother and the guy was doing. She replied :”u think i so innocent is it” and she began to curse and swear at her mother…hahaha so funny to hear her say that “oh my god, wad the fuck is my mum doing?> and this guy has really big dick. I just smiled at her hornily and said “well if u dare to check out mine, im bigger… she kept quiet and continue to watch. we saw the action got steamier and i began to see Joey fidget a bit. Back to our spy cam, the guy was tying Amanda onto a pole in the kitchen. and he used all sorts of pervertic ways to torture Amanda. But the best part is Amanda dont seem to mind and let him so all those things. He used a brush to tickle her whole body until Amanda was moaning in joy. He then used a marker to draw on her boobs and ass, writing stuff like i’m a bitch please fuck me etc..its so funny. beat part is when he used those clothes clip to clip at those nipples and used a shaver to shave off all her pubic hair..all these while Amanda just stood there letting him do all that while she closed her eyes to be enjoying it. I watched Joey’s reaction and she was shaking her head and kept saying oh my fucking god, i really dont know wad my mum is up to,is she so hard up for that? I then moved closer to Joey and put my arm around her shoulder. She did not resist a single bit and even leaned her head onto my shoulder. We watched further action from the spy cam as the guy went behind Amanda and hugged her from behind.He began to lick her from her neck right down to her ass. He then spread her legs wide open and he ordered her to bend slightly in front. He then opened up her pussy and commented that it’s still pretty despite having been screwed so many times by her husband. To Joey’s and my astonishment , Amanda replied she hasn’t had sex with her husband for 10 years and her first sex encounter with him after so long was so good. He then suddenly poked a finger into her pussy and stirred like la kopi.Amanda could not take the sudden fingering and moaned loud.Juices could be seen flowing out freely from her pussy, making him teased her that too much water from a horny woman. He said”wow u have lots of juices and I like it , do u like it if I sucked the juices dry? Amanda gave him a horny smile when she looked behind at him and said”honey by all means, lick me dry”He then sucked her pussy and licked all the juices and all Amanda did was moan n moan. Joey shook her head and said she didn’t expect her mom to be a horny bitch. I agreed with her and said” maybe like mother like daughter? And I moved my hand downwards to her waist.Still no resistance from her and I moved my hand to her thigh and tickle. Joey did not resist my tickle and was giggling shyly. I moved my fingers up her thigh and went under her skirt into her groin area.she jerked vigorously as I went to tickle her pussy outside her panty (which later I realised it was a sexy thong).I felt canlı casino her thongs was entirely wet and I put my fingers beneath her thongs and caress her pussy.She let out a very soft kitty moan and said “oh thats very nice, please dont stop, im getting wet.Sensing her needs, i inserted 2 fingers into her pussy and fingered.she was enjoying her moments when we were both disturbed by Amanda’s loud moan on the screen.The guy was screwing her in standing position and Amanda was all noise as he put his dick into her pussy and then into her mouth. Joey then realised I was fingering her and pull out my fingers and said that’s not right for me to do that to her.Wtf! Later we saw the action on the screen getting more intense as the guy stood on a chair and let Amanda blow for him. He virtually fucked her mouth as \he grabbed her head and thrust his cock into her mouth.Joey saw that and commented she can blow beta than her mom. I then told her i dont believe her as her mouth is so small how can she blow well..haha..She frowned and was a bit pissed when i laughed at her. her hands moved to my groin and pinched my cock outside my pants and she unzipped my pants and unbutton ,pulling out my hardened cock out. She bent it over and covered her mouth with my cock. I let out a loud “arghh” as it felt very shiok with her mouth feeling cold onto my mouth.she continued to blow as i continue to enjoy her sucking. I let her take the initiative and i must say her blow job is 1 of the best i had. She twist my cock a little and swallow the whole shaft into her mouth, pull put of her mouth and licked it like a lollipop. I felt heaven as she did it again and again until i could not take it and shot eveything into her mouth. She did not remove my cock out immediately but continued to suck it dry. She pulled it out and licked the remaining cum on the tip of my cock. I felt a shiver down my spine and after she was done, she moved her head upwards and looked at me. She said ” u have a delicious cock don’t u?i like it,so is my blow job better than my mom’s? I replied that ive not gotten any blow job from her mother, so I can’t comment. She sulked a little and I went over to sayang her. We watched the screen again and that guy was fucking Amanda from behind in standing position and Amanda gave a lot of enjoying expression and her usual loud moan,leaving Joey to say a word “bitch”.I said to her “well your mother is really enjoying herself being screwed and she has lost control of herself” wad about you?she turned to look at me and said well why not u find out?Just when I was going to kiss her,a loud scream came out from the screen, that guy inserted his cock into Amanda’s asshole and she yelped in pain. Amanda was holding tightly to the pole while the guy poked his cock right into her arsehole and started to penetrate in and out leaving her screaming in pain. I looked at Joey and asked her have she been ass fucked. She asked me “are u crazy?” why would do do such crazy stuff. I said i dont believe her and wana check on her asshole. She refused and i just pounced on her and pulled down the lever to lower down her seats and i flipped her aroundwith her butt facing me and her face down. I used my palm to squeeze her tiny butt to have a feel of her ass and it felt soft. with both my hands, i prise open the ass crack, like opening durians, to check on her asshole and hola, her asshole had been opened before! I decided not to tease her about it as i thought y not enjoy her ass for a while.after no action from me, she turned her head backwards to look at me and i gave her a wicked smile. She asked me why that smile, and I said kaçak casino its payback time!!! and i shoved my face onto her ass and licked every inch of her ass!!! She was moaning and groaning loudly” oh it feels so good, don’t stop”. I carried on licking and then feeling my cock hardened to the fullest,I inserted into her asshole and started analing her. “Ouhhhh ” came out of her mouth and I pumped her asshole furiously and my balls were banging against her butt causing her to scream in ecstasy. As I rammed hard into her ass, she used 1 hand to hold onto the door handle while the other hand gripped at my hand which was holding her ass. My ramming produced very loud “piak piak” sound. She continued to moan and I eventually came and shot my load into her asshole without any worries!My cock remained in her asshole for a while before it softened and dropped out of her Joey lied straight down onto the chair without speaking. I noticed her quietness and asked her what happened. She replied she had orgasm just now and she felt embarrassed being analed by me. I reassured her that I wont tell anyone about it and it shall be our best kept secret. Just then,her phone rang and we saw from the screen it wad Amanda who called her with the guy sstill sitting behind her licking her pussy..Joey picked up her call from her mother and she gave me a frown . Apparently Amanda was questioning her where she was and she just replied she’s at a fren house. And when Joey asked Amanda where she was,she replied in the office. Whoa both mother and daughter lying to each other while having fun.Joey stared into the screen and scolded Amanda fucking bitch when she saw her mother getting licked at the pussy and she was giving out a cfm expression caressing her own breast. Upon seeing that,I asked Joey ” do you want that too?” She challenged me”well why not, but I have doubts u can fuck me hard”,sensing her anger,I said to her,let me take you to a nice place so that you can enjoy a real good fuck” and she said”lets go,what are we waiting for?and off I drove off. We reached V Hotel at Lavender and got a room without a fuss. When we got into the room, we frenched each other like no other business. I tore off Joey’s top and bra and sucked her nipples hard. Soon I carried her half naked into the washroom and turned on the tap and sprayed onto her naked upper body. She screamed in ecstacy and soon her shorts were all wet.Stripped her all naked and soaped her whole body.Her body is so smooth and delicate and i kept soaping both her breasts.She kept moaning and soon her juices were flowing out naturally….. I went to her and rubbed my body against her,leading to her moaning sexily again. Her little kitten moans turned me on immediately and my cock turned hard! She then grabbed my hardened cock and played with it,caressing with tender care and gave me a little hand job.She then kneeled down in front of me and stuffed my whole cock into her mouth, giving me a sensual blow job. She looked up at me and asked me how i felt, i replied its wonderful and can be better. She then sucked the whole cock and licked every ince of it including my balls and my hairy balls kept tickling her nose but she still lick those hairy balls no matter wad, and she asked me “do u like it”…absolutely just like her mother! I didn’t reply and sensing i was really enjoying it, she gave me a more vigorous blow. I grabbed her head while she was blowing me and soon i pumped my cock harder into her mouth as the motion got hotter. It was a great sensation doing that and soon she just let me fucked her mouth while i grabbed her head harder and slamming her whole face onto my lower body. I knew i was going to cum soon and I pressed her whole face onto me and shot my load into her mouth. She slowly pull out my cock and sticked out her tongue. All my cum flowed out of her mouth and it turned me real on…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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