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Miranda walked down the street in a daze, trying to ignore the lingering moisture between her legs. After her surprising, yet incredibly rewarding experience at the coffee shop, she could hardly wait for dinner later with the mysterious Heather. Even if nothing sexual happened, she still wanted to know more about the woman who was brazen enough to take control of a complete stranger in public place. Knowing that Heather was likely very busy, Miranda held off on calling about dinner plans. Not that this was a conventional dating situation by any means, but the old rules about not calling too soon were still quite ingrained. Upon reaching her apartment, she took a quick shower to rinse off the thin layer of sweat that seemed to be clinging to every inch of her body, particularly under her ample breasts, much to her annoyance. She retrieved a pair of dark blue, low-cut panties and slipped them on, set the matching bra aside for later, and returned to her living room to air dry in front of a fan. Upon flopping down on the couch, she was surprised to see the notification light on her phone flashing to indicate a voicemail. She unlocked the phone and checked the recent calls, even more surprised to see the call was from Heather. That was fast! she thought. Her stomach fluttered from excitement. I’m being ridiculous! The message was benign – a simple request to call back when she had a chance. Miranda dialed back immediately, deliberately throwing the stupid “rules” out the window. Heather answered on the first ring. “Hello?” “Heather? “Oh, hey you. Didn’t look at my phone before I answered. I was actually afraid you might not call me back. Are you still interested in dinner?” “Of course!” “Wonderful. There’s a wine bar that just opened up across town. It seems popular, but not too crowded most nights. You do like wine, right?” “Are there people that don’t like wine?” Miranda giggled, more from excitement than her weak joke. Over the next few minutes, details of the rendezvous were worked out, with the women planning to meet at eight o’clock the next night. “One last thing,” Heather said as they were about to hang up, “what are you wearing?” “Oh, just Anadolu Yakası Escort some dark blue lacy panties. Too hot for much else right now,” Miranda responded playfully. Heather chuckled. “Sounds delightful… I’d quite like to see that. Actually though, I meant what are you wearing out tomorrow night? You’re so adorable, and I’m sure you have a wardrobe to match, and I just want to make sure I don’t clash.” After a few minutes of wardrobe discussion, when Miranda was just about to hang up, Heather spoke up quickly. “I almost forgot. Those blue panties you’re wearing…” “What about them?” “Take them off please. Save them for tomorrow if you like.” “Okay, sure. Is there something else you would like me to wear tonight?” Heather listened to what sounded like shuffling on the other end of the phone, as Miranda wriggled out of her panties while trying to keep the phone against her ear. “No. Remain bare.” “Why?” “You sure do ask a lot questions, dear. Because I want you to, that’s why. Anything else you’d like to know?” “No, I guess not.” “Alright. I’ll see you tomorrow night. Sleep well.” The next day passed with agonizing slowness until seven, when Miranda got dressed and took a train across town. The air-conditioned car was a godsend after her sweltering apartment, and she took the opportunity to touch up the small amount of makeup she wore. A few minutes later, she found herself standing outside a neat little wine bar tucked between a two larger establishments, looking around for her new friend, and wondering what the night would bring. What if we don’t have anything to talk about? A light touch on Miranda’s elbow jolted her out of her reverie. Miranda turned to find Heather standing next to her, looking stunningly gorgeous in a narrow black skirt that fell just below her knees, slit almost to mid-thigh, strappy heels, and a sheer blouse that just hinted at flawless skin underneath. Miranda nearly swooned at the sight. The stares from people milling about outside were not lost on Miranda, and she felt genuinely privileged to be seen with someone so classically beautiful. Heather had the sort of Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan timeless look that skipped fads and looked natural in any era. Miranda was dressed in dark pants that followed her curves until flaring near her ankles. A print halter top clung tightly around her neck, and contrasted with the way evening light turned her hair a much deeper red. Finally, a pair of wedge heels added about an inch to her height. Even with the height boost, she was still a few inches shorter than her statuesque new friend. Miranda stared, grinning, at Heather. “Wow, you look fantastic ! Are you sure I’m qualified to be seen with you?” Heather simply smiled and leaned forward to place a light, wet, kiss on the corner of Miranda’s mouth, then motioned toward the door. “Shall we?” The host seated the women in a U-shaped booth against the wall towards the back of the dining area. It was secluded enough to be semi-private, but exposed enough that its occupants were well aware of being in a room full of people. The bar was busy without being loud or crowded, quiet enough to carry on a conversation but loud enough to mask it. Butterflies danced in Miranda’s stomach and caused her to shiver in anticipation of what could happen. Underneath her clothes, she wore exactly what Heather had requested. And last night? She’d also done exactly as requested then, even going so far as to refrain from pleasuring herself “all the way.” A waitress stopped by to take orders. Chianti for Heather and a pinot grigio for Miranda, with a cheese plate to share. Avoiding the elephant in the room, the two women chatted about the city, their hobbies, and work. Both enjoyed the pace of the city, although, as Miranda was not surprised to learn, Heather was from a completely different part of it. A part that required money. Lots of money. Miranda also learned that Heather shared her interest in yoga and in fact was a yoga instructor at a local health club. Most interesting was Heather’s ability to keep the conversation focused on others while revealing very little about herself. After 45 minutes of conversation, Heather still seemed Escort Anadolu Yakası a mystery to Miranda. Quiet, polite, always listening and observing intently, and simultaneously a little intimidating and just a tiny bit aloof, but without a hint of arrogance. Heather’s mystique and personality made her seem significantly older than Miranda, even though they were at most only five or six years apart in age. As the wine continued to work its magic on Miranda, she failed to notice Heather discreetly scooting closer to her in the booth until their thighs were brushing together as they talked. Miranda’s heart jumped when she felt a light touch just above her knee. She demurely sipped her wine in an attempt to hide her emotions behind the glass. “You snuck up on me.” “Mmmm-hmmmm,” Heather replied. The two women hesitated for a moment, enjoying the tension thickening the air between them “Will you do something for me?” Heather whispered, her voice soft and sultry in Miranda’s ear. Miranda turned slightly and brushed her cheek against Heather’s. “Maybe. What is it?” “I’ve been wanting to see those pretty blue panties you mentioned earlier. Will you show them to me.” Miranda blushed deeply. “Here? You can’t be-” “I’m being completely serious my dear. No one’s watching except me.” She paused and stroked Miranda’s delicate jawline softly. “Please?” The skin on Miranda’s arms and scalp goosebumped as Heather’s light touch caused her senses to work overtime. Heather’s hair and warm breath tickled her ear as she waited expectantly for her request to be followed. The wine certainly helped loosen her inhibitions, but really it was Heather’s scent and touch, and that silky voice that dripped with gentle authority, that were absolutely intoxicating. Miranda felt like she was being pulled into an insulated bubble where Heather’s touch was the only thing she wanted, yet remained just out of reach. Miranda sighed softly, dropped her hands to her lap, released the button on her pants, and drew the zipper slowly downwards. The sudden release of pressure around her waist caused her stomach to flip. She felt exposed, even though she had yet to shed any clothing.. “You were so daring at the coffee shop today, I’m surprised you’re so hesitant,” Heather said, sternly. Miranda looked at Heather in surprise, “that was sort of spur of the moment for me,” she pouted. Cautiously, she raised up from the booth and slid her pants over her butt and down around her knees, then dropped quickly back out of sight.

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