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I sometimes do get lonely and go to adult website to look for friendship. I could quite relate to those who started online relationship which developed into reality of meeting up and discovered period of enjoyment. I for a period was inactive sexually and had few opportunity for all my pent up sexual energy. Well, I finally found a younger man on an adult website who love mature women, especially with my figure type: hourglass with buxom breasts and hips – he just loves all my curves!

What was really exciting was that for the initial weeks after we got acquainted online, we spent long hours on the chat line, and could click on all levels! I couldn’t wait to leave office and rushed back home to log on to the PC. After daily long chatting for a few weeks, I found that we had lots in common. I drooled just looking at his face on the monitor. I couldn’t believe I could be aroused just like that. I could hardly wait to meet him, and we set a plan to meet as soon as we possibly could.

We planned our first dinner date at a restaurant, anticipating more delights at my place afterward. Well, the day came, and it must happened that I was held up in the office with an important client. What bad timing and I had been looking forward to seeing him for over a week, and now I must stayed in the office to finalize a deal. So I phoned him, and he said no problem, work was more important. He added to change our plans as he wanted to see me, maybe at my place after I finished work he asked. I was delighted he was so thoughtful as I felt the same way. I didn’t feel like going out as we could have private time at home.

I called him up when I arrived home, told him how I felt, and he said he would pick up some food, bring it over and we can relax with a bottle of wine at my place. He was so easygoing, one of the things I just love about him. He was so thoughtful – he sure knew how to win a lady’s heart.

When he arrived I was so ready for him dressed in a loose housecoat, wore nothing underneath, my full figure silhouette revealed through. He looked long at me. I knew he saw what he liked with a bulge quite distinctly showing on his pants. He held the wine bottle with a rose attached with ribbon – so romantic set. He was handsome. I was swooned with sensation rippling through my body. We just looked at each other, arms spontaneously extended then we hugged and started kissing. His kisses were so warm, soft and gentle, yet eager too with tongue darting into my mouth. I could tell he really canlı bahis wanted me because his hands started to wander down to fondle my butt and he made a point of touching my ample breasts too. It didn’t take us long before we were both kissing and caressing each other all over, and feeling very hot for each other.

My pent up emotion aroused by then. I could feel the burning sensation surging in me for I was sex hunger. Inside me was like a dormant volcano, simmering to erupt any moment. I was overjoyed seeing him in real person. Finally, we looked at each other, and I said, well we better eat the food before it gets cold and then afterward we can have dessert. He grinned and was very agreeable to my plan. So we sat on the living room floor, leaning against the couch, and ate the food on the coffee table, snuggling close the whole time, sipping wine while we locked eyes.

When we finished eating, I looked at him smilingly asked if he wanted to maybe watch a movie?

He immediately replied, “We have better things to do”, as he encircled his arms round my body.

Well, the stage was set. I didn’t need any more prompting. We grabbed each other, kissed again and then I lead him to the bathroom. We lost no time in undressing each other. I was salivating seeing his penis grew erect. It had been a while since I’ve seen a nice hard cock pointing the ceiling. We soaked in the bath, talking, washing each other. The mood was sensual and discovering how hotly our passions burned for each other. I needed a man and there he was all ready to make me a complete woman once again. I was so erotically aroused, I wanted sex, badly, so we got out of the bath and dried each other.

He lifted me and carried me to the bed looking at me eagerly with lustful passion. His piercing eyes looked at me with desire. My passion to be possessed turned me wild. Setting me onto the bed, I grabbed his penis, rubbing it up and down. I put his hard cock in my mouth, something I hadn’t done for ages but craved for so long. I didn’t want him to reach orgasm right away so I turned my vagina to his mouth to let him give me oral sex posturing in a 69 position.

He licked and sucked at my clitoris and labia. Though his oral skill needed much improvement, he certainly made up for it with his eagerness and devotion arousing me to climax. I was extremely thrilled, simply couldn’t wait any longer, I needed his penis inside me. He was eager to please though lacked techniques but his energy and excitement was bahis siteleri a huge turn on for me. I tried to calm him down a little, let him know that there was no hurry and even gave him a few tips where my sensitive zones waiting to be touched.

He cupped my breasts and leaning forward suckled my pudgy nipples as he lay on top of me. I was extremely aroused uncontrollably as I have sensitive nipples, and I just love getting suckled. I was absolutely thrilled when I saw his penis got to fully erected with my fondling. It has a gorgeous upward curve and I couldn’t help stroking it. I knelt down and began sucking that lovely piece of gorgeous manhood. He was hard, and he got even harder with my blowjob and started to groan. Then he parted my legs and he knelt down using his tongue and mouth to lick on my clitoris and entire v-zone. He let me know how much he appreciated that I had a clean, smooth pussy. I couldn’t stop moaning and groaning in ecstasy.

I hadn’t had any attentions this good in a very long time and he thoroughly loved sucking and licking my vaginal juices. He kept saying how much he loved tasting me, and would continue licking and sucking sending me quivering. I was in paradise thoroughly immersed in pleasure I had not enjoyed for a very long time. He was adept to give my big hungry tits some more much needed attention with his fingers and mouth, and calmly he climbed between my spread-eagled thighs then he rammed his penis at my vagina softly and gently, gaining entry slowly but surely as his huge cock thrust inside me.

The combination of his great length and that amazing upward curve was thrillingly sensational. He humped a little slowly then he let me have it with full thrust and we consummated. He penetrated his stiff cock into me as deep as he could, rubbing my g-spot with the right stroke, telling me “You’re so fucking sexy!” the whole time and “You make me so hard!”.

I just gyrated, moaned and groaned, and enjoyed receiving him with everything I had. I let him know how much I loved it by screaming in ecstasy. I love to utter my pleasure to my man so he knew how much I appreciate the pleasure he gave to me. It always pleasant to communicate our desire to heat things up that we both enjoy. I loved to whisper encouragement to drive our sexual urge high. I pumped his penis with my vaginal muscles. He was so excited and couldn’t hold long. Soon he ejaculated, sending loads of sperm deep into my womb with me quivering and reached climax soon afterward bahis şirketleri screaming loud. I held my legs tightly onto him as he ejected into me. I wanted all his sperm inside me.

We stayed locked after his ejaculation. He gyrated, causing squelching sound as his penis moved in and out. While our sex organs remained in copulating, his hands roamed all over my body, fingered my clitoris. I wriggled with spasm rippling through my body giving me sensational feeling I had not experienced for a long time. Sperm oozed out as his penis gone flaccid and slipped out. His mouth turned to my vagina and sucked up our juices. Then he did a surprise on me and plunged his mouth onto my mouth and pushed the juices into my mouth. It was a licking good tasting of our combined juices. Something I never experienced before.

He was a real romantic man. I had not enough. I wanted sex again. I grabbed hold of his limp penis, gently stroking it and soon it responded to grow stiff again and ready to resume sexual intercourse. We had many sessions that evening and I was so exhausted, I had to call sick the next day to recuperate.

We’ve had many more sexual adventures since with plan to continue our trysts which we always look forward to with hot anticipation, especially for me. I desperately wanted to make up for the loss during my celibacy years. When we were not together, we sent each other erotic emails and text messages to turn each other on. We drove each other crazy with the sweet anticipation made the happy reunion much more exciting when we had a chance to reconnect each time. That was just the start. Each time we got together, we discovered sexcitement as we found comfort with each other increases each day, we are getting a little more romantic each time.

I may share a few more stories as we continue our trysts because we have certainly enjoyed, and continue to enjoy finding new and wonderful ways to pleasure one another and enjoy each other’s company. Thus far we are hot for each other and spent our free time together romancing. He has been very loving to me. I had found my man and I wish upon the star he has the same passion for me and we could nurture our relationship to full bloom in time to come.

I will share more, if time and energy permit, because there’s certainly much more to come. This was just the beginning in my new found love. I enjoy the sex while I can and he wants with me. Sex, happiness, love is all I yearn. Who knows we could end up in a long term relationship. Really we have to work hard on it. It is all depend on us, and us only can nurture our sexual relationship to a lasting love. Isn’t that what all want too? I wish all have wonderful affairs. Thanks for reading my experiences.

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