We Three (The MMF Version)

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I am just writing this little story to remind you of our time together. It was really a wonderful experience; both you and Chris are wonderful people. I never really felt like I would have this type of experience in my life, and I want to thank you both for letting it happen.You haven’t forgotten it, have you? I certainly never will. Even as I sit down to write this I feel thoroughly aroused by the memory. My tummy is aching and my cock is hard and wet. I’m not sure how much typing I will be able to do before I have to find release, but then I really enjoy this feeling, so maybe I will force my self to finish the writing in one session.Anyway, you remember how it happened, don’t you?****Chris and I had been talking about your fantasy for a long time. But it finally happened that weekend when I invited you both to go sailing with me. We took the yacht to a secluded cove behind one of those many little islets that dot the Florida Keys. We went swimming, at first with our swimming costumes on, but later in the afternoon, you remember, we took them off and decided to skinny dip. You know I found you very attractive, your sexy slim body, long dark hair and wide warm smile, and especially your pert breasts with their small areolae and hard little nipples really drove me wild.I remember your remarks on my semi-erect cock as we all jumped into the water. “Is it growing for me?” you asked sheepishly.We splashed and frolicked in the water, but nothing much happened until we were having a freshwater shower. I suggested we shower together as the amount of fresh water on the boat was limited, and we all agreed. Chris handed me the soap.“Why don’t you soap, Nasil?” he asked rhetorically, an opportunity which I was certainly not going to miss.“It will be my pleasure,” I said, smiling and taking the soap.“Mine too,” you replied with a twinkle in your dark eyes.Chris just watched Ankara bayan escort as I soaped your body all over, slowly, taking my time deliberately to see if I could make you develop a sensual glow from my soft and soapy touch. Gently around your face, over your neck down your shoulders, I let the soap caress between your breasts, dragging the edge sensually over your nipples, around them and down over your lovely belly.Down each leg I went in turn, oblivious to Chris and his growing erection, or to the stiffness that I was beginning to feel in my own cock for that matter. Slowly I soaped up the back of each leg, over your bum, gently separating each gluteus to clean between before continuing the bar of soap sensually up your straight and sexy back.”Wow,” you said.”Ahem, wow!” echoed Chris, fondling his erect cock.You looked down at my hard member, cooing, “Now I know it is for me.”“Yes, Nasil,” I said. “It has been for you for a while now.”I looked at Chris and saw that he liked my statement and our little bit of banter.”I have an idea,” said Chris.He came over and whispered to me as we quickly washed off the soap before the water ran dry. No time for you to soap us up in turn, which I would have liked, but Chris, being the master of your pleasure had a better idea. He obviously knew your fantasy very well.We all walked to the foredeck, where there was a single recliner sitting on the deck. It had no arms, which made it perfect for what Chris had in mind. Chris took your hand and led you to lie down on the recliner, as the yacht rocked gently to the sensual swish of the ocean below. Chris had briefed me on what was to happen next, so I was not surprised, and indeed was an eager participant.We each took one foot, and began a soft and gentle foot massage. Soon we began to get a little more serious in our pleasure-giving, Escort bayan Ankara taking your toes into our mouths, one of us on each foot, until we had sucked each foot in turn. Slowly, tantalizingly, our erect and burning cocks dripping lubrication onto the fibreglass decking, we licked, sucked and nibbled our way up over your ankle. Nibbling, kissing, biting gently we worked our way up your leg.“That feels nice,” you said in almost a moaning voice. “Tickles a bit, but nice.”We were engrossed in giving you pleasure, but not so much that we failed to notice our own growing and delicious ache. As we lifted your legs to nibble around your ankles, they parted and I could see your vulva, the swollen lips slightly parted. It was glistening with the moisture, and the hood of your clitoris was raised into that little pyramid that indicates arousal. This view showed us your pleasure, and increased our own ardour.“Nasil,” I said with enthusiasm. “Your pussy is beautiful.”“Feels nice too,” you said, as your juices increased in quantity.Slowly, teasing you, we worked our way up, nibbling your hips and crossing slowly, ever so achingly slowly, to your pubic mound. Our lips brushed almost as one over the area just north of your clitoris, and a long, low moan escaped your pouting lips.“Oh fuck,” you sighed.But it was not time for that area.“You must glow and ache a while longer, Nasil, so when we finally taste your dripping vulva, you will be in uncontrollable ecstasy,” I explained.I glanced up at your face, and oh – the look of pure pleasure was like a lightning bolt that shot through my loins. My testicles were like glowing embers, and my cock was steel hard, it’s glistening purple head crying out to be touched. I looked over at Chris, and I could see that he was experiencing the same sensations. While I watched, Chris reached down Bayan escort Ankara and rubbed a little glistening drop of precum over his purple glans.“This is nice,” he mumbled.“It is nice that I am not the only one hard,” I replied.We continued up over your belly, lingering over your navel, a delicious sensation as we fought over whose tongue was at its centre. Continuing on upwards, we kissed outside of each pert breast with its taught aching nipple. Each nipple was crying out to be kissed, sucked and nibbled, but we continued our journey of exploration, making your delicious ache grow ever stronger, and the demand for release almost unbearable.“You’re making me ache,” you moaned. “Fuck, I love this.”We reached your chin, and then nibbled your lips. I looked into your eyes at that point, your deep and sensual eyes glistening with tears of arousal. Your eyes were such an incredible mirror to your deeply aroused state, and it was like I could see straight into your heart.“I love what I see in your eyes, Nasil,” I said.“Yours look pretty aroused too,” you said. “Chris, look here.”“Yea, I am pretty aching too,” he replied looking in your eyes.I could feel exactly what you were feeling, in my own body, and imagine your sensations in my own mind. Your soft moans were wonderful to listen to, so much so that whenever I want to feel aroused even today.Even now, I just have to think back to that moment and your delicious sweet sounds, Nasil. When I do that, I get an instant erection, and a delicious sweet glow flows over me. But I digress.Moving from your lips we went to your ears, but your moans and hip movements told us to start our journey back down your thoroughly aroused body. Reaching your breasts, we each took a nipple in our mouths, and we felt your back arch as you moaned most deliciously. I knew that you were using all your willpower to keep your hand from reaching down and caressing your clitoris. But you controlled the urge because you knew that the pleasure we would give would be orders of magnitude greater than the instant release you would give yourself if you took control of your clitoral stimulation.“Fuck, I could just cum,” you said.“Not yet, Nasil!” I exclaimed.

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