Lessons Learned Ch. 08: Test Scores

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The story picks up at the end of Week 10 of Brinna & Zach’s Human Sexuality class.


I pulled into the parking lot of the Mexican restaurant just after 7 pm, to meet Zach and his grandpa for dinner. I’d let myself get a few minutes behind schedule due to changing my outfit too many times. Then I’d tried to make up the time by driving too fast.

Zach was waiting just inside the doors as I entered, standing among a small crowd of people who were waiting for a table.

“Hi, Brinna,” he said, welcoming me with a smile. “We already have a table.”

“Lead on,” I said. I trailed behind him as he weaved his way across the restaurant to a smaller room, separated from the noise of the main dining area. There were two long rows of tables set up, obviously for larger groups, along with a couple of small four-person tables. An elderly white-haired man sat alone at one of them, rising as we entered the room. He was the only occupant.

“Brinna, this is my grandpa, Phil Kovac,” Zach said.

“It’s so nice to meet you at last, Brinna,” his grandpa responded warmly, stepping forward and extending his hand. He beamed happily at me when I shook it. “Zach has told me so much about you, I insisted he had to introduce us during my visit. I’m so pleased you could come to dinner with us. Sit, sit! Zach,” he gestured at Zach, “get Brinna seated.”

Zach pulled out the chair across from his grandfather’s and raised his eyebrows at me. I sat, and he settled into the chair next to me.

“Zach wasn’t exaggerating when he told me how pretty you are,” Phil said, eyes twinkling.


In response, Phil’s smile changed to a sly grin.

“You don’t mind being called a pretty girl, do you, Brinna?” he asked.

“I don’t know any girl who would mind that,” I responded.

“Oh, here’s Mr. Ramirez,” Phil said, staring past my shoulder, smile still on his lips. Zach turned slightly in his chair so he could view the man who had arrived at our table.

“Señor Kovac,” the man greeted, expansively. He smiled at the three of us while transferring a large basket of tortilla chips, three little bowls of salsa, three menus, and three glasses of water from his tray to our table. “So good to see you back. And you brought a guest!” He set a trio of menus on the table.

I was introduced and greeted warmly before the owner of the little family restaurant focused on Zach. There was a rapid-fire exchange of Spanish between the two of them, causing my eyebrows to raise as I turned my head to look at Zach.

“Um, excuse me a few minutes, Brinna. Mister Ramirez needs me to look at his office computer. I’ll be right back.” He regarded his grandpa as he stood. “Try not to tell too many embarrassing stories about me while I’m gone,” he warned, laughing.

I caught Zach’s sleeve.

“Spanish and Finnish, Zach? Really?” I grinned. I’d found another of his secrets that he didn’t like to brag about. He sighed dramatically, but his lips twitched as he repressed a smile. I released him.

“So, Brinna,” Phil said, leaning forward and setting his forearms on the table, hands linked. “My grandson tells me you’re his best friend on campus. And that you’re spending a lot of time together working on a paper for that sex class.” His eyes danced with merriment.

“We are,” I answered, dipping a chip in salsa and taking a bite.

“What do you think of my Zachary?” he asked in a light tone that didn’t cover the serious intent of his question.

“Um, I think he’s great,” I answered. “Of course I’m sure you know how smart he is. He’s a good, uh, friend to have.”

“I do know how smart he is. But what else is he?”

Phil and I looked each other in the eye for a moment as I formulated my reply. I could see the his concern for Zach’s well-being reflected in his expression.

“He’s sweet,” I said slowly. “He’s funny, generous, and a good person. Once you can get past all his shyness, he’s an interesting person to get to know.”

“But you’re not interested in dating him?” Phil asked bluntly.

I took a sip of my water, enjoying his directness.

“I’m leaving the state in early January to go to another school. Zach is staying here another semester.”

“Well,” he said after a pause, “whatever else, I think your friendship has been good for him. There’s something different about him this visit. He seems happier and more relaxed these days. I can hear it in his voice on the phone when we talk, but it’s made me happier than I can tell you to see it in person.” He took a sip of water. “But I promised him I wouldn’t embarrass you by giving you the grand inquisition, so let’s pretend we talked about the weather when he gets back.” He gave me a conspirator’s smile. “He likes you very much, though.”

“And he loves you very much,” I answered, trying to swing the subject away from my feelings about Zach, and his about me.

“We’ve spent a lot of time together, me and Zach.” He lowered his voice. “His bahis firmaları parents got busy with their own lives as their first three got older, and when Zach came along, they just never really made time for him. I blame myself some. I think part of the problem was caused by the way his mother was raised. Me and my first wife separated when our girls were young. She didn’t like the life of a military wife, and she was not very warm towards the children. I never did get to see much of them when they were growing up, and we aren’t close now.” A touch of sadness touched his eyes. Then he shook his head, clearing it away. “Luckily for me, I’d retired from the Navy by the time Zach was born and I had the time to spend with him. I’ve sure never regretted a minute of that. It was almost like a second chance to be a dad. Even if I was already an old man by then,” he said with a big smile.”

“I know he’s been really looking forward to your visit this semester,” I responded.

“It was hard on both of us when it was time for him to head to college. And with Zach so shy, he’s always had difficulty making good friends. Until now!” He reached over to pat my hand. “And here he’s found himself the prettiest girl on campus to be friends with!” He smiled and winked.

I laughed, enjoying his flirtatious comment.

Zach returned not long afterwards, trailed by a young waitress. None of us had even looked at the menu, but Zach and Phil were planning to let Mr. Ramirez send out an off-menu “chef’s surprise”, so I took the same option.

I discovered that Zach had periodically done computer and webpage design work off and on for the owner since his second semester. He’d become good friends with the family, sharpening his high school Spanish skills through visiting with them over the last three years.

“The waitress is pretty cute,” I said casually to Zach.

“No, Brinna. I am not going to ask out Mr. Ramirez’s daughter,” he said in a firm voice. “He likes me, but I don’t think he likes anyone that much. And you promised to stop picking out girls for me to date.”

“All right, all right,” I said, throwing my hands up in mock surrender.

“Did grandpa tell you any of his stories about his days as a Navy Seabee yet?” Zach asked trying to steer the conversation away from himself.

In deference to Zach’s prompting, his grandfather told a few stories about his Navy days, both in World War II, and the Korean Conflict. He was alternately funny and intense, when recounting various experiences from that time.

Despite Zach’s attempts to avoid becoming a topic of our conversation off of him, his grandpa still managed to tell some stories of a precocious young boy, which had Zach blushing furiously.

“I’m determined to live long enough to see Zach get his doctorate degree,” the eighty-one-year-old man announced. Given how sprightly as he was for his age, I believed he would manage it.

It was the first time I’d really been with Zach in any kind of social setting, if you excluded our little field trip the third week of class. Watching him interact so easily with his grandfather, and seeing their deep affection for each other, tugged at something deep inside me. It was a good feeling to be included inside their warm circle for the evening.

“I should be getting home,” I said after we had demolished our meals and a second basket of chips.

I stood, and they both rose from the table.

“Goodbye, Phil. I really enjoyed getting the chance to meet you,” I said, leaning forward to kiss his cheek affectionately. His response was to give me a quick, hard hug.

“Zach, walk Brinna to her car, it’s dark outside,” Phil directed, sitting again.

“I’m glad you came tonight,” Zach said softly to me, reaching for the door handle as I unlocked my car. He leaned in and kissed my cheek, whispering, “Good night, Brinna. See you Tuesday,” before drawing back and opening the door for me.

“Tuesday,” I confirmed, getting behind the wheel.

* * * * * * * * *

“So, my grandpa really liked you,” Zach gushed as we walked to the library the following Tuesday. “It’s probably a good thing he’s old, or he might have asked you out.” He grinned and I chuckled.

We chatted about his grandpa’s visit until we reached the hallway when, without a word, Zach veered off to visit the nearby restroom. I smiled in anticipation of our afternoon activities that would commence after he’d had a chance to jerk off and change clothes.

Today, I felt we were both ready for me to change things up a bit. I prepared the room the way I wanted while waiting for him to join me.

“Hey, Brinna,” he said, as he entered the office, “When are you going to get that fantasy back to me?”

A few weeks back, I had assigned him to write a sexual fantasy for me. After he had brought me his written pages, I took them home to create a more fleshed-out version, so to speak. After completing my input, adding some finishing touches on it, I intended to bring kaçak iddaa it back to read through together.

“Don’t rush me, Zach. I want to get it just right. I want it to get you so hot you could cum just from reading it.” I winked at him.

“Take your time then,” he said with a laugh.

Changing tack a little, I said, “You’ve been fucking me for a couple of weeks now, Zach,” I said, and threw my arms around his neck and pressing my body against his. “And getting better each time.” I kissed him, hard. “But today I’m going to fuck you,” I whispered into his ear, causing his arm to tighten around my waist in response.

“You can do anything you want to me,” he replied, “anytime you want.” We were both smiling when our lips met again.

“Undress me and then take off your clothes,” I ordered gently.

He responded with a smile of his own, one that conveyed his desire to do as I’d asked.

Naked, I stepped back to watch as he stripped off his clothes. He kept his eyes on mine while slowly removing his sweatpants and briefs, gradually revealing himself to me. I smiled in appreciation of his leisurely striptease. With my eyes on him, his prick began to twitch and swell.

“You know, Zach,” I said, “you haven’t stroked your cock for me in a while.” I tossed him the lube I’d set out on the desk. “That should help.”

Maintaining eye contact, he squeezed some lube into his hand, then tossed the container on our pile of clothing.

“Missed this, Brinna?” he asked, smile flickering in one corner of his mouth, as he smeared the lube over his growing erection. He grabbed the base of his cock, and slowly moved his hand upward. “I could have done this for you before, instead of going into the bathroom alone.”

“Mmmm,” I answered absently, “the idea of you in there alone, getting off, it gets me warmed up because I can use my imagination to picture it. Then for you to do it here again, but in front of me? That gets my pussy flowing, Zach.”

He inhaled deeply as I spoke, then began to stroke his cock in earnest.

“Keep talking, Brinna. You know how fast I get hard when you talk dirty to me.”

“It’s my turn to fuck you, Zach,” I said conversationally, focused on the up and down motion of his hand, and the increased swelling of his rod. “I’m going to do things to you that you’ve only read about, or seen people do on video. I’m going to use you to get myself off.” I trailed my hand lightly over the triangle of curls on my mound and my subtly swollen outer lips. “You look hard enough to me, Zach. Go sit in that chair.” I nodded my head toward the chair I’d placed in front of the spread-out yoga mats.

He moved obediently to the chair and sat down. I followed to stand in front of him, still watching his hand.

“Take your hand off it,” I directed.

He released his cock, which swayed gently, straining upward from his lap.

I stepped forward, straddling the chair, my mound pressed against his chest. I slid down carefully, setting one hand lightly on his shoulder, the other reaching behind and between my legs. I maneuvered his cock, positioning it between my ass cheeks, as I settled lightly on his lap, using my legs to support my weight.

“Oooh, Brinna,” he moaned as he exhaled. I held his shaft against my ass, rolling my hips to make it slide gently back and forth between my cheeks.

“I feel your cock throbbing,” I said, giving him a deep, open-mouthed kiss. His hand dug into my hair, holding my head in place. “I want it,” I gasped out before he smothered my mouth again.

Grabbing his shaft to hold it steady, I lifted myself until my opening was poised over his cockhead. Slowly, torturously, I sank down onto his shaft, a fraction of an inch at a time, enveloping him in my wet folds. He growled low in his throat in appreciation.

Finally, I sat impaled on his hard cock, feeling full and stretched. His hands dropped to my hips, holding me down onto his lap. I could feel my clit rubbing against his pubic bone.

“Ahhhh,” I moaned softly, held tilted back, ecstatic to feel so full of him in this way.

“Are you going to fuck me like this?” he asked, a note of pleading in his voice.

This was the first time we hadn’t used the missionary position. I’d let Zach lead the past few sessions, after our first intercourse together, but now we were ready to take it up a notch. After bringing me to orgasm, before reaching his own during our last session, it was time to experiment with the next position: woman on top.

With my feet flat on the floor, I slowly raised myself up his cock, until I felt him at the entrance to my slick tunnel. I used my leverage to sink then slowly rise again. Then I repeated the action. Soon he understood the rhythm and began using his hands on my hips to help lift me up and down. I set my hands on his shoulders and began to ride him in earnest.

“Oh fuck, that feels good,” he said in a guttural voice.

“It feels good for me, too.” I paused briefly and kaçak bahis kissed him. “I can cum pretty fast like this,” I murmured. “And your big thick cock is getting me there even faster.”

I set the pace, rising and falling on his engorged cock, grinding myself against him as I came down onto his lap. He had a tight grasp on my hips, but I didn’t mind. It increased the intensity of my feeling. He watched his cock disappear into my tunnel, then reappear, slick and shining from my juices.

“Oh, Zach,” I moaned suddenly, “oh baby, I feel it, I’m gonna cum.”

His breathing quickened along with mine, and his fingers dug almost painfully into my flesh,

“Cum for me, Brinna,” he urged, “I want to feel you fucking clenching my dick with your pussy.”

“Ahhhhh!” I called out sharply, my fingers digging into his shoulders as a powerful orgasm ripped through me. I slammed myself down onto his cock, driving it deep inside me, my muscles contracting hard, clenching and releasing as I came.

“Ah, fuck,” Zach groaned, “that feels so good.” He shifted his hips, grinding against me. I felt the pulsing of his cock as his own orgasm overtook him, and the first rush of his seed spilled into me. “Ah, fuck,” he repeated. He hugged me tightly against him, as I whimpered my own pleasure into his ear.

Zach found my mouth, exploring it with his tongue, as I slowly came down from the peak of my orgasm. I couldn’t get enough of his skin against mine; we were plastered to each other, soaking into each other’s pores, as we waited for the euphoria to drain away and bring us back to earth.

“Do that to me again,” he said softly, with a small laugh, as our breathing started to return to normal.

“I’m just getting started with the things I’m going to do to you,” I promised.

* * * * * * * * *

In Dr. B’s class the following Tuesday, Zach was as nervous as I’d seen him in weeks. He twitched and fidgeted at his desk while Reggie and Tyler frequently whispered together, periodically shooting looks at him, over their shoulders. Lee sat rigidly, ignoring all of us.

“What’s going on?” I quietly asked Zach.

“Let’s talk about it later,” he said, nervously licking his lips. “Not here. Please?”

We sat through a set of films on fetishes and fantasies, but Zach didn’t really seem to be paying attention. His mood was worrying me.

“What the hell is going on?” I asked as the class was dismissed, and people began to rise from their desks to leave.

“Just…please, Brinna, let’s talk about it when we get to the library. Let’s get out of here.”

Reggie and Tyler hung back, instead of stampeding to the door in their usual way. Zach regarded them nervously look as we walked by. They followed closely behind, as we exited the classroom and proceeded down the hall.

“Hey, Zach,” Reggie called out, “too bad it’s not the first week of class. You finally have a sexual experience to tell your, uh, partner, about, huh? You might’ve even been able to make your story last more than two minutes. Does she know about your dick yet? Hey, maybe you could show it to her, and you might get someone else to pity fuck you.”

“What the fuck?” I asked, flustered and angry. Zach grabbed my elbow and started walking me faster. “Zach!” He’d never forced me to move like this before.

“Fuck off,” Zach said to them, over his shoulder.

“Oooooo, Zach, such language,” Reggie sneered.

“Does it really count if you fuck a bisexual?” Tyler asked. “How does that work, exactly, when they like women more?”

“Don’t talk to them,” Zach hissed, as the boys broke off in another direction, laughing.

“What were they talking about?” I demanded, confused.

I glanced over at Zach, whose face was beet red. He looked as flustered and angry as I had been when Reggie had started his verbal assault.

We hustled along in a tense silence, while I mulled over the hurtful words Reggie and Tyler had thrown in our direction. From their comments, they obviously weren’t aware of the extent of Zach’s and my relationship.

Shutting the office door, Zach immediately reached down to lock it, then leaned forward and rested his forehead against its surface. He let his backpack drop to the floor, then kicked it viciously aside. He brought his palms up, resting them flat against the door.

“Zach?” I asked, alarmed. He was breathing hard, judging by the rise and fall of his back.

“I wanted to be the one to tell you,” he said in a strained voice. “I didn’t want you to hear it from them.”

“Tell me what?” I asked, setting my hands on his shoulders. “Zach, can’t you look at me?”

“Not yet.” He took a few deep breaths. I wasn’t sure what had upset him so deeply. Whatever it was, it was more than just words from some creeps.

“Did they do something to you?” I rubbed my hands gently up and down, in small strokes, over his shoulder blades.

“Yes. They—Well, there’s what I think they did, and what they actually did, too. But-,” he hesitated. “Shit! It’s just—I fucked Lee’s roommate this weekend,” he blurted out.

“What?” I asked stupidly.

And, yes, momentarily feelings a pang of jealousy.

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