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Fun for my mother in lawAfter our weekend fun at the beach not much had gone on since I had to spend a lot of time at work. My wife still had fun teasing danny even though he got off being grounded he still seemed to spend a lot of time around playing in his tree house. I was working late one Friday nite about a month later when the phone rang. When I answered it my wife said her moms house was on fire and told me to meet her over there. When I got there they had trucks all over the place but found out that the fire was minimal and most of the damage was from smoke. After things were threw we went thru the house and my wife told her mom to pack up some things and said she was coming to stay with us till we could get in and get everything cleaned up. As they got my mother in laws things together I walked around looking at the damage. It really wasn’t that bad as I said but the smoke and smell made it hard to breath. We came back to our house and my mother in law was upset so I made her a drink to help calm her down. We sat talking and after a couple drinks my mother in law calmed down and my wife told her to go take a shower and give us her clothes so they could be washed to get the smoke smell out. My wife and mother in law went in the other room and a few minutes later my wife came back with her moms clothes and took them to the basement to wash. When my wife came back up she sat down with me and said I hope you don’t mind her staying here. I said of course not and said there was no way she could have stayed in the house the way it smelled.We were sitting in the kitchen talking and heard my mother in law call my wife. The wife got up and went to see what she wanted and came back a couple minutes laughing. I asked her what was so funny and she said I didn’t think about it but i took all of moms clothes, she didn’t have anything to wear. I laughed and said so what is she going to stay in the bathroom till her things are done. güvenilir bahis The wife said no I gave her one of my robes to wear till her things were done, then said she will be out in a little bit. I looked at my wife and asked which robe she gave her, she smiled at me and said what do you think. My wife had two robes one was a full length made for winter and the other was a short satin one. I couldn’t believe she gave her mom the satin one since on my wife it was just long enough to cover her butt and my mother in law was a little taller than my wife. We sat there talking and a few minutes later my mother in law came walking in the kitchen. My mother in law must have just been longer in the legs since the robe covered her but not by much. My mother in law looked at my wife and said don’t you have a different robe I can put on, the wife told her yeah but said it was a heavy winter robe and it would be way too warm then said it wont be long and your things will be done. I was about to say she could wear mine but thought real fast and kept my mouth shut. She came over and sat down real fast and I could tell she was uncomfortable wearing it as she would keep pulling on it to make sure she was covered. She was covered but barely and I was surprised for a heavier woman she still wasn’t built that bad. My wife got up and made us some more drinks and we sat talking some more. The wife told her mom she had to go in for a meeting at work for a little while in the morning and when she got home we would go over and start working on getting things cleaned up.We sat there talking and drinking and my mother in law must have been starting to feel the drinks a little since she was moving around a little and not worrying as much about the robe keeping her covered. I looked over at one point and she was leaning forward a bit and the robe was hanging open just enough that I could see in and see her tit hanging there. She was nowhere as big internet casino as my wife but from what I could see it still looked pretty firm. I don’t think she was doing it on purpose because she would sit back and make sure the robe was closed tight. My wife said she would be right back and got up and went down stairs to put the clothes in the dryer. When she did I asked my mother in law if she wanted another drink, she said just one more and said she was starting to get a little drunk. I was about to get up and make them and she said I will be right back. I waited a minute and told her to go ahead, she turned to get up and sat there a minute feeling the drinks then said she better not have anymore. As she sat there trying to gain her composure i could tell she was really feeling them. She finally got up and went to the bathroom and I made myself another drink. I was sitting at the table when she came back in and she was about to sit down then grabbed the ashtray and walked over to the garbage to empty it. I was taking a drink and happened to look over and she was bent over emptying it but from where I sat i had a perfect view of her pussy and half her ass showing. She came back over and sat down and i thought to myself i wonder if she did that on purpose. A couple minutes later the wife came up with her clothes and my mother in law went in the other room and put on her night gown and came back out. We stayed up awhile longer talking then we all went to bed.In the morning i woke up when my wife left to go to her meeting and just layed there while she got ready. Before she left she told me to make sure i put my robe on before going out and said remember my mom is here. I smiled and said what you don’t want me to give her a show, she came over and sat down next to me on the bed and said would you enjoy it. I told her it would be fun, she looked at me and said if you do just be careful don’t make it obvious. I told canlı poker oyna her if i did i wouldn’t but probably wouldn’t do it anyway. She gave me a kiss and said she had to get going then got up and went out and pulled the bedroom door closed. I was going to turn back over and go back to sleep for awhile but laying there i started thinking about letting her mom see me again. As i did i got hard as a rock and thought why not she had seen me already anyway. I laid there playing with my cock thinking how i could do it then thought how much fun it would be letting her see me getting it off. I got up and went and opened the door and looked out and saw the guest room door still closed. I walked out across the hall to the bathroom and grabbed a towel and then came back in and laid down. I left the door wide open and laid there playing with my cock and waiting. It took a little while and i heard noises in the other room. I really started stroking my cock but kept watching at the end of the bed looking in the dresser mirror. I saw the door to the guest room open and closed my eyes enough to look like they were closed but kept watching in the mirror. She came down the hall and when she got about to the door to our room i started moaning a bit.I kept my eyes half closed and watched and saw her stop outside our room and stand there watching. I really went to work on my cock then and started moaning louder, i didn’t know if she would stay or go back but kept playing. When she didn’t turn around and go back i stopped a minute and reached over and grabbed some baby oil off my night stand and poured it all over my cock. I laid there stroking my cock and knowing she was watching it didn’t take long i and started cumming like crazy. I laid there stroking till i was threw then stopped to grab the towel and clean up and saw her turn around and go back down the hall into the guest room. I got up and closed the door and got dressed and came out and went in the kitchen to make coffee and then heard her say good morning while i was standing there getting the coffee started. She never said a word but as we sat there talking i could see a little smile come across her face now and then.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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