My Friend Ashley Ch. 02

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After Ashley had sex with Rod, there was no mystery. She came out after Rod left and gently knocked on my door. I got up and let her in.

“You’re not mad at me, are you?”

“No, Ashley. Matter of fact I could not help but hear the commotion in there. Was it good? It sounded just like you described. Did you fuck him into submission?”

She laughed. “Well, it was good. These fucking jocks do have the equipment and they also have a lot of stamina. Rod is a good name for him, if you know what I mean.”

“Big, huh?”

“Yes, he did not disappoint. Now if he keeps his distance, we will be fine. He understands. When he is at the gym, I work his ass off and there are no overtones about sex.”

She was dressed in bikini panties and a thin crop top tee shirt. She might have well been naked. Her top was tented over her big breasts and barely covered those mounds. Her panties were red and very sexy. As we talked, I noticed that her panties were starting to drip on my sheets.

“Uh, Ash, are you aware that you are, uh, kind of like, leaking?”

She looked down and saw what I was talking about. She started to get up and stopped. She looked at me and asked, “Do you want me to go clean up?”

I was startled. I had to be very careful. It seemed like it was matter of fact to her. Could we be any closer than sisters? Here she was leaking another man’s cum from her pussy onto my bedding and she was willing to stay and talk.

“Doesn’t matter to me. I just wanted you to know.”

“Are you sure? I mean, I will come back if you still want to talk.”

“Suit yourself. It is kind of sexy in a weird way. You, sitting here talking to me after just fucking a hot stud. I should be jealous. I am a little, but I have gotten over it. I know we can never be real lovers, but I appreciate your fucking me that one time. I will treasure that moment. “

“So,” I asked,” How was he? Really?”

“Since you asked, Sweetie, he was big and thick. I bet he was nine inches long. I have had bigger cocks, but his was very thick. I love thick. It stretches my vagina and makes my clit very easy to reach. That brings me off so sweet. Well, you know that I like my clit jacked off or sucked. Most of the studs don’t know how to eat pussy. Guys like you seem to do a better job orally. I guess you give it what you got, huh? I could almost see myself settling down with a guy with a little cock, if he had oral talents. However, I just love those big cocks so much that deep down I know I could never give them up. No sense marrying a man and then cheating on him.”

“That is a painful lesson I learned.” I responded.

“You know, Ray, I can’t believe I am sitting her talking to you like this. I hope that is not disrespectful to you. I am treating you like a girlfriend. Does that bother you?”

“When you put it that way,” I said, “It sounds strange, but we have always been friends. Plus, it was never a gender thing, really. I guess in a way it is more of a compliment than anything. Your perspective on sexuality is so foreign to me. When Karen and I were dating, I was so jealous and fragile. I guess you could say that my manhood was always in danger. After living with you for a while, it seems not to make that much difference. If you feel close to me in any way, I am happy. If it feels like girlfriends to you, that is cool, too.”

“Well, anyway,” she said, “He was thick and he made me cum several times. Uh, I guess you heard. Are you sure you are okay with that? I can go somewhere else if you are embarrassed by my vocal outcries.”

“Are you kidding? No way. You don’t have to leave your own place to fuck.” I winked and giggled with her. “I feel so close to you now. Rod left and I am getting the warm afterglow of sex just talking to you. Not to mention that you are cumming in my bed. That makes me feel excited.”

“Oh, shit, Ray. I’m sorry. How thoughtless of me. I am making a mess. I will go back and shower… Unless…”

“Unless what?” I asked.

“Unless you want to wank off and then suck my pussy again.”

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“Just an offer.”

She had made me an offer I could not refuse. She helped me off with my clothes. I lay there, butt naked, while she watched me pleasure myself. When I came, I spurted cum all over myself. Ashley moaned and encouraged me. “That’s it, kolej escort Ray, make that little cock erupt. She even rubbed my stomach where most of the cum had pooled.

She removed her panties and crop top and lay back. I eagerly devoured the remnants of her creampie. The taste was not at all what I expected. She had touched my cum and I was so turned on, I just had to eat Rod’s deposit from her pussy. She really got into it. She began moaning and asking me to suck her clit. I let the hard bud penetrate my lips and sucked it like a cock. She squealed and wrapped her long legs around my head. I held on for dear life. At one point, I thought that I might suffocate in her flowing pussy. Afterwards, I whimsically thought that this would be a perfect ending to my life. Eating my best friend’s pussy.

A week or two later Ashley told me that one of her college friends was coming over that evening. Ash was going to cook some Italian food. When the friend arrived, Ashley introduced me to Gretchen. Gretchen had been a high school soccer player, but her boobs were too big to make it in college. She was very athletic, but a little short at 5′-3″. She decided to go into sports medicine. That is how Ashley knew her. Gretchen was a trainer and continued that after she got out of school. She worked with the soccer clubs in the area.

In addition to her obvious assets, Gretchen was a true bi-sexual. Ashley told me later about that. She did not want that to cloud my judgement about Gretchen. We got along well at dinner and while we drank wine afterward. Gretchen probably had one glass too many. She was actually trying to put the make on Ashley. It was obvious that she was attracted to Ashley. The wine just lowered her inhibitions. I thought that she was a lesbian, but Ash filled me in later. Gretchen dressed in soccer shorts and a long sleeve top during her training supervision. Putting two and two together, I assumed that she was a bull dyke. Again, Ashley told me that Gretchen could be very fashionable when they went clubbing. With her magnificent breasts, Gretchen was quite sought after when she went out dressed to the nines.

Gretchen could not get a handle on me at first. She assumed that I was Ashley’s boyfriend initially, but when she met me, she knew that Ashley would never be involved with a small man who also looked to be about sixteen. She probed us both quite a bit during the evening, but Ashley stayed true to form and informed Gretchen that we were close friends who basically grew up together. At one point, Ash hinted that Gretchen should not be one to assume roles for other people. She said it casually and with a sneaky smile. I didn’t get it at the time, but it was a reference to Gretchen’s sexuality. She would have sex with whomever she pleased. Male or female.

The next time I met Gretchen, we were all out clubbing. She was indeed dressed to kill. She wore a knockout low-cut top and a short skirt with platform heels. Ashley was in heels also, so I stood just a little shorter in height as Gretchen was in her stilettos. Gretchen took me to the dance floor and we danced quite a bit. When other guys started hitting on her, she moved easily from table to table, showing off her deep cleavage and pretty legs. She told me that she would save me from dancing too much with Ashley since she towered over me almost a foot in her heels. She was not mean or condescending, she just didn’t have much of a filter and came out with whatever she was thinking. That was her real charm. She was witty and quick. People learned to like her almost from the start.

Later in the evening, I noticed that Gretchen was spending most of her time on the dance floor with ladies. In fact, one brunette seemed to fancy Gretchen also. I kept a subtle eye on the two. The brunette was a little taller than Gretchen. She had a nice figure. She had small breasts, but her nipples stood out very prominently and she did not wear a bra. She had on a short sleeve sweater top, very thin and almost transparent. She wore a short skirt and medium high heels. When I saw Gretchen kissing her, I knew it would not be long before they would disappear together. Ashley laughed when I told her that Gretchen had left with this pretty lady.

“Yeah, she can’t have me, so I guess she settled for a sure thing.”

When I asked her about maltepe escort that, she explained that Gretchen was always hitting on her. She had a thing for Ashley and could not get over the fact that Ash did not swing both ways. She knew that Ash had many lesbian friends and she always hoped to ger her into bed.

“I would think that you might not continue to see her if she makes you that uncomfortable.” I said.

“Oh,” Ash said, “She doesn’t make me uncomfortable. She is very sweet. She just operates on a little different wavelength. At one time she was trying to figure out who all I was fucking. She would try to seduce the guy to make me jealous. She did in fact seduce several of them. Well, I say seduce. All she must do is wear what she was wearing tonight and the rest will take care by itself. Some guys are turned off when they find out that she is bi-sexual. Just some more morons with labels.

We went out to eat with Gretchen a while later. She seemed to be warming up to me since she knew that I was not her competition for Ashley. At one point, she asked me if it bothered me that she dated girls also. It was awkward and Ashley told her to cool it.

I said, “Actually, Ashley has been working with me about labeling people. It would have bothered me at one time. I grew up in a very structured environment. I had a girlfriend, but I was emotionally and sexually immature.”

“Good for you, Ray,” Gretchen said. “You are broadening your horizons then?”

Ashley giggled. “Stop it, Gretchen. You are making him uncomfortable.”

“No, I am okay, Ashley. Gretchen is just trying to get a rise out of me.”

Gretchen then said, “Well, I certainly hope so. I might be interested in taking you out for a spin myself. It appears that you and Ashley are not lovers.”

Ashley said, “Suit yourself, Gretchen. Ray is free to date whomever he pleases. I just didn’t think that you would be into a nice wholesome intelligent guy. You seem to favor the wilder guys and gals. Huh?”

That was the start of phase two of my relationship with Ashley. Gretchen made it a point to come on to me more after that. One evening she came over, knowing that Ashley had an evening session with a client. When she showed up, I informed her that Ashley was out.

“I know that, Ray, I came to see you.”

She was not wearing soccer shorts and long sleeve top this time. She was wearing a low-cut cotton shirt and a pair of short shorts. She had on a small sandal heel. She was wearing a bra. She needed to support those melons. God, they were huge for a shorter girl. She wore makeup and seemed to genuinely be ready to jump my bones. She came to me and kissed me on the lips. She then guided my hands around her back and down to her beautiful ass.

“Why, don’t you show me your bedroom, Ray?” she said.

Once inside my bedroom door, she kicked off her little heels and dropped her shorts. She was wearing a pink thong. It was gorgeous the way it rode up over her hips and showed the crease of her legs. She removed her top and approached me. She kissed my hands and then guided them to her breasts. They were massive G cups and her pink bra was gorgeous also. She reached behind her back and snapped open the clasps. She shrugged her shoulders and let the bra fall to the floor.

As she started to unbutton my shirt, my fear was roused. What would it be like when she saw my cock? I flashed cold. She finished unbuttoning my shirt and then unsnapped my jeans. She helped me out of the jeans and I was in my briefs and socks only. The briefs came down next.

“Oh, my, we need to work on this a little. Lay back and let Gretchen help you. She slowly lowered me to my bed and began licking my little cock. As she worked her mouth over me, it began to rise a little. When she got me hard enough, she moved up and guided my little weenie into her dripping sex. She leaned forward and placed her nipple into my mouth. I sucked it like a newborn. Her areolas were probably almost three inches in diameter and had a little puffy offset from the rest of her giant boobs. I opened my mouth wider and she stuffed the whole areola into my waiting mouth. She fed me one and then the other of her magnificent breasts. I came in her.

Knowing that I could not bring her to orgasm with my little cock, I pondered my next step. mamak escort I did not want to be a complete failure. I rolled her over on her back. Her thong was just a sliver of material. I moved down and began sucking her pussy just like Ashley had me do after she fucked Rod. I found her clit and sucked it into my lips. Gretchen screamed and had a shattering orgasm. She had another one as I slowly licked my cum from her slit.

“God, that was wonderful, Ray.” She said. “What you lack in cock, you make up for in tongue.”

That was the only thing that Gretchen said about my cock size. It seemed like it was just a matter of fact and that they come in all sizes. I was relieved that she did not ridicule me or talk down to me. Her compliment about my oral skills was enough to sustain me. I wondered if this was just a way of getting to Ashley and whether I should admit to having sex with Gretchen before Ashley found out from her. I was sure that Gretchen would flaunt it in front of her in a good-natured way. I wasn’t ashamed of it but then I was conflicted about telling Ash. That was itself a conflict within my own mind. The facts were that I had sex with two pretty women. Vaginal sex. And neither one of them had disrespected my cock size. By the same token, both had acknowledged it. It was strange to me. I was used to being humiliated by my little dicklet.

I didn’t need to worry about Ashley finding out. Gretchen checked in with her the following day. I am sure that the details were more extensive when they talked, but Ashley told me that Gretchen was crowing about bedding another of Ashley’s boyfriends.

“She said that you had a talented tongue, Ray.” Ashley shared with me.

“What else did she say?” I asked.

“Just girl talk. You know, comparing you to her other conquests. She seemed to be more interested in comparing you with her female lovers.”

I worried that this would tarnish my relationship with Ashely. She assured me that it did not. Especially since our relationship had turned a little kinky with me having devoured her pussy after a stud had just deposited his cum in her.

“So, how was it?” Ashley asked.

“It was good in a weird sort of way. It was like I was auditioning for a part that I knew that I could not get. But I got it anyway.”

“Hold on there, big boy,” Ashley said. “Don’t get your hopes up. The competition for Gretchen is quite stiff. Pun intended. With all the bi girls out there and all the studs that just love our big tits, we have plenty of opportunity. I don’t want you to get your hopes up that you might turn Gretchen straight.”

“Oh, I know, Ash. It wasn’t like that at all. But there was a connection. I’m not sure what kind, but a connection. It didn’t feel like I was a scalp on her belt.”

“Oh, no, no. Yeah, Gretchen is not like that. I can assure you that she fucked you because she wanted to. She is not mean that way. I mean, she did talk about your, uh, size, but it was more like the positives that you are capable of.”


“Don’t worry. Just be careful and don’t do anything that you are not comfortable with. Gretchen has no filters verbally. I am sure that you have already seen that. Also, her appetites run a little to the kinky side. Like I have any room to talk. I basically thrust my pussy into your face after I had just been fucked.”

“No, Ash. I felt somewhat honored. Sounds crazy. I guess I accepted that my equipment could never do for you what Rod did for you, but he also would probably not do for you what I did.”

“That was beautifully put, Ray. I, well, I feel a little bad about letting that go on. I was sexually satisfied and still I seduced your mouth with my wet pussy. Did it repulse you any?”

“No. Surprisingly, no. I felt so guided by you when you suggested that you would like to have sex with me after you fucked Rod. Any sex was great for me. I love the way you tasted. And I was erotically blown away by taking his cum from your pussy. Almost like I had the last say over his sperm.”

What the fuck was I saying? I couldn’t believe that that thought just poured out of me. Eating cum from a freshly fucked woman? And enjoying it the way I did? Not only the emotional bonding with Ashley, but actually savoring the taste of their musky aroma and getting off to it myself. Was I becoming someone different? Was I becoming someone I didn’t want to be?

Right then I just knew that I had fucked two beautiful women. Well, if you call coming inside them fucking them. Neither one chided me, made fun of me or humiliated me. I was quite satisfied with where I was heading. Wherever that was.

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