The Older Man Named Noel Pt. 06

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Noel’s phone was once again ringing, he had business to get done and I had a lot more reading to complete. He and I would have to decide on what to have for dinner, at some point we would have to start cooking for ourselves, but for tonight it would be dinner on the balcony courtesy of the Hotel.

After a couple hours of reading I was tired, my eyes closing as I read more and more on my list of things I had to read. Noel was on the phone with his lawyer, he was telling him of our upcoming nuptials, I knew he would want a prenuptial agreement and I was all for one.

Noel was the one who had all the assets in this relationship not myself. I knew Noel would not want to bring the subject up so I would be the one insisting that he have one written up immediately. I did not want the man for his money, if he was broke it would not change the way I felt for the man. He and I discussed it at length, he wanted me to have half of what he owned I did not want that.

Noel wanted me as president of one of his smaller companies, but I did not agree with that, I would be offered a position in one of his companies as Vice President once I was done with university, in case of his death he wanted me to have it all, but I did not want that, it was not fair to his cousins who deserved their share. The lawyer would have the papers written up, I trusted Noel would not leave it all to me it painted a jaded picture of our relationship.

A week later Noel and I were called in to his lawyers office, his lawyer would fill me in on what he and Noel had come up with. I felt so uncomfortable being in there, but it had to be done, University would be done soon and Noel and I could marry. I could not marry the man without the prenuptial agreement, Noel wanted to give me half and give it all to me if he died.

They read through the agreement, they both felt it was fair to Noel and to myself, I was being given money that was not mine in the first place, I loved the man not for his money but for him and only him. They asked if I agreed to the arrangement, I felt it was way to much but they both insisted it was more than fair.

“Noel Babe if you are okay with this then I will sign whatever it is you need me to sign, it’s you I want not your money or assets.”

“Tom I do believe it is fair to both of us, I have more money than I could ever spend in one lifetime, I have an estate that I own that I am never at, it’s you Tom who makes me happy, I too do not need all this money.”

The lawyer looked at us both you could tell he thought we were both delusional, not need money really who even thinks like that! He suggested Noel sell the estate as he did not spend a moment of time there anyways. Noel looked at me he turned to the lawyer and told him to put the house and property up for sale, the staff are to be paid a full years salary after the sale of the estate, and recommendations were to be given to keep on the staff to the new buyers as part of the sale.

With Graduation coming up soon, our wedding was just around the corner, Noel planned a graduation party at the Hotel, Dad Tim and Billy and Darren and Barbra and John also invited to join us. Billy had met Noel a few times when Noel came to pick me up, he liked Noel as most people did. We had a beautiful dinner in the private dining room, then drinks in our suite afterwards.

Noel pulled Dad aside and wanted to talk to him alone, Tim, Billy Barbra and I got into the white wine, John a beer, Tim and Barbra filled me in on what was going on back home. Billy and I were finally done university, Billy planned to marry Darren, Billy told me they had not heard from Scott in quite some time, seems he had met a man he was dating.

Noel and Dad joined us on the balcony we would sit and have a drink till it cooled off, we talked about everything. Dad and Tim, Barbra and John had a room in the Hotel for them to stay in, Noel had booked them each a suite so they did not have to drive home. We had a wonderful night, it was fun to have them all together again, Billy wanted to leave seems polatlı escort Darren was coming by to pick him up.

“Why don’t you and Darren stay in the Hotel here with us we can have breakfast on the balcony here tomorrow, Noel and I can book you both a room. Text Darren have them park his car for the night and they will escort him up.”

Billy texted Darren, he was apprehensive at first, but we convinced him to join us, he was working earlier so could not join us for dinner. Noel called the desk and reserved a room for Billy and Darren, telling them they may stay a night or two. We had a wonderful night I ordered up Hors D’oeuvres for snacks we sat till midnight and talked.

Dad and Tim, Barbra and John, all tired wanted to get to their room they were tired, and by the look of them a little tipsy and a lot horny. Darren and Billy went to their room as well, they had not seen each other in some time so they had a few things they wanted to get to. We decided on breakfast at nine the next day, Noel would order a smorgasbord of food to fill us all up.

He and I stood at the elevator as they got in and the doors shut, he and I were so used to it being just us two, it was weird, but nice to have company. We held each other and kissed, Noel pressed me to the elevator doors, his lips on mine his cock wanting to be released and serviced. We went to our bedroom and slowly undressed each other.

“I Love You so much Tom, your family is so nice.”

“Love you Too Babe, thanks I’m glad you like them they are very important to me. What were you and Dad talking about alone? Or am I allowed to ask?”

“I asked your Dad if I could marry you, and I gave him a cheque for your tuition, you’re my husband to be, so I should support you.”

“Thank you so much Babe, I know Dad and Tim were struggling having to pay my tuition, I planned to pay him back but it would not be till I had an actual career that paid decent money.”

“Well your Dad did not want to take the money at first but I convinced him to take it. Who is this Scott fellow Billy talked about Tom?”

“Scott is an ex boyfriend, he and I had this brief romance that did not work out, Scott and I are better off apart, it’s you that I love not him or anyone else.”

Noel and I went to bed, I set the alarm for seven thirty, we needed time to wake up then get breakfast ordered up. Noel and I made out, he and I both shooting massive loads, we snuggled in together, and were fast asleep.

The alarm woke us with a start, I wanted to stay in bed snuggled in tight to this man beside me, Noel got on the phone and ordered enough food to feed an army, he and I would shower then relax and have a cup of coffee before they all arrived. The food was incredible, it was great to have everyone together again.

They all came up at the same time, we ate, drank mimosa’s, laughed and enjoyed the morning. Noel and I would show them around the city, we wanted them all to stay one more night. Dad and Tim wanted to get back home but I talked them into staying one more night.

They both needed the mini vacation, get away from work and studies for Tim, he had brought what he needed to get done anyways. We did a walking tour of the area we were in, we had lunch in a bistro, they quickly accommodated all of us so we could sit at the same table. Dad of course wanted to pay, but Noel would not allow him to pay for anything.

It was so much fun all of us together, late afternoon we headed back to the Hotel, we all wanted to relax before dinner, Noel had reserved the dinning room for a private group so we would all be seated together. The food incredible, so good for all of us to sit and enjoy each other.

I noticed Noel sat back and was watching everyone interact at one point in the evening, he gave me a smile, and we continued on with our conversations. We all went back to our suite to have drinks and more conversation, it was so much fun to have everyone back in the same room.

Noel and I discussed wedding plans with the group, pursaklar escort he and I did not want anything to lavish, or over the top, we planned something small family and close friends. He and I thought we could just have it all in the Hotel here, they had a beautiful room we could use to do it all. Our guests could stay in the Hotel here with us, they all thought it was a wonderful idea.

We needed a date set to get this all in motion, Noel and I not in a hurry to marry, but once married we would move into our own home, Hotel living was okay, but I wanted him and I alone in our own home.

We picked the date, it would be a month from today, a Saturday all our guests were off so it would not interfere with their work.

Noel and I held hands all night, I looked at him, he and I to be wed in a month, of course I got teary eyed. Noel leaned in and kissed me, he and I holding each other till the emotions subsided. Our guests decided to get back to their rooms, it had been a long day and they had a long drive home tomorrow.

Noel and I sat and talked I asked about his moment of watching the group interact with each other.

“Tom I was an only child, I never had this kind of interaction like you have with your family, they are all so much fun, so interesting to talk too.”

“Noel I too was an only child, but the people I am with are my family, I love them like we are all related.”

Noel and I went to bed, he and I snuggled in together, a sixty nine and we were soon asleep in each others arms. We both got up early, we would have them over for breakfast then they would be on their way. We said our goodbyes, we would all be together in a month, Noel and I went back to our suite, he and I would take a walk through the park like we used too.

It was a beautiful sunny day, he and I sat on a bench taking in the heat of the sun, he and I sitting close to each other, his arm around my back. We were watching the ducks in the pond when Noels arm pulled me in closer, I looked over he clearly was in pain. He was clutching his chest the look on his face not one I will soon forget.

I knew immediately it was bad, I called for an ambulance right away, Noel fell to the ground clutching his chest. I held him as we waited for the ambulance to get there, because of where we were in the park took some time for them to get to us. I held him close to me the pain showing in his face, they worked on him trying to get his heart to beat normally.

The second heart attack happened while they tried to stabilize him, they got him on the stretcher and were wheeling him to the ambulance when the third one hit him. Noel would not recover from this one, the stress on his heart to much for him, Noel died in the park on the stretcher as they wheeled him to the ambulance.

They took him to the nearest hospital, I was at his side, but even I knew he was gone, they tried all they could but they could not get his heart to beat another beat. They wheeled him in the emergency room where they pronounced him dead. They later learned that Noel suffered from an undiagnosed heart condition. I stood there in shock, this could not be true, I could not show any emotion, I was numb, I too was dead inside right now.

I finally collapsed on the floor, they put me on a gurney and put me in a private room, I woke up to Billy at my bedside, Darren was in a chair sitting talking to someone on his cell phone. I found out later he was on the phone with Dad telling him about Noel and how I had been hospitalized. Dad wanted to come back to be at my side but they decided it would be better if I went back to Dad’s for a while.

Darren and Billy would drive me to Dad’s, it would be best if I was not alone right now, it still did not feel real. Noel gone, I was alone, Noel’s lawyer needed to see me as soon as possible, I was in no hurry to see the man, but he would want to settle Noel’s estate. Noel’s funeral had been planned out by Noel himself, he wanted to be cremated, his urn placed at his families burial sincan escort site.

A service to be held in the church, then a gathering at his family estate, Noel and I had planned to visit the estate before it sold, but we had not gotten around to it. Dad, Tim, Billy and Darren all attended at my side, John and Barbra not able to attend. They had a very lovely service, a close family friend spoke about his friendship with Noel, he talked how happy Noel had been since meeting me.

After the service we went to the family estate, the grounds alone were incredible, acres and acres of well manicured lawns, flowers everywhere, far to much to even describe. The mansion was beyond huge, they had a gathering of his friends and colleagues, lawyer and his wife were there. I met quite a few of Noel’s employees both at the company and in the estate.

I got to see Noel’s childhood bedroom, it was kept in pristine condition at his parents request, the place to big to see it all, but I got to see some of where the man lived his childhood out in. I met many of Noel’s friends many of them from the opera, ballet and galleries he and I attended. I stayed to say good bye to most of the guests.

Lawyer and his wife waited till the end he wanted to talk to me about the reading of the will, I spoke to the staff telling them the estate would be sold but Noel had guaranteed them a years salary and that they be hired on once the new owners took over. They all gave their condolences and well wishes. I made my way out of the house, I would stay in the Hotel till I got myself organized. I was not sure what to do, where to go, I was lost.

Dad and Tim would stay with me at the Hotel, I booked them a room, the Hotel staff so supportive to me. The next day I was to meet with Lawyer and Noel’s family, two cousins who were at the funeral but did not acknowledge me whatsoever.

Lawyer called in the two cousins first, they would be given a lump sum of money, plus a portion of the sale of the estate. They were not impressed at what they got, they clearly only wanted money and nothing else. I was called in once they left the office.

Noel had made changes to his will in which I got almost half of what he owned, the position as V.P. In his own company. Noel wanted me to oversee any and all transactions happening in his company. I was speechless throughout the reading of his will, what could I possibly say, it was legal, it was what Noel wanted.

Dad and Tim came to the Hotel with me, they would have to go home tomorrow, Tim had classes Dad had work. I got to our suite, it was weird not having him next to me, kissing me touching me, I would trade every dime I had to have this man back at my side right now. I went in and climbed in bed I thought I was all cried out but the waterworks flowed out of me.

I saw Dad and Tim off the next day, Dad worried about me, but having to get back home to work. I assured him I was fine, I had to get back into my new life, my new job. I also had to get out of the Hotel, I needed a real home to live in. I looked at condo’s houses, finally deciding on a condo that was close to downtown.

I had to let Noel’s driver go, I felt terrible letting the man go but I did not need a driver of my own. It was hard to leave the Hotel, it was where Noel and I lived met and had sex the first time with each other. The staff all saying they would miss me terribly, most of them hugging me as I left. Driver Dave insisted on driving me to my new place all the rest of my belongings would be brought to me by my mover.

The condo was great but I was so lonely, I missed Noel so much, out of the blue I got a call from Scott, he had just heard about Noel’s passing he felt terrible about it asking if there was anything he could do to help me in any way. I told him I was okay, I was alone and lonely, I missed Noel terribly, but I would be okay. I thanked him for his call, he told me to call if I needed someone to talk to anytime day or night.

I thanked Scott he and I keeping in contact, I needed that one person I could talk to, just conversation, Scott was on the other side of the country anyways. I quickly settled in to my new life, it consisted of work and more work. I missed Noel so much, I wore the ring the man gave me not that I needed reminding of him but I felt a little bit closer to him this way.

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