New Slave Ch. 1

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Ashley Adams

It all started one summers day when I was walking along the road coming home from the pub minding my own business. I could here the car from a distance coming up behind me, but took no more notice than usual. The car screeched to a halt, tires smoking and the door opened hands came out through the door and grabbed me. Hands covered my face, held my arms together, A sweet smelling cloth was thrust over my mouth and face forcing me to inhale. That was the last thing I remember until I woke up.

As I came to I had vague recollections of what had happened. The room swam blearily into focus. A light stared down into my face. I went to move and realised my hands and feet had been bound together.

Just then I heard movement and raised my head off the bed. I could see a blonde pretty face just to the edge of my vision. I strained a bit further to see long stocking clad legs disappearing up into a tight black miniskirt. My eyes drifted up her body back to her face, passing over her voluptuous breasts straining in her tee shirt, her nipples hard and erect pointing through the thin cotton fabric.

I’m glad to see your awake, she said rising out of the chair and sashaying over to the bed. Pretty little thing aren’t you she said. I stammered a question out and asked what I was doing here, why have you done this to me. Don’t be silly came the reply, You know why, you are the son of the industrialist, Arne Wanness. I protested I didn’t know who he was and I really didn’t. She just smiled and said it wouldn’t work, we are still going to ransom you.

She walked away from the bed ignoring my protestations and went out through the bedroom door. I laid down again drifting of into nightmares of being pulled into cars. I awoke to someone shaking me by the shoulder. I opened my eyes to see the blonde face peering at me again. Come wake up she said, I’ve brought you your food.

I tried to move and found she’d removed my shackles and I could move freely. My wrists throbbed from the ropes that previously bound them protestingly making their presence know. I rubbed them absently taking in more of my surroundings. I ate the food absently looking at my captor, who sat beside me on the bed stroking my hair, and kept saying what a pretty thing I was and I should have been a girl with my features. Abruptly she stood up and said I won’t harm you as long as don’t try and escape. As she said this she grabbed my face and pulled it close to hers saying with a delicious wicked grin on her face or you’ll regret it.

She left, as soon as it was quite I went over and tried the door. No movement from it at all. Over to the window tried the window and rattled it. The door burst open, she stood there with smile on her face, I new you could not resist it she said, now I will show you what its going to cost you.

She stepped to one side and another person moved out from the shadows. This women was the same size and similar looks to the blonde, but was a redhead. She was clad in thigh length leather stiletto boots, black lacy teddy with suspenders, that pushed her breasts upwards causing them to jut out. They were only half cups and her nipples were clearly visible peeping over the top of the bra cups. “Interesting” was the comment. Mary said you’d try something. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. What are you going to do with me I stammered. Don’t be so anxious she said.

Just at that point I realised Mary had gone round behind me, I felt her legs hook round mine and I found myself on my front lying on the bed with her sitting on top of me. In a trice my hands had been handcuffed to the bed head.

I felt hand go around my waist and my track pants and underpants pulled down around my ankles and off over my feet. I twisted round trying to see what was happening . As I did Mary put my head in a headlock and the other women came round to where I could see her and saw her bringing some rubber looking object towards me. She shoved it into my mouth just as I realised it was a gag, and felt it fastened behind my head.

She sat next to my head on the bed.

Now Steve, lets get a few things straight. You can make this as easy or as hard as you like. I grunted through the gag . I felt her run her fingers down my back onto my naked flesh, tickling the fine hairs at the top of my arse cheeks. The flat of her hand smoothing over my round cheeks.

People who disobey me regret it, don’t they Mary, I couldn’t see Mary, but heard the reply, yes Gina.

What! came the explosion. Again the voice said but closer Yes Mistress, please for give me.

I’ll keep you to later said Gina. Take your clothes off Mary, I have use of them.

The next thing I felt was a stinging smarting feeling on my back side as she lifted her hand and brought it down sharply on my cheeks, making my eyes water. She quickly did this again and again increasing the hardness of the smack at each blow. I wriggled trying to evade her hand knowing I couldn’t, waiting in anticipation of the next blow. My whole Onwin arse felt on fire, from the blows, tears running down my face from the pain.

Understand said the voice in my ear. I nodded, anything to escape the smacking.

My arms were released, and I turned over instantly regretting it lifting my backside off the bed covers quickly due to the soreness. Standing I could now see this vision of beauty kneeling next to the bed, naked, her clothes piled neatly on the corner of the bed, her black underwear, on top. Mary was a natural redhead as my eyes quickly told me, and those breasts, magnificent, young, firm, standing out proudly from her body, no sag, brown nipples glistening on the end of both breaths.

Mary stood up came over to me and pulled my T-shirt up over my head, so I stood there naked as well.

So you don’t get cold and to discourage you from escaping, you can put on Mary’s underwear. Gina said.

I shook my head, a mistake because that hand found my arse with unerring instinct.

Mary walked to wards me, picked up her underwear, put one hand out pushed me backwards. She shook out the undies, all black, to reveal a black teddy, which she helped me into. As she did her breaths rubbed against my body. I could feel her hard nipples pushing against me. Even in this situation my cock started to get interested.

Mary pushed me back on to the bed, knelt down in front of me and picked up my foot and started rolling a sheer black stocking up my leg until it retched the top of my thigh. The suspenders were connected up to the stocking preventing it from sliding down my legs. She did the same for the other leg.

When she had finished, she rubbed her breasts over my stocking clad legs, at the same time I had the sensation of wetness on my foot and realised she was rubbing her pussy and clitoris over my foot. Her hand unerring found my cock which by now was straining hard up against the silky lace fabric of the teddy. This was causing the G string to pull harder up between the crack of my arse.

Enough of that cried Gina, You dirty little slut, trying to come on his leg, I saw you and at that Gina grabbed a hand full; of Mary’s hair and yanked hard backwards causing Mary to yell in pain.

Gina walked over to me and suddenly let fly, and slapped my cock. Who said you could get hard you disgusting pervert.

Right, get up and kneel down on the floor, I did so. Her hands moved swiftly again putting on a cuff around my wrists and then coupling them together behind my back, stay there was the command and watch.

Mary by this time had got up and was standing by the bed, Gina walked over to a cupboard and opened it saying to Mary, assume the position.

I heard a gasp from Mary and watched as she got on to the bed on her knees and knelt down so her face was touching the bed covers. Her knees were spread wide apart as possibly as they would go, pushing her arse into the air leaving her exposed and vulnerable, exposing a glistening pink succulent pussy, all dewy from her come juice she been rubbing on my foot. I could smell her from where I was sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed. With her arse raised high in the air she was totally vulnerable.

Mary put her arms behind her back and waited. Gina cuffed her wrists in a similar fashion to mine. She knelt beside Mary facing me. Gina moved her hands softly over Mary’s body moving slowly down to her bottom, over her cheeks and round to her mound of Venus rubbing her clitoris. Mary was starting to moan softly and move her hips in time to the stimulation, pushing her hips towards Gina in an effort to push her clitoris harder against her hand.

Gina licked her index finger before placing it against her pussy hole and then plunged it inside Mary, al most at once pulling it out again and thrusting harder in. Mary gasped as Gina’s finger filled her hole and tried to time her hips to Gina’s hand. Suddenly it was two fingers moving in and out. The room was filled with a sucking sound as Mary’s pussy slurped hungrily at the intruding fingers, cum juice trickling down them on to Gina s hand.

You dirty little slut you like that don’t you said Gina. Answer me and at that the same time Gina slapped Mary’s arse cheeks, bringing her hand down from a great height. Gina kept pounding her flesh at the same time still keeping her fingers thrusting up Mary’s pussy. Mary didn’t know whether to push or thrust trying to escape the blows raining down on her firm backside, now glowing rosy red from the punishment, or to pleasure herself on the fingers she was impaled upon.

Abruptly Gina stopped. Walked over to the cupboards, and routed around inside. I couldn’t see what was happening, but when she turned round she had a handful of vibrators and dildos in her hand.

She put them on the bed and picked one up, I could see it was a strap on dildo, about 9 inches long and big.

She put this on and said to me, as I had a huge hard on that was threatening to bust the lingerie Onwin Giriş wide open, my cock straining to be unleashed.

I’ll take that smile off your face in a minute when I’ve finished with Mary.

With that she turned around grabbed the end of the dildo and wiped the end of it against Mary’s juicy sodden gash spreading Mary’s own cum around the top of it, then Gina pushed forward with her hips and I watched as Mary’s pussy greedily opened wide to accept the intruding dildo and swallowed it slowly inch by inch disappearing.

Gina gradually started to withdraw it and then thrush hard again so that all nine inches was buried in her pussy.

Mary was moaning away swaying her hips, impaled on the cock, frantically rubbing and her nipples on the bed spread in an effort to find more stimulation. Gina picked up a tube of KY and squeezed in to the crack of Mary’s arse. She teased her finger against Mary’s arse hole, probing gently with her finger tip until Mary’s arsehole gave way to the pressure and opened wide and let Gina’s finger slide up her arse.

Gina worked away, putting on more lubricant then, increased the pressure until two fingers started to disappear up her arse. Gina reached over and released Mary’s hands, who instantly moved a hand under her and down to her clitoris which she started massaging and pulling increasing her pleasure. Gina took her fingers out of Mary’s arse, and Mary moved her other hand around her back her own fingers searching for her arsehole. I watched fascinated as Mary plunged her fingers up her arse moving them roughly in and out in time to her other hand working away on her clitoris.

I bet you’d like to fuck her wouldn’t you Gina said to me, I nodded eagerly.

Gina stopped thrusting and reached over Mary and picked up a small pink vibrator about 6 inches long and an inch in diameter. She pulled Mary’s hand away from her arse hole and moved the vibrator tip up and down the crack of her arse and then pushed the tip in to her arse hole. Mary grunted and adjusted her hips to accept the vibrator trying to penetrate her brown hole. Gina increased the pressure and pushed hard until finally the sphincter muscle opened wide enough to swallow the vibrator , like a mouth opening and swallowing hard.

Gina started pushing the vibrator in and out and then started fucking her pussy in time together with the vibrator. Mary s hand crept around her back again and took the vibrator out of Gina’s hand and thrust it harder and harder up her arse, the vibrator sinking deeper, her arse taking the whole 6 inches right up to the hilt.

Gina stopped thrusting and withdrew the dildo with a big slurp a s Mary’s pussy reluctantly let go. Mary was still grinding her hips in rhythm to her vibrator fucking up her arse and moaning loudly at the obvious pleasure she was feeling, her body squirming to the first throes of the approaching orgasm.

Gina walked over to me, looking slightly comical with the dildo wobbling as she walked swaying in front of her body like an extra arm. She came up behind me and I felt her hands undo the gag out of mouth, I moved my jaw in circles trying to release it from its feeling of strain from having the gag in.

Gina came round to face me again, She grabbed the dildo at its base and came to wards me, I could see the dildo covered in sticky cum juice form Mary’s pussy, dripping along the sides of the dildo making it look like someone had dunked in a bowl of syrup.

She grabbed a handful of may hair and yanked my head back. “Open your mouth you little slut” Almost with out thinking I my mouth involuntary started to form an “O”. Before I could blink she had shoved the first inch of the dildo in to my mouth. The smell of Mary’s cum assailed my nostrils, just before the tangy flavour hit my taste buds.

I started to try and pull back, this was like sucking a guys cock, but she had hold of my hair securely and thrust her hips forward causing me to gag as the dildo slid towards the back of my throat. She pulled the dildo in and out fucking my mouth, as my lips tried to cope with this monstrosity bashing the back of my throat.

She pulled the dildo out and said to me you enjoyed that I can tell, you’ll make a good cocksucker.

And without another word turned and walked back to Mary, who’d been watching with interest.

She told me to get up and come over to the bed, Mary obviously knew what was going to happen and moved back to lay against the wall her legs bent at the knee, wide open displaying her cum sodden pussy and the vibrator still impaled up her arse, her hand around her back still thrusting the vibrator slowly in and out of her arse.

“Get down and give Mary some head” was the command. I struggled onto the bed and knelt down and put my head between Mary’s legs receiving the smell of her cum. I thrust out my tongue to tickle her clit and Mary started to moan and grabbed my head shoving her pussy hard against my mouth causing me to struggle to breath as she Onwin Güncel Giriş ground her clit and her pussy lips hard.

At the same time I felt the panties being pulled down over my hips and my cock which felt fit to burst spring out to attention. I was dying to take hold of it and pull it like there was no tomorrow.

It crossed my mind I was awfully vulnerable like that with my arse in the air, but forgot as I felt my cock enveloped in a hot receptacle as a tongue flitted along the ridge of my cock encircling the helmet, tickling underneath, causing me to groan with anticipation of the long awaited coming, I could feel the press of my spunk building in my balls just waiting for that ecstatic release.

Just as soon as I thought I was going to cum, Gina stopped sucking on my cock. I felt her fingers run lightly over my arse and I flinched waiting for the sharp crack of her hand on my arse, instead I felt some sticky and cold drip into the crack of my arse, realisation hit me two seconds later what it was as I felt Gina’s finger unerringly find my puckered arsehole and drive her finger in. I yelped and bucked at the intruder shoved so forcefully into my arse. But with Mary’s legs clamped around my head and my mouth stuck over her clit it was a muffled yell and very little movement. I heard Gina say “I know you like it you little slut, look at how horny you are” pulling my cock up and down at the same time. She had stated to thrust her finger in and out o my arse, pushing up each time causing my cock to jump with pleasure as she kept hitting my prostrate.

Abruptly as it started my arse was released from its intruder, Mary reluctantly let go of my head at Gina’s command. I straighten up, to be pushed over so I laid on my hands. Gina’s told Mary to help her take me over to the chair and Mary and Gina pulled me off the bed together.

Over in the corner by the bed was a chair like contraption, that had half a seat on it, with leg rests like a wheel chair, but hinged and with straps over the rests and arms.

I was pushed into the chair, so that I sat with my arse, exposed sticking out of the bottom of the chair, supported around the edge, sitting on my cheeks. Gina pulled me forward, Mary undid the cuffs, pulling my arms forward and strapping the cuffs to the chair arms. “What, what ” I stuttered “are you going to do with me” worried I asked, my cock starting to droop, with the fear of the unknown.

“Who said you could talk” shouted Gina, “You’ll pay for that”

My legs meanwhile had been strapped in position as well. At that point Gina put her foot on a pedal and my legs started to raise in the air, and widened at the same time, pulling my arse cheeks wide apart exposing my arse hole and cock. Mary came over and bent over my and started to French kiss me passionately.

“Mary come hear I haven’t finished with you” Gina pulled Mary roughly over rot the bed, “Bend over and spread”, Mary obeyed.

Gina reached round to the bed and brought out a 7 inch dildo, but at least 2 inches in diameter that had a base, but has a groove at the bottom. She smeared the head of the dildo with lube, and put the tip against Mary’s arse.

“Ask for it” came the command form Gina.

“Please” a small voice came from Mary, “Please mistress, fill my arse” “I didn’t here you properly” said Gina using her free hand to wallop Mary’s rosy bare bottom. “Sorry mistress, please stick the dildo up my arse, please”

At that Gina increased the pressure on the dildo. I watched fascinated, my cock at full mast again as Mary’s little arsehole struggled to repel the intruder desperately trying to open her sphincter muscle.

Finally her rosebud arsehole lost the fight, relaxed and opened and greedily swallowed the dildo head. Mary moaned and groaned swinging her head from side to side at the invasion of the dildo up her arse, her free hand rubbing and pinching her nipples. Gina kept pushing until the dildo had nearly all disappeared up her arse. She gave it on last push and Mary s arsehole closed slightly over the smaller groove, holding the 7 inched of latex pleasure in her back passage.

Mary stood up, her arse cheeks closed together as she stood up, with just the base protruding slightly out of her arse, nestled in the crack, Mary turned round her hands working her breasts, rubbing her nipples and running over body down to her clit, harder and faster, her hips moving in rhythm to the fast approaching orgasm, and her moaning increasing in intensity, until finally, she shrieked and thrust her fingers in and out of her pussy trying top satisfy her orgasm.

Finally she stopped as Gina looked on with her approval and leant over and kissed Mary hard, their tongues flicking out and in and out of each others mouths.

They stopped and looked at me, my cock fit to burst, “I think he likes that, Mary, taste him”

Mary walked over and knelt down and took my cock in her hands and bent her mouth over my cock enveloping it in it swarm softness. It was to much and my cock started pulsing as the cum started to shoot out. At the same time I felt a vice like grip applied around my testicles and felt them being squeezed on mercifully until my cock couldn’t pump any more due to the supply being cut off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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