My First Kiss…

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This is my first story here. It’s not just a story, but rather an experience. Name of people involved are changed for privacy. Enjoy!



I live in a country where computer education is not there in schools or colleges. People do not afford to own computers in their home as well. But at work places, most companies and government jobs require knowledge of computers. So, students after graduating would need extra studies to learn to use a computer. I work at a computer institute – teaching the basics of computer use and DTP. Usually, the enrolment to our institute are from those students who have completed their graduation and wants to add computer literacy to their resume.

I was the end of college days and new enrolment started in our institute. A new batch of 20 students joined my evening class. In our institute, we use to take classes batch wise starting from early morning to evening. My batch was the last two before the institute closes. My evening class starts off as usual for about a week. I always pay equal attention to all the students there and sometimes I have to show them personally how to use the mouse, create new folders etc.


Even though I’m 23 years then, I do have a master degree in Chemistry and a Diploma in Computer Science. But, I’m a shy kind of guy. Never had a girlfriend in the past. My student life was simply study and study more. I landed at teaching job just two years ago. During the day time I teach Chemistry in one school and evening time I teach computer in this institute.

I can’t converse properly with girls. I always sweat and became nervous talking one on one with a girl. My confidence grew with time, and I started to be more fluent with people I’m acquainted for some time.


One day as I have just finished my class and all students left, I carefully shutdown all the computers, make sure everything is in order. At the last computer bench, I notice a cell phone lying there. I take it into custody since I was the last to leave the institute. I keep in in my backpack then lock the rooms and went downstairs to hand over the keys to the gatekeeper. After reaching home, I check the cell phone – it suddenly ring – with a number named as Home. I click the answer button:

“Hello!” a sweet female voice on the other end of the line.

“Hello!” I replied.

“I have lost my cell phone on the way home, may I know who is speaking?”.

“Its me Ray, you’ve forgotten your phone at the institute. So, I thought I’ll keep it safe and return it tomorrow.” I replied.

“Oh! sir, its me Ava, thank you thank you very much sir, I’ll collect it from you tomorrow then.” she replied.

“You’re welcome!”

“Have a goodnight sir.”

“Goodnight to you to.”

The next day after classes, Ava approached me to collect her phone, and for the first time, I could notice that she is a real beauty. She’s about 5’3″ tall, round face, fair in complexion. Wearing a greyish top and blue jeans that compliment her slim figure.

“Excuse me sir!” she said,

“Ye-yes!” I stammered, “Any problem?”

“I actually want to collect my phone that I left yesterday.”

“Oh! Ava right!” I said, “Sorry, I was thinking of something else.” I open my backpack and take out her phone and gave it to her.

“Thank you very much sir.”

My heart begin to beat faster, my hands started sweating. Finally I just say “You’re most welcomed.”

After she has left, I curse haymana escort myself for not asking her number orwhere she lives. But then I was happy that she’ll be back tomorrow.

The next day, I got a call from an unknown number.

“Hello!” I said,

“Sir! It’s me Ava, I wanted to inform you that I can’t come to class today since I’m not well.” It’s her! She called me, how did she get my number? I was thinking,

“Do I have to inform the Director or just to you sir?” then I realise that every student are given the number to their teacher in case of emergency like this one.

“No, it’s okay you don’t have to inform the Director.” I finally said,

“Okay, thank you sir.”

“You can call me ‘Ray’ Ava.” I don’t know how did that came out of my mouth?

“Okay then Sir Ray.” I hung up the phone.

Time pass by and before I realise, we started texting, chatting late night. The texting and chatting turns to calls. I became closer to her. She would stay back for some extra time at the institute asking me to help with topics she didn’t understand. This became a routine and even though I am a shy guy, I find that I’m comfortable with Ava. One day after classes she said,

“Sir, Truth or Dare!”

Out of nowhere I said, “Me first! Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t.”

“Okay, have your ever kissed a girl?”

I was speechless for a while, but I don’t want to tell the truth so I lied “Yes! That’s a silly question.”

“Don’t lie, I know you’ve never had a girlfriend nor kissed a girl.”

How, did she know? I wonder. Yet my ego got to me. “Okay you do not believe me? How do I prove it to you?”

“I dare you to kiss me!” she said. “You’re joking right?” I question. “No, I dare you.”

My heart started to beat faster, my hands sweat, I don’t know what to do, and I’ve never kissed a girl before. She slowly move towards me, I stood still, couldn’t move, then she looked at me in the eye, I looked at her dark brown eyes, my heart melts, I lower down my head, she slowly closes her eyes, I close mine and our lips touch. My mind suddenly remembers those English movie scene, and then, I could feel Ava’s tongue in my mouth, I open my mouth and allow here to slip her tongue. She then retract her tongue, then I pushed my tongue into her mouth and kissed her deeply. She slowly put her arms around my shoulder, I hold her tight. Our kissing became more passionate, I could feel a tingle in my testicle and my dick harden. She push me to the chair, then climb on top of me and started rubbing herself against my hard dick. The tingle that I feel started to become stronger and also started to push and squeeze against her body. I could feel her breast against my chest. At the same time I couldn’t believe myself, yet I was also scared. The kissing and her grinding make me so aroused that I shudders voluntarily finally came hard inside my pants. After a while, she too stopped moving and we stopped kissing. Both of us breathe heavily,

“I know that was your first kiss because you came inside your pants.” She smiled and teased me

I blushed, and said, “Okay, I’m sorry I lied.”

“There is nothing to be sorry about. I like you Ray.” She kissed me gently again.

This became almost a routine every day after the classes. I was also scared that in case the Director came to know about what I do, he may fire me. One day I told Ava,

“We can’t do this because my boss may fire me if he knew.”

She didn’t pay attention, keçiören escort instead she asked, “When is your birthday?” I replied

“Tomorrow, why?”

“Can you take the day off?”

“Yes, I can”

“Okay, then, I want to do something special to you, pick me up from the University Square at 10 am and I’ll tell you what next.”

“Okay!” I agreed.

I text my manager that I’ll be taking off tomorrow evening. That night, I went home, thinking what was in Ava’s mind. I woke up early morning, took a shower and get dressed to meet Ava. Even though we were kissing almost every day for a week now, but I still didn’t ask Ava for a date. I thought to myself, I should have asked her out for dinner, but I’m too coward. After I’m ready I called Ava that I’m on my way. I reached the Square by 9:45 am. Waited for a half an hour till she arrived. Then I saw her in her blue jeans, a grey top, dark sunglass.

“Happy birthday sir!” she said and kissed me.

“You look beautiful.” I complimented, “So, what do you have in mind.”

“Let’s go for a ride to that park by the lakeside.”

“Okay, hop in.” I said.

She climb on my bike and off we go. On the way we stopped to get some packed lunch. It was a one and half hour ride till we reach the lake. We talked and chat, took some photos together.

“I really like you Ava, you’re fun loving, I’ve never had a girlfriend in my life, I’m always scared around girls. But you make me feel comfortable.”

“You like me!” she said, her voice sound pissed off. “But I love you” she said.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that I didn’t love you. I love you too Ava.” Then I kissed her, she kissed me back.

“It’s getting late, let’s go. It’s been a best birthday for me so far. How about we go to dinner together and then I’ll drop you home.”

“Let’s do like this, I’ll cook dinner for you at your apartment then after that you can drop me home.”

“Okay then”

After reaching my apartment, she prepared dinner and we had dinner together. In the living room we sat on the couch and I showed her my old photo album. I switch on the TV and browse through the news.

“Do you remember what I told you yesterday?” she asked.

“Yes, you said you wanted to do something special to me.”

“Yes, this is what I wanted to do.”

Slowly, she climb on top of me and kissed me. I also kissed her. I slip my hands inside her tops on her back and ran my finger slowly to her bra.

“Do you want to touch my boobs? Huh!” she whispered. “Yes!” I whispered back. She slowly removed her top, then her bra to reveal a perfect pair of boobs. Her nipples were pointed, pink in colour. “Touch me.” she demanded. I slowly ran my finger to both her boobs and cares her.

“Press harder.” she whisper.

“Like that!” I responded.

I played with her nipples, she kissed me again. She then pull my t-shirt and hug me tightly and started kissing my earlobe, my neck, and then my chest. I could feel my body tingles and my dick harden. I remove her jeans and snickers – to reveal a pink coloured panty.

“Wait! Not so fast.” She said when I tried to remove her panty. She then remove my pants, revealing my erection inside my boxer. She then slowly remove my boxer. My dick is not as big as what I’ve read in magazine. She kissed the tip of my penis I let out a moan. She then took my dick inside her mouth, slowly moving up and down as I sat on the couch. I could feel her warmth and the wetness of the saliva flowing down my shaft. She kızılay escort then form a circle with both her hands and started twisting my dick and at the same time sucking it hard. In just a few minutes I could feel my testicles tensed and my breathing increasing. She moves faster, I also started moving my hips upwards in rhythm.

“Oh God!” I moaned. “I’m about to come.”

She didn’t stop, but continue to work on my dick faster and faster when finally I could no longer hold and come hard inside her mouth. She took all my cum and lick my dick. I couldn’t believe myself, getting a blowjob for the first time in my life.

“How does that feel?” she asked.

“Awesome!” I said. She kissed me again.

“Now, it’s your turn.” She then slowly removed her panty and I could see a wet spot. And for the first time I could see a gleaming wet pussy. She’s clean shaven.

“Suck my nipple.” she said. I slowly suck her nipple while caressing the other one. She push me aside and lie on the couch. Then invited me to kiss her belly. I’ve never seen a pussy let alone eaten one but I don’t know the aroma that comes from her pussy makes me want to eat it. I slowly reach down and started to part her pussy lips to reveal her clit. I lick it, “Ah! I like that.” she moaned. I then continue to lick and her clit for a while and at the same time cares her boobs.

“Finger me.” she said. So I move my finger inside her vagina and started to finger her. She started moaning and moving her hips. Then suddenly she clamp my head hard with both her legs. I stop licking and fingering. “Don’t stop!” she said. Then I continue again, she started shaking and breathing heavily and finally came hard.

“That was nice Ray.” I run my fingers to her thigh, then to her belly, her back and back to her boobs and nipples. She moaned again. I kissed her. My dick touch her pussy it was already hard again.

“You’re are ready again?” she said.

“Yes!” I replied. I took her to my bedroom. She lie down on her back then she spread her legs and invited me to lay on top of her. I kiss her hard, then I kissed her neck, her nipple and I slowly move to her navel, her thigh. Then back to her lips. She started caressing her clit.

“I want you inside me Ray.” she said.

“I didn’t have any protection.”

“Don’t worry, I’m on the pill. So, nothing will happen.”

She guided my dick inside her vagina. “Don’t rush Ray.” she whisper softly. I slowly push it inside then I slow move in an in-out motion. “Slowly like that” she whisper again. I suck her nipple as I move slowly in a rhythmic motion. She also move her hips to meet me in the same motion. I could feel her vagina started to grasp my dick hard. “Faster now please Ray.” she whisper, so I started to move faster and pump harder on her. I could feel that tingle starting to build again in my testicles and as her vagina started to grasp my dick harder my orgasm also started to build up. I finally gave everything and push harder till we both came together as I exploded semen inside her vagina. I could feel the pulsating wall of her vagina and my dick spiting cum inside her like it never ends. We both were covered in sweat. I slowly roll over to her side, she turn her back and push her ass and asked me to cuddle her.

“I Love You Ava.” I whisper,

“I Love you too Ray.”

I hold her with my arm and cares her breast and belly and we fall into a deep sleep.

I woke up the next morning to see her beside me. I was the best birthday present I ever get. I kiss her on her neck. She turn to me slowly.

“Good Morning, I whisper, we slept through.”

“Yeah! That was really good.”

I kissed her slowly and we made love again.

It’s been five years since that day and here we are on our honeymoon, yes, I married her. She’s my first love and my first kiss too.

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